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Ok so Just here me out alright? I was reading Superior Iron Man and BOY is Tony a Trash bucket in that comic!! I mean he has always been pretty trashy but superior iron man takes the cake! Its a GREAT Comic though I mean wow. But yeah after reading that this was the first thing that popped into my head and boy does it fit! Man I cant remember the last time I made a little comic strip but im glad this is what made me make another one. I REALLY need sleep oh my goodness
Iron man Belongs to Marvel
Art by me

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Your art is so pure <3

I’m still happily dance-emoting (both in-game and irl lol) because of the little “Tracemaker” blessing from Blizz! The happiness is 150+++% pure!! small detail = huge joy for me! <3 <3 <3 

i might be working on a spicy-ish sequel to the ‘anchors’ comic tho..;-D
Michael Che becomes 'SNL's first Black Weekend Update host | NY Times

‘The Daily Show’ correspondent, comedian and 'SNL’ writer will man the desk with Colin Jost. Cecily Strong asked to be taken off to have more opportunity to appear in sketches.

Lorne Michaels also told the Times there will be 2 cast additions and that instead of 10 PM reruns of the previous week’s show, this year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary, they’ll be showing classic episodes in their entirety.

Unthinkable - What’s in a Name

So, after watching 4x06 I think it pretty much cements Olicity as the IT couple of Arrow. 

I mean, it was cemented before IMO, but after this episode, Felicity is on equal footing in the viewer’s eyes as to where she’s at with the relationship. 4x01 made no bones about the fact Oliver was all in. 4x06 made it crystal clear that Felicity is all in, with both of them acknowledging that is big and scary and full of unknowns… and the only real known is how much they love one another and want it to work. 

That’s pretty much the only guarantee any relationship has in this life. 

But, all this cementing got me to thinking about when this really started, and you know what I came up with? Well, lots of stuff, including an attempt to sculpt a life-sized statue of Stephen Amell made entirely of jam, but even before I saw the ant at the window’s eyes light up with glee, I suspected that was a bad idea. 

But you know what was a good idea… a completely unthinkable one. 

We all know the title to the infamous S2 finale - Unthinkable. 

It’s been broken down and metaed over and over again, by many brilliant people like @jbuffyangel @callistawolf and many others… and maybe what I’m going to say next is going to be me repeating one of those clever folk, so, if I am, apologies, not intentional, just haven’t read this particular thought yet. 

So, the unthinkable thing is like an onion skin, layer after layer. 

First layer of unthinkable - Slade wanting to kill the woman Oliver loved

Second layer - Oliver willingly putting Felicity in danger in his plan to save the day

Third layer (and this is the one we were meant to take home with us) - Oliver declaring his love to Felicity. 

That’s the most obvious unthinkable’s in that episode, but I think there is one huge, meta one going on, that just occurred to me, particularly in light of 4x06. The S2 finale episodes were the writer’s declaring their intent, doing the unthinkable. They acknowledged whose Oliver OTL was meant to be in letting Slade take L*urel, wink to comic canon… but then they did the completely unbelievable, the completely crazy and out there thing… they chose Felicity as the real OTL for Oliver in that episode. 

Hindsight is always 20/20. With the benefit of nearly another 30 episodes after that one pivotal one, we can see the significance of that episode. They TOLD us the significance in the title. All those anti-Oliciters were being given the heads up - guys, we know L*urel is meant to be the OTL, but we just think the real story lies with Felicity, brace yourselves. 

There was a million different ways Oliver could have saved the day against Slade… heck, he could have set up Laurel with the syringe, which would make the most narrative sense of them foreshadowing BC and GA working together as a team to bring down bad guys. 

But they didn’t. They gave that foreshadowing to Felicity… as his OTL.  

THAT was the episode they really cemented the switch between LL and Felicity. It was completely unthinkable that they were seriously going to fly in the face of well-established canon, arguably an anchor of the comic book GA character, in his relationship with LL/BC… but the writers did it. And they told us they knew how huge it was in the title. 

So, with that in mind, with the writers clearly acknowledging (in hindsight) that Felicity is now essentially the LL/BC of the comics in as far as her place/significance in Oliver’s life… let me ask you this… 

If Unthinkable hadn’t happened, if LL had been left in Oliver’s s/l, with her playing all the big emotional and developmental beats with him instead of Felicity and being established as his OTL (because that was our alternative, guys)… would people really be freaking out right now worrying if L*urel was in the grave? 

Personally, I don’t think so. 

Because the way the story has been written, Oliver wouldn’t be Oliver without LL/BC. The writers wouldn’t be able to remove her from the narrative and she’s this huge, iconic character to the comics. That’s if Unthinkable hadn’t happened and they’d powered on through with L*uriver. But that didn’t happen. Let’s right bizarro world and put Felicity back into her Queendom. Now that Felicity is by Oliver’s side, helping define his character - because who we love says an awful lot about us - imagine the writers taking that away from us. 

Yeah, no, I can’t see it. Narratively speaking, it’s an impossibility. 

What isn’t an impossibility is taking away the person who is no longer ‘canon’ in the TV universe for Arrow. 2x23 took canon status away from L*urel in the TV universe, which was this huge, unthinkable thing to do because they’d originally built their entire show around the premise of GA and BC ending up together. But the writers reinvented canon, and now the possibility of killing off, or at the very least removing what was once a canonically pivotal character from the canvas is not so much unthinkable anymore as growing more and more doable. 

And that’s just another reason I can’t fathom Felicity being in that grave. If Unthinkable hadn’t happened, and she’d remained a peripheral character in Oliver’s orbit with L*urel providing a lot of the incentive/path for growth and change for Oliver, then yeah, I’d say Felicity was in real danger. But the opposite has happened, So who’s in real danger now? 

I’ll give you a hint, it’s NOT the person who the writers went balls to walls for and changed a MAMMOTH canonical point for, while acknowledging how huge what they were doing really was.  

And now, back to the pressing problem of what to do with 80kg of jam… any suggestions?? It’s boysenberry, if that helps anyone…