cultural-hoxhaist asked:

has anarcho-capitalism ever been achieved? what society, present or historical, most closely resembles your ideology?

Thanks for the question, cultural-hoxhaist!

I believe that a number of societies have achieved close to the anarcho-capitalist vision, while others have had anarcho-capitalist elements. With regard to the former, I do believe that the recent Mad Max movie properly shows an ancap society where freedom is supreme. In this admittedly fictional universe, private property rights are respected and acts of charity are voluntarily taken (Immortan Joe drops water down to the wayward masses). 

Centuries ago, feudalistic societies had achieved elements of the voluntaristic society. My main problem with feudalism is that the lord/peasant relationships weren’t voluntarily decided upon, but were based on birthright – if lord/peasant (owner/worker) relationships were voluntarily decided upon freely (even if in a society where individuals are compelled to sell their labor or else starve because of a privatized concentration of property and resources), then I would not only accept that society, I would celebrate it. A rational amalgam of the three political systems – capitalism, feudalism, and anarchism, or anarcho-capeudalism – would breed a society based on freedom, voluntarism, individualism, prosperity, liberty, and efficiency. 

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WOW Kansas City, We had a great time at KC Zine Con #1! It was so much fun seeing so many of our friends, comrades, and new faces (and new zines!) in one place! We really would like to thank the organizers for inviting us to table as well as everyone who donated or stopped by and talked to us. Each and every donation really helps us out a lot! If you found us through this convention browse through our tumblr to see what sorts of local projects your money goes toward.

On top of bringing in lots of donations we achieved our primary goal of putting as much explicitly anarchist literature into people’s hands as possible. This weekend we managed to distribute:

76 Buttons
15 Books
190 Zines (!!!)
140 “To Change Everything” Pamphlets (The collective who published this booklet will be in Kansas City in October)

While some titles we handed out were original we also got our zines from a variety of sources so check them out if you’d like to read more about why we do what we do.

1-3: AMN Collective setting up the morning of KC Zine Con
4: Half way through the day we were able to spread to two tables
5: Our table was across from friend and fellow volunteer Chuck Munson
6: Our comrades from Food Not Bombs were able to spread out to share literature and collect donations
7: To our right were our comrades with Una Lucha KC
8: and One Struggle KC
9: To our left were American Friends Service Committee. It was great to see such a large presence of groups who make a direct difference throughout KC as well as SO many great artists and zinesters making this first Zine Con a memorable experience. 

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I find it odd

 that feminists and social justice warriors can rail against the loosely organized patchwork non-tangible system of oppression in society but fall flat and balk at the notion that the very real, very tangible, very iron clad structure of the State is the patron of oppression.  Instead they think it will be their Savior

During the past century the living standards of working people have improved. But neither these improved living standards, nor the nationalisation of the means of production, nor the coming to power of parties claiming to represent the working class have basically altered the status of the worker as worker. Nor have they given the bulk of mankind much freedom outside of production. East and West, capitalism remains an inhuman type of society where the vast majority are bossed at work and manipulated in consumption and leisure. Propaganda and policemen, prisons and schools, traditional values and traditional morality all serve to reinforce the power of the few and to convince or coerce the many into acceptance of a brutal, degrading and irrational system. The ‘Communist’ world is not communist and the 'Free’ world is not free.