The screech of tires as the car pulled away the yard alerted miss nosey Yaya to heard towards her front door.

Baby?? Who was that?!?

Arick called from the sofa where they were cuddled up. His questions were met with silence. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks at the sight on the porch. Alerted by his wife’s silence he joined her at the door to make sure everything was ok. Also stunned he let out a yelp of shock..

Oh God!!

The both eyeballed the barely legible note placed in the childs lap.

It Stated:

Yeah I got to shit do. I wont be returning so take her. Oh and by the way this is your grand daughter.


YaYa Pov                                                                  (Previous)

I was feeling overwhelmed more than ever. I had three small energetic children running around all the time. Not to even mention that one was my grandaughter. Anthony was getting to age now where Anaya first strayed. I was worried but there wasnt a bone in my body that would let him turn out like his sister. Kita was off today so I called her over to help me round of the tiny circus terrorizing my new house…

Kita : Yaya, you know it hurts me to see you upset like this. You know me and i always tell you like it is. 

YaYa : I know Kita but everytime I lay eyes on Janae all I see is her mother. I can’t help but think of her well being and that its my fault she like that.

Kita : Anaya is at a point in life where you can’t tell that child nothing. Its natural for you to be worried about her—thats ya child. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. Anaya needs tough love, she wanna be grown and go running around let her. She’ll see who is really there for her in the end. 

YaYa : Did I even tell you that I haven’t been able to reach out to Janae’s father either. Lemme me stop before I get really upset!! How can either one of them sleep knowing that they both threw the towel in on that beautiful little girl. I could never forgive Anaya for treating her life like its so meaningless!!


Anaya called Jeremiah, Janae’s father, over to her house to pick up Janae for a day or two. Her relationship with him didn’t last too long after she moved out of her folks house. Jeremiah couldn’t maintain her spoiled financial demands so, Anaya decided maybe a friendship would be better .

Jeremiah: I came as soon as I got your text. U know I would never pass up chance to spend time with my babygirl.

He reached down to pick up Janae but not without glancing at Anaya face first.

Anaya: When did you cut your hair?..

Jeremiah: When you stopped braiding it, I had trouble trying to keep done so I cut it off. Why the hell are you still letting Tyler put his hands on you around my daughter?!?!

Anaya: Look I didnt call you here to argue too. She is getting big and so busy now!! I am to sore to keep up with her so she can go stay with you for a few days. 

Jeremiah: Ok, I have no problem with that. You need to stop being so spoiled and money hungry because Tyler keeps making it clear he no good for you.

Anaya nodded her head and proceeded to nap on the couch. Jeremiah gathered up the rest if Janae’s things and hit the road.