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Ancient Anchors

Travelling by sea in ancient times could be very dangerous. Anchors were decorated with the name of the sea god Poseidon or the goddess of sailors Aphrodite and with good luck symbols in the hope of a safe voyage.

The first anchors were large flat stones pierced with holes to tie a rope through. Wooden arms helped the anchor grip into the silt or rocks on the seabed. Later anchors were made of heavy lead stocks attached to a wooden shaft with curved wooden arms. 

A boat usually needed to lower several anchors, depending on its size and the weather conditions. There was always a risk that an anchor would stick too firmly into the sea floor and have to be cut loose.

See these three Greek anchor pieces, made between 500 and 200 BC, in our Storms, War and Shipwrecks exhibition which closes soon on 25 September.

Lose Myself

I grabbed my books from my locker and shoved them roughly into my bag- this day had been awful! Freaking Harris had been a huge pain in my ass- he constantly called me out to answer his stupid chem. questions; questions I had no idea about, because the numbers in the chemical equation made no sense to me- they were all jumbled as usual, and his constant need to belittle me was seriously infuriating. I think the only way I managed to not concoct a Molotov cocktail and throw it straight into that douche bag’s  face; was the fact that Stiles was sat next to me. The adorable dork drew a picture of an anchor on a piece of paper before sliding it over to me- to remind me, remind us both, we could keep ourselves grounded- we could help each other stay grounded. The next bit of paper that was shoved into my peripheral was a note; My house later, I need to kick your sorry ass at Mortal Combat. The small note made me grin, for a few reasons; the foremost being he was going to try to cheer me up from my shitty day- no matter if he already had crap to do- he’d ditch those plans to help me, the other reason was the fact that he thought he could actually kick my ass.

         My other classes were also pretty terrible, I continued to sulk and slam my possessions around until Stiles slid into view- leaning against the locker next to my own. His grin was plastered on to his innocent face- being all infectious and almost, almost, making an identical grin claim my own sour features.

“Okay, you ready? Or do you want to beat up on your bag and books some more?” Stiles questioned, his voice only mildly unsure; showing that he was slightly scared of my reaction. I just rolled my eyes and slammed my locker door shut, grabbing his arm I led him out to his jeep and waited for him to get the hint. He grinned and unlocked the vehicle allowing us both to slide in and buckle up as bags were thrown haphazardly into the back seat.

Stiles focused his attention on the road, as I focused mine on finding a song to distract me. I settled on some random song, I didn’t recognise and sat back- lounging in the well-worn seat. The drive to the Stillinski residence took little to no time- the unrecognised song I played had quickly changed to yet another song I couldn’t recall the name of; Stiles though was mouthing along to the words quite happily, he tapped the beat out on the steering wheel as he continued to focus on the road. Which was a feat in itself; the weather had decided to take a turn for the worst pelting the windshield with heavy rain- I decided then at that moment that I had completely chosen the wrong outfit. Stiles continued to drive to his home- a drive which upsettingly didn’t last too long at all, in no time at all we were pulling up to the sidewalk; Stiles cut off the engine and looked to the skies as if cursing the sudden weather changes. I sighed as I knew we’d have to eventually leave the safe and dry confines of the jeep. Turning my face towards Stiles, a frown marring my features I held my tongue waiting for him to take charge- his face took on a matching expression.

“Okay- I’ll grab the bags from the back, while you make a mad dash for the door and unlock it, then I’ll run like Gump!” Stiles commanded in a serious tone of voice with a look of sheer determination holding his features now; I smirked at his reference before giving him a mock salute of understanding. I took a long deep breath before unbuckling my confining seat-belt and shoving the door of the jeep open, jumping out and slamming the door shut behind me; I began to run towards the door, ready to unlock it and enter- I came to an abrupt stop in front of the door it wasn’t until I was standing in front of it expectantly that I realised I didn’t in fact have the keys. Growling as I turned on my heel and prepared myself to run back out into the torrential downpour which had become more and more frustrating. I jogged back to the jeep and watched as Stiles ventured to the front carrying all of the bags; my oversized satchel hand-baggy type thing which Lydia insisted I buy as it complimented my new style perfectly, his own back pack and lacrosse bag all balanced precariously upon his arms- which I could see straining in an impressive way, they also seemed to be more muscular than I remembered them being and I struggled to tear my eyes from them.

It was at that precise moment that I realised neither of us were moving. Meaning we were both stood still, getting more and more soaked as the water pouring from above saturated us- I watched in avid fascination as Stiles juggled the bags; his arms continuing to flex and strain, my eyes were fixated as I watched the muscle twitch and writhe as if for my own visual pleasure- it took a few seconds to realise what Stiles was actually trying and failing to achieve. The keys just out of reach of his beautiful and teasingly long fingers, as the aforementioned objects were buried so deeply within the confines of his front jeans pocket. I decided now was as good a time as any to rip my eyes away from their activity of appraising Stiles’ and his physique- I stepped towards him, and took matters into my own hands- literally. Raising my hand to let it rest on his soggy t-shirt clad chest- gaining his attention to tell him to chill, I trailed my hand to the front pocket of his jeans.  I let my eyes flicker up to meet his own chocolaty gaze which was widened. I continued to hold his gaze as I slid my hand into his pocket and began the search for the cool metal which was a tell-tail sign of his keys- it seemed like his eyes widened even more, if that was even possible.

I found the keys easily enough, but I ceased my actions of pulling them free from their entrapment- instead choosing to watch the way Stiles’ face contorted into different expressions. His eyes roaming around my face, focusing on my lips before dropping lower; I felt as his breathing seemed to become slightly hitched and noticed as his jeans seemed to feel slightly more snug around my hand which grasped the solid collection of keys.  I watched as he drew his bottom lip between his teeth and began to gnaw on it before clamping down on it hard as I shifted my hand, trying to remove it from his pocket. I watched in interest as his eyes seemed to become darker- as he stared at one fixed point on my person; my chest. I felt my brows furrow in confusion before the answer and realisation hit me full force like a tonne of bricks- it almost felt like I’d run metaphorically into a cinder block wall! Stiles’ unwavering and glazed eyes were focused solely on my sodden and see-through blouse; which due to it’s drenched state was allowing the creamy lacy bra I had on beneath  to be revealed and visually devoured by the man in front of me.  We both stood there, frozen in that moment; ignoring the rain pounding down on us. Ignoring the fact that we were steadily and surely getting more drenched as the seconds passed by. I knew I didn’t want to move my body all that much, as I felt a familiar warmth spread through my body and settle in my lower stomach- beginning to drip it’s way into my core. I dragged my bottom lip into my mouth, biting it sharply as Stiles had his own.

A car zooming past seemed to break us both from our hormone riddled and driven moment. I blinked and shook my head slightly, remembering why I had my hand buried in Stiles’ pocket to begin with; I gripped the keys before extricating them from his person and stepping away quickly as I let the moment crash to a sudden halt. I ran towards the door and successfully unlocked it, turning to beckon Stiles in also. I abruptly met his chest with my face as he was already standing close behind me. I stifled the gasp and stepped back into the home. I waited until Stiles had dropped the bags and closed the door before handing him the keys for him to lock it. I wordlessly walked to the kitchen and grabbed us both a bottle of soda from the well-stocked fridge, throwing one to him quickly and soundlessly- Stiles caught it effortlessly and undid the cap, taking a long swig of the carbonated drink. His gaze never left me as he continued to drink, I looked away first feeling slightly awkward standing in an uncalled for staring competition.

“Is it cool if I grab a shower and stuff?” I asked, breaking the silence which had encompassed us. I didn’t get a verbal confirmation; instead Stiles gave a jerk of his head, I returned his terse nod and wandered upstairs to his room and then to his bathroom. I closed the door behind me before turning to the shower and twisting the lever until the water began a steady flow- the steam slowly but surely filing up to room. I shed my soggy clothes when the water was warm enough and jumped under the flowing water; allowing the soothing water to cascade down my body, I quickly lathered up my body washing away the grime from the day and shampooed my hair. I finished my shower quickly, not wanting to waste any of the water or run up the Stilinski’s water bill. Once I ensured the water was shut off properly I left the confines of the shower cubicle and searched for a nice fluffy towel, the search didn’t last for too long thankfully- and I was able to wrap myself in a soft and deliciously snuggly towel, drying off quickly- and securing the towel around my chest. I ventured out of the small bathroom and entered the main bedroom; upon my re-entry  Stiles’ room, I spotted him sitting at the edge of his bed- staring directly at the door I’d just walked through, and directly at me. I don’t know what it was, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it; but something was different, something felt different.

It was in that brief moment, as I looked at him; really looked at him I could see he was different. Stiles, my Stiles was conflicted and tired; just so damned tired. I knew for a fact that he was barely sleeping; too many nightmares since saving his dad, since sacrificing himself- the terror that plagued his slumber kept him awake and too frightened to close his eyes. Those thoughts and images were taking their toll on him- the only time I’d known him not to wake himself screaming was whenever he napped or accidently fell asleep as we watched a movie. I felt myself worry my bottom lip as I continued to stare at him and his tired eyes seem to focus solely on me. I found it too much; I couldn’t look at him without feeling at fault somehow. I needed to make more time for him; for us to watch movies or something, just time for him to sleep and regain the parts of his personality which were almost missing. It was me who eventually looked elsewhere; my gaze landing on the bowl of too hot popcorn and the pile of movies beside it. Stiles must have noticed my change of focus.

“I thought we were gonna game tonight?” I asked, an eyebrow raised, one hand raised to keep my towel secure around my chest and the other raised to point at the collection of movies and the treats.

“Change of plan. I thought a movie night would be more fun. I’m gonna jump in the shower. You can change, I’m pretty sure you have some clothes left in my closet; pick a movie while I’m in there?” Stiles muttered as he slipped past me- I turned and watched him as he closed the door; his face looked confused and conflicted and there was something else, something I couldn’t name lurking in his eyes.

The door closing with a soft click pushed me to turn and search for some clothes and to pick a movie as requested. I ventured to the closet and searched through it; finding a section of the hanging space cordoned off simply for my; shirts and hoodies, a pair of sweats were neatly folded on the floor in a space cleared from his own bottoms. I don’t know what touched me about that; that image of my clothes sharing the space of his closet, but something did- and it was almost like it should be like that, it felt right to see our clothes hanging together. I shook my head to stop that train of thought before it left the station. I abandoned my task and decided to make a movie selection instead, I perused the titles Stiles had gathered and smiled at the usual suspects; Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Iron Man and American Pie. All of the series Stiles would use as ‘go to’ selections- one’s he’d always hope to watch. I grabbed the Iron Man series; cause I was a sucker for Robert Downey Junior.

I meandered back over to the closet and let my eyes drift over the sheer amount of plaid Stiles actually owned; it was vaguely unsettling to see it all bunched here together like this, I let my fingers graze over the collected softness. My eyes were drawn towards a familiar and particular shirt; it’s bright colour was so fantastically Stiles I struggled to keep the smile from forming on my lips. I let my hand trail to the shirt, feeling almost welcomed by the memorable fabric; I pulled it gently from it’s hanger and held the fabric in my hands, before pulling it onto my dry and cooling body. Fastening most of the buttons, leaving the top two undone; I realised my underwear was currently situated in the bathroom with Stiles- my bra probably still soggy, but hopefully drying and my underwear dry but not on my person. I dropped the towel and placed it in the hamper ready for when I’d do the laundry for them at the weekend. I was just looking over my reflection in the mirror; ensuring that all of the necessities were covered until I could retrieve my missing clothing- when the door opened, Stiles walking out already dry and wearing sweat pants which hung distractingly low on his slim hips.  His chest was bare, and his hair was dripping rivulets of water down his neck, to his shoulders, to his chest and lower. Lower until it dripped into the toned muscle of his stomach and further down; meeting the thin thatch of hair comprising his happy trial. Stiles cleared his throat, causing me to meet his eyes; my own slightly wide as if I was a rabbit in headlights- he’d caught me ogling him like he was a piece of meat!

“Are you wearing my shirt?” Stiles asked quietly; his eyes staring straight at the fabric which was the only thing covering my body from his gaze. I felt the blush cover my cheeks as his gaze lingered, I didn’t trust my voice so instead I just nodded. Stiles’ gaze was still locked on the shirt, he cleared his throat nodding as if he were distracted. I nodded my head as if to end the not-quite conversation, I walked to the bathroom quickly and collected my underwear before yanking it on unceremoniously underneath the shirt.  When I walked back out Stiles had decided put a shirt on, he was sat comfortably on his bed; his back leaning against the wall already watching the millionaire genius work in the movie. The room was silent and sombre; it was as if the terrors Stiles faced in his sleep were now forcing themselves into his waking life.

I decided it was time to change up this funky mood we were both in; leaning against the door frame I smiled at him as he looked in my direction- I returned his smile with a grin. Before lunging forward and throwing myself on to his bed causing him to bounce from his position. The silence was suddenly broken by Stiles’ raucous laughter; it was boisterous, loud and beautiful- like music to my ears. I missed this sound, it warmed my heart so completely. As he continued to laugh he knocked the bowl of pop-corn over and it’s contents went flying all over his navy blue bed-spread and the both of us. It wasn’t long before I had joined in with his humour, our laughter soon drowned out the noise coming from the movie playing in front of us. As our laughter died down a little I did an impression of Stiles bouncing round and knocking the popcorn over; an impression which was incredibly accurate, flailing arms and all- which resulted in a handful of pop-corn being thrown at me. A gasp tore from my throat as my laughter ceased- a grin still on my face, Stiles on the other hand laughed louder and harder- his hands actually grasping his stomach, as if physically holding himself together, attempting to control the mirth he was now slave to.

Sitting up on my knees, I watched as he continued to chortle- deciding enough was enough. I ran my fingers over his neck, smirking as his laughter became more desperate and bordered hysterical, the more I continued to tickle him. His body became uncontrolled and his movements quickly became more jerky as he desperately tried to wriggle free from my tickling torture. I quickly batted one of his jerking legs away from my head as he almost kicked me in his twitchy state. Once his leg was settled back on the bed and away from the general vicinity of my face; I threw my own leg over his waist; settling my weight onto his hips. Throughout this body re-arrangement, Stiles was busy laughing and trying to grab my merciless fingers as they continued their assault.

His laughter was ringing out loud and proud; it was warming my heart, and felt like it was warming my entire being, his hysterical chortles soon turned to scream-like peels of laughter as they ripped from his grinning mouth. My own laughter was still ringing out, mixing with his own and the sounds coming from the movie playing; it created a cacophony of noise, which the neighbours surely heard. I was too distracted by the mass of sounds surrounding me to notice that Stiles had finally managed to grab hold of my tickling fingers- pulling them abruptly from his neck as he swiftly sat up, me still firmly seated in his lap. I noticed all too late that his grinning face was suddenly inches from my own, my laughter silenced as it caught in my throat at suddenly being so close to him. I could see a glint in his mocha coloured eyes, sparkling and shining brightly as he stared at my shocked face- instead of just grinning, his face took on a look of triumph. I gasped, suddenly realising how we were sat; him holding my hands captive as I straddled him to his bed. My legs either side of waist, my weight resting firmly on his hips and lap- my fingers gripped in Stiles’ firm grasp.

I watched- my gaze wide and my lips open as Stiles’ triumphant grin was replaced by a smirk before dropping from his features altogether, as he too began to realise and take note of our current position. I stared as his eyes dropped to somewhere lower on my face- my lips beginning to tingle as if they knew they were his sole focus. My breathing hitched, as his pink tongue darted out to moisten his lips- before quickly closing the miniscule gap between us and pressing them softly against my own. My eyes widened a fraction- before slipping shut. It was a barely there kiss, just his lips gently pressing against my own, a barely there pressure. But it felt like much, much more. It was as if the air suddenly changed around us, becoming charged, like a spark was crackling around us. Then just as I was about to throw caution to the wind- and really kiss him, kiss him like I meant it. I felt him move slightly back from me, my eyes were still closed- so I didn’t see his expression, my lips were still slightly puckered- left wanting more and tingling with anticipation. I opened my eyes to see Stiles staring, waiting and trying to gauge my reaction. He must have struggled to figure me out, because in those few seconds it took for me to figure out; he had indeed kissed me, and that I wanted him to do it some more. Stiles had pushed himself away. A blush and a frown collecting themselves on his face- taking one hand from my wrist, he raised it to rub at the back of his neck nervously, he stopped his nervous tick shortly and took- instead to blinking anxiously.

         I shook my head, still trying to collect my thoughts. Finding it increasingly difficult. My lips were tingling, I tried to bite them to make the sensation cease; though that did nothing but make the feeling worse. I clenched the fingers of my unhindered right hand, before finally deciding ‘To hell with it’. Raising it to grab the back of his neck and yanking his face unceremoniously towards my own, if this were to be witnessed by another; it would seem aggressive, violent and possibly as if I was trying to initiate some sort of facial battle. I realised I wasn’t paying all that much attention to what was actually happening, it wasn’t until I felt Stiles push himself closer to me again did I become invested.

         His lips were soft and inviting, as they pressed against my own- there was much more pressure this time as I was still forcefully gripping his neck and crushing his face to my own. To soon I realised I wanted, no needed more.

More contact.

More pressure.

More Stiles.

I gently turned my head slightly to allow for better access; opening my lips and melding them to his. Moving them perfectly in sync, tasting more of him. I felt him return the favour, his lips parting to allow him more of a hint of me. With my lips already parted, I could dip my tongue out to run across his lips. My request for entrance to his mouth was granted fairly quickly- I slithered my tongue in, seeking more of a taste of him, dipping it inside his mouth and exploring this new territory.

The groan that echoed around the room, also vibrated trough my chest; I had made him groan. I smirked; my body moving of it’s own accord, pushing my lips more forcefully- if that was even possible- against his own, my hand smoothing up his neck until it was thrust deep within the hair at the base of his head. His other hand released my wrist and both secured themselves at my waist; fisting and bunching the fabric of his shirt, all the while tugging me closer. My hips began to roll and rub and grind down on his own. Searching for the friction I needed so desperately. A moan flew from my lips at the sensation and what sounded almost like a growl leaving that of Stiles’.

The kiss progressed, hands wandered and before I knew it; I felt light-headed from the lack of oxygen. I pried my lips from Stiles’, but he needed more contact- his own trailing down my jaw to the sensitive column of my neck. His kisses were sloppy and rough; his teeth nipping and tongue laving over the skin. My own bottom lip was drawn between my teeth, in an attempt to keep my moans and whimpers silent as delicate skin was given such sultry attention. My hands found their way to the hem of his shirt; tugging and pulling impatiently, hoping to give him the hint to remove the offensive fabric now! I needed MORE!

The shirt was yanked over his head quickly; the message received loud and clear. His hands began to tug up my own borrowed shirt; completely ignoring the buttons that was keeping it fastened together. Soon enough it was pulled gently from my frame and thrown haphazardly somewhere behind Stiles. He took this opportunity to let his eyes trail over the newly revealed flesh; my eyes doing the same and devouring the sight before me. His pale skin was smooth and almost hairless, apart from that trail of hair that led to unchartered territories. His dark eyes, now almost black in colour- stared directly at what was hinted to him earlier; his jaw dropping slightly. I could feel my cheeks flame under his scrutiny; so to distract his gaze, I gently placed one of his hands on my bare breast- squeezing it at a pressure which caused a moan to slip past my lips, with my other hand I gently slid it towards his sweatpants. Where an obvious reaction to what was happening was taking place- I slipped my hand over the top of his prominent and possibly painful bulge, palming him through his bottoms- feeling him become impossibly harder.

As he felt the pressure of my hand on his arousal, and his groped my breast he let out an animalistic growl; reminding me of the supernatural creatures we ran with, before diving into my neck and laving it with attention once more. After ensuring a mark would be left, purple and angry yet oh so pleasurable, he began a journey down my chest. Stopping to attend to kissing them passionately, before continuing down my body. He reached my hips, his lips skimming over my stomach and the centre of my panties- where a patch of wetness was extremely visible, allowing him to know I was as turned on and aroused by the events taking place as he was. He looked up towards my face; our eyes locking, his cheeks were slightly pink, his lips glistening and I was assuming my own looked similar.

“C..can I try something? Its something I’ve watched, in porn obviously cause I’m not some creeper who peeps through people bedroom windows- not that the bedroom is the only place you can have sex in.. Not that I’m assuming we’re automatically going to have sex.. But if we are, I’d be totally fine with that.. cause I’m me and you’re.. well you! And gahhh! I wanna taste…” Stiles let out in one big breathe, mumbling towards the end and almost whispering that very last part; as if to scared to acknowledge what was so obviously going to happen between us. He was obviously nervous, as was I; but my need to feel more. My need for him was almost to the point I felt I would explode if I didn’t get more.

More him.

More skin.

More pleasure.

I just smiled and nodded my head, almost too eagerly. Sucking in a breathe as he smirked and winked at me before licking a stripe up the centre of my underwear. His nimble fingers pried my panties from my hips and slid them down my legs, until I was finally left bare before him. His lips found my thigh, before grazing open mouthed kisses towards the area I needed him most; his tongue poking out and tasting the skin underneath, his teeth soon joined the party skimming over the skin also- this only made me grunt and whine at the sensation and tension he causing me. I was about to complain- to tell him to get on with it already, until I felt his tongue licking a strip up my centre instead of my impatient urging leaving my lips a gasp was torn from them first.

I was soon too lost in the tsunami of joy and pleasure he was giving me to actually notice what his tongue was doing to me, it was all on big desire driven blur. Leading to a tightening in my stomach; which was almost unbearable until, suddenly, it wasn’t unbearable anymore as moans so loud left my throat- moans so loud they were embarrassing and sounded rather pornographic to be truthful. I could feel Stiles’ lips wrapping around my clit, dragging me through my orgasm and ensuring it lasted a good while before he chuckled. He sat back on his knees; looking directly at my grinning face before letting out a ‘whoop’ of joy, almost as if he himself was surprised he managed to do that- so smug that he’d managed to make me a moaning mess on his bed.

I breathed out a long breathe; giving him a thumbs up as a sign he did good and I was absolutely fan-fucking-tastic; before wrapping my legs around his waist and throwing my weight, causing us to roll allowing me to situate myself on top of him. I smirked at his gaping mouth; his breaths coming out heavier as my hips moved over his erection, I was in control now, and I could tell he was feeling more turned on by the way his large hands were gripping roughly at my hips- almost guiding my movements and pressing me down harder so our groins met grinding together furiously. I slithered my way down his body; kissing licking and biting, leaving my mark all over his delicious pale skin before tugging his sweatpants and boxers down his legs. Once he was bare in front of me, I found my eyes drawn to the mystery that had been contained in his pants; he was large, larger than I expected- I was almost worried how he’d fit, I was no virgin by any means, but Jesus. Stiles Stillinski- my best friend and soon to be bed mate; was hung as fuck.

I began to lower my face towards it, wanting to repay the favour; to see how large he was and if he would fit inside me in any sense of the word, and I simply wanted to wrap my lips around him and have him squirming and at my mercy. Just as my lips were about to make contact; I felt his hands grip my chin, pulling it up and silently informing me he wanted me. And he wanted me now; just to check, I watched him as he shook his head- continuing to pull me up his body. As one hand lightly gripped my throat in an erotic gesture the other groped clumsily with his bedside table. He let out a frustrated sigh, letting my throat go and pushing me back gently so he could sit up and search for the protection we needed more thoroughly. He continued to sigh, muttering something about “Trying to be sexy” as I let out a small chuckle. I assumed he finally found the condoms as he let out another very Stiles-like whoop- he ripped open the small foil package before slipping it on quickly pumping himself; one, two three times, almost teasing me that I wasn’t able to. Before leaning forwards, wrapping his large hand around my neck again and pulling me into a kiss that was full of teeth and biting.

I continued to move towards him until I was once again situated above him. Gripping him tightly in my hand- smirking as he let out a groan, I guided him towards my entrance and slipped him in partially. Before sinking down on to him quickly; allowing him to fill me and stretch me in the most delicious way as moans and growls were ripped from our throats at the pleasure and sensation rolled over both of us. I began rolling my hips against him when I was comfortable with his sheer size; slowly beginning to move up and down on him allowing him to slip in and out of me at a quicker pace.

I watched as his face morphed into one of sheer joy, his mouth open, eyes clenched shut. He was beautiful. Sweat beginning to bead upon his brow, his arms swiftly wrapping around my waist and twisting until he was hovering over me. One hand still pleasantly wrapped around my throat, holding me in place and allowing me to know who was in control as of that moment. I felt him smirk and thrust into me at a quick pace.

“Fuuuck! Stiles.. Faster..Harder Please!” I groaned out, hoping to find that euphoria which was steadily coming towards me. I felt him respond; his hand tightening slightly as his hips pistoned towards me; fucking directly into the bed. His growls only making this experience all the more pleasurable. I felt my finish coming, I knew it would happen and felt myself clench tightly around Stiles. Who let out a surprised whine and suddenly became still as he too met his end.

“Oh. My. God!. That was incredible, you were incredible. I just whew..” Stiles breathed into my neck, still trying to catch his breathe a couple of minutes later. I grinned, dragging my nails teasingly down his back- he pulled out achingly slow, almost making me wish he was still hard so we could go another round. He disposed of the protection, before wrapping his arms around my body and pulling m under the covers. His head found its way to my chest and his breaths soon matched my own as they became slower and more peaceful as sleep took us.

The last thought I had before I allowed slumber to conquer me, was focused mainly on how Stiles and I would act tomorrow morning once we were awake and facing each other naked and laid.


One Piece Ship Anchors at Japanese Theme Park 

Ahoy, landlubbers! 

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