PLL Random Ramble 4x11

I really want Jealous Emily to be at the hoedown and keep stealing glances at Paige all night, who happens to be having fun with her friend.

I want Emily to finally go up to her and comment in how hot she looks resulting in the trademark McCullers head dip.

I want Emily to apologize for not fighting harder for them, and beg forgiveness and seek help finding a way to Stanford.

Paige takes her for a spin around the dance floor after she forgives her. At the end of the dance, they leave together and head to Paige’s aunts cabin for a do-over of the quiet night together.

Is that too much to ask?

Sigh Paily Feels

No Paige again tonight. I really can’t wait to see how the writers fix this lack of Paige and Paily.

I get they need drama, but to not even mention your girlfriend, give her a thought when making these decisions. Yeah, it’s not like they are married, but they were planning a life together. Rookie writing mistake in my opinion.

I know Jonell has the task of writing the inevitable fight / possible break, but I really hope that in 4x10 Maya G writes a great “color” scene to make Emily realize that she does in fact have the worlds best girlfriend.

I also hope that Oliver G’s 4x11 gives us a jealous and begging Em before Paige takes her for a spin around the dance floor.

And I really hope that Marlene bookends 4a in a way that all Paily shippers will love. I love you’s in 4x01 and sexy times in 4x12.

At least we know Paige is still around in 4x14 and I really hope that Joseph gives us a scene that makes the pool scene second best.

Random Thought on "Paige is Evil"

If Alison has been trying to protect and save the liars when she could, don’t you think she would have done *something* to ‘evil’ Paige to keep her away from the Liars - especially Emily???

The worse thing was the kidnapping and that ended up completely unrelated to A, über A, and Red Coat.

The other bad thing was the slashed tire, and she got a Beautiful New Toyota out of it. (Thanks Evil Toby)

(Wouldn’t it be funny if Paige ended up saving Alison in 4b)

Random PLL Theory Thought

All the liars put something in Alison’s casket:

Hanna, a planchette from an Ouiji board
Aria, earrings
Emily, Postcards
Spencer, ???

How could they “leave” anything in the casket without seeing a body? I mean no one knew (except A) that they put stuff in there…so does that mean that Alison had a twin? The writers screwed up?

I think its also significant that we don’t know what (if anything) Spencer left…Possibly because she helped “kill” and hide Alison?