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It's Random Undertale Question Time™! Tonight's question is: What is your favorite piece (or pieces) of fanwork that you've come across?

WOOH BOY! GET READY HERE COMES A LIST! Note, some of these have huge spoilers and I’m not listing which doe and which do not because I have 50 pages in my Undertale tag and I just gotta go fast. (Actually as I go through these, I’m really surprised by how little notes some of them have. Please do look through these and reblog what you like!)

If it wasn’t for THIS comic by @palidoozy-art I probably wouldn’t have made any of my own comics.

THIS by @pkbunny -!

Thiiiis by @theyoungdoyley

This by @pearlzhang

Okay I’m REALLY self indulgent okay? Have this comic that @jeedies made in response to my comic. I REALLY LOVE IT OKAY?? It makes me happy every time I see it, so it’s a fav.

So good, @creepyknees~

Ahahah I love it. .___. @ttoba

Gorgeous. @kohiu

I KEEP LINKING TO THIS VIDEO but here’s the actual tumblr post. This person gets me. @miraculoustang

What a good. @2mi127

Holy??? Shit???? @oldzio-olditore

Oh, @pkbunny made my list twice..!

Gorgeous colours wow @mathiart

Whattup @brainbubblegum

How is an art style this good even possible??? @ceediculous

I think about this one all the time @m1nktank

Look at the cute lizard/fish! @thetgartist

What a what! @greenendorf

my goodness the colour!!! @crayonchewer

No surprise because it’s so goOD @curbananimation

Love this. @kuropin

Ahhhh look at this @nippururu

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh @idk-kun

That anatomy tho @boysquad

Screaming @bedsafely

Gosh @rottenplantt

The pain in my heart is real @gayrapunzel

The joy in my heart is real @gayrapunzel - oh shoot you made my list twice! in a row!

Isn’t it beautiful? @confusedcrow

Oh, @idk-kun also made the list twice.

Ahhhhhhh it’s sooo goooood @g0lden-anch0r

Loving sigh…. @polywomple

So awesome! @nearshotarts

Yes I l want more of this @shoujo-emblem

It’s so pleasant  @magolorssoul

This is really inspiring to me (although major body horror warning!!) @jaythefantastic

OKAY! FINALLY WENT THROUGH ALL 50 PAGES OF MY UNDERTALE TAG! I couldn’t fit in everything that I wanted, and I didn’t have time to listen to the audio files as well to choose from there so, this is mostly all just art and animation. But, these are reeeally great! They’re my favourite of the 50 pages I’ve reblogged of Undertale, and it would be really cool if, like, if ya’ll need Undertale fan art on your blog, that you’d check these out! Some of them are already well known but, there are some that have so few notes it’s shocking to me.

I”M SORRY I COULDN’T NARROW IT DOWN??? Ahh I’m really sorry. I couldn’t just pick one either. It just. It ended up like this!