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A feeling for which I have no name has taken possession of my soul - a sensation which will admit of no analysis, to which the lessons of bygone times are inadeguade, and for which I fear futurity itself will offer me no key.
—  Edgar Allan Poe
The Science behind HunHan

Warning: I took triple award science and got a B. Thomas took double award and he got a B-. Needless to say, we don’t know our shit, so please don’t take us seriously. 

Alright, let’s get cracking.

P.S. I’ve avoided using GIFs and examples that I personally believe to be fan service, so don’t be throwing shade at me, okay?

I know, I know, I know, I’ve talked about the ideas of proxemics in literally every HunHan text post I’ve ever done, but WITH GOOD REASON.

A close physical relation with a significant other is statistically proven to improve emotional relations. Things such as physical touch, standing next to one another, and even subtle occurrences such as stands of eye-contact can contribute to this build-up of emotional connection.

Intense eye-contact.

Sehun getting exceedingly close to LuHan, resulting in Xiao Lu trying to push him away (I’m assuming out of surprise/awkwardness)

Sehun awkwardly getting into LuHan’s personal space…again :P

These kind of behaviours are due to an increase/rush of endogenous morphine. Endogenous morphine is basically a chemical in your central nervous system that tells you you’re enjoying something. Two of the most common examples of high-level endorphin intake is when one does exercise, or has sexual intercourse (but we all know which is better…let’s be real)

Case studies have shown that an increase of endogenous morphine will commonly occur when in physical contact with a significant other.

One of the reasons I think HunHan is just too real to be fake is due to the fact they were always staring at one another, invading each other’s personal space, and just generally being closer to each other in respects to the other EXO members. I highly doubt this would have occurred if they didn’t have some sort of romantic connection. If the romance wasn’t there, then there would have been no increase in endorphins. Just saying.

I suppose this next bit is more phycological than anything else, but let’s go with it.

Jealousy is an instinctive emotion. It works in the same way as, say, happiness. When something good happens, people tend to feel happy. However, some people act happier than others in different situations.

To put it simply, if someone gave Thomas a cake on his birthday, he’d be over the moon, whereas, if someone were to give me the same cake on my birthday, I’d still be happy, but less so in comparison to Thomas (I’m not a cake fan #shootme.)

Jealousy can be thought of in a very similar sense.

The way someone reacts to something is a display of their personal connection with said something.

Sehun has constantly shown that he has a problem with people being too friendly with LuHan.

Sehun disliking Jongdae holding LuHan’s wrist, so turning to stand between the two as a barrier.

When Suho was talking about LuHan.

When Sehun saw Jongin and LuHan making eye-contact.

Taking the last GIF as my example, if a friendly companion of LuHan’s were to see him make eye-contact with Jongin, they most likely wouldn’t care too much about the entire situation. However, Sehun’s overall reaction to pretty much all of LuHan’s interactions with others outside of himself is a clear display of jealousy.

Jealousy is a natural occurrence within all human beings. It’s an emotion triggered by possessiveness. It dates back to the original animalistic instinct to protect what belongs to you. 

In other words, Sehun be getting all up in your business if you touch his Xiao Lu because his uber uber uber uber great ape monkey ancestors gave him that instinctive trigger trait to PROTECT ONE’S PROPERTY #MINEMINEMINE

lol. Okay.

Lastly, I’ma rant about awkwardness for a lil’ bit.

Awkward behaviour is usually a consequence of when our body goes into fight-or-flight mode. For those of you who don’t know what that is, when you’re faced with an awkward and/or challenging situation, your brain will instinctively switch to fight-or-flight (how and when actually varies from person to person). This is basically a programmed protocol your brain has fashioned to tell you to either run from the situation, or fight the situation. FACT: Fight-or-flight is the sensation that causes us to get butterflies in our stomach. 

For most people 14-25, fight-or-flight is most commonly triggered by anxiety relating to judgement of others around them. Generally speaking, it does not occur with every single person in our surroundings (unless said person has strong levels of social anxiety, which neither LuHan or Sehun do…as far as I know haha).

Something I’ve noticed is that, generally speaking, people tend to grow anxious when around their significant other/longterm crush, thus formulating the fight-or-flight reaction, and resulting in awkward behaviour between both parties.

LuHan and Sehun trying to brush off an awkward encounter with the press when they just so happened to be standing exceedingly close to one another.

Sehun showing signs of extreme awkwardness after being caught staring at LuHan and forgetting to come back up from his bow.

Yet another slightly cringe-worthy interaction (but really, they’re so cute…like whahh)

As far as I’ve seen, Sehun and LuHan generally act more self-aware/awkward around each other than they do separated, due to the fight-or-flight response subconsciously being triggered by being within the presence of a significant other.

But yeah…*cough*

Young Forever + BTS trilogy analysis

idk how long this will get but i’m just gonna simply it (god it’s not simple at all)

So I truly do not believe anyone was dying or dead in the trilogy at all

My reasoning is that if it was as simplistic as that, I think rapmon would have refused to do that lol

but kidding aside, i fully 100% believe that every bts member stands for a specific thing that takes our innocence from us 

Taehyung- Stress

In the prologue we see Taehyung jumping off a scafold and then in Run he is drowning in water, much like how stress drowns people and all we want to do is let go but like taehyung some eventually pull through. Taehyung in I Need U came from a broken home, which often leaves many children feeling stressed. Stressfulness also leads us down a dark path (in this case taehyung killing his father(?) in I Need U). The pain reliever is Namjoon with whom he acts out with and pull stuff like doing graffiti in Run. Getting into trouble, a broken home, and murder makes you grow up real fast.

Jimin- Depression

Jimin is a wallowing pit of self pity and depression. He sits in his pool of depression, focusing on the past instead of pushing out of it, as shown with him in a bathtub throughout I Need U. He cries in the pain of dispair. The burning paper represents his very will. Jimin is giving in to his depression. Depression makes us see dark things, make us lose our innoccence.

Yoongi- Anger

Yoongi’s fire in I Need U was Yoongi exploding his anger on the world. It is also seen through him drowning himself in booze durning Run and acting out and punching Jungkook. Anger makes you do stupid things and blinds you from common sense such as making you break mirrors and causing the glass to go everywhere (Run). The burning photos shows that Yoongi was taking out his anger on the world on his friends when he was at his lowest. Being angry at the world is for adults thus Yoongi looses his innocence. 

Hoseok- Addiction

Hoseok throughout the MVs was popping presumably pain killers. Like many teens, Hoseok is addicted to the high. Only for fleeting moments it numbs his pain but not for long so he keeps going. Addiction takes away your youth. It makes you another person. Your innocence is gone.

Namjoon- Recklessness

Namjoon is carefree. He has a job which can be demanding, but what he represents is recklessness, because while he has a job, he gives into the temptation of cigarettes (the suckers) in I Need U and gives into the temptation of caffein as shown in Run and he really doesn’t care about his habits. He drops his cigarettes onto money and into his coffee showing he doesn’t care for the effects it will have.  He parties and goes wild. Namjoon stays up late getting into trouble, helping Taehyung forget about his problems and having a good time in general.

Seokjin- Loneliness

Seokjin through the trilogy seems put off, meloncholy. In the pictures he takes, it is of them members only. Even when he doesn’t take the pictures he seems to be missing from view. Seokjin is at the point of loneliness where he feels alienated and not really there with everyone. He is detached from the world and all other feelings other than loneliness which is shown through his facial reactions at getting shoved against a wall in Run, and when his house of cards gets knocked down. He feels nothing but the pain of loneliness which sucks the innonence out you becasue no child should ever feel lonely.

Jungkook- Guilt

Jungkook feels he deserves every bad thing coming his way because he can’t help his friends. Jungkook takes the punches from the thugs in I Need U, and even a punch from Yoongi in Run when he was trying to save him/calm him down. He feels so guilty he feels suicidal and worthless (he doesn’t even see scared when the car’s about to hit him in I Need U). Guilt is a driving force that pulls us away from having fun and being young, ultimately tearing away innocence.

Young Forever

In Young Forever, feathers are floating everywhere. In a way, this represents the weight of all their troubles beginning to lighten. The maze of chained fenses shows that they are chained into their problems but are looking for a way to escape them and be free. The camera pans showing they are so close to each other, but divided by their mental blocks they put up because of their problems they’ve been struggling with. Slowly they all begin to escape the maze, exscape their problems, and find each other. They meet on an airport runway, lifting off together to a new beginning together, free of their problems. The sky is clearing in Young Forever which is definitely a contrast to the dark skys of I Need U and Run. 


Now you must be wondering why then, are there flashes of happiness. Those flashes of happiness are not of the ‘past’ but the ‘present’ in the MVs. Although everyone’s innoncence is being taken and they all start to lose the will to keep going- they still have each other. The moral is that when you’re feeling down and in the pits of hell, family and friends are there to ease the pain and eventually save you. Innocence and Youth may be taken and destroyed by our own mentality, but at heart, when we are with friends, or family, for a fleeting moment our youth and happiness comes back, then eventually in full, and we are young again, for problems are what make us old, and no one wants to be old forever.

I’m crying a bit. That was deep bye

A/N: The whole trilogy actually reminded me one of my favorite books called The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison because of the obvious theme of innoccence being lost/taken. (I personally recommend that book for ya’ll to read but it’s kinda a trigger so be warned)

Ladybug and Chat Noir are not mere "Characters”

The real reason why I don’t want LB and CN to be akumatized is because I feel like we should see Ladybug and Chat Noir as the definition and symbolism of what it means to be a Hero. They are the ideal that people would like to be

But I am not putting them in a pedestal. Because in the end, heroes are indeed humans. What I just mean to say is that being Ladybug and Chat Noir is not about being put in a pedestal…

It’s an honor.

It’s a title given to the people who can control the akuma inside them. It’s the title given to people who would never wish to hurt others, despite all the harshness they had been through. It’s the title given to people who wants to have the power to save people from their demons, and won’t condemn them for their mistake.

And having all these traits is what it truly means to be a Hero. It’s not simply about saving others and fighting for Justice. Because when you fight someone, you are hurting them. You only ended up creating more hate. You never solved anything. This is shown by our favorite akumatized villains: Lady Wifi, Evillustrator, and RogerCop, are all people fighting thinking that what they are doing is right. They thought that what they are doing is right. They thought they are serving justice.

But these people didn’t receive the title of Hero. Why?

Because they let their hate take over them. They let their anger to control their actions and judge on people. They fight for what they think is Justice. They hurt others for hurting others.

Ladybug and Chat Noir are the true Heroes. Why?

Because they never let their hate take over them. They don’t judge for what they think is Justice. They try their best to understand the pain in others. And it’s because they understand that everybody has their own pain that they want to heal and soothe it. They don’t fight. They save.

And this has been shown in the Lady Wifi episode.

Tikki: Are you really going to be fine with fighting your bestfriend?

Marinette: I’m not fighting her. I’m saving her.

Tikki is supposed to be the one saying that “saving” is different from “fighting”. She’s the Hero’s wise mentor! But somehow, Marinette knows much better than Tikki (who’s supposed to be the one to teach her that wisdom).  Marinette is the one who corrected her of the difference between “saving” and “fighting” instead of the other way around!

And it’s because of this that now I think that the reason why Tikki is so proud at Marinette for being the chosen Ladybug is because she’s quick to understand the true meaning of what it means to be a Hero… That saving is what Hero’s do.

And fighting people is not saving. It’s not heroic to fight because she isn’t saving people. That’s not what Justice is about (Marinette’s implication in RogerCop and Evillustrator episode). Serving Justice is not about fighting for the injustice that was done. She deemed fighting as bad. And I think this is the reason why she had this view that Evillustrator is a bad guy. Not only because he is akumatized, but because he decide to hurt Chloe instead. That’s not what serving Justice is for her. That’s why she asked Nathaneal why is he being a villain when he is such a good guy.

But Evillustrator only answered that he is only serving Justice to Chloe … and Marinette realized that she won’t get through to him because he’s only doing what he think is right.

This is also why she is so merciless at betraying Evillustrator.

Because she just wants to hurry up and get rid of the Evillustrator (the evil akuma in Nathaneal), to turn him back into a good guy. She is not deeming him bad. But his actions are villainous (even if Chloe do deserve it). This is also why she thinks it’s unfair that she’s being compared to Chloe. She was just doing her actions because she knew that she was only doing what is right (Chloes isn’t. She’s just being plain selfish).

Ladybug and Chat Noir are not mere characters…

They are Symbols.

They are an Honorary Title given to people who can understand that letting an akuma control your decisions is bad. Because trying to drive your point by hurting others is not Justice, it’s villainous.

They don’t fight, they save. And they save people by stopping the chain of pain and hate. There wasn’t any hate around (no one was even blaming at the akumatized citizens) because Ladybug and Chat Noir will be the ones to cleans their sins. Ladybug will just undo all the pain they received, so they have no right to hate anymore. That is why Paris is so at peace. Everyone trusts Ladybug and Chat Noir are the Heroes who will always be there to save the day. 

Ladybug and Chat Noir serves as Symbol of Peace.

And this is why Adrien and Marinette are so proud when they are in their counter-egos.

So what if everyone are just humans to feel pain? So what if Heroes can be imperfect too and has right to feel pain and sorrow? The good thing about LB and CN’s symbolism as a hero is that it doesn’t tell you that hero’s are this perfect beings. It tells you that despite imperfection, you can still be a Hero by never intending to hurt others intentionally. Whether you think it’s justice or not, it’s never right to hurt others.

And this is being shown through Marinette and Adrien.

We are humans that feel hate. We can get selfish. We can unintentionally hurt others for our careless actions. But we can still live out our ideals by trying our best to be like Ladybug and Chat Noir. If you can’t, don’t worry! You’re not a bad guy. Ladybug and Chat Noir will be there to save the day!

By living out the ideal example of LB and CN, I think this is when the world will truly be at peace. This is how we can attain World Peace. This is how we can make a world without hate and prejudice. You can hate, but please don’t let this be a reason to hurt others. You will only create a chain of hate. You are only ending up making an endless cycle of pain. 

If you want an ideal world, where there is no hate, where there is no pain. If you want to have the True Peace. Everyone should learn to live like Marinette and Adrien, the current holders of the title of Hero. They are humans like you, but they never let their akumas take over them.


A lesson for all Sherlock viewers:

*John thinks Sherlock “doesn’t feel things that way” when it comes to sentiment/relationships (ASIB).  He is wrong.
*John doesn’t think Sherlock cares about the clients he helps (TGG).  He is wrong.
*John thinks Sherlock spent two years “playing hide and seek”, all-around wasting his two years away on a game (TEH).  He is wrong.  
*John thinks Sherlock shows romantic interest in someone by ignoring texts and avoiding conversation (ASIB).  He is wrong.
*John thinks Mary didn’t try to kill Sherlock, because Sherlock told him she didn’t mean to (HLV).  He is wrong.  
*John thinks Sherlock isn’t on drugs, that his mind palace is just intense (TAB).  He is wrong.
*John thinks Sherlock isn’t afraid of him getting married (TSOT).  He is wrong. 
*John doesn’t think Sherlock has anyone he’d bother protecting (HLV).  He is wrong.  

If you find yourself agreeing with John Watson or reaching the same conclusions as John Watson, you are wrong.  

This video has a lot of visual parallels to what we’ve seen of the Weeping Angels: it’s black and white, there’s the fuzzy grain, and Matt’s flailing pose even looks a bit like an angel’s attack stance. I didn’t figure out the anagram myself (thank you, tumblr!) but enough is stacking up here to make things very interesting. :3 Plus, I needed an excuse to make a gif.

Analysis Lessons.

I’ve been ‘analyzing’ (which here means watching intensely, and writing down any river quote that tickles my fancy) Any episode with River in it, in order to come up with a theory. So far I’ve analyzed “Time of Angels” “Silence in the library” and “Forest of the dead” (Whose ending NEVER fails to make me sob.) These are my findings:

Silence in the library/Forest of the dead

The shadows that melt THE flesh. (Perhaps i making something out of nothing, but, in spirit of this episode “nutters” say THE flesh)

I trust that man to the end of the universe, and trust me, we’ve been. (WE’VE BEEN.)

There’s a few more quotes, so this is to save your dashes.

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An instagram follower of mine saw my “Dear Body” video and showed it to her mom, and now her mom wants to use it to teach a critical analysis lesson in the AP Literature class she teaches


holy shit