Ajin Anime: Attention to Detail

This is a quick little mini-analysis post focused specifically on the ajin anime. When adapting manga to anime, there’s always going to be detail lost. Takahashi can’t do drugs anymore and no longer has his silly flip flops. Tanaka doesn’t have his flower shirt. At the same time, the anime also has the potential to have it’s own level of detail, things that might not otherwise be included.

Two questions popped into my head after I finished the anime for the first time, and it was only recently that I manages to get answers to both of them. Both of them show exactly how much effort the creators of the anime have put into their work, and serve as great examples of creators going above and beyond.

So, without further ado:

Why does reviving in ajin make that weird noise?

What is up with Eriko’s pants?

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Can we just take 30 seconds or so to look closely at Jackson’s attitude towards Mark during episode 3 of GOT7ing?

But then soon after, a similar thing happens where this time, Mark is more direct with his approach, and goes to hug Jackson.Okay so during this episode, the boys are at a karaoke place, having fun, and all seems well, until closer to the end of the video, where Mark is in on all of the GOT7 silliness, and approaches Jackson.

But then Jackson (who most likely saw Mark approaching him) completely ignores him, and walks past. Coincidence? Maybe?

But then soon after, a similar thing happens where this time, Mark is more direct with his approach, and goes to hug Jackson.

HOWEVER, this time around, Jackson doesn’t even seem to give any acknowledgement to Mark, and immediately moves away from him.

There’s not much of a reaction from Mark when this happened, so we can’t really tell if Mark brought this onto himself, or if they had an argument prior to the filming. But its strange nonetheless, that Jackson, who is usually quite close to Mark, didn’t react positively to Mark’s interactions.

akazukinciacia  asked:

I see, team trust indeed is a very solid reason above all. I agree about kataoka though, if this keeps up he might lost the trust of the player. Eijun already being salty about this. I think he's not particulary frustrated just by kataoka though i'm not sure but his decision affects his player afterall (But I love to see new side of eijun too. The tense eijun looks so mature xD). Can't wait to see the change this match brings to the team. Thanks for the analysis though, keep up the good works ;)

Yup. Kataoka is a firm believer of leading by example, or performance in this case. So it’s no wonder if that’s his main consideration for ace and captain. Both Tanba and Yuuki have been working hard and the hard work showed in the performance, gaining acknowledgment from the team. Based on that, you can say Eijun is also on track to be either (or both, who knows?).

Yup, Kataoka should regain his fairness and objectivity, or he’ll lose trust and respect from more players than just Eijun. I feel like Eijun is more frustrated at the situation, not completely at the people, though admittedly it should be preventable. 

Ooh, tense Eijun does look mature, doesn’t he? I think we’ll be seeing more of this Eijun. His reactions lately are not so over the top than before, a bit calmer and more contained. I am looking forward to the changes the loss bring to the team too, you and I both. It’s my pleasure to do analysis. Please keep it coming, it makes my day :)

Ukraine Says Russia Has Moved Troops, Missiles Across Border, Escalating Tensions

Ukrainian military service members walk past the wreckage of a military vehicle destroyed by pro-Russian separatists shelling in the small town of Shyrokyne, in Eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, on August 14, 2016. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

By Julian E. Barnes for The Wall Street Journal. Published: August 19, 2016 [x]

Ukrainian officials say Russia has slipped new air defense equipment and troops across the border into the eastern part of the country, as part of an effort to step up pressure on Kiev.

The assessment by Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency says 165 Russian troops, part of an air defense battery from the 60th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, have been operating inside separatist controlled areas of eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials believe the new troops have been operating there for at least a week.

“They are inside of Ukraine,” said Col. Serhiy Strilchuk, the Ukrainian defense attache in Belgium. “They are there to fight against Ukrainian armed forces. They have everything necessary to conduct combat operations.”

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko warned Thursday of a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Russian officials routinely deny their country’s armed forces have any conventional troop presence in Ukraine or any direct control over separatists.

Western officials have been divided over the Ukrainian claims, though there is broad agreement among U.S. and European allies that Russia has stepped up pressure on Ukraine and encouraged more separatist attacks in recent weeks.

U.S. military officials this week have said they are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine but they do not believe there is an immediate threat to Ukraine involvingdirect Russian combat operations inside the country.

U.S. military officials said Russians have been rotating equipment in the region bringing out some vehicles and equipment and bringing in replacements.

European officials also warned earlier this week that they have seen an increase of Russian equipment into Ukraine.

Russia has been bolstering its troop presence this year on Ukraine’s border, adding troops to newly built installations as its builds up more permanent military positions in the area.

Russia has also been preparing a large military exercise involving the defense of Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula thatMoscow annexed in 2014.

As casualties in eastern Ukraine have increased this summer, Kiev has sought to bring attention to what they see as stepped-up Russian intervention. Western officials believe both Kiev and Moscow are jockeying for position as Europe prepares to debate the extension of tough economic sanctions. These expire in January unless rolled over.

While some European leaders have signaled a willingness to relax sanctions on Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told German media, in comments published Friday, that she supports keeping the sanctions in place.

Mr. Poroshenko said again this weeklong-term western sanctions on Russia are the only hope to pressure the Kremlin sufficiently for Ukraine to regain control of the eastern Ukraine. Kiev also says their military leaders have pushed a strategy aimed at minimizing any response to provocations in hopes of maintaining support for sanctions.

Bruno Lété, a Brussels-based security expert with the German Marshall Fund of the United States, said he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin has no intention of taking military action in Ukraine, since it would undermine his hopes of unraveling U.S. and European sanctions. But a troop build-up near Ukraine, will weaken pro-western politicians in Kiev, including Mr. Poroshenko.

“By putting all these military means on Ukraine’s border, Putin wants to show the Ukraine people that Poroshenko is not able to defend them,” Mr. Lété said. “I don’t believe that there will be some kind of invasion. But it is putting Ukraine on alert. It is putting pressure on them.”

According to Ukrainian officials the Russian battery in eastern Ukraine was transferred from Russia’s far east. The Russians have moved 21 pieces of military equipment and 30 vehicles into Russia.

Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency released this week a list of names and pictures of soldiers who they said have been identified in the occupied part of Ukraine as part of the unit.

The Ukrainians said the Russian soldiers are equipped with a Tor-M2U surface to air missile system. That variant of the Tor system is designed to hit helicopters, drones and other aircraft flying at low altitudes.

But Col. Stilchuk said the air defense equipment which  has been positioned in eastern Ukraine threatens not onlyUkrainian military aircraft but also civilian aircraft as well.

U.S. and allied officials say a Russian BUK SA-11 surface to air missile brought down a Malaysian airliner, MH-17 in July 2014, killing 293 people. Russia denies its weapon system was responsible.

“This unit is preparing itself to fight,” Col. Stilchuk said. “There is a high probability of an invasion of Russian troops.”

| Analysing Liverpool’s Season Start |

A win away at Arsenal. Brilliant. A loss away at Burnley. Embarrassing. A draw away at Spurs. I’ll take it. Inconsistent is a word that sadly has plagued this Liverpool side for the better part of 2 years now and it seems to be rearing it’s ugly head already again this season. However, there’s no real need for panic just yet. Admittedly, I looked at those fixtures before the season and expected us to lose at Arsenal, beat Burnley and draw with Spurs. 4 points. We did it slightly differently but we still hit my target of expectation. Of course, we dominated Spurs and should’ve probably taken 3 points and we should never, be losing away to a newly promoted side but it could’ve been worse. It’s been an interesting first 3 games but there are some real positives to take.

| Key Player Absentees |

You’d be forgiven for not realising just how many players have missed a lot of game time so far in just three games. Emre Can has managed just one second half cameo, Sturridge featured for all of the Burnley game but a combined 5 minutes across the other two fixtures, Joel Matip missed both Burnley and Arsenal, Divock Origi has been recovering from an injury and is short of fitness, Loris Karius is still yet to play a minute and Mamadou Sakho is for the moment entirely MIA.

Factor in of course as well that even when the new signings do play Matip, Karius, Klavana and Gruijc need time to adjust entirely to the pressures of playing for LFC and playing the Premier League while Mane and Wijnaldum are also still learning their team mates styles of play. Burnley was utterly dire but the standard of football played at Spurs and played for the second half at Arsenal - especially on the front foot - was more than encouraging.

Play football up top like that with a confident and fit Karius forming a gelled partnership with Lovren and Matip and flanked by a more assured Milner at left back and a solid Clyne at right back and we do have an admittedly impressive base. With Emre Can - who can be an absolute colossus at times in the midfield - playing ahead of them and shielding them in the holding mid position then we automatically begin to look much, much stronger. Can’s return to fitness would also see the likes of Henderson and Lallana given license to get involved with attacks with more freedom and suddenly our back 4 and midfield 3 begin to look much more like a unit.

| A Tough Start |

Burnley aren’t the best team in the world but they were fired up. Back in the Premier League with renewed hope of staying there for longer than 9 months and in their first fixture at home they were always going to be a force not to be underestimated. Then of course Spurs and Arsenal finished 3rd and 2nd respectively last season and are Champions League forces now, so to take 4 points against them away from home realistically is a super effort. Especially when you factor in how much we outplayed them at times.

Of course, our start is only going to get harder over the next two fixtures. The new Anfield Main Stand is christened by a visit from reigning champions Leicester and then we head back to London once again to take on a revived and frankly terrifying Chelsea. Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea may have taken 9 points from 9 but their fixtures were nothing but should-be-wins for all three clubs while the likes of Spurs, Arsenal, Leicester and West Ham have all faltered in their opening fixtures just like Liverpool.

However, take 3, 4 or even 6 points from the next 2 games - I’m hoping for 4 - and we suddenly have a nice little run. A tough visit from Mourinho’s United team aside, we play winnable fixtures against Swansea, Hull, Southampton, Crystal Palace, West Brom, Watford and Bournemouth during the time between September and December and realistically should win at least 6 from 7. It’s a real chance to kick start our campaign for at least a top 6 finish. Of course the Reds will need to step up their abilities to put away lesser opposition but with key players returning and gelling by the day and Klopp’s philosophy seeping ever further into the squad, anything is possible.

| Positivity Breeds Unity. Unity Breeds Results. |

The biggest problem with the modern day football fan is that memories are short and reactions are knee jerk. One bad day at the office and Coutinho is suddenly “useless and should’ve been sold to PSG.” One missed game and Sturridge is “probably injured again and should just work in a hospital because he’s naff.” One poor result and Klopp is “Brendan Rodgers with glasses, an accent and a better haircut.” Klopp preached the importance of patience and unity when he arrived at the club and realistically, if anything is going to be achieved we need to have both those things. Players should be supported when not playing well rather than chastised and Klopp should have the belief of the supporters that he’ll turn it around rather than crash the bus.

In Klopp’s title-winning season at Dortmund his side lost 3 of their opening 6 fixtures before turning it around and dominating the competition. This in itself is a lesson of the changing tide that is football. Man City last season won all of their first four fixtures without conceding a goal before falling off completely and barely scraping into the Top 4. Nothing is set in stone in football and if Klopp’s team begin to play as they can and adhere to his philosophy then who knows, we may just be celebrating something at the end of this season. If we aren’t, well then there’s always next season, something that the modern football fan forgets far too quickly. 


It looks like King Alfor either lied to or hid a lot of viltal information from Allura. 

  • Allura mistakingly believes that the Black Bayard is lost with its Paladin.
  • We know that Zarkon is that Paladin and he does have the Black Bayard. 
  • We know that King Alfor wanted to hide Voltron from Zarkon and hid things from his daughter.


King Alfor knew that Zarkon was the Black Paladin. And when Zarkon came to take Voltron, Alfor understood that Zarkon, as the head of Voltron, would succeed. He would only need to make the Black Lion obey his commands once it was in close proximity and the rest of the Lions would follow, as we have already seen here:

Zarkon floats above Voltron and tears apart Voltron into the Lions.

He overrides the controls of the Black Lion and makes it his, even though Shiro is still inside.

The Black Lion even goes in full power when Zarkon takes it over.

The most important part: it ejects Shiro.

This whole situation makes three things very clear:

  • This could have happened 10,000 years ago, when Zarkon first attacked Altea and Alfor knew it. That’s why he hid Voltron instead of going out and attacking Zarkon; he would have given Zarkon Voltron 10,000 years ago and then the Galra Empire would have been truly unstoppable.

  • That’s why King Alfor made the Black Lion available only if all the rest were present and scattered them throughout the galaxy: he tried to tear the bond between the Black Lion and Zarkon. 

    And the most important of all:

  • Shiro is not the Black Paladin. 

This last one may be hard to swallow, but it’s true. When the two men had a battle of wills about the Black Lion, Shiro got [r]ejected by it. And as we know, the Lion chooses the Paladin and not the other way around. We also know that the relationship between the Lion and the Paladin is “a mystical bond and cannot be forced. The quintessence of the pilot is mirrored in his Lion(Allura, ep.1).

In other words, Shiro worked only as a contemporary replacement for the Black Lion. When shove comes to push, the Lion responds to Zarkon. 

This was also hinted in episode 9:

“You’ll never beat Zarkon.”

…for the Black Lion. 

Add to all this Shiro’s fear that he’s part of the Galra Empire already and that he’s a “broken soldier” and we have a nightmarish scenario for Shiro: not only he’s not the official Paladin of the Black Lion, but he’s been able to connect with it just because he’s part of the Empire that Zarkon created. 

Or, at least, that’s how Zarkon can present it and throw Shiro into despair. 

However this rabbit hole goes even deeper:

King Alfor knew all of this. 


How could he know that Zarkon would do all of this? His actions in hiding the other Lions and making the Black one available only when the rest of them were present worked as a counter to this particular bond Zarkon has with the Black Lion: that of a Paladin. 

King Alfor tried to severe the bond between Lion and Paladin. 

How could he know the extend of Zarkon’s abilities?

There is only one simple answer:

He was a Voltron Paladin as well. 

Which one?

The Blue Paladin.

OK, obviously, everything in this show is colour-coordinated. King Alfor wearing all this blue kinda seals the deal. 

However, there is also something else. 

This post by @arcticfoxbear is a good guess about the quintessence of the Blue Lion, the only Lion whose quintessence we know nothing about yet (and trust me, it is on purpose).


Alfor trusted Zarkon. He trusted him to the bitter end. 

It’s no question that since Zarkon was the Black Paladin, he fought on the good side once upon a time. He fought for freedom, for the good of the people and for justice. His change into a power-hungry monster who sees weakness as a sickness that must be ripped apart from the root couldn’t have happened in one day. Zarkon must have spend years having these thoughts. 

And as we know, the Paladins are of one mind, without any secrets. 

“The original Paladins fought hundreds of battles together, side by side. They were like a pack of [insert alien animal speces here] linked by the ears.” (Coran, ep. 2)

Actually, the whole of episode 2 tells us that the Paladins are of one mind, that they put each other’s safety above their own, that there is unquestionable trust amongst them. 

So, there’s little doubt that Zarkon’s ideas about power must have been known to the other Paladins early. How come they didn’t do anything to stop him before the situation reached.. well…

…at this point?

The answer: Alfor trusted that Zarkon, his brother in arms would pull through. That he wouldn’t become a tyrant and a monster. That things would become better again. Alfor had trust and most importantly, faith.

(BTW, faith is what I believe that the quintessence of the Blue Lion is.)

Lance has faith in all of his friends (yes, even Keith) and that is his characteristic. His childish ramblings about parades and kicking Zarkon’s butt easily come from this. 

Also, here’s a nifty parallel:

Allura falls asleep in the arms of her father, the original Blue Paladin, calling “Father…”…

…and wakes up yelling “Father!” and falling again…

…in the arms of a boy who is the new Blue Paladin.

Subtle, but well-crafted.

And let’s be honest here: Voltron: Legendary Defender is a reboot of a shounen anime and anyone who has watched even one shounen series knows that the power that makes the protagonists pull through anything is faith. Despite all weaponry and training, above technology, magic or experience, what makes shounen heroes win is faith to oneself and… 

…you guessed it!

Faith to one’s friends. I believe in my nakama, bitch!

This elemental power is still missing from the quintessence of the Lions and since the Blue Lion’s is still unknown, it is safe to assume that Lance is the one whose characteristic is the faith to each other.

And let’s not forget: faith is the best weapon these kids will have in the climactic battle. 

Lance is bound to become the glue that brings them all together and makes them beat Zarkon, from this perspective.

Plus, it’d be a good way to undo the damage King Alfor did by putting his own trust in the wrong person (Zarkon) and letting things reach a point where Zarkon was capable of defeating the fleet of an entire planet. 

And to return in the beginning of this post: Lance’s faith will be what brings Shiro back, what helps him pull through. The previous Blue Paladin let the Black one fall into the darkness, the new one will save him.

I know that Shiro and Keith seem to be closer now, but Keith’s immaturity and overestimation of his abilities (he tried to take on Zarkon on his own!!!), plus his short temper make him unsuitable to be the rock when everything falls apart. 

In Lance we trust…

…and I have zero complaints about it.

This is how you save money on animation right

Using the same model several times in the shot without making it obvious

Or using the same animation loop several times all at once, but hiding it by heaving them timed differently

This one is just the same image copied and pasted several times

So is this one.

But you probably didn’t notice (too much), because the crew expertly crafted the shots to make them seem big and dynamic, so you don’t notice the repeated elements.

But probably the best way Crewniverse made sure you didn’t notice the repeated animation is through context.

Throughout the episode, you’re introduced into the Watermelon community.

Its people, their lives, their culture.

Their similarities and differences.

You get to know them as a community that is made of real individuals who live real lives on the island.

So when it comes to their battles, you believe it that is a community of people putting themselves on the line for the Crystal Gems and Steven, and for their island. And not just the same few watermelons repeated.

Watermelon Civilisation

Now that I’ve sufficiently got the watermelon parody posts out of the way, I want to talk about how the Watermelon Stevens made their way into having their own village, and what they value now that it’s there.

1. On Possessing Bodies

The first indicator of their lives we get, is the farming sequence. As it turns out, the Watermelon Stevens (WS for short) create life. I don’t know if this is something Rose Quartz did with her armies, but if they did, they would be a terrifying force, enemies who could respawn without their commander. I think it would make sense though, that Steven and Rose would be in full support of creating more life. They believe that each individual has an experience worth sharing and a life worth living.

So I guess that makes it terrifying that Steven failed to realised they were playing “Not it” and got chosen, and then the WS body he was in got eaten by Malachite.

That’s a life right there, who had to be sacrificed to move the story along. It was totally sentient, and Steven sort of just popped it out of its body. Nobly, if he didn’t sacrifice himself for Steven’s consciousness, we never would have found Malachite and defeated the Cluster in time. I guess the question here would be about this other WS then.

When Steven’s consciousness drifts back into his real body, does the consciousness of that WS return to its original body as well? If it does, does he remember anything? I’m not sure, but I sure hope so, if not, that’s a terrifying power Steven has. It means that he’s very connected to his soldiers, but it’s also a constant reminder that he holds infinite power over them and that he could take their very real lives away at any moment.

In the heat of the moment, trying to figure out what to do about everything, Steven probably wasn’t too aware of the repercussions of what he’d done. But knowing Steven, he’d be very guilty when he realises what happened to the WS he temporarily possessed. Steven is never up for a meaningless loss of life. That’s why in the WS’s debut appearance, he made a big deal about their fighting one another and the Crystal Gems. It wasn’t worth it and it wasn’t worth the sacrifice of Baby Melon.

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When the ruby squad saw Garnet they were upset they’d been tricked, fused, then entered into a discussion/interrogation about jasper, which Steven was quickly and easily able to diffuse… suffice to say the rubys didn’t attack.

When Garnet refused she also doesn’t immediately go on the offensive/defensive (Pearl does, she manages to pull her spear while the rubys are fusing) but Garnet just stands there and watches.

Guys, nobody was really in danger

So Ruby and Sapphire unfused… they had a fun day, competitive but relatively stress free, and they managed to what? 

  • The Crystal Gems got to Bond with Lapis. She is given a chance and excels. She also smiles at the rupphire flirting. Lapis. Smiles.
  • The CGs interacted with (nonaggressive) homeworld gems in a friendly way. I don’t think these common soldiers will forget this brief reprieve on our lovely planet. 
  • Eyeball was definitely paying attention to how they all interacted- to the love and friendship and happiness. Was there some jealousy there? Or maybe just the sudden realization of a need that’s not being fulfilled on HW. That “Thank You” seemed too heavy to not have a deeper meaning.
  • Leggy and Navy were ready to move in or at least hesitant to leave Earth. Earth is the beautiful, peaceful place. Earth was fun. Nobody tried to kill me on Earth.
  • Army and Doc got to be competitive and show-boaty without having to hurt anyone! 
  • Peridot gets the chance to stand up for the Crystal Gems and Lapis, and she does too. Showing Lapis that friends protect each other.
  • Steven also gets to save the day with his quick thinking- and… lying (Connie must be rubbing off on him lol) which can actually be a very important skill for him to hone. Garnet knew he could handle it though, and now Steven and the others know it too.
  • The Rubys, Lapis, and Peridot got to meet Ruby and Sapphire (and watch them fuse into Garnet) That was probably like nothing they’d ever seen before! Lapis gets the reminder that not all fusions are toxic like Malachite. Peridot gets to experience a real life “Percy and Pierre”, not something framed and scripted. The Rubies get to see cross fusion for maybe the first time- and its NOT as a War Machine…. its as a giggly love-strong purple dork.

So of course Ruby and Sapphire were their flirty happy loving selves, there was no reason not to be, and every reason to be. Every reason to not treat this situation like a mission

Why this fight is so symbolic

Something I want to point out is not only is the current setup a throwback to when Gray and Juvia first met:

It’s also a huge reference to basically all of Juvia’s previous fights.
- Gray vs Juvia (Phantom Lord)
- Juvia wanting to sacrifice herself during the fighting festival for Cana, so she wouldn’t have to hurt her.
- The Meredy battle in Tenroujima, as both Gray and Juvia were linked there (now chained here).
- The GMG fight against Lyon and Chelia because of Gray & Juvia’s bond and teamwork being pushed to the forefront.
- Juvia vs Keith in Tartaros, because Juvia is trying to take on the responsibility of doing what needs to be done, but is still being put in the position of hurting Gray.

For Gray, this is once again someone sacrificing themselves for his sake, and in this case it’s the woman he loves who is always by his side. All of his past trauma is making it’s way back again.

While I do think the two will fight, because it was foreshadowed:

The chapter will most likely be centered around their actual relationship and the two trying to break free of the chains with their love for one another (Gray AND Juvia, Not Gray VS Juvia). We’ve also been promised Gray’s answer, and while initially he wanted to wait until after the war was over:

Sometimes things just can’t wait.  With chapter 500 just around the corner, I expect something big for the two. This might just be a coincidence, but 50 chapters ago the title was “Mavis and Zeref”

We got their tragic love story, and now it’s  “Gray and Juvia”. But Gruvia will be the ones to succeed where Zervis failed.

Because Juvia lives for the ones she loves. She doesn’t die for them. :)


When Peridot is lamenting her failure in capturing the corrupted gem, she looks at her hands with looks of sadness and anger.

She probably still misses her old limb-enhancers and doubts her own abilities without them. Homeworld taught her that she has nothing without them, and that the technological enhancements are everything there is to her. Even lying to her about her abilities.

She relies too much on technological extensions to herself and is trying to unlearn the idea that she has no worth without them.

That’s why she’s boasting and focusing on her own intellect throughout the whole episode. She focuses on her own mind as the source of her success, to prove herself that she’s more than just tech.

But when her brains fail to yield any results, she begins to doubt herself and her abilities, and the confidence and self-reliance that she worked so hard to teach herself.

That’s why this moment, as silly as it is, is so important.

It’s the moment she regained her confidence in herself. To prove to herself that she’s more than just technology, and she’s even more than just her intellect. She’s a person.

Before I do any more analysis, the general impression I got (and I think we can all agree) was that whatever went down at the bottom of the sea for almost a year messed both of them up, and their perceptions of what a relationship should be like are pretty skewed. 

What Lapis did at the end shows that having a support network really is important. She’s taking strides to both recognise she was hurt in an unhealthy relationship and recognise she did some hurting too.

Jasper’s been completely alone this entire time. No one to tell her this was unhealthy; no one to be critical of her actions; no one to stop her from chasing after Lapis. Everything about Jasper so far shows us she wants to be big and strong and fusion gave her that, but it wasn’t healthy. Both of them, at one point or another, were using each other. 

Jasper is doing a lot of harmful things, both to herself and others. She’s desperate to get back on the fusion train because she thinks there’s nothing else for her. And she did a lot of hurtful things to get there, like tossing people around, smacking Steven, not listening to Lapis’ saying “no.” She’s not the same Jasper we saw in The Return, who was self-assured and calculating.

So I’m really glad that Lapis said “no.” She was tempted to go back to that toxic fusion. It’s like experiencing withdrawal from a drug. It’s difficult to leave a relationship when it feels as though you’ve shown everything to the other person. From her point of view, they know so much of you now, what happens when you leave? How do you start again? It was really hard for that “no” to come out, and I respect that she overcame her struggle to jump back into being Malachite. And I like how it came from her and not Steven. She spoke for herself, she made the decision to step away from this and start healing.

But right now, I think they do need time apart from one another. It’s easy to fall back into the same patterns of an unhealthy relationship when the other person is right there. I do think though, that Jasper needs someone to explain things and to make Jasper wake up as well. Lapis had Steven for that, and to an extent she also had the gems. Having no one, isolating whom we view as the “bad person” doesn’t help them change rehabilitate, because they reinforce their own behaviour. If we want Jasper to stop undertaking these kinds of actions, that’s really something to consider.

I’m sure I have more to say about this, but it’s something I still have to put into words.



so lets talk about this classic scene

This adorable funny little scene of when Saitama tried to kill the mosquito. Hahaha! Good times. The strongest man on Earth can’t even kill a mosquito! So relatable and funny! HAHAHA NO SHITS ABOUT TO GET DEEP

As most know from both of the first episodes, Saitama talks about his crisis in the first episode while walking home from the grocery store. However, in the manga, it is handled much differently and actually occurs when he is watering his cactus, listening to the news about the swarm of mosquitoes.

This is why this scene is important. The mosquito is his example of his problem. And why this isn’t in the anime, only god fucking knows, because its so important.

So, why can’t the strongest man on Earth kill a puny mosquito?

Some might ask the same thing of why is the strongest man on Earth so broken and psychologically fragile?

This is what Saitama asks himself every day.

If I’m so strong, why am I so weak?

In the first episode, he mentions it feels like he’s lost all humanity in himself.

This mosquito is a representation of how Saitama struggles to grasp what he lost. A symbol of how little it seems to such a big, seemingly strong person. 

You’d think that since he kills everything, like a bug, that he could tackle his emotions, no problem. But he doesn’t.

Everytime he thinks he has it, he doesn’t. It escapes him. 

and it drives him absolutely mad.

Because even Saitama doesn’t understand how something as little as getting a grip on his humanity and self and the very root of his problems can slip past somebody like him. He’s been through so much and done so much, so he should be able to take care of this, right?

It is confusing and insanely hard to try and find the root of your problems when you are so emotionally numb.

It’s actually tiring, and exhausting, when no matter how hard you try, how strong you think you are, that simple problems can whiz past you and keep literally attacking your brain like a pest.

Like a bug

You can’t let it go, but you can’t catch it.

This crisis of his feels like the most annoying bug in the world. You can’t catch it, you can’t solve it, even if you are the strongest man in the entire universe.

And that is why

Saitama relentlessly failing to catch the bug of his problems, led to Genos.

Because even though it may not be the root of his emotional crisis

 its a start

and It’s a sign

It’s a sign that even the strong need somebody who knows this pain to help them. To heal

And thats why

Meeting Genos through his pain is the beginning of Saitama’s journey to emotional healing


I was watching the Madoka Magica movies again and these scenes from the opening really stuck out to me. I think it’s a brilliant move, showcasing scenes from Madoka’s happy childhood when by this point we already know of the sacrifice she makes. I also love the contrast between Madoka’s scenes, which are full of happiness and loving friends and family, whereas the other magical girls (sans Sayaka, who shares Madoka’s happy life) are shown alone.

To me, this makes Madoka’s wish all the more meaningful. It’s brought up multiple times in the actual series that Madoka has no reason to become a magical girl, as nothing she could gain from it would come close to the happy and comfortable life she already has. Madoka herself can’t even think of anything to wish for when she first meets Kyubey. But she decides to become a magical girl anyway, not for herself, but out of pure and selfless empathy for the countless girls who have suffered throughout time and space. 

Numerous times throughout the series, it’s questioned if there even is such a thing as a truly selfless wish; it’s argued that all wishes for others are, at least in part, motivated by some kind of selfish desire. But Madoka makes such a selfless wish that she actually becomes selfless, transcending to a higher plane of existence. Giving up her humanity was such a huge sacrifice for her to make, as these scenes show us, but she did it anyway because she didn’t want magical girls to suffer anymore. She had the most to lose out of anyone, as the scenes with Mami, Kyoko, and Homura demonstrate, and to me that makes her the bravest of all of them.


Peridot can make a functional blaster. She could’ve made one for herself.

She could’ve used it against the Crystal Gems. She can still use it against them. But she chose not it.

Pearl knew about it, she could’ve forbid Peridot from building it, but she chose to let her have it.

Peridot and the CG don’t just say they trust each other, they act it.

These little details that are multi-faceted and serve more than one purpose in the story are one of the many reasons this show is so great.

“You will be tempted”

Now that The Force Awakens is out on blu-ray, people have leapt on the Forceback and picked apart every image and every element of the audio track. Unsurprisingly, there’s much more to listen to than you would initially think. Star Wars News Net posted the following breakdown of the dialogue, and it’s absolutely legit (incidentally, it’s worth checking out the original article, since they have the clip and link to the original sources of all the dialogue snippets):

[00:08] Yoda: It’s energy… 
[00:14] Yoda: …surrounds us… and binds us. 
[00:14] Luke: No! No! 
[00:21] Obi-Wan: You will be tempted… 
[00:23] Obi-Wan: But you cannot control it. 
[00:25] Yoda: surrounds us…
[00:25] Obi-Wan: The Force will be…
[00:35] Palpatine: …any Jedi!
[00:38] Obi-Wan: You will do it… 
[00:48] Obi-Wan: Rey… 
[00:53] Obi-Wan: These are your first steps.

All of this is fascinating, and makes an already intriguing scene richer. What is perhaps most interesting to me, however. are Obi-Wan’s words about temptation. They bleed into the scene in the rain, where Kylo Ren appears to save Rey from an attacker. The dialogue is lifted from The Empire Strikes Back, specifically from the scene where Obi-Wan and Yoda attempt to dissuade Luke from abandoning his training:

Luke: But I can help them! I feel the Force! 

Obi-Wan: But you cannot control it! This is a dangerous time for you, when you will be tempted by the Dark Side of the Force.

The way the words have been chosen and put together is fascinating to me. By combining them in Rey’s vision as “you will be tempted, but you cannot control it”, the emphasis is completely changed - instead of referring to a lack of control over the Force (as was the case with the original dialogue), the re-cut version refers to a lack of control over an impending temptation. The suggestion is that Rey will be tempted, but that she will be helpless to avoid the temptation - it is a fixed event in her future.

You could argue that the dialogue was meaningless background noise, or a reference to the temptation Rey faces at the end of The Force Awakens when Kylo offers to teach her. However, I find it far more exciting to consider it a nod to the future beyond The Force Awakens - Rey wasn’t truly tempted when Kylo Ren offered to teach her, showing no sign of being swayed, so I think the temptation referred to is still to come in her future. And when coupled with the theory that the scene in the rain - the very moment that the lines can be heard in - is actually a vision of the future, the line becomes very interesting indeed.

But those are just my thoughts. What do you make of this? Do any of the other lines jump out at you?

SO because i’m a huge nerd and i made several posts about this last night, i decided to make one big masterpost analysis about the Pines Family’s character designs

first i’m gonna compare Stan and Ford’s designs, then Mabel and Dipper’s, and finally the family as a whole

Stan and Ford

Visually, Stan and Ford have a lot of similarities and differences. one major similarity they have are their color scheme.

(Stan has two shades for his 5 o’ clock shadow; the first is season 1 and the second is season 2)

(the rest is under a readmore due to length)

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