Athens, Greece: Arson attack against a Porsche dealership in Glyfada

An unknown anarchist group has claimed responsibility for an arson attack against a Porsche dealership in the upmarket Athens suburb of Glyfada on July 27, 2015. The blaze caused serious damage to many cars and to the dealership building itself. It took 21 firefighters to extinguish the blaze. The communique claiming responsibility for the attack was posted on Athens Indymedia website. Here are some translated excerpts from the communique:

“So this time on Monday morning, July 26 we chose to attack the dealership of luxurious Porsche cars in the Glyfada area on Vouliagmeni avenue. We set fire to all the vehicles in the outer courtyard of the dealership and, to our great joy, due to explosions from the fuel tanks of the cars major damage was caused to the interior of the building.”

“Glyfada is an eminently bourgeois area, a sterile area, where the surveillance of the privileged bourgeoisie is synonymous with safety. A residential area that offers ‘high quality of life’ where the bastards who exploit us flaunt their wealth, which is of course our own blood in every way.”

“We must clarify that the choice of target was not because we focus on the fact that it is a company of German interest. It was because of the luxury that comes because of the 'specifity’ of the present location. It  is a prime symbol - a totem displaying the wealth and prosperity enjoyed by the bourgeoisie.”





*Photos are taken from Greek corporate scum reports of the attack


Update: Food Not Bombs Plant More Garden Beds In Reclaimed Police Station

In three weeks time the abandoned Chicago Police station at 23rd & Damen has undergone a transformation. The community has come together to clean clean up the space & turn it into a community garden that hosts eight vegetable beds & six flower beds. This lot which was once an eye sore now is not only growing plants but also community & resistance.

In Saint Joseph, Missouri, a group of activists showed their solidarity with Food Not Bombs by creating a community garden in an abandoned parking lot on Felix Street between 8th and 9th.

The Stone Soup Garden meets every evening at 6pm to attend to the garden.

Make a donation to Food Not Bombs Pilsen.

“The term anarchy comes from the Greek, and essentially means ‘no ruler.’ Anarchists are people who reject all forms of government or coercive authority, all forms of hierarchy and domination. They are therefore opposed to what the Mexican anarchist Flores Magon called the ‘sombre trinity’ – state, capital and the church. Anarchists are thus opposed to both capitalism and to the state, as well as to all forms of religious authority. But anarchists also seek to establish or bring about by varying means, a condition of anarchy, that is, a decentralised society without coercive institutions, a society organised through a federation of voluntary associations.”


The night of August 19th, 2014 was not without some struggles, but was still refreshingly peaceful by recent Ferguson standards.

There was only a few moments of tension, and the police did have to use some forms of crowd control, including rubber bullets and some mace. To many protesters’ relief, no tear gas was used.

Tonight saw the isolation and arrest of various violent individuals, now mostly known as “agitators”. Many of the arrested agitators were revealed to be out-of-towners who appeared to have purposefully gathered to spur the situation towards violence.

Community leaders and peacemakers played an invaluable part in keeping the peace, rising spectacularly to the challenge; at one point, many linked hands and formed a human wall between protesters and police.

Earlier in the protests, a Thomas the Tank Engine Peace Train was driving through, adding a whimsical touch. Unfortunately, it was ordered away by police officers.

A rising concern seems to be the handling of media and the media staging areas (“media pens”), and the growing amount of media personnel on the ground – while intentions appear to be good all around, the sheer amount of people covering the situation has made things unruly. Hopefully there will a solution soon.

It is expected that protesters will be gathering again in the morning for important developments in the Michael Brown case. We can only hope that their patience and grief will see some reward.

Presser summary:

I want us to be honest about being at war — with ourselves, with our lovers and with our “radical” community because we are at war with the world at large and those tendrils of domination exist within us and they affect so much of what we touch, who we love and those we hurt.
—  Safety is an Illusion: Reflections on Accountability