Anchor Stone

I created this spell to help deal with intrusive thoughts and sensory overload, but I’m pretty sure that it can be used for almost anything. It’s great because it only takes a few minutes to cast and I can use it with essentially no spoons once it’s set up.

Essentially, the goal is to create a stone that serves as an anchor to the physical world and as a connection to the strength of the earth. You can bond the stone to yourself or to a kintype/facet/alter/etc.

Step 1: find a stone. It can be any stone, but if you prefer some type of crystal, that’s okay. The only things that matter are that it can be carried with you without breaking and that it feels good in your hand. If you feel like charging it, go ahead (maybe moonlight for calm?) but you definitely don’t have to.

Here are my two anchor stones (the larger one is bonded to my main self and the smaller one is for a kintype)

Step 2: Bonding. This is the incantation I used. Feel free to modify it or add parts to give your anchor stone a specific purpose.

Hold the stone in your hand until it begins to reach the temperature of your skin. Focus on the sensations of holding it, especially the weight in your hand. If you’re bonding it to a kintype, shift to the kintype beforehand. If you’re bonding it to a facet or alter, have them front or co-front while the spell is being done.

My name is [name] and this stone is me

I claim it as my anchor

It will be my connection to the earth from whence I came

May it give me strength

May it help me find strength within myself

Let us be one

You only have to do this once. When you do, the stone is bound to you. You can use it whenever you need.

Step 3: Use. Hold the stone in your hand. Focus on its strength and the strength of the earth and either say or think “lend me your strength”. When you’re feeling better, say or think “thank you” and put your stone down. Don’t worry if you forget, it’s mostly a formality. 

I normally carry my main anchor stone in my pocket so it’s easily accessible. This has the added benefit of keeping it close to my skin so it can adjust to my energies over time. If this doesn’t work for you, do whatever feels right. This is a spell based entirely on instinct, so it should be even more subjective than most magic. 

Good luck and happy witching!

Lovely submission, thank you!!!

“No longer will I lay dormant at the bottom
what a wicked place to come from
but believe me I will rise.

Waters raged and storms have passed
I’ve endured the tests of time.
and as all always I will rise.

Though I may go down
beneath miles of hurt and tides

One day soon,
Watch Me Rise.”

Clearing out my headspace, needed to do something personal before getting back into commissions.