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It’s been said before and I’ll say it again. (I’ll say it until some users on the SCP wiki stop lampshading their rude opinions with ‘oh but grammar’ or ‘oh but time period’ or ‘oh but biology.’) 

The Foundation has been since inception an organization wildly removed from typical societal functions and trends, due to its secretive and isolated nature. Thus, it stands to reason that the Foundation is more than capable of recognizing gender-, pronoun-, and sexuality-related identity issues even when the outside world does not, be it by time period or societal connotation or anything else. People living on-site probably go into the outside world once every three months; I really don’t think it’s that much of a problem to envision that a person’s coworkers can call them ‘they’ or recognize that they’re asexual or validate any other LGBT+ identity. 

People who claim shit like “a scientific organization wouldn’t validate trans people because muh biology muh science” or “well in biology there’s a sexual dichotomy of two genders so scientifically you can’t be pansexual” or “singular ‘they’ wasn’t grammatically valid 50 years ago so why should it be in the setting of this entirely fictional article about an anomalous person” or any other bullshit are ignoring something simple: They are ignoring the fact that we are talking about an organization with the assets and capability to wipe people’s entire identities and implant new ones without notice, clone human beings, access thousands of alternate universes, travel into deep space, destroy society and reset it in under a month with humanity none the wiser, and give their agents small devices that literally anchor down the fabric of reality at the push of a button. 

But sure, validating LGBT+ issues even when society doesn’t is just too far, right? Couldn’t possibly be canon! 

Sure, Jan. Shut the fuck up. 

A Whole New World

Happy Birthday @giupear!!!

Do you like Aladdin? Hehe, well have a NaLu AladdinAU you don’t really need.

I hope you had a great birthday Giulia (since I posted this so latee I’m sorryy) <3 <3 

The tiger snarled, slashing at him with malice and intent to maim. Curled talons nearly shredded his silk robes and flesh, the animal quite contempt with making him dance to its own delighted tempo. It was smiling, sharp and yellow fangs reminding him to watch his step…or he’d lose a limb or two. The big cat knew he feared it and so it relished in his hesitant steps.

Happy hissed from under his scarf, far more lower on the feline scale and certainly would end up as this tiger’s snack if he so much as peeked from the fabric.

The white and black animal growled, prowling just out of reach of his legs and sandal clad feet with knowing black eyes; waiting to see his next move and counter it.

In his ear, a bee buzzed encouragement and instructions, The Genie obviously excited about being free from the lamp and seeing the world again. Except, this genie was so very weird. All he did was talk about ‘parfume’ and was eager to help him with this 'parfume of love’ thing.

Plus, his face looked pretty…creepy. But, if this Ichiya Genie could help him see Lucy again, Natsu was all for it.

He just had to get past this damn tiger.

Everything had been weird ever since that geezer tricked him into that giant sand lion’s mouth.

Don’t touch anything, find a lamp, get rewarded. No longer would he be a street rat, he would be pardoned for dragging the princess around Agrabah like some commoner, and he’d be able to afford bread without stealing it.

Natsu was tired of living on the streets, stealing for his share and treated like dung. He and Happy, his blue talking cat, lived on the fly. Cheat, steal, trick: all the same every day.

Then they met Lucy in the market the other day, witnessed her trying to pacify an angry merchant to give up one measly pear for a starving child. Of course, her being the princess was a surprise he found out later, but she was genuinely nice.

Trapped in a world that saw her as a trophy like he was trapped in a world that saw him as nothing. She was just like them. They all wanted better lives.

But then the guards found them, revealed her, arrested him, blah blahblah—he was sentenced to beheading at dawn and she was locked away to await the next prince to try and court her.

Then everything changed when he met the geezer in jail and made a deal that would change his life forever. Sure, it was shady sounding at first but then the dude broke them out of jail and summoned that sand lion in the middle of the desert.

He may be a peasant but he was certainly sold then. Especially when the geezer told him that as long as he got the lamp, the rest of the gold was his.

But then Happy touched a gold fish statue and the mission became more of a 'get yourselves out with the lamp’ kind of thing. A weird magic carpet gave them a lift, the whole thing was pretty terrifying. Natsu had trouble remembering all the details.

In the end, the geezer betrayed them and they ended up in the bottom of a cavern with nothing but names and a stupid lamp.

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Captain swan prompt: Emma dancing with killian in the kitchen at night. "dancing around the room in the refrigerator light"

“You look beautiful.” He mutters and his arm pulls her closer, fingers anchoring on silky red fabric and thumbing at the jut of her hip. It shouldn’t burn the way it does – it certainly shouldn’t cause goosebumps to flare over her skin and a shiver to work its way down her spine – but it does. It always does.

She bites her lip against a grin and he snorts, turning them effortlessly as they spin around the room. Something about this place feels familiar – an old memory trying to work its way through – but she’s distracted when he brushes his lips against hers.

“Stop thinking.” He whispers, and he grins when she does. His hand slips higher against her torso, brushing against her breast (the heat is electric and sudden and god) before he rests it lightly against her neck, no doubt feeling the erratic pulse of her heart as she struggles to placate the heat in her blood – the need thrumming to life. His nose brushes her forehead and he sighs. “Just dance with me, love.”

She does as he says, following his easy footwork as they spin around and around. She feels weightless in his arms – happy  and free and loved. But something is nagging at the back of her mind – a sharp pinprick of fear that she tucks further and further back with every brush of his lips against her skin.

She is happy –damnit – and this is good.

Until it isn’t.

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There was a sleepover somewhere in the summer between fourth and fifth grade, after his mother had died but before he’d really dealt with it, where he and Scott had camped out in the Stilinskis’ back yard and called it an adventure. It had been, in its own way, and it was probably the only kind of adventure Stiles could have handled at the time. With the tent set back from the house, it was almost like being in another world, some kind of world where he could have believed things could get better again.

Scott had brought, along with his sleeping bag and a backpack diligently packed as if they were going in search of the Northwest Passage, the biggest pillow Stiles had ever seen, legitimately as long as Scott was tall. It was fresh and fluffy and new like Scott had bought it just for this occasion, oddly lumpy in its deep navy pillowcase. Later in the night, when he and Scott were secreted away in the tent and Scott revealed all the lumps in the pillowcase to be smuggled candy and comic books, Stiles came to understand the sheer genius of this enormous pillow. His father was good enough to pretend he didn’t hear the giggling sound of young boys hopped up on sugar and Captain America until the wee hours of the morning, and for the first time in a long time, Stiles felt like they’d conquered something.

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