That picture we posted earlier this week of the anatometal cluster barbells got quite a bit of attention. 

Here they are in a new pair of nipple piercings on this awesome client of ours. 

Pictures really don’t do justice for how gorgeous this jewelry is. 

Monterey, CA


Anatometal is always killing it on the custom orders!! Shown are my very own pair of 1 ¼" double orbit eyelets with a custom hammered bronze inserts with all princess cut Amber yellow and Champagne gems. And for my flats a pair of 00g single stone eyelets with ginormous Champagne gems😁 I’m beyond happy with my new set and forever thankful to work with a company that takes the time and effort to give their clients what they want! Thank you to everyone over at anatometal 😘


We’re bummed we haven’t been able to get better photos of these (dang you, rain) but because this handsome gentleman is no longer local we just had to snap some photos while we had the chance! 

He came in wanting something “unique, that no one had, a conversation starter” and we think these fit that bill pretty darn well. These are two separate piercings that fit into the ample room he has inside of tip of his nose-so these are not septril piercings! As you can imagine, not everyone has the anatomy to make piercings like these possible, so we were pretty excited that we could do these for him. At the time of his most recent visit these are now over one year old, and doing great! We switched up the ends to these super cute 18k yellow gold and synthetic black opal ends from Anatometal. Such a fun project!

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