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New! $32 Rad Pack: Anarchism!

This pack of anarchist radness is near;y $40 worth of loot for only $32! The pack includes:

The massive 574-page Anarchist Voices book from AK Press 1 issue of the essential anarchist magazine the Fifth Estate 1 issue of the Perspectives of Anarchist Theory book/journal Aaron Lake Smith’s Big Hands 5 ½ zine A Crass poster

1 “Circle A high-five” button

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  • Voice on the intercom:commands the children to place our hands over our hearts and ritualistically chant about our undying allegiance to a piece of fabric
  • Me:doesn't
  • Substitute teacher who has not yet been warned:PLEASE stand and face the FLAG young lady :)
  • My classmates:*pulls out popcorn*
  • Me:Ma'am I'm sorry to be "that kid", but the Geneva Convention states that
  • Anarchist voice:I've never read Lenin but I know that he personally strangled 600 anarchists using only a piece of dental floss so that means he never said anything valuable ever
==> Be the Time Bomb

Your name is NYASIA JOVITA but your obnoxious friends call you NYA or.. FUNNY HUNNY, but last one only one person can use. You work at a shitty FAST FOOD JOINT but it pays the bills. You have a ROOMMATE and you spend a lot of your free time being a complete NUISANCE. You quietly call yourself and ANARCHIST and you quietly FIGHT THE SYSTEM.  

Name: Nyasia Jovita

Age: 11 sweeps

Gender: Male

Blood color: Rust Red

Lusus: Phoenix-Dragon Hybrid  


Physical Characteristics:

  • Height: 6′2″
  • Injuries: N/A
  • Deformities/Mutations: Psionic mutation 
  • Tattoos/markings: arms stained black
  • Other notable aspects: Slight eye color color change when his emotions are riled up or using his psionics

Strife Specibus: Butterfly knife and his MMA training (or whatever the troll equivalent to that is)

Secondary S.S.: His psionics 

Occupation: McCondy’s Employee / Anarchist

Voice Claim: Ashestoashesjc


Troll tag: decayingDeity

Typing quirks: N/A

Quirk example: “”


Ancestor’s Title: The Calamity


Notable Skills/Abilities/Powers: Fire bending yep that is very vague for a reason


Interests/Likes: Singing, Sleeping, relaxing with his roommate, anarchy, blowin’ shit up, working out, sparring, hitting things

Dislikes: Jail, working, McCondy’s, watching movies alone

Extra Information:

  • Makes stupid Mc jokes because he’s lowkey dead inside
  • Usually passive when it comes to confrontation due to strong psionics, he likes to ruin buildings not kill innocent people who just happen to be aggressive

Nyasia things

Nyasia Aesthetic