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“And who, I wonder, is Quill when she’s free?” - “I am war itself.”


Obama Presidential Center

A view of the Obama Presidential Center campus, designed by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, experienced from the South. At the heart of the Center is a public plaza that extends into the landscape. The museum anchors the northern end of the plaza while the roofs of Library and Forum are covered with plantings to create new park land.

They say they hate it, but I think they love it.
—  Robert Singer on fans not liking bad character decisions but watching still after the fact (via SDCC 2016:
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned - A (mostly) coherent rant!

There’s a reason why that ancient adage still holds weight. Because it’s true.

There is not a creature more dangerous, more deadly or more destructive on earth than a woman who hungers for vengeance. When she thirsts for blood, she will do whatever it takes to make a river of red flow. When she wants justice, she will do whatever it takes to see it is meted out. And when she wants to protect her own, she will do whatever it takes to protect her own and god save anyone who even dares defy her.

She will make you bleed with a smile on her face and wine in her hand.

This entire episode, all of it, made me see that side of Felicity completely for the first time. Digg is her brother and friend, and someone messed with him. She ate them alive.

We’d been getting glimpses of her struggle with the darkness inside her, her moral dilemmas, her swinging decision, but for the first time, I saw her accept, embrace and glory in her darkness.

It was fucking beautiful.

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Nick Joaquin once said that Filipinos have this tendency to build things and group together and eventually collapse. … Here’s one guy who’s trying to bring things together but the natural tendency of the Filipino nation is to be in pieces. - Jerrold Tarog, director (Heneral Luna, 2015)

This is one of my favorite pics of me climbing. I was leading and scared as hell cause I was so much higher than my anchor. I ended that climb with a gnarly bruise on my leg from slamming it into a hold when I wasn’t looking.-j&m

im sorry…what were we talking about…bc i have been rendered absolutely incoherent what the heck ur calf muscles tho…..and ur shoulder muscles….im weak and gay i have 2 go

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I get that ymir was super selfless and all and I love her, but I still don't understand why she'd choose to give a whole titan power to marley, the people actively trying to kill historia, I know you defend her choice but I still just see it as plot convenience that she didn't go back with the SL

Not much of a plot convenience and more like a reason to atone from her sins she committed when eating Marcel.

The moment she changed her mind when was she heard Bertolt screaming, completely helpless. From then, her instinct sort of took over when she came to their help:

Ymir rushing to Reiner and Bertolt - Ch. 89

Also prior to that, as she realized Eren held the coordinate, she realized there was still a hope inside these walls, implying Historia still had a chance to be saved and live her life. 

Now keep in mind she doesn’t really trust Eren since she mostly considers as a screaming kid and a good chance for escaping till Reiner bargained with her about Historia.

“Do you think Eren’s strength is more reliable than ours?“ - Ch. 46

And that was before she was aware he held the Founding Titan. So either she turned to Reiner and Bertolt because Eren would unleash his power against Marley ensuing chaos or… since she was staring at Historia… was she actually betting the Founding Titan to be handled over to her? It’s a power only compatible with the royal family. The cult she was raised in must’ve at least told her that.

Kinda ironic in which she originally wanted to attach herself to an anchor to Historia but ended up sacrificing herself for her own good.

Reiner’s promise - Ch. 77

Reiner promised Ymir multiple times her life would be safe if she was taken in Marlean custody, since she’s a royal. Ymir also didn’t see any problems with that either. Marley didn’t expect Historia to not hold the Coordinate either. Assuming she did, would they use her for discovering secrets? I still have no idea of both Reiner and Ymir were aware Marley could force her to bear children.

“Ah… What an idiot. So Ymir… you were an idiot“ - Ch. 89

Looks like Historia doesn’t really mind either it’s one supplementary power for Marley. She’s the only one who understands Ymir after all.

Kiss Me Again

So, I’m not supposed to be writing fanfiction since I have three deadlines coming up for my original work. But this little drabble about Dan Egan and Amy Brookheimer from Veep just wouldn’t leave me alone today. So, since it will probably be completely joss-ed by Sunday’s episode, here is a little drabble about Dan and Amy’s upcoming meeting in the next episode. Under a cut for mild spoilers (all contained in the Veep Season 6 trailer). Hope you enjoy!

Backstage, early morning, Dan’s dressing room at CBS This Morning.

Dan sprawled in the chair, letting the makeup artist flutter around, not even making a token protest against the staggering amount of bronzer she slapped on his face. He drummed his fingers on his chair arm and his heart hammered in his chest, as he flipped through the notes on the interviews that day and the overnight news. But only one thing mattered.

Today was the day he interviewed that bolero tie wearing hayseed who Amy was going to get elected governor of Nevada.

A sharp pain shot through his jaw and he unclenched his teeth, molar by molar. If Amy was going to get anyone elected, it was supposed to be him, Dan Egan, not that desert idiot. Instead, Dan ended up anchoring a morning news show and playing second fiddle to an insane cougar while Amy rode off into the sunset with Buddy and his stupid Stetson. It wasn’t fair!

“Okay, let’s go over these questions.” Amy strode in, wearing a beige shirt dress designed to make her sexless and invisible. It failed spectacularly on both counts. She’d gained a bit of weight out in the desert, all of it in her amazing tits. Dan managed to only peek twice—okay three times. He’d never claimed to be a saint, after all. 

“Get out.” He snapped at the makeup artist who fled, closing the door behind her, before spinning in his chair to greet Amy. “Hey there, pumpkin.”

“Danny.” Amy gave him a curt little nod of her head before returning to the sheaf of papers in her hand. “Let’s go over these questions.”

“I’m the interviewer. I ask the questions.” Standing, he snatched the papers out of her hands and tossed them on the makeup table before advancing on her. “I saw your boyfriends’ little dashcam debut. How does it feel to be the girlfriend of a tawdry celebrity?”

“Fiancee.” Amy held up her left hand where a small diamond solitaire sparkled. Dan felt a rush of possessive, primal rage rock through him. He tamped it down quickly. It wouldn’t do to lose his head this early in their reunion. If she and that dimwit had progressed to diamonds already, this is more serious than he thought. Dan needed to play to win and, as Amy had always been his most worthy opponent, he needed to concentrate. 

“Mazel Tov.” Dan snapped. “But it can’t be you that corn-fed idiot is talking about in that grainy drunken rant, can it?”

Her shoulders tightened, nearly passing her earlobes. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“He must not be satisfying you very well.” Dan crowded her against the far wall, careful not to touch her. When her back touched the wall, her chin came up, her blue eyes wary. His brave little spitfire. She was wasted on Buddy Calhoun.

“I believe he told the world I wasn’t satisfying him.”

Even as Dan recognized her deflection tactic of saying the worst thing before the other side could, he couldn’t bear the bleak hurt in her eyes. Instead of going in for the kill shot,  he cupped her face, his thumb stroking over the soft skin of her cheek. “He’s a fool in a bolero tie. He’d be nothing without you.”

“Oh, I don’t do that much. I just lie there, after all.”

“The thing is, I don’t remember it that way.” Dan stepped closer, her warmth washing over his front. The spicy scent of her perfume mixed with the sweet scent of her hair, the familiar scent making Dan’s heart twist even as desire arrowed through him. She took a deep, shuttering breath, her full, chest brushing his jacket but she didn’t move away.  “I remember plenty of passion between us.”

“Still haven’t learned to tell when a woman is faking, Danny?”

“I remember you screaming my name when you—”  

Her fingers pressed against his mouth. “Enough of your delusional fantasy, Danny.”

He stroked his thumb over her cheek again before bending close to her, his breath mingling with hers. Her hand slid around to cup the back of his head. Slowly, he sucked her lower lip into his mouth, nipping gently before raising his head. It wasn’t a kiss, it was a challenge. 

He looked into her eyes, watching them darken to cobalt. They stared at each other for a heartbeat, then another, before she moaned, low and deep in her throat. Her small hand clutched the back of his neck before she pulled his head down, smashing their lips together, her tongue invading his mouth. For long seconds, they devoured each other, lost in the passion between them.

Slowly, the kiss softened into them tasting and teasing each other. He groaned, low and deep, as his hands slid down to cup her bottom, showing her without words what she did to him. Her hips rocked against him once and then again, before she tore her mouth away from his. Without warning, she shoved him away, swiping the back of her hand over her mouth. 

“That never happened,” Amy said, just a slight tremor underlying her voice.

“It just did.”

“It won’t happen again.” Amy headed for the door and wrenched it open.

“I missed you too, Ames.” Dan said softly but she didn’t turn around and he was left to just watch her walk away.



In the mid-1960s, Eaton’s announced plans for a massive office and shopping complex that would occupy several city blocks. Eaton’s sought to demolish Toronto’s Old City Hall (except for the clock tower and cenotaph) and the Church of the Holy Trinity. The plan required the closing of a number of small city streets within the block: Albert Street, Louisa Street, Terauley Street (not to be confused with the stretch of Bay Street north of Queen Street, also formerly known as Terauley Street), James Street, Albert Lane, Downey’s Lane and Trinity Square. At one point, even the Old City Hall clock tower was to be demolished. After a fierce local debate over the fate of the city hall and church buildings, Eaton’s put its plans on hiatus in 1967.

The Eaton Centre plans were resuscitated in 1971, although these plans allowed for the preservation of Old City Hall. Controversy erupted anew, however, as the congregation of the Church of the Holy Trinity exhibited an increased willingness to fight the demolition plans for its church. Eventually, the Eaton Centre plans were revised to save Old City Hall and the church, and then revised further when Holy Trinity’s parishioners successfully fought to ensure that the new complex would not block all sunlight to the church.

These amendments to the plans resulted in three significant changes to the proposed centre from the 1960s concept. First, the new Eaton’s store was shifted north to Dundas Street, as the new store would be too large to be accommodated in its existing location on Queen Street (opposite its rival Simpson’s, which is now the Hudson’s Bay store) as a result of the preservation of Old City Hall. This resulted in the mall being constructed with Eaton’s and Simpson’s acting as anchors at either end. The second significant change was the reduction in the size of the office component, so that the Eaton Centre project no longer represented an attempt to extend the City’s financial district north of Queen Street, as the Eaton family had contemplated in the 1960s. Finally, the bulk of the centre was shifted east to the Yonge Street frontage, and the complex was designed so that it no longer had any frontage along Bay Street. Old City Hall and the church were thus saved, as was the Salvation Army headquarters building by virtue of its location between the two other preserved buildings (although the Salvation Army building was demolished in the late 1990s to make way for an Eaton Centre expansion).

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Not…technically in canon. Anton was planning on proposing after the conclave job but that didn’t get to happen obvs so. In canon griffin doesn’t know he was literally a day away from getting engaged to Anton but then he had to accidentally blow up a building. 

bUT in that wonderful au in which Anton goes with griffin when he happens upon the ritual thing like. Anton is holding onto griffin’s other arm when he grabs the anchor so he ends up getting pulled into the fade with griffin and survives with him. 

so yeah probably within a few days of the inquisition being formed Anton would’ve found a way to pop the question because “the world just got a lot more dangerous and I was gonna do this anyway but now I really want to do it cause I don’t want something to happen to us before I can say you’re my husband” so. def by halamshiral they’d already be engaged. 

OK I already loved but now I’m sold

“The Doctor may have cared deeply for Rose Tyler, the woman who helped a monster become a man again, but he truly falls in love with Clara, the first time he’s done so since the end of the Time War.”

“She develops feelings for the Doctor from the get-go, but spends 1 ½ seasons trying to ignore or suppress them with varying degrees of success as going for an interspecies-relationship with an immature, unreliable older man wouldn’t sit well with her control-freak tendencies and perfectionist drive to appear reasonable and mature at all times. In “Last Christmas”, she finally revealed that he is the only person (except Danny) she would have married. Jenna Coleman said that Clara has always been in love with the Doctor and the regeneration never changed things. Furthermore Peter Capaldi said that the two’s relationship constitutes an “old-fashioned romance.” Much of Series 9 background arc focused on their relationship, with emphasis on the “anchor” part at the end, though it was pretty clear by that point the Doctor returned her romantic affections.” (sic)

“It’s such an uneasy friendship at times, but her and the Twelfth (and more rarely, the Eleventh) have several moments in this vein. Clara also goes from being innocently insensitive to Danny to proving that she does care for him, as inept as she is verbally at the whole dating and relationship thing.
Made clear in Series 9, they demonstrated the gestures and affections associated with an established couple, minus the kissing of course.”

So…Paige is back. I am honestly shocked. I did not believe that for one second she would be returning after all the hate and ridiculous taunting that the emison fans have, still on a daily basis, been distributing to Lindsey.

I saw the THR article and at first I thought, “Nah. No Way. Gotta be fake.” But then I read it and I was genuinely, to my own surprise, excited. And then JD and MK retweeted it and I knew it was for real and I had this big grin on my face like “Fuck yeah! Fuck the haters! She’s coming back and this is going to be amazing!” For a moment I was excited. Like really fucking excited because Paige was my reason for sticking with this show for so long. Even if she was only on screen for a minute it was worth watching the other forty three minutes just to see her lovely little face. And I was excited to see who she’s become and what her and Emily’s relationship will be like and maybe we get to find out what happened when they got back together after high school. I was just so excited there for a moment.

But only for a moment.

Because then I re-read the article and noticed how it said that she would be back for two episodes. And then I was like…”What the fuck? Two episodes? That’s it? Are you kidding me!”

You know maybe I’m reading into it wrong. Perhaps that only means two episodes for the first half of the season and she will be back in the second half or maybe they’re still working out schedules and all. But I don’t know. But I do know that if she is only in two episodes then I will be extremely upset. Not only because she’s been gone for so long, but also because I find that to be a slap in the face to not only Paily fans but also to Paige fans. What is the point of bringing her back if it’s not going to mean something? If there’s no ultimate goal at the end for Paige then why are they wasting Lindsey’s time and getting Paily fans all riled up? Yes, I get that it’s their jobs and all but come on. There is no way in hell that they would have ever brought Toby, Ezra or Caleb back for that little bit of time. I can’t even imagine the uproar that that would cause.

I don’t want Paige back just so the writers can say they brought her back. I want her back. I want her to finally get real time on the screen and in the story. I want to know what her life has been like and what happened with her and Emily. I want Emily to see her and just be stunned and not know what to do with herself because she missed her as much as we all have.

What I don’t want is two episodes with two minutes of screen time where we find out nothing about where she’s been or what she’s been doing. I don’t want Paige to come back just to walk away forever again. I don’t want a pity return. I want Paige to come back and remind Emily what it feels like to be loved and cared for. To show her that unpredictable can still be good. And I want Emily to finally be able to be happy. And when was the last time we saw that? I haven’t kept up with the show very well but it seems as though Emily hasn’t found anyone to match up to Paige yet. And that’s because nobody ever will.

I’m not going to lie, I still want so badly for Paige and Emily to have their happy ending. Not only because I’m a paily fan, of course I am, but because honestly I still feel like they got robbed of so much. They were torn apart for nothing. For whatever reason the writers took Paige away and left Emily with nothing meaningful. Paige was that person for her and she was for so long and Emily was Paige’s. Yeah, it’s not common to end up with your high school sweethearts but this show has always been different. We all know that Spencer and Toby, Caleb and Hanna, and Aria and Ezra are all going to be together. That’s a given and everyone knows it. I see no reason why Paige should be left out of that. I see no reason why if they’re going to put Paige physically back into the story that she and Emily can’t be together in the end also.

They deserve to be together just as much as the other girls deserve their others. I wish I trusted the writers more. I wish one of them would say that Paige was staying for the long haul because if she’s only back for those two episodes then, IMO, that’s worse then her not coming back at all. That’s a cruel tease that is just dirty and unfair.

I just want my girls back together. That’s all. I want Paige’s head dip back. I want Emily’s smile back.

Just give them back.

Enjolras x Grantaire Fic Recs

Updated. I have read so much Les Mis fic in the last year it’s not funny. I just fell headfirst into this fandom. Oops. I decided I really need to make a list of all the fics I loved. 

After The End by tellthemstories 74,702 Grantaire’s life goes to hell at 5pm on a Saturday evening. Which is actually kind of ironic, really, seeing as how the rest of the world went to hell almost seven years earlier.

Best Kept Secrets by tellthemstories 33,338 Cosette is coming to visit. Enjolras needs a fake boyfriend he can date and then break up with, so she’ll stop trying to set him up with random guys. Somehow, he ends up pretending to date Grantaire. It goes better than expected — Until it doesn’t.

box of secrets by nightswatch 53,816 Grantaire leaves his doodles all over the place. Enjolras collects them without knowing who drew them.

But I See You by RavenXavier 38, 618 It’s not easy being a Seer in the modern times, especially when they are so many of them promising you happiness and good fortune at every corner of the street. Contrary to most though, Grantaire is the True Deal, which means that not only does she get a lot of visions (that aren’t always nice), she also needs an Anchor, otherwise she’ll end up mad.It’s not until she begins to run out of time that she actually meets hers.     Unfortunately, her Anchor is a passionate blond activist that doesn’t believe in Seers or Fate, and doesn’t have time to take care of a woman she barely knows and doesn’t like much (especially as she has some personal problems of her own to deal with).

Commonwealth Gaymes by Pepperweb 35, 118 Inspired by the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Grantaire is a boxer and Enjolras a gymnast but Enjolras doesnt think boxing should be allowed and Grantaire thinks gymnastics is too fluffy to be real. What happens when they take up Combeferre’s challenge and see each other compete? 

Cooking Up Love by sarahyyy 14,259 

“I really hate elimination challenges,” Enjolras says with a sigh. 

“Really? I couldn’t tell,” Grantaire says dryly, grinning at him.

(Or, the MasterChef AU.)

dance this silence down (the emergency room remix) by fahye 54,233

He’s sitting in a car with all of his belongings in the back seat and his hands wrapped around the steering wheel, admitting to himself that a stupid, dizzy firework of a one-night-stand with a man he’d barely known is one of the only bright memories he has right now.

[In which Enjolras and Grantaire make some music, make some terrible decisions, and make a habit out of doing everything in the wrong order.]

Darker, Sooner by HailMary 54,571. Grantaire is offered a choice: either become the government’s mole in the Friends of the ABC or suffer the consequences. He chooses to be a mole.

Gnomon by luchia 75,387 Enjolras is the leader of the ‘militant extremist organization’ ABC, and he and his human shadow Grantaire are somewhere in Russia doing shit that Grantaire can’t even try to explain - Enjolras is acting strange and something Grantaire can’t name has gone horribly wrong and christ he should not be sober right now.

Grounds For Dismissal by The Librarina (tears_of_nienna) 12,312 Enjolras does not have time to deal with a new barista this morning.

How the Future’s Done by barricadeur 12,212 

“Grantaire,” he says slowly. “What do you have in that box?”

Grantaire looks up at Enjolras, his eyes very blue even with the glaze of drunkenness at the edges. “A favor,” he says.

if you remembered me by nightswatch 40,156 Enjolras suffers from temporary amnesia after a car accident, Grantaire agrees to stay with him until he gets back his memories.

If Vidocq Could See Us Now by leahxleah 33,416. Enjolras is one of the best detectives in Homicide; unfortunately, he can’t keep a partner for long. Getting assigned Grantaire–the Narcotics officer freshly released from rehab–seems like a punishment, but it may be a blessing in disguise.

Pining For You by The Librarina (tears_of_nienna) 28, 245. After he gets laid off, Grantaire moves back home to help out on his father’s Christmas tree farm. But when a shady businessman starts trying to move in on their property, an improbably handsome lawyer from the city might be their only hope to save the farm.

Let Me Count The Ways by zimriya 58,408. 10 Things I Hate About You AU. “So, let me get this straight,” says Combeferre after three rings. He sounds half asleep, and Enjolras winces. “Your crazy ex-convict of a father has decided that Cosette can only date people once you do?”


There’s the sound of movement as Combeferre unplugs his phone and settles back against his pillows. “And you, somehow–stupidly, I might add–decided to make her happy by agreeing to date someone?”

Love in a Coffee Shop by tellthemstories 22,887 Grantaire’s a famous rock star. Enjolras owns a coffee shop slash book store that makes no money and is dangerously close to becoming hipster. One night, Grantaire stumbles in when they’re closed. Somehow, that’s the most normal part of his week.

Secret Agent Man by goshemily 30,126 Enjolras and Grantaire are spies sent to a small village in the south of France to be undercover boyfriends.

six feet under the stars by nightswatch 52, 909 Enjolras decides that he needs a break and goes on a road trip. On the way he comes across a hitchhiker, who quickly becomes a new friend for him on the road.

Still the Same by The Librarina (tears_of_nienna) 74,338 Enjolras caught the infamous art thief Grantaire in his first month as an FBI agent. Four years later, a supposedly reformed Grantaire works out a deal to help the FBI catch an organized crime boss–with Enjolras as his handler. But working together is more frustrating than Enjolras could have believed, and it doesn’t help that Grantaire has started an actual book club with Enjolras’ husband. White Collar AU.

summer’s lease by nightswatch 48,676 Grantaire’s parents send him to spend the summer with friends of the family. Their son, Enjolras, is probably the last person he’d want to spend his summer with.

Tagged by Salomonderiel 155, 786. Graffiti artist AU.

The Con That We Call Love by kjack89 Not even a month ago, FBI White Collar unit Agent Grantaire put the notorious conman Enjolras in jail. Now, the FBI needs Enjolras’s help, and Grantaire has to deal with a con who he may not trust, but may also be a little in love with.

To Dust or To Gold by captainskellington 25,556 A Hunger Games AU based entirely in the week leading up to the games themselves. (As such, no actual death occurs.) Grantaire is a stylist, Enjolras is his tribute.

The Five Year Plan by Neery 16,069 Enjolras loses his memory. Thankfully, nothing unexpected seems to have happened to him in the five years he can’t remember. Well, except for the boyfriend. The boyfriend’s kind of a surprise.

The Ghost of You by luchia 25,127 Grantaire moves into an apartment inhabited by a poltergeist. Enjolras haunts him, and Grantaire should really win an award for most complicated relationship status ever.

The Golden Mean by KateAtTheClose 9,429 When Grantaire’s health makes it necessary to cease drinking, Les Amis are there to help him through it. None more so than Enjolras, who starts to realize just how wrong he has been in his judgements of the other man.

The People Sing by littledust 59, 604 Cosette, an aspiring musician, is certain she’s locked into her terrible recording contract forever and the public will never get to hear her music. Then a mysterious DJ named Enjolras remixes one of her original demos. She follows his digital trail to a club called the ABC, where she’s offered the chance to join the music revolution. What ensues includes romance, past lives revealed, the making of an album, and a protest concert. 

the things we whisper in the dark by nightswatch 30,286. Grantaire is a journalist living and working in New York. When he meets his new neighbor, Enjolras, he has no idea what kind of trouble he’s getting into.

They Write Books About This Sort of Thing by samyazaz 50, 670. Grantaire is an author. His editor, Enjolras comes on his book tour with him.

Transitory Withdrawal by zimriya 21,988 The thing is, Grantaire knows exactly where he went wrong. It wasn’t wandering into one of Enjolras’ lectures on a rainy afternoon, or even texting him increasingly cryptic messages from his brand new phone. No, Grantaire’s mistake was deciding to let his guard down long enough around Eponine to let her take him drinking, and crying about how no one would ever date him.

We Are Who We Are by sigh_no_more 29,691 Enjolras develops a crush on a new friend. The only problem is they’ve never met face to face, and only correspond via the Internet. As he falls more and more for this mysterious pen pal, he starts a job at The Musain Books and Café, where he finds himself instantly at odds with Grantaire, the barista. Or, a Shop Around the Corner/You’ve Got Mail adaptation.

World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile 185,796 (UPDATE 2/6/15, Complete and it is wonderful). High school AU. Grantaire the disaffected stoner is pulled into a cause bigger than himself. Or: in which there are pretend boyfriends for great justice.

Years Since It’s Been Clear by lady_ragnell 10, 726. Grantaire really doesn’t expect Enjolras to force him to move in with him when he hears how shitty Grantaire’s apartment is. And he definitely doesn’t expect Enjolras to want him to stay, or how easy it turns out to be, or the way Enjolras has a habit of doing his studying in the sunshine on the living room floor…Yeah, he may be in some trouble.

You Dance Dreams by lady_ragnell 61, 252. For most of college, Grantaire was hopeless over Enjolras, and everyone but Enjolras knew it. Now he’s worked to get over his crush, and for the most part, he’s fine. When Combeferre asks him to choreograph and dance in the Midsummer Night’s Dream-inspired opera he composed as his senior thesis, Grantaire says yes, even though he’s cast opposite Enjolras, as Puck to his Oberon. The chance to dance is worth the potential problems, and he’ll have his friends as a buffer.

You Are the Moon by samyazaz 62,129 It’s been six months since Grantaire left the Musain and her crew – and her captain – behind him, but the quieter life he’d hoped to make for himself is thrown into turmoil when a convict and his daughter crash down into the middle his little outer-system settlement.

You Say You Want a Revolution by kjack89 and satb31 Les Amis de l'ABC is an anti-Vietnam War student protest group in the late 1960s, when the draft and turmoil on college campuses force more radical - and violent - actions, including actions that cannot be undone and will forever change the lives of those involved.


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Wanda Maximoff/ Scarlet Witch

- Training

Peter Quill/Star Lord

- One of the Ways

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver (from the Avengers franchise)

- Suddenly

Peter Parker/Spiderman (played by Andrew Garfield)

- I’m HQ

Tom Holland

- Stunts (Part 2)

More than 1 character

- Haunted House feat Bucky and Steve


Jack Frost

Snow Day

The Hunger Games

Finnick Odair

- A Promise

The Maze Runner


- The Host of the Party


- Grievers

- My Queen

- What Does Matter


- Happy Halloween

Pacific Rim

Newt Geiszler

- My Best Friend (Part 2/ Part 3)

- List for the Future

Once Upon a Time

Captain Hook/Killian Jones

- A Drink

- I Hate You

- Christmas Eve

Henry Mills

- The Flames and the Rain

Pinocchio/August Booth

- Heroes

Peter Pan

- Not Leaving

- Jealous

- Kidnapped

- Running Away

- Leave You Behind (Part 2)

- Life and Death

- Forest Green

- Staying Strong


The Scar (Part 2)

Robbie Kay

- Comic Con

- Lost

- Life Goes on with You