Magic is an exchange.


I love this quote from Nashville writer Honest Lewis. The moment I read it I smiled and sighed. The role of the witch can be brilliant, exciting, enlightening, shamanic, challenging, and exhausting all at once. Our work is in energy. Our work is at the crossroads, on the hedge, at the shore, at the altar, in the forest, in the cosmos. We listen, counsel, share insight, divine, hold space, conjure, and manifest results. It is only fair to contemplate this statement: it rings true with our ancestors and has been spoken of in our legends and mythology. Magic is an exchange, so allow the offering and its process to heighten power and awaken wisdom for those who seek you out.


Subtle Witch Tips - Samhain

The witches’ new year is almost upon us~

Once again I’ve created a list of subtle witch tips for folks who are looking to celebrate the holiday in a more low-key manner. 

🎃 Jack-o’-Lantern Spells - There are a whole bunch of them all over witchblr these days, but here are a couple you can do with herbs found around your house: add rosemary to your candle to protect your home, add allspice to attract money and good luck in the new year, use cilantro for a peaceful home, and mint can be used to promote positive energy. Mix and match to create custom blends / spells - but be sure not to burn anything toxic - especially if you’ll be keeping your jack-o’-lanterns inside. Alternatively you can carve sigils into the candles instead of (or in addition to) using herbs to the same end.

🎃 Cook a deceased family member / friend’s recipe or favorite meal. If you’re unable to do a full dumb supper, this can be a great way to connect with those who have passed on. Light your hearth candle, get cooking, and who knows - you might even have a few unseen visitors stopping by to see what’s cooking.

🎃 Put a little extra TLC into the mementos / photos of the deceased around your home. Maybe this means dusting grandma’s wedding photo, or bringing your great aunt’s embroidered throw pillows out for a night on the couch. Either way you can subtly surround yourself with these items without having to formally set up an ancestor altar or give explicit offerings. 

🎃 Make a playlist of songs that remind you of those you’ve lost. Take time to dance and remember all the wonderful moments you got to share. Pay attention and you just might notice that you have a captive audience beyond the veil. To everyone else it’ll look like you’re just jamming out to some of your favorite tunes, but you’ll know that on this special day it’s something more.

🎃 Take time out of your busy schedule to have a quiet meditation session. Perhaps you can spend the time trying to connect with your ancestors, or you could use it as a time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the new year.

Wishing you all a safe & happy Samhain! 

A bit creepy Psionic.

Oh boi, I spent way too much time on this, i basically re-drew whole face like three times. I probably should’ve done more about his attire and horns i guess, as those are not as detailed as face, but hell, at this point i just hate this picture, so yeah… gonna post in this state, I really need to move on to the next drawing!

It’s pretty much just an attempt to draw an actual face, so the rest of the drawing is boring as fuck. 

So the moral is - drawing faces is damn hard for me. Even with a reference (which I normally don’t use, because I was dumb and stubborn).