Question: “Any memorable kinda fan encounters? Be it crazy or something thats really touching to you?”

Ashley: “I think Shay has a lot of great fan encounters because her character is so amazing.”

Shay: “Yeah, I mean I think its like - just having that positive - you know what I mean comment and all that stuff whenever they see an episode or like a nice scene with like Paily you know, and then I’ll read the comments on Facebook and its just all really really sweet, and they just like the character - and they can see themselves in Emily and they never had been able to before in other charac - you know what I mean, so its nice they have that person to relate to.”


PLL Random Ramble 4x11

I really want Jealous Emily to be at the hoedown and keep stealing glances at Paige all night, who happens to be having fun with her friend.

I want Emily to finally go up to her and comment in how hot she looks resulting in the trademark McCullers head dip.

I want Emily to apologize for not fighting harder for them, and beg forgiveness and seek help finding a way to Stanford.

Paige takes her for a spin around the dance floor after she forgives her. At the end of the dance, they leave together and head to Paige’s aunts cabin for a do-over of the quiet night together.

Is that too much to ask?

Sigh Paily Feels

No Paige again tonight. I really can’t wait to see how the writers fix this lack of Paige and Paily.

I get they need drama, but to not even mention your girlfriend, give her a thought when making these decisions. Yeah, it’s not like they are married, but they were planning a life together. Rookie writing mistake in my opinion.

I know Jonell has the task of writing the inevitable fight / possible break, but I really hope that in 4x10 Maya G writes a great “color” scene to make Emily realize that she does in fact have the worlds best girlfriend.

I also hope that Oliver G’s 4x11 gives us a jealous and begging Em before Paige takes her for a spin around the dance floor.

And I really hope that Marlene bookends 4a in a way that all Paily shippers will love. I love you’s in 4x01 and sexy times in 4x12.

At least we know Paige is still around in 4x14 and I really hope that Joseph gives us a scene that makes the pool scene second best.

Random Paily Memory

Remember at the beginning of June when ClevverTV released a PLL video and stated: “Emily doesnt even have anyone special right now.“? (1:44ish)

Did I miss something?

Lets just take a look at what has happened since Paige’s and Emily’s last scene in Season 3 (Hot Water) when Paige reminded Emily that there is no one else for her and she loves her:


Paige paints a wonderful picture of the future she wants for her and her girlfriend Emily post high school. It involves being as far away as possible from all things bad in Rosewood including A. They will have fun traveling across country munching on donuts at diners along the way. They will study on the sandy beaches and visit San Francisco when they aren’t enjoying each others company in their dorm room.

Emily was pretty much sold the second Paige says she wants Emily to come with her. Emily tells her yes, she wants to go and be with her and most importantly, she tells Paige she loves her. No wait. She REALLY loves her. The deal is sealed with a kiss and hug.


Paige starts a layout of their bedroom on the computer and of course wants her girlfriend’s input. She likes it except she thinks the beds need to be pushed closer together.

After a series of heartbreaking events leading to a shoulder injury, Paige visits her girlfriend to make sure she is okay. Emily admits the truth of why things happened the way they did, but she wanted to protect Paige from more A stuff. She reaffirms that she wants to live with her, be with her - ONLY her, away from Rosewood starting a real life together. They kiss.


Emily tells Paige, her girlfriend, that her doctor won’t let her practice swimming for a while due to her injury. She doesn’t want to talk about it just then but just wants needs a kiss and hug from Paige. Paige is happy to comply.

After a tension filled discussion with her parents, Emily runs away to seek comfort from the one person she can count on,her girlfriend Paige, who she finds at the schools pool. Em fills her in on everything and Paige tells her they will find another dream and everything will be okay. Like a good girlfriend would, Paige walks her home to walk with her parents.

While on a campus visit, the guy who has been showing them around tries to take Emily by the hand to find Hanna, obviously interested in her. Emily shuts it down immediately, especially when he thinks "he” may not be treating her right. Her reply “he’s a she - and she’s amazing.

Still to come:
409: Paige is throwing a surprise party for her girlfriend.
There is potential for some rocky moments in their relationship but as evidenced, they will be kicking up their heels and dancing the night away in 411.

No evidence yet as to where things are at that point, but Paige is still around for the winter premiere in January 2014, so there is always faith that everything will work out. God knows Emily deserves that after all the crap A and the team have put her through.

ClevverTV - Please do your homework, at minimum, watch the show before you comment on it. Not everyone is about those “other” ships.

Keep Calm and Ship Paily

Random Thought on "Paige is Evil"

If Alison has been trying to protect and save the liars when she could, don’t you think she would have done *something* to ‘evil’ Paige to keep her away from the Liars - especially Emily???

The worse thing was the kidnapping and that ended up completely unrelated to A, über A, and Red Coat.

The other bad thing was the slashed tire, and she got a Beautiful New Toyota out of it. (Thanks Evil Toby)

(Wouldn’t it be funny if Paige ended up saving Alison in 4b)

Random PLL Theory Thought

All the liars put something in Alison’s casket:

Hanna, a planchette from an Ouiji board
Aria, earrings
Emily, Postcards
Spencer, ???

How could they “leave” anything in the casket without seeing a body? I mean no one knew (except A) that they put stuff in there…so does that mean that Alison had a twin? The writers screwed up?

I think its also significant that we don’t know what (if anything) Spencer left…Possibly because she helped “kill” and hide Alison?