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Criminalizing speech would only relate to hate speech though, which would be an extremely necessary criminal justic reform for the US. Here In Germany racists, sexists, etc. like Donald Trump and 80% of the white american population would not get away with wearing the Hakenkreuz and being members of the KKK. Criminalizing hate speech is very important.

You can either have freedom of expression/freedom from censorship, or you can have neither. There is no way to compromise on principle and keep your principles intact, it just doesn’t work that way. It’s like George W Bush when he said he had to compromise free market principles to save the free market. Anyone with half a brain understood that what he said was bullshit, same applies to people who think hate speech belongs in a separate category from other speech because it has the word hate before it. 

Speech is speech, the content is irrelevant. Once you start saying certain kinds of speech are criminal, you open the door for the state to start declaring other forms of speech to be such, and there are plenty of special interest groups who would love for censorship to be implemented. Muslims would want to criminalise criticism of Islam, in essence herald the return of blasphemy laws. Separation of church and state? Fuck that, this speech is hateful and must be banned, because feelings. There’s no objective principle here, only subjective emotion.

The US has this annoying thing called the Bill of Rights, which is an integral part of the Constitution, the First Amendment of which, funnily enough, has to do with freedom of expression. It makes you wonder: Why is it the First Amendment? Why not the Second, or the Third? Could it be that, maybe, the people who wrote the Bill of Rights were concerned with, say, the state attempting to impose censorship so as to limit the public discourse? Some hurt feelings are the price you pay for the ability to express yourself without fear of governmental punishment. At any rate, changing the US Constitution isn’t as easy as simple criminal justice reform. Although, if people like you got their way, freedom would be killed off by the hordes of social justice wankers spewing forth from the halls of so-called higher education.

Having everyone’s opinions out in the open makes it easier to determine whom one wishes to associate with and thereby penalise unacceptable opinions by disassociating with those who hold them. People who hold unpopular opinions will either be incentivised to change or be relegated to the fringes of society. This is the peaceful way to deal with opinions you do not like. Your way involves the violence of state power to impose your views on everyone else. Germany may have done away with the symbolism of Nazism, but the authoritarian streak still remains.

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Deadpool magazine covers

I designed these covers as part of an assignment for my graphic design course. The hardest part was doing the illustration in vector. I also did a stencil but it didn’t turn out how I hoped it would, so I mocked up a stencil instead.

The illustration itself was based on some concept art of Deadpool. I chose this pose over others simply because it hasn’t been done to death yet, as far as I can tell anyway. (Also, “done to death”… I slay me.)

Voluntarism: A monologue.
  • So, sure nobody has ever heard of voluntarism before. It’s new. New things happen everyday. New is better than old. We are doing new things here. So, voluntarism is good. Here’s a coffee. Let me finish, ok?
  • The reason you don’t like utopian movements is because you don’t understand what we do about government. Government is about making the system strong and individuals weak.
  • You’re not as important as you think you are, but you’re the only thing that matters.
  • So, there’s this system, right? The system produces things. We want to be free to produce those things on our own and without the system, but not all the things, just the useful things. You might want to use things I don’t find useful, but that’s your problem. Produce those things for yourself. We don’t need those things. Those are your things. And that’s fine. Just remember to do it without the system, ok.
  • Hold on. My mom is yelling at me from upstairs.
  • What’s wrong with me living in the basement. Some people live with their parents and some people don’t. So, it doesn’t really matter in the big perspective of things, does it?
  • So, we oppose some things and we value others. Maybe you oppose things we value and maybe we value things you oppose. That’s ok.
  • Anyway, we are for a lot more things than we are against, so nihilism is right out. We are not nihilists. QED.
  • You have to remember that things take time. We don’t need history books or documentations are other things like that before we try to change things, see. We do it because we want to.
  • MOM! Leave me alone for a second!
  • Look, no matter what you want to say about things, we don’t blame you for creating the system. We find it funny that you think we can’t do anything about it. No. I don’t know the things we’re doing about the system, but at least we’re talking about things and thinking about stuff, and I can tell you that we don’t think the system speaks for us and does anything good for anybody. You might disagree. That’s your business. 
  • Now this is important. Violence is bad. Private property is good. We believe in peaceful revolutions. Billions and billions of them. Like Sagan. See, we know you don’t think this has ever happened before and so there’s no way to know this is possible, but that doesn’t matter. This is what we like and what we want to do and that’s what voluntarism is all about. Those things.
  • Remember, we are not defined by our label. We are not a monolith and we are not a collective. We are whatever we want to be and you can to.

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Beginner question: I would like to know more about anarchism and what it means to be one. Can you direct mento a few sources and books? Thanks.

I got started with Murray Rothbard’s For a Liberty and The Ethics of Liberty.  Bob Murphy’s Chaos Theory is another great place to start.  I’d defintely read Lysander Spooner’s pamphlet No Treason:  Constitution of No Authority. 

I’d also recommend checking out Thinksquad, Anarchei, and The Free Lionness,here on tumblr.  You can check out my tagged posts about anarchism too

I think those are as good places as any to start. 


Dead People Receive Ballots in NH Primary

On January 10th, Project Veritas reporters walked into New Hampshire Polling Locations during the Presidential Primaries, saying dead people’s names. We stated the name of a dead person we got from the NH obituaries. The names of the deceased were both Registered Republican and Democrats And in almost every case, saying a dead person’s name, we were handed a ballot to cast a vote. We used no misrepresentation and no false pretenses. in fact, in almost every case, we insisted we show ID and they insisted that we vote without showing ID.

I am so pleased with my new icon. Anarchei worked graciously with me throughout all the back and forth. I think it conveys the motion of the yin and yang that I was going for. And it embraces anarchism in its various forms. It represents order out of chaos.


Anarchei submitted the top one after I had logged off tumblr last night. I appreciate the effort he is making. My own thoughts: The LT would take some getting used to. I still think with the dots lined up horizontally, though I understand the difficulty you are having with the vertical alignment, makes them look like eyes. They also break up the A. I hope that doesn’t sound overly critical. Because I certainly don’t mean to be critical. Bottom line: I am still liking the bottom one. 

What do you all think? Maybe everyone is referring to me as LT. I never really thought of libertariantaoist as a proper noun. 

I was just in a car accident

Assuming you could call it a car accident that is. My brother was driving, we were on the highway, pitch black outside. We were on our way to our parent’s place to stay for xmas, brought our cat along and everything. Out of nowhere we hit an obstacle in the middle of our lane and go airborne for a second before losing control of the steering for a few seconds, narrowly missing the car beside us and barely avoiding going into the embankment on the other side. Brother was a bit shaken up, I was just pissed, cat seemed fine but was probably shocked by the commotion. Managed to pull over and inspect the damage. Both passenger side tyres were flat and the front wheel rim was bent out of shape, mudguard torn right off and hubcap missing. Two other cars hit whatever it was, one just before us and one after, both having at least one of their tyres go flat. Thankfully no one was hurt but the car that hit it before us had some shaken kids. Someone pulled over and picked up whatever it was and took off with it. We can only guess that it fell off their van and they were retrieving it. Asshole didn’t stick around to check if anyone was hurt or to make up for the damage they caused. Luckily we were able to call our parents and get a lift, got a free tow to safety for our car. Kind of hoping nothing more is wrong with the car, really can’t afford the expense. So yeah, xmas started well this year.

Anarchei, this one is definitely my favorite one of the three. I am delighted that you are taking on this challenge for me. I’d really be happy to use this as a finished product. But if you really want to continue to work on it, I look forward to seeing what you do with it. I know you artists are never quite satisfied with your work. 

“Live in Australia, currently staying with a friend in Mexico. Not so easy getting vegetarian/vegan stuff in Australia, although it has been getting easier as time goes on. I love ice cream, I had a thing for soy ice cream for a while actually.”

You could try making a request at the larger local grocery stores? They are usually willing to try new products out on test runs if they’re requested. Though they would need a source to get it from, preferable not across the world lol :P

Soy ice cream is alright, but I definitely prefer the coconut c:

“Sounds good. I’d probably never be able to find the pepperoni or cheese though. I’m vegetarian by the way, tried been vegan for a month and gave up, I like cheese too much I’m afraid.”

It’s good that you tried at least (:

Really? What general area do you live in? Most of the grocery stores near me have a small section of vegan/vegetarian options available. As well as a Health Food store not that far away. They all have Yves products (: Though some only have the “round ground” and Soy dogs (ew), lol

I used to love cheese, but the soy cheese really grew on me and I love it now. I tried rice cheese but eh, it didn’t really taste that good. 

I also used to love ice cream omg, :c Diary Queen at least once every three days type of love… Coconut ice cream was a nice alternative. Unfortunately it tends to be expensive. :/