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Comic’d Kamil’s failed attempt at a compliment since I’ll probably be doing this for most of the play through and make a collection like I did with ANB. c’:

Edit: Fixed that obvious wording trip up I missed :’D


Insomniac Games/Sierra Entertainment/Universal Interactive/Vivendi Universal Games/Activision: Spyro the Dragon Series: 1998-2008

Technical Information:

Given Name: Whiskey Tango
Launch Date: November 2, 2019
Classification: Mark 5
Status: Under Reconstruction
Country of Origin: AUS

Jaeger Specifications:

Height: 79m (260ft)
Weight: 1,950 Tons
Speed: 8
Strength: 10
Armor: 10

Battle Specifications:

Equipment: TY/Escape Hatch; T16 Angel Wings; 4.211 "Brass Knuckles"
Operating System: Arbiter Tac-Conn 12
Energy Core: XIG Supercell Chamber
Weapons: Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blades", Counter-Assault V10 Burn Ejectors
Body Language: Classic Street Fighter
Power Moves: Supercritical throwdown, Volcanic Burn Out
Pilots: Lucas Cooper; Madeleine Cooper
Kaiju Killed: 14


Lucas furrowed his brows at the article, tilting his head. He should have expected as much, after Maddy’s interview came out the month before his. To be fair, though, they painted him in a much better light than his sister. The “All Australian Hero” certainly had a nice ring to it. And nothing he said had been twisted too much. What really pissed him off though, was the startling contrast between how he was figured in his interview and how Maddy was in hers. She was portrayed as a blushing girl, where Lucas was shown as a grown man. More than that, he was written as a pilot and not a co-pilot, a distinction that wasn’t lost on the pair. That’s the last exclusive interview I ever do, he thought to himself, rolling the magazine up and tossing it towards Maddy. “It’s a load of rubbish, but at least I look decent,” he grumbled to himself, wondering when journalists were going to start taking the pair of them seriously.

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