The Immorality of Foreign Aid and the Pathological Altruist

(Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe received $717,500,000.00 in foreign aid in 2012 alone)

“The global income gap has already devoured trillions of dollars in foreign aid over the decades, without any sign of improvement.  If something isn’t working for so long, any rational person would reexamine the theory behind it.  Not the champions of equality, however.  They continue to demand foreign aid with the moral smugness of someone who owns the exclusive rights to the definition of “fairness.”  But there is a reason why aiding despotic quasi-socialist regimes has never resulted in a prosperous nation.

So far it has only resulted in a bizarre symbiosis between the self-righteous champions of “fairness” in the West and crooked Third World authoritarians.  The despots long ago figured out that “equality” is a great excuse to violate property rights, “fairness” is a license to abuse the law, “justice” legitimizes dictatorial rule, and “redistribution of wealth” allows looting.  They have learned that foreign aid is reward for doing all of the above while keeping the people hungry…”

“…Naturally in the absence of individual rights, opportunities and the rule of law, the office of “president” becomes a magnet for an endless array of warlords, military thugs, and leaders of nationalistic mobs driven by collective greed and selfishness.   Most of these leaders have no idea how to run a country, don’t care, and may never have wanted to – if it weren’t also a magic key that makes its master the virtual owner of all the foreign aid, gold, diamonds or whatever else Western geologists can find in the bowels of the state-owned land.  This helps to account for the record number of military coups, civil wars, and bloody atrocities happening in the Third World today.

From Oleg Atbashian’s Shakedown Socialism 

Confronting Partner Abuse in Actvist Communities
The Revolution Starts at Home I am not proposing that sexual violence and domestic violence will no longer exist. I am proposing that we create a world where so many people are walking around with the skills and knowledge to support someone that there is no longer a need for anonymous hotlines. I am proposing that we break through the shame of survivors (a result of rape culture) and the victim-blaming ideology of all of us (also a result of rape culture), so that survivors can gain support from the people already in their lives. I am proposing that we create a society where community members care enough to hold an abuser accountable so that a survivor does not have to flee their home. I am proposing that all of the folks that have been disappointed by systems work together to create alternative systems. I am proposing that we organize. Rebecca Farr, CARA member For more information check out this pdf

Everyone in my english class lost their shit a little when I shared the fact that living in DC as a teenager turns you into a communist/social revolutionary like my friends or an anarchist like the main character in the book we’re reading Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild. It’s just like grade ten at James Madison except Flannery and I aren’t debating from across the room and there’s no one to think we hate each other or are dating :(
IWW Mobile Rail Workers Union Wins ULPs Against Employer!

Time to Spread that Holiday Cheer-Update: The National Labor Relation Board has concluded their investigation into the IWW Mobile Rail Workers Union’s many Unfair Labor Practice claims filed against Mobile Rail Solutions. Here is a condensed list of their findings.

1. Mobile Rail Solutions in retaliation to the employees Union Activity Unlawfully Fired Eric Vasquez, Dwayne Barr and Brian Allen.

2. Mobile Rail Solutions in retaliation to the employees Union Activity Unlawfully Eliminated the Helper Position. (During the Strike Mobile Rail eliminated the Helper position which means that the Helpers who were on strike have no position to go back to. The helpers who didn’t strike had their job title changed to “trainer”)

3. Mobile Rail Solutions in retaliation to the Employees Union Activity Unlawfully Suspended and investigated Steven Vasquez, Louis Budavaitis, Jose Puente and Ahern for Company Sabotage. ( Those 4 employees were suspended with out pay pending a failed attempt at a shoe horned investigation which netted no results. Ahern and Lou have been reinstated)

4. Mobile Rail Solutions Made multiple interrogations(calling to investigate the Union) , threats, promises and benefits, threats of futility if a Union comes in. ( 8A1 conduct violations 17 total )

5. The Mobile Rail strikers strike was found to be an Unfair Labor Practice Strike.

6. Being that the strike was an Unfair Labor Practice strike (like the workers claimed and stated from the beginning) Mobile Rail Solutions Unlawfully denied the strikers their unconditional offer to return by treating the strike like it was an economic strike and putting them on a waiting list to be reinstated.

7. NLRB offered a settlement of payment to the workers for back pay with interest starting from the day of the offer of return up to the day they were reinstated. For the helpers who have not been brought back due to their position being unlawfully eliminated their back pay continues to increase every day.

8. The NLRB requested that Mobile Rail Solutions reinstates the 3 fired employees and the 2 helpers who have had their positions eliminated.



Anarchism… stands for liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from shackles and restraint of government. It stands for social order based on the free grouping of individuals.

True freedom requires sacrifice and pain. Most human beings only think they want freedom. The truth is they yearn for the bondage of social order, rigid laws, materialism. The only freedom man really wants is to be comfortable.

An atm, bank window, and a Hooters window got smashed in DC tonight. Hell yes. It happened on a march that formed after a punk show. Before the punk show was a “Forget the Inauguration” conference that centered around anarchism. It was a beautiful day. I am glad that there was so much leftist energy to counter all the bullshit that is going on in DC for the inauguration/crowning of the man who will lead us all (ha).

Personally, I am so glad the Hooters got smashed. Fuck that place.