Your country, who says you’ve a country?
You live in another man’s flat.
You haven’t even a backyard.
So why should you murder for that? 

You haven’t a hut or a building.
No flower, no garden, it’s true;
The landlords have grabbed all the country;
Let them do the fighting - not you.

— ‘Fight? What for? Poem in an anarchist anti-military pamphlet, encouraging workers to hang on to their guns after WWII, England 1944.

Brazil: Why some anarchists are in the streets (even if nobody called us…)

A position about vandalism, black bloc and smashy-smashy…

It should be clear that we’re not taking to the streets to defend a government, nor Dilma’s nor any other. We’re not demonstrating against the coup, let alone to defend democracy. We are on the streets because today, like every other day, we’re fighting against the Capital, the State and their tentacles. Letting the rebellious and liberatory violence free and contaminating for those who want to be contaminated. We are on the streets to meet with other social misfits and create complicity in the noise of broken glasses and the warmth of burning garbage bins…

We know that political changes (not only in this territory) aim at an ever stronger repression and barefaced violence against those who don’t conform to the social reality they impose on us. We’re also aware that those who will be fucked the most by the present government are those already fucked for years (if not centuries…).

We don’t deny that there are differences between one government and another, but we can clearly see that above all there’s continuity. At the end of the day, the principles of the Temer government were set by the government of PT/PMDB and Dilma with the repressive reforms that they adopted: the UPPs [Pacifying Police Units] in the favelas, the [proposed constitutional amendment known as] PEC 215, the anti-terror law, etc… What we experience now are also the results of the PT government and their alliance with their current “enemies”: militaries in uniform on the streets, the soy king [Blairo Maggi] in the agriculture ministry, more and more torturers in the Congress… PT, PSOL, PMDB, PP, PSB, PCB, etc… in order to keep existing all of them have to “make alliances” between them, step back on their own principles, their own promises, so as to seize “Power”… A true battle for the throne. All governments and all political parties are a big hypocrisy…

But, besides all this, who likes to be commanded? Who likes to be governed, ordered, oppressed? All political parties are different screws and cogs of the same machinery of domination.

We vandalize, yes, against capitalism, the bourgeoisie and domination. And we’re proud of it.

We smash banks, shops, cars because we remember every attack that each and every government has committed against people. Because when a glass breaks in the middle of the night, there’s a piece of hierarchy, authority, property and domination that falls together with it… Every stone thrown, every firework that explodes, every garbage bin overturned is an act of vengeance against state violence we’re experiencing daily…

The broken windows of Bradesco bank branches are a reminder of the billion reais that were invested in the Olympic Games; because we haven’t forgotten. We smash banks because they are symbols of the Capital and institutions that perpetuate the social and “environmental” collapse we’re living.

Every stone thrown is the expression of indignation of all of us, tired of being used, manipulated and dominated by those in government, by the media, by the multinationals… A brick is charged with rage, frustration and more than anything else the freedom of disobedience, of disrespect to property. A brick into a window is the expression of insubmission, of those instincts that were not and never will be domesticated and pacified. It is the capacity to overcome the margins of citizenist protest towards the path of free rebellion. A brick carries all the courage of leaving the house and abandoning the role of the spectator in front of a screen, to run out to the streets and transform them into a field of political action.

The streets, where we meet, do not belong to anybody but the revolt. The streets open the way to take back our lives, they open the way to insubmission and dignity… They open the doors so that everyone can be responsible for themselves without depending on any institution, they open the way of “fuck the State” and of autonomy… and we are there because our rage is expanding, against the social order, not against the puppet that carries the title of the President, but against the entire state structure… because it’s clear to us that the streets shout much more than “Out With Temer”.

From the streets, we’re uncontrollable, in the complicity of the hoodie we’re stronger, and we can live intensively in spaces where the banks will never be something to be defended but institutions that profit from inequality, that take over lives with blows of credit cards and financial interests. There where the bourgeois car is not a dream but a symbol of vanity; where a shop is selling privileges and not just clothes… where we’re able to attack materially against domination.

That the internal repression led by candidates and affiliates of political parties don’t put a halt to our rage, that they don’t put a halt to direct actions…

We had enough of being commanded…

We’re not asking for anything, we’re gonna smash it all…

For uncontrollable upheaval, for revolt, for anarchy


Statist and Anarchist #026: Statism

Government is the oldest (and most successful) pyramid scheme ever. Just convince people that the best way to run society is to give total power and control to a select few individuals, and voila, instant profit! It’s a scam so blatant it’s any wonder that people haven’t caught onto it by now.

One of these days I want to compose a detailed post about material conditions, history, and the viability of a free and equal system beyond capitalism. This issue needs to be explored at every opportunity – it does wonders for convincing people. One of the core arguments that pulled me from liberal to communist had to do with the above. Once you accept that feudalism shifted towards capitalism because of class tensions between nobles and merchants and because of progressing modes of production that pushed feudal relations into obsolescence, it then becomes absurd to assert that capitalism will be here forever. Once you accept that the steady stream of abundance-producing technology will drastically change the sociological landscape, socialism suddenly seems incredibly possible and needed. There’s a historical process to all this. If capitalism kicked society’s productive engine into overdrive by basing its fuel in search for capital and profit, then it has now outlived its usefulness. (And even then, it could be argued that we could have gone a different path out of feudalism – I recommend “Caliban and the Witch” by Silvia Federici, which argues that popular democratic resistance was certainly happening even in the days of lord and peasant.) With technological capacity being what it is, and with the very tangible reality of digital post-scarcity of information, we live in an entirely different world than even a few decades ago – capitalism will not be able to reconcile these changes forever, and when the time comes where it can’t, leftists need to be there to help provide answers.

“What I believe” is a process rather than a finality. Finalities are for gods and governments, not for the human intellect… life is something more than formulas. In the battle for freedom, as Ibsen has so well pointed out, it is the struggle for, not so much the attainment of, liberty, that develops all that is strongest, sturdiest and finest in human character.
—  Emma Goldman

I wish everyone I talk to daily had something positive and informative to say rather than complain and gossip

Also I’d like to proclaim my past self as an idiot and say that I no longer symphatize with any kind of political/activist movement. Everyone is full of shit in this regard. Change shit. Work towards process. Articles on buzzfeed and rotting away at your keyboard does nothing. Become the oppressor..kill them all.

Therefore, if certain interpretations of Marxist doctrine wish to convince one that the essence of capitalism is determined by private exploiters’ ownership of the means of production, that their management through the state, however, can be interpreted already as a sign of socialism, then one cannot object strong enough against such a twisted falsification of the basic idea of socialism. State capitalism, even where one prefers to call it state socialism, has not the slightest thing in common with true socialism; it is on the contrary the form of capitalist subjugation most hostile to the spirit of community, mutuality and individual responsibility, without which there can be no socialism.
—  Erich Muhsam

Here’s one of my favourite international working class solidarity and sabotage stories, it’s very short.

In Madrid during the Spanish civil war they came across an unexploded shell - a German shell, made in the Ruhr valley. Approaching it carefully, on closer inspection they saw that it had words written on it. Those words were “Comrades! The shells I make do not explode!”

They put it on display in a shop window and people cued round the block to see it.

Prison Strike in America Phone Zap

Alright Comrades.

As you might have heard the largest prison strike in America has been taking place against modern day slavery for three weeks without a peep in the mainstream news. Even if you’re on the outside, you can help the prisoners… The IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is organizating a phone zap system to keep tabs on the prison wardens and keep them in the hot seat, and mainly to let them know that people on the outside are watching them. If you have a phone and a spare moment you can help our organizers and prisoners and show solidarity with their demands out by calling the numbers on this phone, reading the scripts and writing your name at the end to show that you called.

…even if you can’t call for whatever reason, you can still spread this message to those who can and help out our fellow workers behind bars..

If you would go out of your way to argue how easy it is for capital to automate away jobs when labor costs become too high, then you should probably know that you’re giving all kinds of credibility to those of us who advocate fully-automated luxury communism. I mean, think about it: you’re arguing that so much of human labor ISN’T NECESSARY because said jobs can be done by machines, and yet you STILL want the bulk of humanity to pointlessly scrape by laboring for the capitalist class, receiving meager wages to buy the shit they helped generate in the first place. The above billboard is a THREAT. Let’s not mince words – that billboard is bourgeois propaganda designed to turn the working class against each other and against the broader goals of resource democratization. “If you fight for a basic livable wage, just know that you’re easily replaceable, peon!”

This is what leftists mean when they say that capitalism is an economic system filled to the brim with tensions and contradictions; it’s also what they mean when they say that capitalism inevitably produces its own gravediggers. Automation is one of those gravediggers, and it’s a major one at that. As more and more jobs become automated in the coming decades, the working class will face widespread dispossession, ramping up revolutionary class consciousness in the process. At that point, capitalism will either focus on generating more superfluous jobs for people to work or set about instituting a universal basic income – regardless, the point is to keep enough scraps flowing downward so that people don’t call for a broader system change. In this way, capitalism’s ruling class can maintain control over the wealth-producing means of production and imperialist capital accumulation can continue unrestrained.

For these reasons, “more jobs” and universal basic incomes are not enough. We need to democratize the broader social infrastructure and eliminate the profit system. If you recognize how possible it is to automate away human labor, then you should defenestrate yourself out of the Overton Window and use some political imagination – cut out the unnecessary jobs, automate all the labor you can, produce for human need rather than elite profit, and you end up with drastically reduced working hours and bountiful leisure time. This is the essence of fully-automated luxury communism – the natural conclusion of the conditions that capitalism set in motion.

Be wary of automation in the present climate, but always trace it back to the class struggle. Robots taking our jobs SHOULD be cause for celebration; why should we treat these potential liberators as harbingers of dispossession? Technological advancements are pushing us exponentially towards a de facto post-scarcity world, where everyone’s needs can be comfortably met alongside their desires for community and leisure and entertainment, and yet we’re held back by Empire’s insistence on keeping the means of production hoarded under the command of a superfluous ruling class. As long as we are divided into capitalists and workers, humanity will never know full liberation.

Important read for anyone planning on protesting the 2016 Republican National Convention:

Avoid Brandon Darby and Cassandra Fairbanks

Protesters attending the RNC and any other political events must avoid notorious FBI Informant Brandon Darby and his close associate Cassandra Fairbanks. Given Ms. Fairbanks’ long history of access to the activist community, her close association with Darby makes her a threat. Snitches like Darby love to prey on “friends” and/or exploit their networks.

Background on Darby

Brandon Darby is a notorious FBI informant who, in 2008, directly facilitated the incarceration of two men through a diligent entrapment scheme at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. In September of 2008, the FBI arrested two men from Texas, Bradley Crowder and David McKay.

Background on Cassandra

For years, Fairbanks has traveled the United States going to “Fuck The Police” protests, #BlackLivesMatter protests, Occupy Wall Street protests, Anonymous Million Mask March protests, Steubenville rape protests, and has extensively filmed and photographed protesters she then kept in contact with.

The backlog of anarchist/activist/anonymous contacts Ms. Fairbanks can now pass on to her good friend Darby, Breitbart, and law enforcement is staggering.

For more information check out this article.

For an introduction to staying safe check out this text.

Be safe, be informed, so we can stay dangerous.