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Get Them Drunk on Rose Water (Brendon Urie)

Word count: 1605

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, some aggression, cursing

this starts really angsty but then it gets fluffy too. enjoy!

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First Etrian Odyssey V scans, more details

The first scans of Etrian Odyssey V have emerged from Famitsu. We should have better images tomorrow, but this does provide us with a look at the game. View them below, along with more details.

– Fencer → Skillfully wield pointed swords
– Dragoon → Boast of defense as tough as a dragon
– Cestus → Clear through battles with their tempered fists
– Reaper → Fell enemies with sickles that bring death
– Necromancer → Summoners that command the spirits of the dead
– Warlock → Sages skilled in elemental attacks
– Herbalist → Masters of healing with herbs
– Shaman → Use mysterious powers to save their allies
– Masurao → Warriors that weld four swords
– Hound → Hunters that command falcons and dogs
– New FOEs – Hyppogriph, Hyppogriph, Momonga, Oumu, some sort of millipede
– New character creation system
– Character creation is race-based
– Choose eye, skin and hair color regardless of your portrait design
– Class and race-specific skills
– Similar to how Common skills were handled in Etrian Odyssey III, skills that are universal for your character’s race are accessed via a separate tab in the Custom menu
– Customize the icon sets that appear on your map menu
– Party members can use team up to use Union Skills
– At least four portrait options per class
– There’s a mute option that spans two buttons
– There isn’t a single race skill; it’s an entire set of racial passives, some tiered, and most of which are single-level skills
– Fencer skill set also seems based around elemental chain and prediction/vision skills
– Summoning also doesn’t seem to use the sixth party slot, as one screen shows two aids in their own separate sections
– Both have HP bars, though no TP
– Aslan skill set includes fishing, analyze, double attack, magic heal, something about full power, and something about earth (ground)