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why do i always suck at drawing faces

anyway just have some mindfang who probably witnessed a stray Signless in some fiery riot and decided to get involved, scrummaged the people’s goods and then decided to escort him back to where he came from.

White guilt from a black person’s point of view, and why it needs to end

As a freshman in high school I had took part in a class about how culture shapes society our society and colors our view of the world. One day while we discussed the Trans-Atlantic slave trade I made a comment about how my ancestors from untold centuries ago were taken from Africa and sold to a Barbadian plantation owner to work the sugar fields. After class a girl who was usually very quiet came up to me and said that her some of her ancestors manned slave ships and that she was sorry for what they did. I told her not to be and that it had nothing to do with her but she insisted it was somehow her fault. 

That confusing conversation introduced me to the ugly little concept we call white guilt, something that pops up a worrying amount on this site and in real life, and it needs to end. 

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that your culture has no bearing on your personality, Its is the foundation of your upbringing, the anchor of your beliefs, and the guiding light of your morals. But for all that culture gives you, it cannot give you the responsibility for your ancestor’s decisions. No, it should be your actions that define you as a person and not those of a long dead predecessor. 

You were not the one stealing my ancestors from their home, the one who beat and killed them for wanting to be treated like a human, or the one who bought and sold them like commodities. But by the same token I have not suffered under the crack of the whip, chains of slavery, or being worked to death like some sort of draft animal. We are a product of these people and the culture they created, but for all they have given us we are not them.

No one should ever feel ashamed to exist, especially because of things they had no control over. People can be horrible, and I’m not excusing that, but dwelling on mistakes you didn’t make is unhealthy and gets us nowhere.

Prejudices aren’t going to magically go away and anyone who tells you that racism is dead has never seen the news. These are serious issues which permeate every level of our society, but we cannot let transgressions from a past we had no hand in shaping define who we are as human beings and how we see others. We should never forget the past, lest it be born again in another form, however its high both sides learned to forgive.

Is this going to solve all of our social ills, of course not. There are still going to be horrible people, racist people, and bigots. But forgiveness is the first step on the long journey ahead of us. 

I’m sorry if this turned into a rant/rambling mess. I just needed a place to vent some frustration and this seemed as good as anywhere else.

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The Xeril’s Bane is a relatively obscure ship from the Second Era, often claimed to have arrived upon Tamriel’s shores due to events happening centuries before during the Reman Dynasty. Though many restless sailors have made claims of their ancestors sighting such a ship, there has not been a single shred of evidence of its existence, even less of its home country.

It has been said that its captain, Captain Yori ut-Salumeht, was the fiercest pirate-queen of Lyg, clashing with legendary forces such as the All-Flags Navy and dueling Tiber Septim to a stalemate. The story with the most credence, judging strictly from multiple accounts, is the legend of the Crown Jewels of the Noormoqh Hegemony. The details of that legend are still being uncovered but the legend says that even Tiber Septim, blessed be his names, envied the jewels and coveted them for his own personal collection. An addendum to this addition to the library is forthcoming pending further vivisection of Hiaûŗochian myth-writs.

[Art by @zhirfrox / @mishapabor]

Homestuck crackship of the day

I was woken up with this crackship; that’s how perfect it is.

Suppose Her Imperious Condescension is moved by Sufferer’s Vast Expletive. She doesn’t want to admit it, but she has a nagging feeling he had a point. So when she hears Disciple is spreading the Sufferer’s teachings, she has her brought in and they start debating.

Eventually Condesce is won over and she becomes the best Gangster for Troll Jesus. She keeps Disciple in court and eventually they fall into a pale romance, as Condy severely needs someone to keep her in check. I bet Dolarosa never stops hating her, though.

To sum up: Dolarosa <3< HIC <> Disciple (with maybe a side of HIC <3 Psiionic)