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People reblogging my metas to tell me I’m a psycho. Umm hellooooo. My blog is a conspiracy blog, it says so in the header. If you don’t like conspiracy theories, unfollow this blog and block “TJLC” – the C stands for Conspiracy. You think analyzing wardrobes is us hitting “a new low”? Oh. Honey. Sweetie. We analyze colors, mirrors, drinks, food, language, props, music, photography, history, and literature. That’s fun for us. You think we’re crazy? Keep in mind everyone on BBC Sherlock who believes in conspiracies are right. Every. Single. Person. Also, we’re the only group of people to accurately predict the entire storyline of The Abominable Bride, so if you think we’re nutcases who should stop grasping at straws, know that there’s a good chance we actually know what we’re talking about at any given time.

Can we talk about Masters of All Time pls? Also, I have no idea how read mores work with this new update, so sorry if this appears as a horrifyingly long post to you.

Something always felt weird about that episode. One of the things that plagued my mind has already been contemplated by the Phandom (Maddie’s strange reaction to Danny telling her he’s her son) but that’s not the only thing.

The first is the comical ghost ray bouncing the protoportal shot does just to get to Jack since Vlad is out of the way. What are the fucking odds that things were set up in just the right way for that to happen? I always assumed this was because Clockwork focus on this path in particular. To teach Danny a lesson. Which means that this was not the only way things could have gone, it means that it could very well have been one of the worst case scenarios. What other timelines could things have taken? Would there have been one that Danny would have settled for unless Clockwork did what he did? A timeline where things were all okay, where everyone was happy and existed? Is that one of the reasons Clockwork refused to let Danny try to alter the past a second time, because there was no other “loosing” lines to dissuade him from his attempts?

While not really food for thought, I always found it comical how Altered-Jack named his cat Jasmine. I realize it was most likely for this intended purpose (as well as revealing in canon who actually named which kid.) but this makes me think about if there was an “alternate-Danny”, so to speak. In theory, every main character would still “exist” in some way in this alternate timeline, it’s simple logic: everything that can exist has and will in some way. Given Alternate-Jack states he’d never named his kid Danny because “that’s dumb.”, if there were an alternate-Danny, even if he was a pet or something, he’d be with Maddie and Vlad. Which brings Maddie’s reaction to the forefront. 

Maddie doesn’t call Danny a liar when he tells her he’s her son until after he say’s he’s Jack’s son. Her first reaction is shock. That’s not something women are blindsided by. And that’s weird in and of itself, but Danny isn’t in human form when he says this. He’s in his ghost. And I just re-watched the episode, it’s never specifically revealed to her that Danny is still partially alive, even after she accepts he’s from an alternate timeline. And she doesn’t recognize him as the kid from the door until after that too. At that moment, he’s a ghost. Purely. Dead. An ectoplasmic remnant of posthuman consciousness (or however that went). So why does she react with shock? There’s no disbelief in that shock either, it’s like she actually believes him. Connect the dots in this way, and you have Maddie having a son to Vlad, possibly naming him Daniel, and then loosing him in a way that killed him, making his existence as a ghost possible. It’s never stated in the show if she is aware that ghost ages (fanon seems to think that she isn’t, or fanon ignores the canon evidence entirely), but if she is, there’s no way of telling just how old this alternate-son might’ve been when he died. But that’s just one way of connecting the dots. It could be they aren’t meant to be connected at all.

And now that I think about it, is it possible that this alternate-son is actually a ghost?

Maddie is shown to have what appears to be profiles on ghosts, notably Clockwork. This is something never shown in the true timeline. So I ask: Why? Is she searching for her son’s ghost? Is that why ghost’s aren’t allowed to be mentioned in the castle? Maddie being so distraught over her child’s loss that she’d focus on her ghost research again or more fervently if she already was and Vlad being unhappy with this is something I can totally see happening. It’s never specifically stated why Vlad is so opposed to ghost in this timeline. I assumed before that it was because he was afraid of loosing Maddie to Jack, because Maddie was still interested in ghosts. Keeping Maddie away from ghosts equals keeping Maddie away from Jack equals keeping Maddie period. Vlad went out of his way to keep Maddie away from Jack, telling her Jack blamed her and never wanted to see her again. But this excuse seems a little flimsy now. If my connected dots are correct, Vlad has to play into it somehow. The most logical thought is that he doesn’t want to deal with opening the can of worms that Maddie actually finding their dead son would entail. Perhaps he couldn’t handle it, or he though that her efforts would’ve been in vain. Perhaps he foresaw that she’d obsess over trying to find something he didn’t think would exist, it would drain her, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She’d not be able to let go. So he tries to force her away from it.

Edit: Catching something I didn’t catch before, When Vlad interrupts, he states that she’d been “experimenting again”. Again. As in she’s being researching ghosts before and he’s caught her before. I have no idea what to think about this.

Vlad character in the episode is so wibbly wobbly, its hard to try to predict what he would’ve done and why. I feel like this version of Vlad is desperate to keep what he has, almost like he knows it wouldn’t last unless he took measures to ensure it prevails. This implies that Vlad was manipulative and harmfully conniving as a person, not traits he gained from being half ghost. But the root of this manipulation is different. In the alternate timeline, it could be fueled by selfish fear, calling back to the above desperation. The strongest evidence towards this is his reaction to Danny trying to return things to normal: “You think I care?! I like it this way!” He knows this isn’t how things are supposed to be. He refuses to give it up. He’s clinging to it, fighting for it, because it’s all falling apart. I used to think this reaction didn’t make any sense, especially since he’s revealed to have some compassion and humanity left in TUE. But this reaction makes perfect sense. This is his life, he’s been fighting to keep it stable for years, with his lies to Maddie. He’s unwilling to let it go because he thinks its his only shot at happiness. Vlad isn’t dumb, he knows he would’ve been hit with the blast had he not been shoved inexplicably out of the way. He saw what happened to Jack. He knows that would be his fate. He knew. His words ring chillingly once you take it all in: “You think I care?! I like it this way!”

There’s something else that bothers me about this Vlad, though. And I don’t know why because my though process doesn’t make any sense about it. It’s completely separate from the above though, so blank your minds again. When Vlad interrupts, he’s in a suit: his exact same outfit he normally wears in the normal timeline, to be exact. This is drastically out of place for two reasons: First, he’s a home and there’s no special occasion. Earlier, he was wearing…..well, whatever monstrosity that blue t-shirt with a sweater tied around his shoulder’s was. So why suddenly wear a suit? Which brings up point 2: it’s at night. I’m not assuming this either, it’s specifically shown that Danny is searching for the lab at night, transition clearly shown. Maddie being up and in a jumpsuit makes sense, she was in her lab. But Vlad? Awake at night in a business suit?! Why?! Was he called into a meeting at midnight to sort out whatever the hell being Dairy King needs sorting?! It just doesn’t make sense. My first thought was that this wasn’t the alternate Vlad. The normal timeline Vlad being dressed like that makes sense because he’s like that all the time. But this makes no sense either because it couldn’t be the normal timeline Vlad because of, again, two reasons: Normal Timeline Vlad was currently dying at the time, and he makes a reference to what happened earlier (the ectofoamer.) Even if a slightly off-present normal timeline Vlad was dropped in, the second point still stands. Which again begs the question of why is he in a suit in the middle of the night?! It bothers me and it’s so off but I can’t figure out why it feels so off to me. It’s not just that he’s overly viscous, its not just that he’s willing to kill both Jack and Danny, It’s not just the suit, it’s everything. It all feels like it’s not the alternate-Vlad. It all feels too disconnected. Even the theory that he’s fighting for his life doesn’t explain why he doesn’t care he blasted Maddie onto a control panel. It’s clear he was possessive even before, but the confrontation is extreme. There’s no remorse, no care for the consequences of his actions. Again, he’s so very wibbly wobbly in this episode.

The entire episode is wibbly wobbly. Perhaps this is just to further cement the wrongness of this alternate timeline.

Or perhaps I’m still too hung up over the missed opportunity of actually giving Vlad character. Ahhh, the sour scent of what would’ve been….Vlad haven’t actual reasons for his motives, not just being “evil for the sake of being evil”, insight into why he he steamed over his accident for so long and why he blamed Jack so much. The revelation that Vlad was actually a pretty okay guy before and that he still could be if only he’d let go, if only Danny would stop fighting him, if only Danny took the fucking time to question things, to understand, to realize that everything has reasons, even if they aren’t obvious or easily understood. It makes me so angry to no end that Vlad continued to be a cliche rival with so little reason as to why. Everything else about his character was there, it was right there, this stuff was all he needed but he just fell so fucking flat during every episode after this one. Perhaps that’s my disappointment talking again, but still. Danny was a good hero character because he made mistakes, and often repeated some of the same ones. He wasn’t perfect, he gave up numerous times with varying results. He was willing to cheat, he was generally unaffected by the destruction shown by Dan until it was revealed his family and friends were dead. He did bad things, of his own accord. He pushed Vlad to his villainous breakdown in Kindred Spirits. He lies constantly. He’s snarky. He see’s things in right and wrong, good and evil, and even by the final episode, this perspective remains, and for someone with that much power, that’s damning. Danny had the good, the bad, the ugly, the substance. Vlad was his opposite solely for that purpose. The show offered little to sympathize him, to make him complex. He was the bad guy, he was supposed to loose over and over and over again, he was expected to just keep getting back up and trying again and he did and it broke him. And yet still, the show focuses on the fact that Danny was the hero. Vlad was villain. Danny didn’t care about why Vlad did what he did because that’s not how hero’s work. They beat the bad guy. Asking questions complicates things. It brings in sympathy, empathy, pity, understanding, compassion, confusion, DOUBT. “He doesn’t deserve this.” “Am I doing the right thing?” “If I’m supposed to help everyone, shouldn’t I try to help him too?” “I feel bad for him.” “This isn’t doing anything but making things worse.”

I repeat again: The sour scent of what could have been.

Maybe I expect something too deep for a children’s show. But can you blame me? Vlad had the perfect setup. The show dropped bombshells with TUE. It had the potential. It had the potential.

That’s all it will ever be now.

You feed him

Seokjin: Jin is used to be the one feeding everyone, so he will be very pleasantly surprised. He will be very happy to have you feed him. He loves you and he loves food, perfect combo.

Yoongi: Suga will calmly accept any food offered to him. He would not make a big fuss about it, beside smiling gently at you.

Hoseok: Hobie thinks that everything fed to him tasted 10 times better than anything he has to deposit in his mouth himself, so he will love being fed by you.

Namjoon: OMG this guy, he will literally analyze the food you give him and if it does not please him enough he will let you know. A bit rude, but that is Namjoon honesty for ya.

Jimin: Chim will be excited upon being fed. He will rush t you when ever you are holding food, hoping you will share and when you do his joy is endless.

Taehyung: V will literally revel into your attention every time you bestow it upon him, but when you feed him, V will light up and feel so super loved.

Jeongguk: This kid will lose all inhibitions and onomnom what ever you hold in front of his face. He silently loves it when you are for him, but will not say it out loud.