Another wonderful Saturday at the studio making people even prettier. Thanks for keeping us busy!

Here’s one of our clients from today that Cody got to pierce. This lovely young lady not only wanted some cute nipple piercings, she wanted some super cute jewelry for them too! 

She picked out these gorgeous cluster barbells from @anatometal. Light purple opals and CZ’s handset in implant grade titanium. 

They couldn’t look cuter! Thanks so much!

Monterey, CA

How cute is this ear?!

Anh stopped in and got a fancy new tragus piercing from Cody. She picked out this adorable Sabrina end from @anatometal

18k Rose Gold with an amethyst. We simply adore how these look in a tragus piercing. The little three gold beads are the perfect accent.

Thank you so much Anh!

Monterey, CA 

What a great Saturday at the studio! Thanks so much to everybody that came in to get pierced and/or pick up new jewelry. 

Here’s a fun pair of forward helix piercings Cody got to do for Katherine. 
She picked out these lovely white opals from @anatometal.

Thanks so much Katherine! 

Monterey, CA

Felicia had us custom order her this @anatometal cluster with a beautiful opal rainbow combination she came up with. 

She stopped in today and had her helix pierced by our apprentice Brittney. 

We love the look and placement of this piercing! 

Thanks so much Felicia! Great choice with the opal combination! 

Monterey, CA


Anatometal killing it again with this 🔥🔥 set of custom titanium eyelets and threaded clusters for our fabulous friend Marshall! We’re so excited to get some in-ear photos, cause these babies are bonkers 😎

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I am really loving how this ear has been coming out! A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to do the rook and tragus piercings with some beautiful pieces by BVLA, and today she added a new helix piercing with a Sabrina end by @anatometal.

All of the jewelry pictured is made from solid yellow gold, right here in the US by some of my favorite people. I’m endlessly thankful my clients think the same!