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okja isn't abt veganism:

Okja, as a movie, openly admits no form of commercal food consumption is ethical through Silver, not even agriculture. the message of Okja is not that the consumption of animals is unethical, it’s that the mass production of food through capitalism is unethical. the film itself says our heroine’s favorite food is chicken soup. one of the first actions we see the young heroine take is to take a grown fish, and release the minnow back, hammering home the idea that this is sustainable, and the sustainable consumption of animals is ethical, in this film’s view. so to simply slap your own ideals onto this film is not only inaccurate, it’s a injustice to the filmmaker. okja isn’t about the righteousness of veganism, it’s about the horrors of capitalism and how it compares to sustainable farming

It may not look like much, but this 6,100-year-old pottery sherd and the ancient leftovers stuck on it are actually an archaeological treasure! Researchers at the University of York analyzed burnt food remains from clay cooking pots, like this one, that were found in Neolithic dwellings in Denmark and Germany. On the clay, along with deer fats or traces of fish, they found the distinct remains of ground-up garlic mustard seeds.

While cumin, coriander, capers, basil, poppy and dill have been collected at other sites in southern Europe, the Middle East and India – and some of those sites have been older than 6,100 years – they may have been around for medicinal or even decorative purposes. These pots in Denmark and Germany are the first clear-cut evidence of spices being used with food, for food. Since no whole seeds were found, the Neolithic communities probably used well-ground seeds rather than whole ones in their cooking. One of the researchers tried re-creating the basic garlic mustard seed recipe. She reported it was pretty good, and tasted a lot like the mustard seed used by modern chefs!

Herbs For Your Medicine Cabinet

By Michael Castleman

Studies come and go. The study du jour might tout medicinal herbs or trash them. But people who focus only on the latest study lose something important—perspective. Want to use herbs confidently? Then take the long view. Examine the evidence that accumulates slowly over many years. The following 16 herbs have stood the test of time and are proven to be reliable healers. Not every study supports their use (the same could be said for most pharmaceuticals), but the weight of the evidence clearly shows that these herbs are safe (with certain caveats) and effective. They deserve a place in your medicine cabinet.

Aloe for Burns and Cuts

Aloe (Aloe vera) is the herb for minor burns and cuts. In one study published in the Journal of Dermatological Surgery and Oncology, 27 people had burns treated with aloe or standard medical care. In the standard-care group, healing took 18 days, but in the aloe group, it took only 12 days. “Aloe is my first choice for burns,” says botanist James Duke, Ph.D., former chief of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Medicinal Plant Research Laboratory and author of The Green Pharmacy (Rodale, 2000). “Keep a potted aloe on your kitchen windowsill. For minor burns, snip off a thick leaf. Slit it open. Scoop out the inner leaf gel and apply it to the burn once or twice a day.” Aloe requires no care beyond weekly watering.

Dosage: If you use a commercial aloe gel, follow label directions.

Red Flags: Aloe helps heal superficial wounds but not deep wounds, such as surgical incisions.

Black Cohosh for Hot Flashes

American Indians first introduced colonists to black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), which they used to treat many conditions, including menstrual problems and recovery from childbirth. For 40 years, Europeans have used black cohosh to treat menopausal discomforts. During the past decade, the herb has become popular in the United States. Occasionally, a study questions its benefit, but the clear majority shows black cohosh effective for hot flashes. How the herb works is still a mystery, but it does not act like estrogen, so it’s safe for women who can’t take the female sex hormone—for example, those with a history of breast cancer. “Black cohosh is definitely worth a try,” says Mark Blumenthal, executive director of the Austin, Texas-based American Botanical Council (ABC), the nation’s leading herb-education organization, “especially now that hormone replacement therapy has been shown to do more harm than good.”

Dosage: Follow label directions.

Red Flags: Side effects are rare but possible: A few users have reported stomach distress, dizziness, headache and allergic reactions. Commission E, the German equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, says black cohosh should not be taken for longer than six months. After that, consult your doctor or herbalist.

Remember The Tale of Peter Rabbit? After the young bunny’s “hare”-raising adventures, his mother soothes his jangled nerves and upset stomach with chamomile tea. Peter’s mother was right. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) soothes both the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract.

Dosage: 1 tea bag or 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried flowers per cup of boiling water. Steep a few minutes and drink as much as you’d like.

Red Flags: Allergic reactions are possible, especially if you’re allergic to pollens.

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Can you do the RFA having a moment of "omg i love her so much" with MC? SFW but like little mini fics or something? Also i la la LOVE your jumin fics when is part 5 coming out omg ^_^

Aye aye captain, you wish is my command anon <(T.T)l. HAHA thank you I am really happy people are loving the Jumin Fic, I believe I will be releasing a Zen one too just because I have some of those chapters done and y’all are getting restless. :D But yes chapter 5 should be out either today or tomorrow so keep ya eyes open ^.^

Yoosung: Last Minute Study Sesh

“MC~ Can we please just watch a movie… I can cram for calculus later” yoosung whined as he tried to give his girlfriend the puppy eyes. That clearly stopped working on her months ago when they first started dating. She looked at him, giving him a mock stern look, he loved how serious she was trying to be for his sake, his heart swelled at how much she cared for him. 

“Honey, I am doing this for you, this is one of your main courses for your degree, and your girlfriend happens to be a genius, you should be kissing my feet for sharing my intelligence with you,” MC teased with a giggle. 

Ughhhhhhhhh. Fine you win” yoosung said as he came over to his girlfriend begrudgingly, and kissed her cheek. “What would I do without you?”

“Fail, obviously,” MC said with a smirk, as they sat down to study together. 

Yoosung knew, he was no going to retain a damn thing that night. He was the luckiest man on earth, he had a beautiful girlfriend, who had a heart of gold AND was smart as hell. He gazed at her, as she began spouting something about Integrals and differentiation. He was mesmerized by her voice, with was intoxicating, he wanted to hear every noise that could come out of that mouth.

Yoosung.” MC said, “Helloooooooo… answer this questions”

“Got it babe.” He began working on the question but was again distracted. MC had decided that her beautiful long locks were getting in the way and decided to tie her hair. Braid it, to be exact. He watched as she pulled her hair back, showcasing her beautiful face even more and her enticing neck. He watched as her intricate fingers slowly took pieces of her hair and began weaving it. The entire experience was mesmerizing, he was in awe at how she managed to look so beautiful at all times. “God I am the luckiest man alive, I love her so much and this God-given gift has given me the pleasure of being my girlfriend.” he thought to himself. He was terrible with words, and still very bashful but he made a promise to himself that he would never ever let her doubt that she was loved. 

MC must have felt his eyes on her because she caught him staring, a blush rose to her face, “What? Is there something on my face? Does my hair look weird” she began fretting. He simply leaned over and kissed her full on the mouth, she was taken aback but returned the kiss.

“Babe, you are the single most beautiful thing on this planet. I was just thinking how lucky I was.” yoosung said, as he felt heat rush to his face. She kissed him back and nuzzled him, “I love you too, BUT no more getting distracted, you need to pass. I promise for every question you get right I will give you a kiss, how about it?”

Let’s just say, that this method was extremely effective and Yoosung passed with flying colors.

Zen: Waiting up for you

“Babe, are you coming to bed yet?” MC asked. 

Zen felt a pang of guilt, he just received a brand new role and was busy at rehearsals. He barely ever saw his girlfriend and felt guilty that even at home he was practicing his lines. “I am so sorry hon, but I am rehearsing these lines and I will probably be up some more.” he stood up to hug his girlfriend and kiss her on top of her head, “You might have to fall asleep without me again babe.”

“It’s okay babe,” she said trying to hide a yawn, “I’ll wait up for you so we can go together.” She went to grab a book to curl up on the couch to read. 

His heart skipped a beat, she was clearly sleepy but put him first so that they could spend some time together. “God, I love her so much” he thought to himself as he sat down to review the lines. She sat on the couch adjacent to him, with a book and a blanket looking absolutely beautiful. 

He was surrounded by attractive people every day, but somehow he was always floored by MC. She had her hair tied up in a messy bun, but she put runway models to shame. Tendrils of hair flowed down effortlessly, to frame her beautiful face.She was not wearing any makeup, but in his opinion, she didn’t need to, he felt the hair leaving his lungs just looking at her perfect face. He tried and tried to focus on practicing his lines but how could he when the love of his life was sitting right there? He watched as she read, her expressions were his favorite thing about her. Everything was clearly displayed on her face. She blushed and she flushed with every single plot twist and event. Finally, he had enough, he threw his script down and grabbed her, carrying her bridal style to their bedroom. 

“Z-Zen?! I thought you had to practice? Is it okay?” MC asked, feeling flustered. 

He simply began covering her face in kisses, telling her how much he loved her and how sorry he was that he wasn’t there. She giggled and began returning his kisses. He made sure to tell her just how lucky he was and how much he loved her every single day. He didn’t know where he would be without her but he never ever wanted to find out.

Jumin: Late Nights and Long Drives

“MC, we could take Driver Kim, if you want to go somewhere. Why on earth do you want to drive around? Look at the time? Is this what commoners do?”

MC laughed, “Yes Jumin, this is how we spend time and relax. I love driving, it relaxes me and I love you and spending time with you. Please?”

“She already knows the answer,” Jumin thought to himself. He buckled his seat belt and braced himself. He would not have a problem with going on a long drive with MC, but she tended to drive a bit recklessly. She was always swerving in between cars, racing cars that would try to cut her off and the road rage that she had was astonishing. She looked so innocent and cute, but when she was mad, Jumin sometimes could not handle her vulgarity. Still, all of these made his heart grow fonder. He loved all of these aspects about her. 

As she began driving, she talked to Jumin asking about him. He felt his heart pound, “she knows me so well, she did this because I was stressed at work, sly girl”. He looked at her affectionately as her hair was whipping around her, she had a smile on her face, she was astonishingly beautiful. He had never in his whole life seen something so breathtaking. Her genuine smile, her intoxicating laugh, her addictive voice, Jumin felt his heart drop, he wanted to kiss her so badly. He wanted her so badly. 

He had no idea how he had become so lucky. He used to mock couples before, never understanding how someone could be so head over heels for someone, but now he understood. Just the thought of her being sad, crying or simply not being with him made his heart clench painfully. He was hopelessly enamored, but he was not complaining. 

He reached and took MC’s had off of the gear shift and intertwined their fingers. He lifted their hands to his mouth and kissed it deeply, hoping to convey even a drop of the feelings he held for them. MC looked over, and then proceeded to do the same, lifting his hand to touch their perfect lips, he felt her smile against his hand. 

“MC, I love you, more than anything, more than you can ever imagine. You have made me the happiest man, and surprisingly you make me happier every single day. I did not know it was even possible-” he began to mumble and ramble on. He was never good with emotions, but he would damn well try and make his beloved feel loved. 

MC pulled the car over, and kissed him deeply, “I know Juju, and I love you too. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.” She smiled as she started the car once more, taking his hand and holding it in her own. 

Jumin had to look outside, at the scenery, he felt himself getting choked up. “I am the luckiest man alive, I only hope I can give her an ounce of happiness that she has given me.”

707: Sweet tooth & Sweet Dreams

“BABE. I ORDERED US A FEAST,” MC shouted as she walked into the house, arms full of various foods and sweet treats. She cleared off the dining table and laid the buffet out. 

707 loved when she became like this. She had a huge appetite and she was not ashamed what so ever. The girl could eat. He watched as she fixed herself and him a plate, piled high. He kissed her cheek as she sat down next to him, as she asked about his day. He gave her a bland answer and began eating. He watched his girlfriend affectionately, watching her eat was his single most favorite activity. 

Her eyes lit up, as she analyzed the food. He could practically see the wheels in her head spinning, trying to figure out what to eat first. Her entire face lit up, reflecting the happiness she felt as she began eating. He felt his heart skip a beat, she looked so beautiful when she was happy. He would buy all the food in the world if it meant that he could preserve that radiant smile. She began talking about her day, he felt his nerves calm down. He was extremely stressed lately due to work, she probably brought all this food to help cheer him up. He loved that they were on the same wavelength, he didn’t even need to say anything, she always knew what he was feeling and knew exactly how to make him feel better. 

After finishing their meal, she was in an enormous food coma. She laid down on him as they cuddled on the couch. She was still talking to him, about random stuff, he could only look at her. She was so distracting. Every curve, every feature was so expertly place, he silently thanked god for sending him an angel. All of the anxiety he had felt before, was gone, replaced with a warm feeling. He noticed she had stopped talking and when he looked down at her, he realized that she had fallen asleep on his lap. 

He smiled to himself, thinking how foolish he was. He was so happy in this moment, he could die and he would be content. The mere thought of that sent an ache in his body, he realized he didn’t want to die. He wanted to be with her, to laugh with her, to cry. He wanted to grow old with her and have stupid fights with her. He wanted to make up and fall even harder for her. He wanted to see her face in their kids, he wanted to live for her. He could feel himself getting emotional. “You know, I thought I didn’t deserve it. But you make me want to be the best version of myself. God, I love you so much woman, you have no idea. I am so sorry for hurting you and will spend the rest of my life proving myself to be worthy of your love.” he said to her as he peppered her face with kisses. 

He would try his hardest, to not push her away. He would fight for her, never let her feel unwanted or unworthy of his love. He would protect her and her smile because god only knew that it was his entire world. 

WHOOOO I hope you guys like this. It took me forever to write this (T.T). I have been crazy busy with work, uni, homework and just life in general. I AM SO SORRY. I KNOW I FORGOT BAEHEE ILL ADD HER IN THE MORNING. Please reblog, like, follow and show me and this post some looooooove guys :D Requests are open so please feel free to send in requests for fics, reactions, scenarios or etc. THANKS BABES I LOVES YOU BAI :3

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27 with G Wash???

#27 - “I’m pregnant” with George Washington

There were only a few times you got nervous to the point of heart palpitations. 

The first was the days leading up to the ball your family hosted once you were of courting age to seek potential partners. 

The second was the first time you saw George Washington. 

The third was when he asked you to dance. 

The fourth was when he asked to court you. 

The fifth was when he asked to marry you. 

And now was the sixth time. 

“Sweetheart, you’ve been quiet,” George mentioned, glancing up at his food to analyze your face.

“I’m sorry.” You shook your head, smiling at him. “You’ve been gone away for so long, and here I am in my own world.” 

“That’s fine.” He reciprocated your smile, and butterflies erupted from your stomach. Even after two years of marriage, he still had the same effect as the first time you met him. “Would you like to take a walk through the garden with me?”

“That sounds wonderful.” You left your barely touched food, which George glanced at, before taking your arm. 

The usually composed general was restless on his feet, his other hand fixing his coat, touching his chin, and scratching the back of his head. “Y/N, is there something you would like to say? I know I’ve been gone a while, and usually I wouldn’t mind if you were a little distant, but I noticed that you had barely eaten anything, and-”

“George,” you tried cutting him off, but he continued his ramble. 

“I’m sorry if I made you upset, but I need you to eat. I can’t bare the thought of you being unwell when I am away.”

You opted to clear your throat. “That might be a problem.”

His eyes nearly popped out, and he turned so fast you thought he would hurt his neck. “My dear, are you sick?”

I’m pregnant.

All worry on his face was flushed out, and was replaced with a huge smile. “Y-You’re pregnant?”

“Yes.” You hid a small smile as his grin got bigger. He wrapped his arms around you, and spun you around, garnering a squeak from you. “George!”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart.” He quickly put you down, fixing his jacket once more, and clearing his throat. 

“General.” You only called him by his title to tease him whenever he got too serious with you. The first time you had met him, you both were so young, and he was so different from the man he was now. It was endearing to see him revert back the young, carefree boy that you had first fallen in love with.

He gave you a playful chuckle before swooping down, grabbing your waist, and pulling you in for a kiss. 

EXO’s Reaction to your bad cooking.


Even though it did not look good, he gave it a shot. It did not end up tasting any better though. He did not want to hurt your feelings and was just grateful you thought of him. 

“Thanks for the meal, jagi. You’re the best!”

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Obviously did not like the food, but did not show it. He thanked you and gave you advice for your future meals. Then takes a huge gulp of water so he does not choke.

“You know, next time, add more of the seasoning and it would be even more perfect.”

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Slowly chews the food analyzing every single bite. By the time he realizes how bad the food actually was he is done with his plate. Cutely smiles away the pain.

Externally: “Mhm, darling, the food is great.”

Internally: “Do. Not. Show. That. It. Actually. Tastes. Horrible.”

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Pretty much freezes and is wondering what in the world you were trying to feed him.

“(y/n), babe, are you trying to poison me?”

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Firstly, sourly reacts, but quickly points out the positives of the dish. 

“The flavor of the soup is a little odd.. but the vegetables were cooked well.”

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Giggles after every single bite. Not that he’s enjoying the food or anything, he just finds you and your terrible cooking too darn cute. 

“Was this supposed to be shaped as a heart?”

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Mentally jots down what you did wrong and what you can improve on so he can show you on a cooking date. Obviously, because he’s EXO’s master chef.

“Next time, we have to cook together okay?”

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Probably react similar to Yixing, but will keep straight face and would look like he is deep in thought. Nini needs his delicious chicken or he ain’t happy. 

External: “Me, angry? What, nooo. You’re food is not that bad.”

Internal: *cries*

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Will look you straight in the eye with the food half chewed in his open mouth not knowing what to do with it. Spit or swallow? Spit or swallow?

“You know there is this really great takeout place right around the corner.”

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Holtzbert prompt: "Wait, is this a date?" "Yes. This is our third date"

When Holtzmann returns to the table, she finds Erin’s face as red as her hair. She stands for a moment and analyzes the scene: the food is still hot, the drinks are still full, and the candle is still flickering–the only difference is that now Erin holds her cellphone in one hand. The phone is the source of Erin’s dissonance, she realizes, so she takes a seat, steeples her fingers, and leans forward.

“Ha’penny for your thoughts?”

“Holtzmann, is this…” Erin swallows and clears her throat. “Is this a date?”

Holtz looks at the candles. She looks at the glasses of wine. She looks at her own semi-formal attire. And then she laughs. “Uh, Gilbert, this is our third date.”


“Yeah. I took you to that play you wanted to see a few weeks ago, and then you organized that picnic–”

“As a thank you!”

“–and then I invited you over for dinner.”

“I didn’t… I feel like an idiot.”

For a moment, Holtz does, too. “Look, no hard feelings, okay?” Holtz shoots her some finger guns and gestures to the meal. “It’s free food, and we’re friends. So, eat up and go home–just don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Too late.” Erin holds up her phone, and Holtz reads the text from Abby: hows tha hott date?

Holtz snorts. “For a scientist, her spelling really leaves a lot to be desired–”

“You’re changing the subject because you’re uncomfortable.” Erin looks down at her plate. “I made this uncomfortable.”

“No, I just–I should have been clear. Next time I ask you on a date, I’ll be sure to say ‘Dr. Erin Gilbert, will you go out to dinner with me on a romantic date where I might try to kiss you at the end of the evening?’ It’ll be real classy.”

“Next time?”

Holtz deflates. “Sorry. I won’t do this again. I get the message, loud and clear. You might as well be Paul Revere, but instead of the British, it’s like the straights are coming–”

“You need to stop talking sometimes.” Erin laughs, and Holtz wonders if the whole night hasn’t been ruined. “A few seconds earlier than you do.”


“To be honest, I didn’t think you were honestly into me.”

“The flirting wasn’t a clue?”

“I thought… Don’t laugh at me.” Erin waits until Holtz solemnly swears she’s up to no good. “People don’t hit on me. At least not for real. Do you know how many times in high school I got asked out as a joke?”





Holtz frowns and tries again, “One?”

“Too many times, Holtzmann. It sorta killed my self-esteem–and my belief that any come on is for real.”

“Oh, come on,” Holtz replies, grinning. “I wouldn’t fuck with you. I’d fuck you–”


“Just being honest. I’m your friend before anything else, Erin. Trust me.”

Can we talk about Masters of All Time pls? Also, I have no idea how read mores work with this new update, so sorry if this appears as a horrifyingly long post to you.

Something always felt weird about that episode. One of the things that plagued my mind has already been contemplated by the Phandom (Maddie’s strange reaction to Danny telling her he’s her son) but that’s not the only thing.

The first is the comical ghost ray bouncing the protoportal shot does just to get to Jack since Vlad is out of the way. What are the fucking odds that things were set up in just the right way for that to happen? I always assumed this was because Clockwork focus on this path in particular. To teach Danny a lesson. Which means that this was not the only way things could have gone, it means that it could very well have been one of the worst case scenarios. What other timelines could things have taken? Would there have been one that Danny would have settled for unless Clockwork did what he did? A timeline where things were all okay, where everyone was happy and existed? Is that one of the reasons Clockwork refused to let Danny try to alter the past a second time, because there was no other “loosing” lines to dissuade him from his attempts?

While not really food for thought, I always found it comical how Altered-Jack named his cat Jasmine. I realize it was most likely for this intended purpose (as well as revealing in canon who actually named which kid.) but this makes me think about if there was an “alternate-Danny”, so to speak. In theory, every main character would still “exist” in some way in this alternate timeline, it’s simple logic: everything that can exist has and will in some way. Given Alternate-Jack states he’d never named his kid Danny because “that’s dumb.”, if there were an alternate-Danny, even if he was a pet or something, he’d be with Maddie and Vlad. Which brings Maddie’s reaction to the forefront. 

Maddie doesn’t call Danny a liar when he tells her he’s her son until after he say’s he’s Jack’s son. Her first reaction is shock. That’s not something women are blindsided by. And that’s weird in and of itself, but Danny isn’t in human form when he says this. He’s in his ghost. And I just re-watched the episode, it’s never specifically revealed to her that Danny is still partially alive, even after she accepts he’s from an alternate timeline. And she doesn’t recognize him as the kid from the door until after that too. At that moment, he’s a ghost. Purely. Dead. An ectoplasmic remnant of posthuman consciousness (or however that went). So why does she react with shock? There’s no disbelief in that shock either, it’s like she actually believes him. Connect the dots in this way, and you have Maddie having a son to Vlad, possibly naming him Daniel, and then loosing him in a way that killed him, making his existence as a ghost possible. It’s never stated in the show if she is aware that ghost ages (fanon seems to think that she isn’t, or fanon ignores the canon evidence entirely), but if she is, there’s no way of telling just how old this alternate-son might’ve been when he died. But that’s just one way of connecting the dots. It could be they aren’t meant to be connected at all.

And now that I think about it, is it possible that this alternate-son is actually a ghost?

Maddie is shown to have what appears to be profiles on ghosts, notably Clockwork. This is something never shown in the true timeline. So I ask: Why? Is she searching for her son’s ghost? Is that why ghost’s aren’t allowed to be mentioned in the castle? Maddie being so distraught over her child’s loss that she’d focus on her ghost research again or more fervently if she already was and Vlad being unhappy with this is something I can totally see happening. It’s never specifically stated why Vlad is so opposed to ghost in this timeline. I assumed before that it was because he was afraid of loosing Maddie to Jack, because Maddie was still interested in ghosts. Keeping Maddie away from ghosts equals keeping Maddie away from Jack equals keeping Maddie period. Vlad went out of his way to keep Maddie away from Jack, telling her Jack blamed her and never wanted to see her again. But this excuse seems a little flimsy now. If my connected dots are correct, Vlad has to play into it somehow. The most logical thought is that he doesn’t want to deal with opening the can of worms that Maddie actually finding their dead son would entail. Perhaps he couldn’t handle it, or he though that her efforts would’ve been in vain. Perhaps he foresaw that she’d obsess over trying to find something he didn’t think would exist, it would drain her, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She’d not be able to let go. So he tries to force her away from it.

Edit: Catching something I didn’t catch before, When Vlad interrupts, he states that she’d been “experimenting again”. Again. As in she’s being researching ghosts before and he’s caught her before. I have no idea what to think about this.

Vlad character in the episode is so wibbly wobbly, its hard to try to predict what he would’ve done and why. I feel like this version of Vlad is desperate to keep what he has, almost like he knows it wouldn’t last unless he took measures to ensure it prevails. This implies that Vlad was manipulative and harmfully conniving as a person, not traits he gained from being half ghost. But the root of this manipulation is different. In the alternate timeline, it could be fueled by selfish fear, calling back to the above desperation. The strongest evidence towards this is his reaction to Danny trying to return things to normal: “You think I care?! I like it this way!” He knows this isn’t how things are supposed to be. He refuses to give it up. He’s clinging to it, fighting for it, because it’s all falling apart. I used to think this reaction didn’t make any sense, especially since he’s revealed to have some compassion and humanity left in TUE. But this reaction makes perfect sense. This is his life, he’s been fighting to keep it stable for years, with his lies to Maddie. He’s unwilling to let it go because he thinks its his only shot at happiness. Vlad isn’t dumb, he knows he would’ve been hit with the blast had he not been shoved inexplicably out of the way. He saw what happened to Jack. He knows that would be his fate. He knew. His words ring chillingly once you take it all in: “You think I care?! I like it this way!”

There’s something else that bothers me about this Vlad, though. And I don’t know why because my though process doesn’t make any sense about it. It’s completely separate from the above though, so blank your minds again. When Vlad interrupts, he’s in a suit: his exact same outfit he normally wears in the normal timeline, to be exact. This is drastically out of place for two reasons: First, he’s a home and there’s no special occasion. Earlier, he was wearing…..well, whatever monstrosity that blue t-shirt with a sweater tied around his shoulder’s was. So why suddenly wear a suit? Which brings up point 2: it’s at night. I’m not assuming this either, it’s specifically shown that Danny is searching for the lab at night, transition clearly shown. Maddie being up and in a jumpsuit makes sense, she was in her lab. But Vlad? Awake at night in a business suit?! Why?! Was he called into a meeting at midnight to sort out whatever the hell being Dairy King needs sorting?! It just doesn’t make sense. My first thought was that this wasn’t the alternate Vlad. The normal timeline Vlad being dressed like that makes sense because he’s like that all the time. But this makes no sense either because it couldn’t be the normal timeline Vlad because of, again, two reasons: Normal Timeline Vlad was currently dying at the time, and he makes a reference to what happened earlier (the ectofoamer.) Even if a slightly off-present normal timeline Vlad was dropped in, the second point still stands. Which again begs the question of why is he in a suit in the middle of the night?! It bothers me and it’s so off but I can’t figure out why it feels so off to me. It’s not just that he’s overly viscous, its not just that he’s willing to kill both Jack and Danny, It’s not just the suit, it’s everything. It all feels like it’s not the alternate-Vlad. It all feels too disconnected. Even the theory that he’s fighting for his life doesn’t explain why he doesn’t care he blasted Maddie onto a control panel. It’s clear he was possessive even before, but the confrontation is extreme. There’s no remorse, no care for the consequences of his actions. Again, he’s so very wibbly wobbly in this episode.

The entire episode is wibbly wobbly. Perhaps this is just to further cement the wrongness of this alternate timeline.

Or perhaps I’m still too hung up over the missed opportunity of actually giving Vlad character. Ahhh, the sour scent of what would’ve been….Vlad haven’t actual reasons for his motives, not just being “evil for the sake of being evil”, insight into why he he steamed over his accident for so long and why he blamed Jack so much. The revelation that Vlad was actually a pretty okay guy before and that he still could be if only he’d let go, if only Danny would stop fighting him, if only Danny took the fucking time to question things, to understand, to realize that everything has reasons, even if they aren’t obvious or easily understood. It makes me so angry to no end that Vlad continued to be a cliche rival with so little reason as to why. Everything else about his character was there, it was right there, this stuff was all he needed but he just fell so fucking flat during every episode after this one. Perhaps that’s my disappointment talking again, but still. Danny was a good hero character because he made mistakes, and often repeated some of the same ones. He wasn’t perfect, he gave up numerous times with varying results. He was willing to cheat, he was generally unaffected by the destruction shown by Dan until it was revealed his family and friends were dead. He did bad things, of his own accord. He pushed Vlad to his villainous breakdown in Kindred Spirits. He lies constantly. He’s snarky. He see’s things in right and wrong, good and evil, and even by the final episode, this perspective remains, and for someone with that much power, that’s damning. Danny had the good, the bad, the ugly, the substance. Vlad was his opposite solely for that purpose. The show offered little to sympathize him, to make him complex. He was the bad guy, he was supposed to loose over and over and over again, he was expected to just keep getting back up and trying again and he did and it broke him. And yet still, the show focuses on the fact that Danny was the hero. Vlad was villain. Danny didn’t care about why Vlad did what he did because that’s not how hero’s work. They beat the bad guy. Asking questions complicates things. It brings in sympathy, empathy, pity, understanding, compassion, confusion, DOUBT. “He doesn’t deserve this.” “Am I doing the right thing?” “If I’m supposed to help everyone, shouldn’t I try to help him too?” “I feel bad for him.” “This isn’t doing anything but making things worse.”

I repeat again: The sour scent of what could have been.

Maybe I expect something too deep for a children’s show. But can you blame me? Vlad had the perfect setup. The show dropped bombshells with TUE. It had the potential. It had the potential.

That’s all it will ever be now.

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Please please pleaseeeeee a little drabble about the baby bots? Love your works! :3

Baby Bots? Well here you go…

Referring and inspired by this post

“Good morning Sir.”

Tony’s eyes snapped open at the familiar voice that seemed to be a lot closer than usually and sounding a lot less electronic. It took a second for his eyes to focus in on a tall man standing above him. Said man had the lightest shade of blue eyes he had ever seen, lighter than the sky on a quiet fall day. The next thing he noticed was the light blonde hair that seemed to spike out over his hairline. His hair wasn’t long but it there was just enough extra to not be considered a buzz cut.

But from what little he could see of the man above him, aside from his ridiculously straight (perfect) facial structure and flawless pale skin, he had no idea who this stranger was…


He blinked, “JARVIS?”

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i never post any food, so here are some of my favorite food gifs from ghibli movies

plus if you’ve ever been to the ghibli museum in tokyo, it’s amazing because they have AN ENTIRE ROOM dedicated to the food scenes from all the movies.  like it’s a room of scientifically analyzed food eating scenes.  it’s beautiful.  plus there’s a life-sized model of the kitchen from the airship in Castle in the Sky and I KID YOU NOT IT SMELLS LIKE POTATOES IN THERE

People reblogging my metas to tell me I’m a psycho. Umm hellooooo. My blog is a conspiracy blog, it says so in the header. If you don’t like conspiracy theories, unfollow this blog and block “TJLC” – the C stands for Conspiracy. You think analyzing wardrobes is us hitting “a new low”? Oh. Honey. Sweetie. We analyze colors, mirrors, drinks, food, language, props, music, photography, history, and literature. That’s fun for us. You think we’re crazy? Keep in mind everyone on BBC Sherlock who believes in conspiracies are right. Every. Single. Person. Also, we’re the only group of people to accurately predict the entire storyline of The Abominable Bride, so if you think we’re nutcases who should stop grasping at straws, know that there’s a good chance we actually know what we’re talking about at any given time.

Castle of Facade - Part 2

Part 1 
: “Bad boy” Calum Hood isn’t everything people make him out to be. Based on this.
Word count: 1414

Calum isn’t sure what your deal is and that bothers him. What bothers him even more is the fact that he’s bothered by this. Why should he care? So what, you made him feel a little more worthy than he did before? It had been years since he’d sought out the approval of others, especially others he didn’t really know. He shouldn’t care what you think.

But he does.

And he finds himself wondering just how honest you are. What if you were just being nice, and lying to him? You seemed like a truly nice person from what he’d gathered. Yeah, Calum noticed you, too. He noticed the way you seemed to genuinely care about the well-being of others. He noticed that you didn’t flinch whenever he was near. You never whispered to others when he walked by. You didn’t seem scared of him. But, what if you really had been scared of him, scared like everyone else? What if you were just better at hiding it? What if his essay sucked and his writing sucked and he’s a failure at that, too?

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aka the topless men in the mcu and their inner dingus counterparts