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“And who, I wonder, is Quill when she’s free?” - “I am war itself.”

I was watching my local news yesterday and it was covering the growing homeless population in my area. It also covered people who go out and give coats, food, water, supplies, etc. to those who are homeless and the news anchor covering it seriously ended the segment saying that these actions are “actually hurting the homeless situation.” That people shouldn’t be trying to help them because it gives them no incentive not to be homeless. Like…? Fuck you. 

They say they hate it, but I think they love it.
—  Robert Singer on fans not liking bad character decisions but watching still after the fact (via SDCC 2016:

baze/chirrut is so important to me. i know i flail and ramble a lot about my ships being #relationshipgoals, but with baze/chirrut i feel that completely and wholly on a personal level??? like???

it’s *exactly* how i’d imagine how two people who have gone through so much, weathered and survived wars and hardships together, who have definitely fell in and out of hope and despair, who have shielded and carried and supported each other throughout the years, whose trust and love for each other is this deep, instinctive and reassuring constant. a safe haven and anchor till the very end.

watching baze and chirrut just… be together in this particular movie is honestly such a revelation to me.


Nick Joaquin once said that Filipinos have this tendency to build things and group together and eventually collapse. … Here’s one guy who’s trying to bring things together but the natural tendency of the Filipino nation is to be in pieces. - Jerrold Tarog, director (Heneral Luna, 2015)

So…Paige is back. I am honestly shocked. I did not believe that for one second she would be returning after all the hate and ridiculous taunting that the emison fans have, still on a daily basis, been distributing to Lindsey.

I saw the THR article and at first I thought, “Nah. No Way. Gotta be fake.” But then I read it and I was genuinely, to my own surprise, excited. And then JD and MK retweeted it and I knew it was for real and I had this big grin on my face like “Fuck yeah! Fuck the haters! She’s coming back and this is going to be amazing!” For a moment I was excited. Like really fucking excited because Paige was my reason for sticking with this show for so long. Even if she was only on screen for a minute it was worth watching the other forty three minutes just to see her lovely little face. And I was excited to see who she’s become and what her and Emily’s relationship will be like and maybe we get to find out what happened when they got back together after high school. I was just so excited there for a moment.

But only for a moment.

Because then I re-read the article and noticed how it said that she would be back for two episodes. And then I was like…”What the fuck? Two episodes? That’s it? Are you kidding me!”

You know maybe I’m reading into it wrong. Perhaps that only means two episodes for the first half of the season and she will be back in the second half or maybe they’re still working out schedules and all. But I don’t know. But I do know that if she is only in two episodes then I will be extremely upset. Not only because she’s been gone for so long, but also because I find that to be a slap in the face to not only Paily fans but also to Paige fans. What is the point of bringing her back if it’s not going to mean something? If there’s no ultimate goal at the end for Paige then why are they wasting Lindsey’s time and getting Paily fans all riled up? Yes, I get that it’s their jobs and all but come on. There is no way in hell that they would have ever brought Toby, Ezra or Caleb back for that little bit of time. I can’t even imagine the uproar that that would cause.

I don’t want Paige back just so the writers can say they brought her back. I want her back. I want her to finally get real time on the screen and in the story. I want to know what her life has been like and what happened with her and Emily. I want Emily to see her and just be stunned and not know what to do with herself because she missed her as much as we all have.

What I don’t want is two episodes with two minutes of screen time where we find out nothing about where she’s been or what she’s been doing. I don’t want Paige to come back just to walk away forever again. I don’t want a pity return. I want Paige to come back and remind Emily what it feels like to be loved and cared for. To show her that unpredictable can still be good. And I want Emily to finally be able to be happy. And when was the last time we saw that? I haven’t kept up with the show very well but it seems as though Emily hasn’t found anyone to match up to Paige yet. And that’s because nobody ever will.

I’m not going to lie, I still want so badly for Paige and Emily to have their happy ending. Not only because I’m a paily fan, of course I am, but because honestly I still feel like they got robbed of so much. They were torn apart for nothing. For whatever reason the writers took Paige away and left Emily with nothing meaningful. Paige was that person for her and she was for so long and Emily was Paige’s. Yeah, it’s not common to end up with your high school sweethearts but this show has always been different. We all know that Spencer and Toby, Caleb and Hanna, and Aria and Ezra are all going to be together. That’s a given and everyone knows it. I see no reason why Paige should be left out of that. I see no reason why if they’re going to put Paige physically back into the story that she and Emily can’t be together in the end also.

They deserve to be together just as much as the other girls deserve their others. I wish I trusted the writers more. I wish one of them would say that Paige was staying for the long haul because if she’s only back for those two episodes then, IMO, that’s worse then her not coming back at all. That’s a cruel tease that is just dirty and unfair.

I just want my girls back together. That’s all. I want Paige’s head dip back. I want Emily’s smile back.

Just give them back.

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Oh in that case, might I be able to ask for "my anchor" then? :D xx

Ended up combining all three (a literal anchor that offers support, the red string of fate for the soulmate aspect, and the water from the famous pool scene based on trust) because I felt that they all defined the relationship between Stiles and Derek very well.


Slayers Next in a Nutshell
  • Episode 1: Blow shit up pt 4.
  • Episode 2: Its a secret.
  • Episode 3: Hot Pot vs Pot Roast.
  • Episode 4: Its too early in the season to be taking this dark of a turn.
  • Episode 5: Lie down. Curl up in a corner. Cry.
  • Episode 6: In which 'fiance' is a type of pickle.
  • Episode 7: Blue rock is used as an anchor. (ALSO TWIST ENDING!)
  • Episode 8: I literally just stopped crying after seeing episode 5. WTF?
  • Episode 9: CSI Seyruun.
  • Episode 10: Is that Chibiusa?
  • Episode 11: ITS OVER 9,000!!!!
  • Episode 12: Who was actually surprised by this? Who?
  • Episode 13: Blow shit up pt 5.
  • Episode 14: "Koi ni koi suru onna no ko ni wa mabushisugiru no MAI DAARIN~!"
  • Episode 15: "Annabelle" 2014.
  • Episode 16: If Venus and Serena Williams wrote the script.
  • Episode 17: Gourry in a dress the sequel.
  • Episode 18: Don't use the Giga Slave. I. Mean. EVER.
  • Episode 19: Neon orange is not a threatening color.
  • Episode 20: Milgasia's too hot! Hot damn! Make a dragon wanna retire man!
  • Episode 21: Still not taking you seriously in that orange trench coat, Gaav...
  • Episode 22: Ambulance sirens in the distance.
  • Episode 23: Join the Brainwash Club, we've got jackets.
  • Episode 24: This shit's straight out of the Twilight Zone.
  • Episode 25: They're resting. :)
  • Episode 26: The DM is summoned into the game, there's a twirly kiss, followed by convenient amnesia, and Inigo Montoya gets married. The end.

you know… i was thinking about Lavellan’s (my unromanced) meeting with Solas, and I think he wants to be stopped.

You saw him turn the Viddisala to stone, he obviously did NOT need rescuing from any of the Qunari.

At best, you provided a much needed distraction while he got shit done.

Out of deep friendship and respect, he explains everything that’s been going on and gives one last bit of help to the Inquisitor and saves their life by getting rid of their Anchor and consumed arm.

Solas didn’t have to do that.  At all.

He could’ve never said anything and let the Qunari topple Thedas.  He could’ve beaten them on his own from the shadows.  He could’ve let the Inquisitor be consumed by the Anchor and die, thus ending all opposition to himself.

But he didn’t.

I think he wants to be saved.

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What do you think about anchors of TW characters? Dereks anchor is probably Stiles?, Scott is his anchor himself (or maybe Melissa is his anchor?), Liam (and Satomi's pack) has sun/moon/truth mantra, Peter has anger (most likely?), Kate hansn't have any anchor, Isaac had his father as an anchor, Malia has Stiles(??) And whats about Stiles, Kira and Lydia? They have any? Stiles is a human, so he really doesn't need any, but Kira or Lydia? Whats your thoughts about it?

oh there are many anchor metas out there. I wrote this one a while back - about how hands seem to represent anchors in Teen Wolf.

An anchor is something or someone to ground you, to keep you in balance when you feel your control slipping. Isn’t funny how it all comes back to balance in the end.

Some anchors we’re told, some there are subtext about, some we can only speculate on what their anchors are. What i think is most important is that anchors aren’t isn’t unfallable. It works yes, but it also makes you dependent on something outside of yourself. And i think the show has been trying to show us this - that we all need balance and ultimately you have to find it within yourself - because you might lose your girlfriend, or your passion or even your anger. But you will always have yourself.

So Melissa was probably right when she told Scott to be his own anchor in 3x13. I’m not so sure he’s there yet though. He pulled back in that scene, so he clearly has found something that works - perhaps his mother, his pack and friends, I don’t really know.

Whatever it is, it isn’t working as intended because his wolf shape is shifting to something more beast-like. and his control isn’t always as good as it should be either. But this is a journey, hopefully he’ll get there.

Derek’s anchor used to be anger, then evolved to Stiles by the end of 3b. Go read cupidsbower great meta on that if you haven’t already.

Derek learned to accept himself fully in season 4. Stripped of his wolf, he learned to embrace the human side - and sometimes the human side is just as monsterous as the animal side and needs anchoring too. I do think Derek is his own anchor now that he’s evolved. 

Satomi is someone else who used to be like Derek - driven by her anger. But like she says in 4x07 “I may have learned to control my anger, but I still know when to use it.” - She seems to have moved past that - to not let it control her anymore, but allow it to be a part of her balance.

Isaac’s anchor was his father, surprisingly. Derek thought it odd since he used to lock him in the freezer, but Isaac replied “He didn’t used to” - so probably held on to the memories of happier times I guess. Isaac used the thing that actually caused him to want to take the bite, to get away from his abuse.

We never learned with Erica and Boyd, but Erica wanted to be cured of the epilepsy that caused her to be bullied, so i’m thinking she found something related to that. Boyd seemed lonely - i’m thinking he chose his sister that went missing.

Jackson’s anchor was Lydia

Malia was anchored by Stiles (which honestly makes me question if we’ll see Malia struggle with her control again in season 5. i don’t think their relationship will last.)

Kira seem to turn to her mother when she was in imbalance and needed guidance.

Allison does the same.

Stiles is more difficult - i’m hoping season 5 will shed light on that. I’m thinking Derek will help him when his “spark” comes online full force - we still haven’t had a nod back to anchor scene in 3x24. I do think it’s coming.

Anchor End.

The worst writers are the ones who fuck up happy endings,
The best ones don’t bother to type.
I’ve been writing you this letter in my head for months with no reply.
Did your interest in me die?

Take this sickening ship, I cut all my friends off with.

I honor those who love me by reciprocating,
I wish I felt sincere inside.
Well I needed you to make me needy, how surprising.
You needed nothing of mine. 

Take this sinking ship, I’ll take all my friends down with.

All my friends are anchor end….

Piss drunks & love, these two are found in gutters.
I won’t throw up, I’m smarter now.

Take this sinking ship, I’ll take all my friends down with
Because all my friends are anchor end. 

Piss drunks & love, these two are found in gutters.
I won’t throw up, I’m smarter now. 

SnK Favorite Moments: Oluo Bozado

Aururo Bossard (officially Oluo) may be one of the more polarizing characters in the fandom. Isayama certainly did him no favors by giving him an aged appearance and tongue biting gimmick. Many people don’t find him as attractive as the other young military members. But for me, Auruo has a special charm all his own.

If I’m being honest - I wasn’t always so fond of him. The writings and meta of cellostargalactica and julystorms had a huge impact on me. I spoke with them in an effort to understand Auruo as a character. I ended up anchored to the ship.

So it will come as no surprise that my favorite Auruo moment is his relationship with Petra. She plays the naggy wife, he is the irritated tough guy. In canon, they are nearly always pictured together in conversation. She seems to care about him. He finds her adorable.

But it’s their stunning coordinated attacks during the female titan arc that speaks volumes about their relationship. They work as one person. They battle with perfect synchronization. That level of team work doesn’t happen by accident and it certainly doesn’t come overnight. It only happens when you trust someone completely.

Favorite SnK Moment/48 of 55

I finally finished making this pouch. I spent like… 4 days hand sewing this stupid thing cause i dont own a sewing machine. (T_T)

I originally was going to just buy a new pouch, but i wanted a pripara one but they’re practically impossible to come by now. However, while i was googling i saw a handmade holic trick pouch, so i figured that i might as well try to make my own too. And since Dorothy is my favorite character, i figured i’d make one with her in mind. So here’s my Fortune Party-inspired pouch. (o≧▽゜)b

Am I the only one who’s confused by the fact that Anchor Beach had an end of the year party but Jude and Connor are still in school, yet none of the other kids are seen in school? Like, Brandon’s even in a summer camp. Please help me understand