anastasia vinogradova

So, thanks to @aearyn​ and a tumblr called angeldustmt I think I have found a faceclaim for Marfa. At least somewhat close to what I draw, but because I draw stupid anime, I guess “somewhat close” is honestly really good.

Not my photo of course, I found it in Google. Lady is called Anastasia Vinogradova and as far as I can tell she is russian plus-size model. As far as I can tell of course. Anyway, she looks stunning.

I have no idea what is the purpose of this post is, but hey. It is Tumblr, who cares. Also a note to myself, so I won’t forget.

Hidden away on the outskirts of London, Voluptatem Hotel seems to be the perfect getaway for those fortunate to be called Masters. However, if you haven’t the money or the family name, you are now the property of the hotel…
                          …A Slave

To apply, send the following to our ask!

FIRST NAME, LAST NAME is here at the Voluptatem Hotel, I am AGE, I was born DOB, I am a GENDER and SEXUALITY and SPECIES I’ve been told I look like FC. I have been told I’m a MASTER / MISTRESS / MX / SLAVE because of my FAMILY NAME / WEALTH / NO WEALTH. I’ve been described as 2 POSITIVE TRAITS and 2 NEGATIVE TRAITS. And I am DOM / SUB / SWITCH, preferring my partner to be DOM / SUB / SWITCH, my turn-on’s are 3 KINKS and I am played by OOC NAMEorNICKNAME / TIMEZONE / PRONOUNS The password found on the rules page is: