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You have the ability to travel back in time, but when you do you take over the body of one of your direct ancestors at random. One day, you travel back to 1942 and find yourself standing at a podium looking out over 100,000 soldiers.

What to do on Samhain

Hi fellow witches, here are some tips on ways to spend your Samhain, if you are an experienced witch you might already have some yearly traditions but these are also for baby witches who this might be their first Samhain!

• bake - bread, pies, cider, pastries the more food the better!

• have a feast! - having a feast with your family and loved ones is a great way to spend the holiday!

• magick! - this is a great time of the year for all types of magick, especially divination work

• set up an ancestral altar! - paying respect to your ancestors on this day is very important!

• Do an Ouija board - this may seem scary to some but when done right it can produce amazing results just remember to always be respectful and do it the right way!

• trick or treat - although some witches believe it’s not traditional or a good way to spend Samhain it is so much fun and can help you bond with friends and family !

• arts and crafts! - craft some witchy things .. maybe even in the moonlight? Also this is a great night to make a wand!

Samhain is a great sabbat that calls for celebration as it’s the new year! Just remember no matter how you choose to spend it be safe! 🎃🖤✨🌙

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Reminder: On days you feel like you can’t keep going, remember you carry the resilience of your ancestors today and every day before and after today. You are made of resilience. You are made from the bones of warriors. Remember.

Upcoming opportunity: All Soul’s Novena

On October 25th, I begin a novena for All Soul’s Day. A novena is a 9 day series of prayers for a cause or particular divinity, and my novena for All Soul’s Day is for the dead of all sorts. I couldn’t find a prayer format that I liked, so I wrote my own last year and updated it this year (and I’ll post it closer to the beginning of the novena if you want to pray along with me).

This year, I am offering the opportunity to have your beloved dead or dead that you want prayers offered on behalf included. There’s no charge or anything, you just have to speak up.

These are the designations for each night of my novena:

Day 1: the newly deceased (anyone who passed in the past year)

Day 2: the unnamed dead (anyone who died without their identity being known, who died without a name, or who was buried without any identifier)

Day 3: the forgotten dead (those who died and have been forgotten by their loved ones or who no longer have any living family and friends, and whose names have been lost to time)

Day 4: the martyred dead: those who died at the hands of colonialism–people who died while enslaved, as a result of being colonized, or from the effects of colonialism

Day 5: the martyred dead: those who have died at the hands of police and state-sanctioned murder (particularly people of color murdered as a result of a racist police state)

Day 6: the martyred dead: those who have died as a result of hate crimes focused on sexuality and/or gender identity

Day 7: the ancestral dead (family of origin, family of adoption, family of choice–I will absolutely pray for your family members)

Day 8: the lineage dead (those dead who are part of a spiritual lineage or are of spiritual significance)

Day 9: all souls who have passed

If you would like the names of your beloved dead or dead that you would like remembered, all you need to do is let me know their name and what day I should pray for them on. You can submit their name anonymously and as many names as you feel need to be prayed for. If you aren’t sure what category may suit them best, I can help you figure it out or they can be included in the last night of prayers, which is for all souls who have passed.

You don’t need to follow any particular belief system (or have any beliefs at all) to participate, and I don’t confer anything onto the dead in a religious sense–I only offer a blessing for their peace and evolution in whatever afterlife (or lack thereof) that is most suitable for them. Again, no charge or obligation for anything to have your dead prayed for.

If you have business with Gede, I will be doing a novena later in November for the nasyon of dead in Haitian vodou and will make a separate post for that closer to when that is to happen!

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blessed image………………come back ancestors fandom i miss u 

tbh the happiest time of my life was when this art blog was 90% dolorosa so i think it’s kind of sweet that i would be drawing her again. i looked at the dates of some of my favorite hs pages today and i started having heart palpitations

Mångata part 1


AO3 account

Pairing: Thor x plus size!reader. OC!daughter Stella, OC!twins Frey and Atlas.

Warnings: Fluff. Sexual references to male member in the downstairs department but nothing NSFW.

Word count: 2k

Summary: Born from a falling star erupting on Asgardian ground, her small body was covered in little marks that would grow into birth marks representing the constellations. Once of age, Y/N agreed to married Thor and become the future queen of Asgard. Now she is the goddess of the stars and accompanies Heimdall during his watch. However, as the universe exhibits a unique yet peculiar string of events, she is forced to seek shelter on Midgard from an enemy that might just be her own flesh and blood.

A/N: written for @supersoldierslover and my prompt was “showering together (non sexual)”.

Series masterlist can be found here

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Werewolf! Hwang Minhyun

masterlist can be found (here)

disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in the mood board or the au used
genre(s): werewolf! au // angst, fluff
a/n: each member’s fic will be explaining something about wolves and this time it’s about whether if it’s possible to fall in love without the ‘pull’ playing it’s role

Werewolf x Wanna One: 
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

  • Werewolves are not solidarity creatures as many belonged to a pack but of course, there were some exceptions to this rule
  • Some may also choose to lead a life without a mate if they refused to accept them but this may lead to an early death
  • Hwang Minhyun belonged to District Moonlight for his entire life and he had grown comfortable in his surroundings
  • Leading him to not understand lone wolves who chose to work alone
  • There were still a lot of dangers in the world as there were hunters who craved the wolves as they were worth a lot of money in the black market
  • Or even rogue wolves who tend to not follow any of the rules set by the officials
  • They especially liked to attack these loners and steal all their belongings
  • Minhyun is a blonde, almost golden wolf and the elders liked to refer him as the ‘emperor’ as back in his ancestors days, only royals were born with such an elegant fur colour
  • He is not one of the main combat members and prefers to work on coming up with strategies to defeat the enemies
  • Another reason he chose to not fight is that he hates blood
  • Nu’est was the previous pack he belonged to when he turned 16 but everyone except him had been wiped out by hunters during a surprise attack
  • He had been luckily saved by Seongwoo who had brought him to Wanna One where everyone welcomed him warmly and he soon became part of the family
  • Ever since that incident, he hated fighting as he always thinks he is too weak and is a burden to the team, leading to that topic being a forbidden word among his new pack
  • While he had already recovered ever and gotten over the fact that not all hunters were evil and many had been forced to do so under different circumstances as some of his pack members had huntress as their mates
  • The most knowledgeable among his pack as he reads up a lot, especially in the medical department
  • He works at as a writer and his first book was a bestseller as many readers were amazed at his portrayal of a werewolf
  • If only they knew the author they were reading was one himself lol
  • You were one of the lone wolves as you had been exiled from your district
  • It had been a bitter exit since your district never supported the idea of a werewolf having a human mate
  • In this case, your human father being the mate of your werewolf mother
  • They viewed humans as weaklings so they shunned your family away and people looked down on you
  • Even if you still belonged to the district, you never felt a sense of belonging but rather pure hatred
  • You could be walking down the street and the murmuring of ‘A human and werewolf child, what a pity’ playing in your mind
  • You hated the wolf side of you as you still experienced the ‘full moon’ and the idea of mates just sounded stupid to you
  • What was the point of mates if people wouldn’t accept it?
  • You couldn’t turn to a wolf but you still had the sharpened senses as of any other werewolf
  • But you never utilized your wolf senses when you were forced to leave your district after your parents had passed away
  • You wanted to prove that a human-werewolf like you could still be strong herself
  • Your life was going on pretty well as you had a great job as both a language tutor and an interpreter to the human government
  • When you were younger, you didn’t have any friends in the district so you used that to immerse yourself in the books and spent your time picking up languages
  • However, a few years later, you found yourself caught in a rather sticky situation
  • Some rogue wolves had caught wind of where you lived and they were very much interested in well, your earnings
  • As said earlier, rogue wolves don’t try to earn money but make a living by stealing from their kind
  • Knowing that you were a lone wolf belonging to no district or pack made their job very easy
  • You tried your best to escape when they ambushed you and ran to a forest
  • Unfortunately, you accidentally tripped on a twig and sprained your ankle
  • You could still hear the rogue wolves being closeby and they started swinging on the bushes, trying to seek you out
  • Holding your breath, you froze when you saw a werewolf with a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes jumping on them
  • They screamed, running off as fast as possible and you could briefly hear them mentioning ‘strongest wolf pack’
  • When you looked up, the wolf had seemingly vanished
  • Until you heard a voice which was accompanied by a strong scent of the ocean breeze
  • “Here, let me help you.”
  • You froze, afraid that it might harm you based on what you had seen earlier
  • The werewolf had turned to a man adorning a grey cashmere sweater and dark jeans with eyes as dark as the midnight sky
  • Maybe it was the fear that all werewolves were evil that had been conditioned in your mind, you trembled and tried to escape
  • Regardless of him being your savior, he was still a pure blood, the kind who had once threw your identity away
  • “Leave me alone!”
  • Ignoring your words, the male crouched down next to you
  • In seconds, he ripped off a part of his sweater to bandage your ankle that had been bleeding
  • He wasn’t as bad as you thought but still, you were wary
  • “Can you walk?”
  • Seeing you shake your head, he pulled you up into his arms and started walking to the direction of the woods
  • Somehow, you felt safe around him
  • The ocean breeze scent that oozes from him only ceased to calm your mind as you gradually felt yourself dozing off into his chest
  • Laughing in your head, you already knew that this person was your mate based on the theory you were taught in school
  • His scent was too strong for you to jjust based it of that it was his colonge 
  • But you didn’t want to give in, you didn’t want to have anything to do with the likes of a werewolf
  • It didn’t matter who it was, you were going to survive without a mate
  • “You are awake!”
  • “Who - who are you?”
  • Your voice came out more like a mumble and your felt your throat crumbling from the lack of water
  • It was another male who passed you a glass of water, which he then introduced himself as the pack leader and the doctor, Yoon Jisung
  • “Minhyun was really worried about you.”
  • “Minhyun?”
  • He snickered before reminding you that it was the male who had saved you and brought you in his arms earlier
  • You hated yourself for being so relief in this unknown place, it already felt like a second home to you despite it being the first time you had came in
  • The wolf instinct played a part in mates as they allow them to get comfortable within moment of being in each other’s presence
  • “You are a werewolf, aren’t you? I could smell it off you. What district do you belong to?”
  • “Half werewolf. I was exiled from District Twilight for being born this way.”
  • Jisung knew that question hit a sore spot so he hurried changed the subject by telling you about your condition before exiting the room
  • “Minhyun, I don’t think her mind is going to change. She is scarred by the idea of mates.”
  • The elder exclaimed when he went to the latter’s office
  • Minhyun had done a background research on you, upon realizing you were his mate
  • If he smelled like the vast ocean, your scent was the boundless forest
  • If you haven’t been asleep, he would already have confronted you
  • But the words reflected on the notes worried him, you had been exiled for the wrongest reason, making you likely to hate his kind
  • He didn’t what he could do, knowing you most likely wouldn’t accept him
  • Hope was the last word on his mind, but he had no choice
  • He only had a week to change your mind, to make you realize that he had already fallen in love with you since he saw you fighting back
  • Minhyun didn’t realize you were his mate at that time but he knew this feeling he had for you wasn’t just the sake of mates
  • He would treat you differently - show you that you deserve better
  • When you finally woke up and had enough energy to move around, Minhyun was there
  • Surprisingly, he never asked you about mates which you sighed in relief
  • You just wanted to return home as soon as possible
  • In that week, someone made it hard for you to say those words again
  • Minhyun had brought you to his personal library where it became your second room
  • It was cute that you both shared the same interest in reading as no one else in his pack particularly like books
  • Unlike them, your eyes shone when you found ancient books on languages which were supposed to be no longer published
  • Every evening, he did bring you out for walks
  • It was the second evening where you confessed about your parents and had immediately pulled you into his chest when your tears came out
  • It starlted both of you but you didn’t let go, instead to chose to let your tears out in his embrace 
  • You had eventually gotten closer with the other pack members who all took turns to speak to you
  • But it was with Minhyun, where you two shared inside jokes as both of you could speak in Japanese fluently
  • A few days was only what it took for the bond between the two of you to form
  • The others were hopeful that you might change your mind as they knew Minhyun was too soft-hearted to force you to be his mate
  • Mates didn’t play a factor in making two people fall in love nor growing their relationship as one could choose to ignore the signs
  • So it was obvious to the rest, you were slowly accepting your wolf part when you became closer to Minhyun
  • It was hard for you to reject the signals when Minhyun had been nothing but gentle and kind to you
  • Even without the pull, you knew you couldn’t fell but fall for the  temperament male
  • It was two more days before you could leave when you accidentally stumbled on a stone on one of your daily walks
  • But you had landed on him rather than the solid ground, your faces inches apart from each other
  • Both of you could see the sparks and the scent grew stronger but Minhyun respected your choice and left you as quickly as the moment had happened
  • It had been hours later when Minhyun called you out of your room
  • “Hold out your hand.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Just do it.”
  • In your palm, was a hardcover of the book you had told Minhyun that you had been dying to read
  • Mates may not necessarily fall in love with each other and some could be platonic just for the sake of easing the pain from the full moon
  • But what you felt with Minhyun was different
  • The unexplainable feeling in your chest was telling you wanted him and you knew you had to tell him soon
  • “I know it’s hard for you to accept it but won’t you stay? At least consider it for me since it’s your last day.”
  • It was unlike him to be selfish, but in just a week, you had already turned his life into one he didn’t want to leave
  • “Just promise me you won’t be like them because I don’t need to consider anymore ….”
  • You pecked his lips when your words came to an end
  • His face flushed and your heart felt like a thousand fireworks going off
  • Minhyun reached out and stroked your cheek with his slender fingers
  • His surprising gentle touch left a trail of heat on my skin
  • Your heart quivered with uncertainty as it started throbbing
  • “I’m different from them. You can trust me.”

Wayne’s World

  • Ancestor Appreciation Day: Wayne Paternal Family Line (New Earth)
It’s Ancestor Appreciation Day (27 September) and so I thought it was apropos to do a photoset of the patriarchs of the Wayne Family line. Damian Wayne is one lucky fellow – he could trace his paternal linage back eight generations to his sixth great-grandfather, Darius Wayne. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more about these ancestors as time goes by.

Related Post: Wayne Patriarchs:
  • First Generation: Darius Wayne (Batman and Robin #10 by Andy Clarke (Upper Left)) – With his brother, Anthony Wayne, they won a critical battle against the British in the Revolutionary War. In return, they were rewarded with a large plot of land where Wayne Manor was built.
  • Second Generation: Charles Arwin Wayne (Not Pictured) – Charles Wayne was raised in Wayne Manor until his father, Darius Wayne, died and left to live in Boston, leaving the Manor vacant and only partially finished. He would return later in life with his sons, Solomon and Joshua Wayne, when Gotham City was more established.
  • Third Generation: Solomon Zachariah Wayne (Batman: Shadow of the Bat #45 by Michael Dutkiewicz (Upper Middle)) – In his teens, Solomon Wayne and his brother, Joshua Wayne, were abolitionists for the Civil War and helped established the Underground Railroad in Gotham. He later became a federal judge with an interest in architecture. Before his death, he laid out plans for the completion of Wayne Manor for his son, Alan Wayne, to accomplish.
  • Fourth Generation: Alan Wayne (Batman: Gates of Gotham #1 by Trevor McCarthy (Upper Right)) – The reluctant heir, Alan Wayne was the first generation born into Gotham. In time, he would create and preside over Wayne Shipping. Later in life, Theodore Cobblepot, Edward Elliot, Cameron Kane, and he would unite to modernize Gotham as an architectural landmark.
  • Fifth Generation: Kenneth Wayne (Batman and Robin #10 by Andy Clarke (Lower Left)) – In his short life, Kenneth Wayne became the founder and president of Wayne Chemicals. Afterwards, his wife, Laura Elizabeth would go on to run Wayne Chemicals until their eldest child, Patrick Wayne, was able to take over the presidency.
  • Sixth Generation: Patrick Wayne (Batman and Robin #10 by Andy Clarke (Lower Middle)) – A brilliant businessman, Patrick Wayne would become the creator of Wayne Tech which helped support both World Wars. Later, he would combine the Wayne resources to create Wayne Corp. Like his fathers before him, he also helped with the renovation of Gotham City.
  • Seventh Generation: Thomas Wayne (Batman: The Long Halloween #9 by Tim Sale (Lower Right)) – Born into wealth, Thomas Wayne was quite the playboy until he met his wife, Martha Kane, and settled down. In time, he became a gifted surgeon and would one day run Wayne Corp. His life was cut short when he and his wife were murdered right before their son’s eyes.
  • Eighth Generation: Bruce Wayne (Batman #613 by Jim Lee (Middle Left)) – After witnessing his parents’ murder, Bruce would travel around the world to train to be the ultimate vigilante – Batman. He maintains his alter-ego as a playboy industrialist and philanthropist.
  • Ninth Generation: Damian Wayne (Batman and Robin Annual #1 by Ardian Syaf (Middle Right)) – Biological child of Bruce Wayne who was trained to be an assassin since birth and is the current Robin.