The Pledge of Allegiance was literally made up in 1890 as a marketing slogan for a campaign to sell flags

We make children swear loyalty to America by reciting the nationalistic equivalent of “O-o-o, O’Reilly, O’Reilly, auto parts” and that’s honestly the most American thing I can possibly imagine

from a comrade

The people who sheltered Jews in hidden rooms and attics and basements during the Holocaust were breaking the law. The people who smuggled 7,000 Jews out of Denmark were breaking the law. Schindler was breaking the law. The Underground Railroad broke the law. Harriet Tubman broke the law. MLK broke the law. Hell, the fucking Boston Tea Party broke the law.

If saving friends and family and innocent people is breaking the law, break the law. If standing up for truth and justice is breaking the law, break the law.

The law is unjust. The law is morally wrong. Break the fucking law.

A lot of people don’t know about the anarchist Jeremy Hammond, which is too bad because he is probably one of the greatest internet hackers alive and he’s in prison serving a 10 year sentence for releasing extremely damning data on Stratfor, a defense contractor group.

People sometimes talk about how Anonymous as the powerful hacker group doesn’t really exist anymore. That’s because Jeremy Hammond, to a large degree, was the real power behind Anonymous. But he was ratted out to the FBI by someone else in the group, and it tore apart the whole thing. But he’s still alive, and he will eventually get released, and you can send him letters and stuff. And he’s easily one of the absolute internet heroes, along with the obvious choices Chelsea Manning and Aaron Swartz.

Why has woman’s work never been of any account? Why in every family are the mother and three or four servants obliged to spend so much time at what pertains to cooking? Because those who want to emancipate mankind have not included woman in their dream of emancipation, and consider it beneath their superior masculine dignity to think “of those kitchen arrangements,” which they have rayed on the shoulders of that drudge-woman.

To emancipate woman is not only to open the gates of the university, the law courts, or the parliaments, for her, for the “emancipated” woman will always throw domestic toil on to another woman. To emancipate woman is to free her from the brutalizing toil of kitchen and washhouse; it is to organize your household in such a way as to enable her to rear her children, if she be so minded, while still retaining sufficient leisure to take her share of social life.

It will come to pass. As we have said, things are already improving. Only let us fully understand that a revolution, intoxicated with the beautiful words Liberty, Equality, Solidarity would not be a revolution if it maintained slavery at home. Half humanity subjected to the slavery of the hearth would still have to rebel against the other half.

—  The Conquest of Bread, Pëtr Kropotkin