Who says shoes can’t be environmental inspired?

Shoe designer Anastasia Radevich’s new collection “Lost Civilisations” is inspired by sea sunk cities Atlantis as a resurrection of the earth. Inspired by civilisations from past, present and future, and listening to David Christian’s “Big History“, Radevich proves that shoes can be a works of art.

The Canadian born designer was graduated from The London College of Fashion, then interned for Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood. Radevich’s majestic creations blandered with prehistoric and mechanical influences mixing it all into a special cocktail for your feet!

I find the "This Will Destroy You” boots are equally amusing to its wearer and onlookers as we often heard the killer heels either destroy one’s feet or could use it to defend oneself.

Amazing Sculptured Shoes by Anastasia Radevich

Anastasia Radevich is the Michelangelo of shoe art. Anastasia’s exceptional skills in creating artistic footwear is the product of her education at London College of Fashion in footwear design and her work experience from companies such as Aldo Group, Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood.

Her first collection ‘Biofuture’ was exhibited on June 2009, since then she has completed 4 other collections. Here is some of her work of art from her other collection. 

Lost Civilization