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Just wanted to thank you so much for the tremendous work you're doing in sharing all this precious knowledge.

You’re welcome, and thank you for your support. There are others doing excellent work and in some cases greater quantities or better quality than I, such as laliberty, association-of-free-people, conza, libertariantaoist, antigovernmentextremist, outdoor-anarchy, thinkoutsidethestate, and moralanarchism.

All the gold which is under or upon the earth is not enough to give in exchange for virtue. :)

Seven Things You Need To Know About Anarchism

Note: There is a newer version of this poster available.

A little poster I threw together quickly, based on this explanation of anarchy by anarchyagogo. Download the image or grab it as a PDF.

If you want to go into more detail, I recently found some old flyers I made a while ago that summarise two books by Stefan Molyneux, Everyday Anarchy and Practical Anarchy. Check them out and download if you would like to share them around.

If you want to get even more information, you can also try a book called The Market For Liberty by Morris and Linda Tannehill. They do an excellent job of building up a philosophical and practical case for a stateless society.

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Getting a duvet cover on a duvet isn't difficult. Turn the duvet cover inside out, line it up with the duvet, reach inside the cover and grab the far corners of the cover and the duvet, then pull back until the cover is the right way out again. If you try it any other way you are doing it wrong.

so you mean climbing inside and getting stuck isn’t the right way to do it

Justice – This one has pretty much lost its meaning. Justice is the righting of wrongs. This is, however, not what happens today. People think justice is another word for revenge, a way to get back at people who have wronged them. Justice is about repairing damage, revenge is about causing more damage. How they came to mean the same thing is beyond me. What I do know is that you cannot right a wrong with a wrong. It is not justice, and it is not justifiable.

Voluntarism: A monologue.
  • So, sure nobody has ever heard of voluntarism before. It’s new. New things happen everyday. New is better than old. We are doing new things here. So, voluntarism is good. Here’s a coffee. Let me finish, ok?
  • The reason you don’t like utopian movements is because you don’t understand what we do about government. Government is about making the system strong and individuals weak.
  • You’re not as important as you think you are, but you’re the only thing that matters.
  • So, there’s this system, right? The system produces things. We want to be free to produce those things on our own and without the system, but not all the things, just the useful things. You might want to use things I don’t find useful, but that’s your problem. Produce those things for yourself. We don’t need those things. Those are your things. And that’s fine. Just remember to do it without the system, ok.
  • Hold on. My mom is yelling at me from upstairs.
  • What’s wrong with me living in the basement. Some people live with their parents and some people don’t. So, it doesn’t really matter in the big perspective of things, does it?
  • So, we oppose some things and we value others. Maybe you oppose things we value and maybe we value things you oppose. That’s ok.
  • Anyway, we are for a lot more things than we are against, so nihilism is right out. We are not nihilists. QED.
  • You have to remember that things take time. We don’t need history books or documentations are other things like that before we try to change things, see. We do it because we want to.
  • MOM! Leave me alone for a second!
  • Look, no matter what you want to say about things, we don’t blame you for creating the system. We find it funny that you think we can’t do anything about it. No. I don’t know the things we’re doing about the system, but at least we’re talking about things and thinking about stuff, and I can tell you that we don’t think the system speaks for us and does anything good for anybody. You might disagree. That’s your business. 
  • Now this is important. Violence is bad. Private property is good. We believe in peaceful revolutions. Billions and billions of them. Like Sagan. See, we know you don’t think this has ever happened before and so there’s no way to know this is possible, but that doesn’t matter. This is what we like and what we want to do and that’s what voluntarism is all about. Those things.
  • Remember, we are not defined by our label. We are not a monolith and we are not a collective. We are whatever we want to be and you can to.

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If you don't want to post NSFW pics to this blog, why not post them to a separate blog dedicated to that sort of thing?

That’s because I don’t really have a lot of NSFW to post to begin with! I draw mostly clean stuff and sometimes mature-ish stuff. Very rarely do I draw anything NSFW. 

But I’ll work on that next year ;)

anarchei said: So it’s okay to use the state’s courts to coercively extract money from people in “self-defence” but when voting in elections to do the same things it’s suddenly wrong?

Libertarians aren’t against coercion.  If you violate my private property I’m going to use coercion to make you stop.  Coercion is only an issue when you are the initiator of the violation. It is quite moral if you respond with coercion to defend yourself.  

In this case only one person has been harmed, TruShibes, and only one other person can be forced to pay reparations for their act of aggression, Stefan Molyneux.  

Unfortunately, in the society we live in now this is the only way to obtain retributions when you are harmed.  Much like if you ran me over in your car and refused to help in any way.  I’d have to use the court system to recoup all costs and damages.  

I completely disagree with the premise that voting can be seen as self-defense in any sense of the word.  When you vote you aren’t just putting yourself at risk, you are putting innocent third parties at risk as well.  How can you, or anyone, in good conscience decide what is best for others?  I don’t pretend to be as presumptuous to know what is best for every man, woman, and child around me.   

I am so pleased with my new icon. Anarchei worked graciously with me throughout all the back and forth. I think it conveys the motion of the yin and yang that I was going for. And it embraces anarchism in its various forms. It represents order out of chaos.

Seven Things You Need To Know About Anarchism

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Note: This poster has a sequel with seven more things you need to know about anarchism.

Another remix of a remix. The original poster is probably one of the most popular things I’ve posted on Tumblr. I don’t know if this one will get the same traction but I wanted to remake this as the original makes me cringe when I look at it. What was I thinking? If you’re interested, check out my other remixes, including the recent remake of my Corporatism and Justice posters.

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Beginner question: I would like to know more about anarchism and what it means to be one. Can you direct mento a few sources and books? Thanks.

I got started with Murray Rothbard’s For a Liberty and The Ethics of Liberty.  Bob Murphy’s Chaos Theory is another great place to start.  I’d defintely read Lysander Spooner’s pamphlet No Treason:  Constitution of No Authority. 

I’d also recommend checking out Thinksquad, Anarchei, and The Free Lionness,here on tumblr.  You can check out my tagged posts about anarchism too

I think those are as good places as any to start. 

anarchei replied to your post: I forget how sad I feel with ME1s endi…

Idiot goes and blows his brains out. I wanted to help you, dumbass. Same thing with Shepard’s clone. Only one I don’t feel bad about is the Illusive Man.

Have you actually read the comics for mass effect? You can’t say he’s an idiot because of how you know him in the games. His attitude was loyal and headstrong about saving organic life if blind of how evil the reapers were. He was convinced the reapers were good, when they weren’t.

It’s been a while and my knowledge is a lil bit rusty about Sarens past.

Mass effect Evolution explains everything with Sarens past. His mistrust with humanity TIM (aka Jack Harper) left Saren to sort out the problem for himself. Don’t quote me on it but he says something along the lines of “I got to look after my own” when he’s carrying EVAs body. Which essentially left Saren alone with only one option to prevent the husked turians from getting out; blow them up along with his brother. 

Now, Shepards clone was living in Shepards shadow. A hero that is respected and loved by a lot of people, human and alien. Now imagine you being a clone of that person, you’re a product of a dead hero -who is now alive- and you have no use any more. Like seriously, how angry would you be?? Your purpose was to only be a thing for spare parts. Who wouldn’t want vengeance on the thing you’re living under. I mean the power of a spectre is very tempting.

But yeah Tim is a twat and everything he did was a little unnecessary. Yes he had the right intentions but that doesn’t exclude the fact he turned his own people into husks and almost fucked over Shepard in the games.