It took a while but I finished it! This is my headcanon Beforus Nepeta. I felt that she’s still be a fighter and would be charged with some form of defense position like guarding trolls like the fuchsiabloods and probably Karkat. We were discussing in the stream that (even if it breaks my KatNep heart), her and Beforus Eridan could be an item if his interest in military was still a big thing.



Beforus Ancestors @ Zenkaikon 2014

You don’t really talk to people that much, but when you do you are known as THE HUNTRESS. You live in a HIVE that is pretty much just a CAVE, but you don’t need much to be happy with it. After all, your WALL COMICS depicting YOUR FRIENDS and some of your EXCITING HUNTS look much better on a cave wall than they ever did on the pages of your journal.

You have been on your own ever since your MOIRAIL DIED. You return to your own hive from time to time, but otherwise you tend to ROAM FREELY and sometimes face down DANGEROUS BEASTS and even more DANGEROUS PEOPLE. Wandering everywhere can get lonely sometimes, but YOUR LIFE is still very EXCITING. After all, a GREAT HUNTRESS must do her job, and not everyone can protect themselves from the DANGEROUS BEASTS YOU HUNT. No one deserves to lose people important to them, and you are here to MAKE SURE THAT THEY DON’T.

The Huntress I Photographer 1I Photographer 2