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I bet when he was writing The Anchor Dan Smith had no idea that song would literally keep me sane and well in the toughest moments of my life. I’m not being dramatic or something it literally calms me when there’s no hope. It cuts through all the noise.
Let the days be dark cause You cut through all the noise, Dan. Thank you!

Never Give Up On You

@feelmyroarrrr requested this when I asked for Song Aesthetic Ideas: Omg! Dean x Donna, never gonna give you up by rick Ashley or (I would walk) 500 miles by the proclaimers and as nsfw as you like!!

When Dean and Donna met, none of them thought they would ever find love. None of the thought they would find someone to share the rest of their lives with. Not for the same reasons though.

Donna had been married before. She had been married to a man that took pleasure in her tears and the way she would fade away a little with every comment he made about her weight or appearance. Doug knew nothing better than putting Donna down, because her discomfort made him feel better about himself. When he left her, he had screwed with her mind so badly she never thought she would find love again. She saw herself as fat and ugly and unloveable.  

Dean never wanted to bring someone into his life, but he also never thought he would find a woman that would understand. Someone that could accept him for who he was, flaws and all, and not want to walk out on him. Dean Winchester didn’t think he deserved to be loved anymore than Donna did.

When Dean and Donna met everything started to change. They saw each other for who they themselves had forgotten they were. Donna saw the selfless, caring and strong man, Dean was behind all his walls. Dean showed Donna how beautiful she truly was and he convinced her anyone that had ever told her otherwise was a dick.

Dean made Donna feel safe and love. Donna was Dean’s anchor and his light and smile on even the darkest days.

When Dean put the ring on her finger, he promised her he would always be there for her and he would never stop reminding her how breathtakingly beautiful and smart he found her to be. When Donna put the ring on Dean’s finger, she promised him she would always see him for who she knew him to be. She would always call him on his crap, when he got scared she’d get hurt and she promised him she would never leave him.

They promised each other that from this day on, they were in this together and they would never give up on each other, no matter what the world decided to throw at them.     

I also don’t have a Deonna tag list so I took a wild guess - sorry if you didn’t wanna be tagged.. Maybe I should make one cause I adore this ship and would like to write them some more. Feedback is cool.

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"you're mine. and i'm yours" cs sentence prompt?

It’s hardest for her after she uses her magic.

She tries not to. Lately, she tries not to use it at all – her magic still far too wild and uncontrollable for her to feel comfortable with the movements that were slowly becoming second nature - before. Gentle quips of magic that made her laughter bright in the dim light of Granny’s diner - a smug smile curling her lips as his hook disappeared from his brace and landed upon the coat rack instead. 

But now - now, it sparks between her fingertips in angry whirls of black and he can see the look on her face when it happens – how her eyes harden and her lips turn down – how the sight of it makes her curl in on herself, even with the darkness long since expunged from her chest.

“It’s still black.” She whispers one night, her forehead pressed to his chest and his fingers gently pressing at the base of her spine. He had noticed it as well. How her magic – once bright and sharp – is now tinged with darkness.  

He nudges her chin with his thumb until her gaze meets his, green eyes glassy with unshed tears. Her bottom lip trembles but she fights it, teeth clamping down hard.

“You’re still beautiful.”

“Killian – “

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Five times Kanan woke up to find Hera standing over him. Three times in the hold (apparently getting on board the ship was good enough), once in the lounge, once for some unfathomable reason in the main engine room.  Every time he had no memory of getting there beyond the scent of drink and sweat in his clothes, bloodied fists and one particularly spectacular bruise on his cheekbone. The disappointment  in his new captain’s eyes matched only by that silent, disapproving tone in the back of his head. He didn’t need it. Didn’t need the disapproval of his dead past; didn’t want the disapproval of his…present as she threw a pack of painkillers and a bulb of water at him. 

Despite that muttering tone, he hadn’t forgotten his training. Oh, he remembered his lessons well. Focus, be free of attachments, one with the living universe run. Every night they touched down in port, he returned to his meditations. Sinking deeper and deeper until there were no more distractions, until that tone finally toned out. Until he lived, with his fists and his mouth. He never stayed long enough for the fallout, to worry about the consequences. He learned that lesson best of all. Love and war and leave.

The sixth time he was on on the floor of the Phantom’s cockpit. Her eyes disappointed with a tinge of something else. Regret. She stared unblinking at him as he tried to pull himself up, crook a grin. Cracked ribs, bloodied fists, too much pain in his mouth. No water, no painkillers, just her back as she turned and left him. It’s what he had been trying to do, failing for the first time in this lifetime. Maybe his meditations weren’t so effective any more.

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This look Barry gave Iris shows just how deeply in love he is with her. It also shows that he knows he needs to leave her, and that pain is so intense that his heart just broke in a million pieces. This is the love of his life. His future wife and mother of his children. This woman is his everything. She’s all he’s ever wanted. She makes him who he is and wants to be. She gave him a family. She’s his light. She’s his anchor. She taught him what love meant before he even understood it. This is true love…and she’s standing right in front of him.