How to set up an Ancestor Altar for beginners

Youtube: Adunola the Oracle

*I was also taught not to display ones altar or rituals, any that I show here will just be set ups


This beautiful Swedish lady sings an ancient Viking song. Now watch how the cows respond. 

It is often argued that everything our ancestors did and said gets stored into our brains. Their experience and knowledge gets passed down from generation to generation. This may explain why we know or react to certain things without having any prior knowledge.

Kulning is an ancient herding call used in the Scandinavian region. The call is a high pitch tone that can reach long distances. The herding call sounds more like a haunting and sad melody meant to echo through mountains and alleys.

It was getting late and foggy on a magical night last month when Swedish artist Jonna Jinton wanted to try kulning. She wanted to find out if the animals would answer to the call their own ancestors heard when the women called them. Kulning might just be one of the most beautiful and enchanting sounds ever made.



I’ve been working on this since March of 2013, so it’s been a long time coming! You can see more about it by browsing the posts here.

This is an animated music video for the Alternian ancestors–characters in the webcomic Homestuck whose epic story is only ever relayed via exposition. This gave me plenty of leeway for creativity, but I did my best to stay as true to what we’re told as possible and I hope you enjoy it!

Song: Protectors of the Earth by Two Steps from Hell
Programs Used: Toon Boom Studio 4.5, Adobe Photoshop CS6, iMovie
My tablet is a Wacom Cintiq

Police Escort Black Merit Scholar Out of Graduation After Refusing to Remove Kente Cloth

An 18-year-old Black student was removed from graduation after he refused to take off his kente cloth. Nyree Holmes attended the diverse but predominately white Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove, California. 

In a story he shared on Twitter May 24, the merit scholar says he was able to walk across the stage, but police officers greeted him at the other end.

He tells Atlanta Black Star it was important for him to wear the traditional African print because as a “descendant of slaves, I have no firm connection to my roots in Africa.”

“I wanted to wear my kente cloth as a representation of my pride in my ancestors, to display my cultural and religious heritage. As my particular cloth was made by Christians in Ghana, where the kente cloth has been worn by royalty and during important ceremonies for hundreds if not thousands of years.  If we are forced to wear the European cap and gowns [then] we should be able to wear the African Kente Cloth.”

The police were called?! He was being a bit defiant, but the POLICE? It’s a shame the school messed up the Graduation for everyone. Would they have demanded a Muslim woman take off her headscarf, or any other cultural or religious emblem being removed? #Hate it!

Ancestors Master Post : The Mighty Dead & Beloved Dead

This is a collection of articles and information pertaining to Ancestral work with both The Beloved Dead (ancestors of blood, family, familiar ancestors) & The Mighty Dead (ancestors of spirit, witchcraft). The practices that surround working with the dead, benevolent necromancy, ancestral worship, and altars, and offerings. 

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Unfinished Collab Lyricstuck: Pompeii

An ancestors-centric lyricstuck with lineart by me and colors/headcanons/designs by @oskarna​, who is mad skilled and has done a FABULOUS job but needed this off their plate.  So only about half of it is colored, but I think you’ll all still enjoy it. <3 Please don’t ask either of us to finish it!!

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