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I love reading your httyd analysis' and would love to know what you think of Gustav in the 3 seasons of the tv show. Personally I think need needs some more love and less condemnation from gang.

I agree with you. The Dragon’s Edge gang has fair reason to find displeasure with Gustav. He is obnoxious, meddlesome, and impulsive.

But this kid

is the same age as Hiccup at 

this moment.

They are both sixteen. And by sixteen years of age, Hiccup had already trained Toothless, fought and killed the Red Death, battled Alvin the Treacherous and Dagur the Deranged, and more. 

True, during “The Flight Stuff” when sixteen-year-old Hiccup first denies Gustav into the Dragon Training Academy, he says, “This academy was born out of timing and necessity,” explaining that they did a very brave and foolhardy action by riding dragons without any prior learning experience. He does have a very good point there.

But sixteen-year-old Gustav is living in a society where riding a dragon is not quite as dangerous as it was during Hiccup’s childhood. Gustav also already has had experience with Fanghook, the main thing that the Dragon Academy found him lacking of back in the day. We can tell he has gained experience, probably on his own timing. For Gustav in Race to the Edge has arguably just as much control over Fanghook as Snotlout does Hookfang. Fanghook burns three things by clear silly accident; Snotlout had a worse record when he was sixteen. Other times, Fanghook responds very well to Gustav’s verbal commands; Gustav rides his dragon well; and Gustav and Fanghook have established a clear bond.

Gustav even makes comment that he scooped out dragon poop from the stables for two years for Hiccup and the Dragon Academy. Impatient as he typically is, Gustav has tried to prove himself gradually over time before flying down to Dragon’s Edge. In truth, during those two years he helped out with the dragon stables, he should have been receiving a bit more experience and instruction on Fanghook. The Dragon Academy could have given him that gradual experience he needed to become a full-fledged, mature dragon rider by this age. I suspect they did not do much because they were not big Gustav fans and had already formed bad impressions of his character. 

Sure. That definitely does not excuse everything Gustav does in his childhood or here in Race to the Edge. He does just grab the Dragon Eye without asking and other obnoxious, hugely irresponsible things. That is not cool and that is dumber than Hiccup was (in sooooome ways) at sixteen. Nevertheless, I feel that Hiccup and his friends shut down Gustav extremely quickly in “Gone Gustav Gone”. As eighteen and nineteen-year-olds, they are not too keen to deal with someone who has a little bit less maturity than they currently do. Astrid calls looking after Gustav “babysitting” despite the fact she had enormous potential as a sixteen-year-old. 

And Gustav has great potential, too. He knows how to fly Hookfang. He did amazingly clever things with Dagur. He has intelligence and aptitude. He is just a bit irresponsible. And dragon training, frankly, is a great way to learn said responsibility. He is more irresponsible untrained than he is trained.

I can understand why Hiccup and the others become quickly fed up with Gustav. But both sides have points. Hiccup has a point that Gustav is reckless. Gustav has a point that the others denied him quickly. 

I think it is probably a good idea not to have Gustav on Dragon’s Edge yet. The young adults nevertheless could have delivered that idea to Gustav with much less condemnation. I agree with you - Gustav should have received a little more love and respect from the get-go. I believe Hiccup realizes it halfway through the episode, too.

Fucking Dammit: Brief Rachel Dolezal Class Discussion

Ok, so. In my Media Research and Analysis class we were discussing Rachel Dolezal and like. Ok. I said she was racist for saying that she’s Black because her definition of blackness involves adhering to stereotypes. And I said that I don’t adhere to those same stereotypes, so by her definition I must not be black. And also that she’s a goddamn liar. If she wanted to immerse herself in black culture, fine. But her changing her appearance to what is essentially blackface is offensive, as well as all the half-truths and lies, and her appropriation of the term “transracial”, which is a term used by non-white adoptees who are raised in white families and feel something of a cultural emptiness or disconnect when it comes to their ethnic/cultural identities. She wasn’t an adoptee. She changed her story too often to believe anything. She avoided questions and walked away from interviewers. She VERY OBVIOUSLY pretended not to understand simple questions, such as “Are you African-American” and has given several different answers for the same fucking questions. 

Apparently, nobody in class has read about her as much as I have, because everyone seemed to just think it wasn’t a big deal or say “Well isn’t her grandma Black so doesn’t that count?” (there is no evidence to support the fact that she has any black ancestry, as she herself has lied several times about her parentage). It was super frustrating and then one woman said that it’s racist to call Rachel racist -_- And I just fucking can’t. So I muttered that I’d like to beat up Rachel. It was hyperbolic. I don’t wanna beat anyone up. I’d like to sit her down and tell her why she’s fucked up, but I think it’d go over her head anyway. She doesn’t believe she’s black. She has made a conscious effort to blur and obscure and fabricate aspects about her family and past in order to cover up her lies. It’s not the same thing as being transracial or being transgender or transsexual. She’s a fucked up lady appropriating the lived experiences of others for…I don’t fucking know. I don’t know what she gets out of it. The fact that everyone glosses over the obvious lies and signs of her being a piece of shit in order to make excuses for herself was just really jarring. I don’t care that she wants to identify as Black. I question her motives, but other than that, I don’t fucking care. I DO care that she has been consistently intentionally deceitful and has tried to use the struggles of other legitimate marginalized groups to excuse her shitty behavior. It’s selfish and it’s wrong.

Also, people comparing Dolezal to Caitlyn Jenner are way off. Rachel Dolezal intentionally lied and misrepresented herself in an offensive way. She lied about her parents, she lied about the circumstances of her birth, and there is evidence to suggest that she lied about fucking hate crimes by reporting incidents that hadn’t happened and even staging them against herself. Caitlyn Jenner has always been a woman. Caitlyn hasn’t lied to anyone. It is not the same thing at all, and to suggest it is or even say that Dolezal’s deceptions are at all comparable to Jenner or any other transgender/transsexual people is foolish and shows a severe lack of understanding of transgender identity. If you use it try and justify Dolezal’s actions, you’re either missing the bigger picture or are horribly misguided; if you use transgender issues to try and dismiss Dolezal, you’re transphobic garbage. It has nothing to do with her. Separate thing entirely.

Like, Dolezal literally APPROPRIATED THE STRUGGLES OF OPPRESSED GROUPS with her fucking bullshit.

Just. Ugh. I’m so fucking worried that anyone whose opinion I actually care about in that class probably thinks I’m some shitty person for saying I wanted to beat her up because their understanding or take on the situation is that what Dolezal has done is perfectly acceptable because they probably haven’t even looked much into the details or maybe they really have done their research and still hold that belief. I don’t know. I just don’t like being dismissed and misunderstood. Maybe it doesn’t matter as much to anyone else because they don’t see it as something harmful to them anyway. Like. For me, as a blackgirl, it’s fucking irritating and insulting and oftentimes heartbreaking that I can’t fucking live without someone throwing in their two cents on the “right way” to be a fucking black girl (wtf??) along with the prevalence of negative stereotypes that affect every opportunity I may have, but this woman-who is quite obviously PLAYING at being a black woman-comes along and everyone wants to just say “Oh just leave her alone. Let her live. She’s perfectly fine.” I’m AN ACTUAL BLACK GIRL and nobody gives a shit about letting me live. In short, fuck Rachel Dolezal because she’s a liar who trivializes real issues for her own personal benefit. Not because she wants to be black.

do you ever think about the first time Kai ever hugged Jinora? like him doing it without thinking - maybe out of happiness because let’s be real this boy needs some happiness - and then he freezes and is really nervous but jinora just smiles and wraps her arms around him and gives him a little squeeze and he relaxes and just hugs her back (and he may or may not be tearing up too)

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u say ms all american is about a milf. why?

(This ask is in reference to this post)

Okay, my child, let’s get into this.

First off we have the name: 

“Mrs” means a married woman (or once married, depending on the woman’s discretion). Assuming this song is being sung from the POV of a teenager, nobody his age would be married.

Then we get into the lyrics:

“That minivan that you drive really gets me going” A minivan is notoriously  a “mom car.” You don’t see many teens rolling up in a minivan. 

“And if it feels like it’s right, then it can’t be wrong / No one understands the chemistry we have / Yeah, it came out of nowhere” All of these lyrics imply that there is something wrong with the relationship. If this song were about a fellow girl teenager, what would be wrong? It’s not hard to believe anyone in the same age range would have chemistry. Obviously, there is a lot wrong with a relationship between a mother and a teenage boy.

“It’s not like we planned, it’s getting out of hand” implies a relationship that is only meant to be lighthearted and playful. If you have a crush on someone’s mother, you would probably feel it is okay to have harmless banter and some flirtation, assuming you would never get past that point, but this lyric says the relationship is progressing and “now we’re gonna go there,” ‘there’ implying… well it implies sex and I hope that’s not what they actually meant because that’s a bit creepy, but that’s just the nature of the beast. 

“Don’t be shy, Mrs. All American,” Being the adult in this scandalous relationship, it assumed that she, the older woman and mother, would put an end to this… crush. Being shy would show that she is uncomfortable with what they have.

“Not just a neighbor,” Why would he be saying this to a girl his age? He would be more likely to say it to the hot mom next door. He wants more, though the community merely sees them as neighbors, and maybe she does as well.

“My lips are sealed, there’s nobody that I would tell / Your secret’s mine, close your eyes and I’ll make you melt,” So, their relationship must remain a secret. And clearly the girl is more concerned about this then the boy, considering he is the one who must promise secrecy. If this relationship got out it could lead to serious repercussions… Including jail time on the mother’s side, so she REALLY wouldn’t want this getting out.

So yes, you could make other arguments as to what this song actually means, but this one is clearly the strongest. 
And that is why Mrs. All American is 5SOS’s subtler version of Stacy’s Mom.

Understanding the Greek Debt Crisis

Origin: Hey, remember that huge financial collapse that torpedoed the global economy back in ‘08? Yup, that hit Greece particularly hard. 

Okay, it didn’t all start with the financial collapse but thats the origin of the latest debt spiral Greece is experiencing. Greece had a history of economic troubles and debt in the 90s but enjoyed a period of economic growth after joining the EU in 2001, largely due to cheap loans. When the financial collapse hit this backfired as Greece, like a lot of countries faced stagering economic woes (remember a huge part of their economy is tourism which tends to particularly suffer in economic down times). One problem for Greece became they were unable to manipulate their currency to improve the economy (a common practice) because they had switched to the Euro and no longer had control over it. 

Greece was forced to take a bailout deal from international and European creditors (the IMF, ECB, and European Commission) to rescue their economy. These creditors handed Greece loans in exchange for austerity measures, consisting of tax hikes and spending cuts. 

What has Austerity done for Greece? Believe it or not the Greek economy has actually grown under austerity. Barely. And you wouldn’t know it by looking at the Greek people. 

Unemployment is at a startling 25% and that doesn’t include under-employment, part-time employment, and those who have left the country to improve job prospects. The best analogy for Americans would be the Great Depression. Things are bleak and many Greeks don’t see how they can get better. 

Austerity has become a bitter word in Greece as most Greeks believe its only held their economy back while creditors feel its the price to be paid for the bailout. On a side-note the austerity vs spending debate is a long held one in economics and has failures and success stories on each side: when an economy fails to you try to jump start it with more money or is more debt just digging yourself deeper? 

A New Government: Frustrated with an anemic economy and what has come to be perceived as an unsympathetic and dictatorial Europe, Greeks voted in a far-left socialist party, Syrizia, headed by Prime Minister Tsipras with the promise to get a better deal for Greece in negotiations. 

The Syrizia Party’s subsequent negotiations with European creditors have been tumultuous to say the least. Greek Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis rhetoric became so inflamed he compared creditors to terrorists at one point. 

European creditors are frustrated as they see Greece trying to renege on past promises and looking for special treatment (after all several other European countries have a similar deal and are living up to their end of the bargain). Additionally, because other countries are in similar positions the creditors don’t want to set a precedent that would encourage other countries to look to renegotiate and lead to what could be an unsustainable model. 

Negotiations and a Referendum: With deadlines to repay loans fast approaching and unable to actually do so, Greece was forced to try to renegotiate with international creditors. Creditors countiued to push for austerity as Greece argued against such measures. As negotiations dragged with both parties frustrated but determined to reach an agreement, Prime Minister Tsipras suprised everyone by announcing a nationwide referendum on the new bailout terms offered by creditors. European creditors immediately pulled the deal and refused to negotiate further until the referendum had passed. Believing it would give his party a mandate and leverage in negotiations, Tsipras urged Greeks to vote no to the new deal. Before the vote could be held, Greece officially missed its deadline becoming the first developed country to default on a loan. This forced banks to close for the past week and Greeks have been only able to withdraw 60 euros a day (or less if the atms ran out of money).

No-Vote: On Sunday Greek voters went to the polls to vote in a referendum on whether or not to approve the latest bailout deal with European creditors. They overwhelmingly voted no sending shock waves through global financial markets. While many Greeks celebrated what they see as a show of independence others in Greece and around the world are asking what now?

What’s Next: 

A new deal? European creditors have shown mixed reactions to the no vote. Some now seem unwilling to return to the table. Germans in particular, lead by Chancellor Angela Merkel, (who hold particular influence in the EU) have seemed frustrated with Greece. French President Francios Hollande has been more eager to return to the bargaining table. The firing of Greek Finance Minister, Varoufakis, who made many enemies may help bring creditors back to the table. 

Despite Tsipras’s insistence that he is now in a better bargaining position it seems unlikely that creditors will reverse months of tough negotiating stances due to this latest show of intransigence. 

Its anyone’s guess whether a deal can now be reached. 

Leaving the EU? If a deal can’t be reached Greece will most likely be forced to leave the European Union. This will hurt the global economy (though not destroy it) and may hurt the EU in non-economic ways as Greece would be the first country to opt out. Greece’s economy looks to take a much larger hit. Without an influx of currency from the EU Greece won’t have any currency and the economy will likely grind to a halt. Without access to the single-currency Greece will be forced to return to the drachma. This is a big deal because a) it took five years to switch from the drachma to the euro b) Greece relies heavily on imports and the drachma would be worth less than the euro making Greeks savings suddenly worth less than they were a couple months ago further crippling the economy. Greece may be able to recover from such a hit but in the short-term they are looking at economic disaster. 

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Hiccups grandfather appears in the books, and that got me thinking if they might appear in the movie and I want to know of your opinion on this ( and also who would be perfect to play the grandfather in the movie)

I don’t believe Old Wrinkly will appear in the movies, tragically! I adore the old man and his half-successful soothsaying, yet I do not think he has a narrative place in HTTYD 3. There is an enormous chunk of story to be told in the movie, so they will already be short on time, and so introducing a new character will need to be done only with utmost reason. But the third movie can show the poignancy of losing a family member (Stoick) and dealing with a smaller family with Valka, without introducing Valka’s father.

Frankly, if Old Wrinkly were alive in the DreamWorks version of How to Train Your Dragon, I would wonder why he has not spoken up about Hiccup’s mother. Hiccup does not seem to know much about his mother, but you would think Hiccup would learn more if Old Wrinkly were around. He would be someone who could tell stories of his daughter, after all. So my suspicion is not only that Old Wrinkly will not make an appearance in the How to Train Your Dragon movies, but that Valka’s father also is not living during the time Hiccup grows up.

At one point in time the makers of the first movie were going to introduce Hiccup’s grandfather. They drew concept art of him and everything!

What happened to Old Wrinky was he turned into Gothi. The Art of How to Train Your Dragon says on page 86, “The now out-of-picture Old Wrinkly once served the Viking community as its “wise old man.” His character was a predecessor for Gothi, a soothsayer who fulfilled a number of different duties over the course of her time in the film. Her role varied from shaman of the village when a mythic element had to be explained to an empathetic confidant for Hiccup when he needed her to talk to her current role as village elder.”

As I see it, Gothi is a shadow of Old Wrinkly in the same way that Astrid is a shadow of the book character Camicazi. Gothi and Astrid fulfill the general roles Old Wrinkly and Camicazi would have had, meaning that these book characters have no reason to make an appearance in the movies.

But I could be wrong. Originally Hiccup’s mother was going to appear in the first movie, and obviously that got scrapped. Old Wrinkly got scrapped and I don’t think he’s going to return, but in all technicality there’s nothing stopping the writers from throwing him in there if they really wanted to.

As far as who should voice act him in the hypothetical situation he came? I am horrible knowing and following actors and basically can only identify people from my fandoms. Which means that Gandalf, aka Sir Ian McKellen, came to my dorky mind first. XD But frankly he’d do a pretty fun job at it.

You know, I look at explorers of time/darkness/sky as not a separate world, but really a grand tale that people tell to teach kids morals. Like think about it. The characters are simplistic and exhibit at most two sides, both of which are very exaggerated. For example, Guildmaster Wigglytuff being happy ladeeda and YOOM TAH! or the partner being extremely anxious and good-hearted. Sunflora’s ohmygosh-ing, Loudred’s fluctuating volume control, the Sableyes’ weh heh heh, Koffing, Zubat, and Skuntank…. Those are all things we put in a kids’ show to break the world down for them. And I could go on. The Marill and Azurill brothers with an ill mother, Bidoof wanting a younger apprentice to teach things to, the other apprentices supporting the player’s absurd-sounding message after the return from the future, being swept far away as a consequence trying to take jewels, the partner taking the blame anyway for the ruined perfect apple-gathering mission even though it was Skuntank bc trying to convice Chatot would make the situation worse, Dusknoir turning over and fighting beside Grovyle to the end, etc, etc, etc. It’s very a complex plot and world for how simple the characters are built to be. But that’s because it’s a tale of two kids facing the great big world, written for kids to hear and learn good values in life. Just take five minutes and think about it. Chatot saving Wigglytuff’s life in the cave, the player dealing with her grief and “telling” the story, the idea of the thief being in the right… good will prevail. it’s endless, really.

Ramblings of an INTP (warning, don't expect to understand)

Over the past few nights I’ve had some pretty abstract if not ridiculous conversations with a person I met recently.

He asks me many questions, but it’s in a strange sort of sense. He may be an INFJ, because he explained that he pretty much knew who I was, but wanted to hear it in my own words. (For whatever reason…)

His explanation of who he was to me was this:
He knows so much that it’s exhausting, and he gives to other people without a second thought because he has everything already.
I can only infer that he is an infj. I get gut feelings about people. I tend to know if there is something “off” about them, even if it’s minor. Strong gut feelings let me know that they should be avoided. But with him, I didn’t sense anything like that.
I’m sitting there, asking him question after question about himself and why he gives so much.
He also told me that money corrupts, which more often than not has proven true.

He explained to me what he saw through his eyes, and said it matter of factly. He asked me what I saw aswell. I explained to him my perspective, and he said that he sees that aswell, but on much clearer, more abstract detail, color, everything. So basically, in theory, he sees and feels everything exactly how it is, which is apparently more than I could imagine in my head. He’s likely right. I could understand clearly where he was coming from, but I couldn’t empathize or experience any of it.

It’s strange. When people lie to me, I know nearly 100% of the time.
Yet when people tell me the truth, I tend to not believe it, or question to fuck out of it.

I can’t say he is lying, yet I don’t know if I believe him, and that generally means someone is being honest with me when I can’t tell that they are and/or don’t get a shitty gut feeling. Zzz.

We discussed mbti for quite some time, and discussed a theory. My theory is that if the types go in order, and reincarnation is actually a thing, that ESFP are likely the youngest of people, and INFJ are the oldest. Once again in theory it correlates as much as one can infer from unproven information. ESFP’S from what I’ve observed are like carefree kids that literally live for fun and excitement. Almost as if they’re just starting out life and want to experience everything or as much as they can. INFJ from what I can analyze, are almost like… gods. In a sense. Except they don’t seem to be completely aware of it. It’s like they experience everything to the highest potential possible, but don’t exactly know where they came from. They just tend to know what they are, and are open to certain people about it, but not in a “I’m so awesome” set of way. In a “yeah, I’ve known for a while” sort of way. I plan on going into psychology and making a career out of my passion to learn and know everything I possibly can. Gaining knowledge to me is everything. I just observe, analyze, and perceive seemingly endless outcomes to whatever interests me, with rare occasions of just being perplexed and wanting to know whether it intrigues me or not.
/insert change of subject matter

Studies pertaining to “intellectually gifted” children seem to range from a series of positive and negative signs. Bizarrely enough, children who only make high grades in the subject matter that interest them, and ones that seem to be paying little attention, tend to surpass the intellectual capacity of other students who function “normally” as society calls it. It is often depicted as stupidity, being unorganized, rebellious, or no desire to achieve anything.

School was a load of insufferable bullshit to me. I learned what I wanted to learn, and grasped it to an extreme that perplexed other students and teachers.

I questioned everything, and demanded an analysis (in a reserved sense) of why or how something was. Oftentimes I would ask questions about stuff I cared very little about, just to have the information.

I believe I have Negative symptomatic ADHD, where my energy is only exerted into subjects that appeal to me, and cause me to think outside the box to one’s maximum potential. However, I won’t bother on subjects that either A) Aren’t able to be analyzed, perceived, or broken down, or B) Multiple ways of doing something but reaching the same outcome. Slapping something in a book or on the wipe board that has no depth or thought process to it generally means very little to me if anything at all. Oftentimes you would find me correcting the teachers.

My cognitive functions clash constantly. Mathematics perplexes to no end. (I’m still relatively pathetic at it) Thinking about how an answer is reached seems to correlate. However, when multiple ways are shown to do the same action, it’s pointless to me. This only applies to me in the mathematical field. Technical and mathematical subjects to me don’t require multiple instances. If a way works, then continue it.

The stereotype that INTP’S are math wizzes is a load of shit. I’m sure some of them are, of course. But what about the abstract INTP’S like myself? I guess we don’t exist?

Thoughts are beginning to simmer down a bit… at last.

Long story short, I performed pathetically in school because I never developed as I should have.

I will dispell a common myth right here and now. Online sources (we can only hope they’re not full of shit) warn that if a child with a surpassing IQ develops incorrectly, that they fail to ever develop properly, and more often than not dismiss their own intelligence due to other children and adults not understanding them.

I developed incorrecty, on a massively incalculable level.

Yet, I can’t say that it’s stopped me. And the only reason I can think of… is because my love for knowledge and endless curiosity never died. I refuse to let myself rot in the ground when there are still thousands of subjects and places worth exploring and explaining. I would say in these past week few weeks, I’ve been more or less supporting myself in the way my parents should have done.

If I’m laying here listing my thoughts out in this fashion, then I must be doing something right. (or maybe not) About to pass out, thanks in advance to anyone who reads this!

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Everyone always says "Disney princesses have unrealistic waists" but many of the princesses live in a time when corsets were common (except Rapunzel, Tiana, and maybe Anna/Elsa). Thoughts??

Actually instead of unrealistic waists, I noticed a pattern among the Princesses depending on which era they were from. I think what Disney was trying to do was to try to paint their Disney Princesses in relation to the “ideal body type” of that era as they felt that the Princesses are supposed to be someone every girl wants to be, like a role model and I guess that went to the physical appearance of the Princesses as they wanted the audience to think the princesses are attractive. Like ok let’s look at them one by one:

The classic Princesses’ movies were released from 1939-1959, which is the era where women with curves and a thinner waist were considered ideal. Snow White being in the 1930s, had the ideal body of having emphasised hips and waists,  and Cinderella’s hourglass figure ( I took a picture of Cinderella where she probably wasn’t wearing a corset) was considered ideal then. For Aurora, she kinda follows that ideal but she’s also thinner, in fact she’s probably the thinnest Princess (if you don’t count her corset). But notice that her movie was going into the 60s which ideal body type was to be tall and thin. So she’s kind of an in between of these two ideals. I know you’re gonna say that the movie took many years to make so when they were developing this, it was during the 1950s, so look at this early concept art of Aurora where her waist is thin but she has a lot of curves towards the bottom:

Now let’s look at the Renaissance Princesses:

Ariel, Belle and Jasmine were probably made in between the late 1980s to the early 1990s, and in that era, extremely thin and angular bodies were considered ideal during that time. In this era, cases of anorexia was also increased which further emphasises on what was considered ideal. These three princesses are really thin in terms of their waists and hips, and their overall appearance of body is pretty angular. For Pocahontas and Mulan, they are also really thin but due to the nature of their characters ( Native American and warrior in China), I guess their bodies also changed to fit them as Native Americans were slightly more rounded and athletic. Chinese women naturally have a smaller body type, plus Mulan was more athletic in character. But apart from their character traits, they still kinda follow the ideal body type of being thin and angular.

Revival Princesses:

Flat stomachs, tall, thin, bigger butts, healthily toned bodies and uhhh some other things which I’m not saying, are the in thing now for an ideal body type. All these princesses looks like they have healthy bodies and the other features of the current ideal body. Merida, who’s from Pixar, have a slightly different body type, by having a slightly more rounded figure. But notice the overall features still comply with whatever I just said above. 

So conclusion? It’s not about whether they have unrealistic waists, because they are animated characters, and like you said, some of them probably wore corsets. But more of how the rest of their bodies goes in proportion with their waists, and how their bodies follow the ideal body of their era. To us in this era, bodies like Ariel’s may seem unrealistic because of our current ideals, but maybe it was less unrealistic back then? I hope this answers your question!

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Doug/Art said we are going to get some diversity with the new characters. Do you think *gasp* we are going to meet Eret's tribe or... *bigger gasp* Drago's tribe?

It’s a really exciting question, what other tribes we will see! I suspect we will not see anyone from Drago’s heritage, being as Drago is said to come from a very distant land in HTTYD 2. Though the Dragon’s Edge crew have traveled very far, I don’t believe they have traveled far enough or in the right direction to run into Drago’s people. For all we know, Drago’s people might have a different societal organization and not have tribes at all.

Eret’s people are more likely and that would be really interesting! I could go for some people who are like the Sami in a Race to the Edge episode. I have some doubts that we will see them, but I could be wrong! If we are going to show some HTTYD 2 lead-ins within Race to the Edge, it would be interesting to see people like Eret’s. They live further north, but they seem to be ship voyagers, too. Hiccup and the gang would have to run into people who are not dragon trappers, though, to prevent the surprise that happens in the second movie. But that still leads us wide open for many plot ideas.

I know it won’t happen but a part of me would laugh so hard if we met Eret’s father Eret.

The tribe I have the biggest guess (or hope, however you want to interpret it) we might see is a creative spin on the Bog Burglar Tribe, or some people sort of like them. Art and Doug also say they will be showing us a tribe of dragon-loving allies with a female chief or something like that, and that makes my head sing, “Bog Burglars!” They have been very happy giving us book references in the television series thus far, they have continued to do so in Race to the Edge, and if they pull in another tribe, they could have us see the Bog Burglars. And making them more diverse would make me pleased if they did so!

in appreciation of super team manager, Matsuoka Gou

All right guys, let’s talk about Gou-chan, because we don’t talk about her enough.

Gou, for my money, is the most underappreciated character in Free!, by virtue of the fact that she is not a Hot Guy (this is really no offense to Hot Guys, they’re great too, just that they always inevitably overshadow Gou). I’ll readily confess that I’m victim to this as well; Gou is a character I’ve always found a little difficult to grasp, and as a result haven’t always paid as much attention to as she merits.

And actually? I’d like to think that that’s the way Gou herself would want it to be.

From the first two episodes of the series, it’s already evident that Gou is an incredibly resourceful and tenacious person, and that she cares a lot about her older brother. Right off the bat, we see her eavesdropping on Makoto, Nagisa and Haru, we see her texting Rin to push them together…

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Can you explain why you like Q Misato? She got a lot of flak since the last movie and I was wondering if I could hear some of your thoughts on her character progression?

oh god, i hope you’re ready for what is definitely going to be a long and passionate rhapsody on this topic – and you’re absolutely right, there are a lot of people out there who think q!misato “completely destroyed misato”, etc. obviously as someone who loves both nge!misato and q!misato – and someone who sees the very natural nexus between the two – i couldn’t disagree more. to keep it short and succinct, the reason why i find q!misato so fascinating is that she’s all but given up on her original goal to be a mother, and became a father instead. 

misato is the only character in evangelion that we’ve seen go through most of lifes’ stages – we’ve seen her as a little kid no older than 5, we’ve seen her as a 14 year old, we’ve seen her as a college student, we’ve seen her as an adult on the cusp of her 30s, and now we’re seeing her as a 43 year old woman. that’s her father’s age – she’s no longer so much the ‘victim’ of her father’s trauma but an actor implicit in her father’s trauma. misato’s at the age where she is reenacting what are now solidified internalizations about how the world should work upon the younger generation, namely shinji.

like i said, this got long. more under the cut.

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What do you think is going to happen after Dagur gets his armada? He has a list of people he wants to kill, but how do you think its all going to come to a climax in season 1 of Race to the Edge?

Oh man, this is a tricky question. I am not altogether certain how it will climax, but I bet my buttons Heather will be involved. They did not reveal her relationship to Dagur for no reason. There is still going to be more coming out of that plot point… and I imagine it could bring us to really thorny situations around the climax of Dragons season 3. 

I think the most optimal climax would involve multiple things:

  • Heather coming to grips with news of her familial blood. And doing something really stupid about it. Helheim, I would even take her hopping onto Dagur’s ship and saying she’ll join him (wouldn’t it be fun if that were another one of her lies?).
  • The Dragon’s Edge gang learning something enormously significant about the Dragon Eye (maybe involving the Reaper to come a full circle from the opening?)…
  • …at the same time that Dagur makes his move and attacks. During “Dragon Eye of the Beholder,” he threatened Hiccup that the next time they would meet would be in BATTLE. Battle. Did anyone else get a little worried as soon as he said that word? He is planning on using that armada for something even bigger than taking out Hiccup… even if Hiccup is going to be his main priority. And Hiccup is going to have a close call.

These are all vague suspicions, I know, but I don’t want to over-predict. I’m very happy watching Race to the Edge with an open mind and waiting to see what the writers are going to do. But I would love to see if anyone else has any firmer predictions about the season finale!

Snake's Communication Skills

Analysis suggested by: madness-mischief-misery

Snake is such a fascinating character to me, and there are so many unanswered questions. Is a snake hybrid that was perhaps experimented on much like Finny? Perhaps he is simply a person that really bonded with snakes? How on earth does he communicate with the snakes anyway? So many questions – and one little analysis.

Please note, this is purely my headcanon for the character. As such, feel free to agree or disagree with anything I’m about to type.

I think Snake is human, although he had these unusual physical features since birth. He was probably even called Snake when he was young and was rejected by society. Feeling very alone and distant from people, he began to bond with snakes since he had heard from cruel people that he was more like a snake than a human. As he came to know them, and he was accepted, he learned to communicate. They don’t have an exact language with one another. Hiss, hissss, hiss hissy doesn’t translate directly, but Snake does understand what they are saying. This is how he could get the message that Ciel had been in the restricted area of the first tier tents. The snakes don’t understand his words directly as snakes are deaf. They can, however, feel the vibration of his speech as they are often on his skin. They also can tell his body movements, body temperature, and even sense a bit of his emotions so they get the idea of what he’s trying to say. This is how they communicate.

Snake’s been hurt quite a bit in the past, so he keeps his emotions carefully bottled up inside. In fact, he also looks rather sad or even distant. He passed on his emotions and expresses his feelings through the snakes themselves. It’s not that Emily’s really more caring or Oscar is more brash. While Snake is ‘translating’ what they are saying, he’s also projected his emotions and feelings on the snakes so that each one almost represent a part of his personality he has subdued. By speaking through them, he can express how he feels in any given situation as he rarely speaks for himself. It’s almost as if he has dissociative identities, but instead of this being personalities inhabiting the same body, he has given these identities to the snakes. There’s even a question if everything he says the snakes tell him is completely accurate or more of what he wants to say. Again, it is obvious he has some understanding as you can see with the incident with Ciel, but this isn’t to say that his emotions could never influence his translations. Seriously, he could tell us that one of the snakes is singing a piece of opera, and we’d never know the difference.

Snake and his snakes communicate by mutually understanding one another. Since Snake is the only actually mouthpiece, however, he can use his friends to express feelings and thoughts that he might not have felt comfortable doing with his own voice.

Vriska-Dependence Day

Today is Independence Day (4th of July) in America.  So you know what that means, riiiight?

I am going to talk about Vriska of Homestuck.
Why not.
Very patriotic thing to do.

So.  That rascal Vriska was pretty gosh darn mean to our little punk Vriska bae, huh?  Made Meenah ditch her like a sack of potatoes.  Poor Punk Vriska.  She didn’t deserve that… or DID SHE?  Well.  Mostly maybe and a little bit of no?  She did do a lot of nasty stuff in the Dream Bubbles so… Bah!  Doesn’t matter.  That was just a hook anyway to lure you in.  Like a fishing pun.

What really matters is… does Retconned Vriska have a point?  Her attitude when she told off Punky was certainly uncalled for, but there is no doubt that she is right.  The Vriska of the Game Over timeline has lost herself to death.  She has become like every other resident of the Dream Bubbles.  Dead.  Um… in a metaphoric way.

She lost all her drive that kept her from becoming complacent and ineffective.  She doesn’t even have any control of her (after)life!  We pretty much saw that her relationship with Meenah was pretty much one-side when it came to decision making.  Not so much that Meenah is bossing Vriska around, but Vriska is making Meenah do all the deciding for her.

Vriska’s dominating personality has clearly been converted into a more submissive one.  Like Tavros.  Which is probably what ticks the new Vriska off so hard because she is seeing a version of herself that is as weak willed as the nerd she used to boss around.  Maybe even weaker willed!  Yeah.  It becomes quite bad when Tavros is better at standing up to Vriska than (Vriska) did in the latest updates.

So how did it come to this?  How did Punk Vriska become such a “loser”?  How did she essentially lost her will to “live”?  Well, I think it is pretty obvious.  The disaster that was the treasure hunt.  That event pretty much destroyed her.  First her friends left her because of her ruthlessness.  Then John, a person whose opinion she admires over anybody else’s, essentially told how much he hates everything she was doing.  Soul crushing.  So much so that she threw away captain’s coat.  Which is like she is throwing away her more childish side.  Which she now has disdain for.  A disrobing of disdain if you will.

A seed of self hate was planted that day and Vriska slowly began to change.  She became less confident of herself.  No longer seeing herself to be so great.  This worsens when Aranea went rouge and tried to take control of the session.  Vriska’s doubt made comparisons between herself and her dancestor so that it can eat away at the rest of her self-esteem.  Vriska now hates her old self and became willing to change herself when Meenah offered her the chance.  And thus started Vriska’s dependence on Meenah.

Wow.  What an ironic word to use on a day like this.

Anyway.  There we have it.  Vriska was right.  Punky’s “happiness” is a lie.  For she is really in the midst of coping with depression.  Which was made worse because of getting dumped with fish puns.  Maybe Punky Vriska could have became truly happy and still have her self confidence if Meenah knew how to help somebody in her situation.  But she doesn’t.  Which leads us to Ghost Vriska’s second worst day of her afterlife.

That is just tragic.  Like wow.

Sober MV analysis

So the whole concept for the video is that they are confined to these white spaces and the scenes outside are all in their imagination, right? 

For Seungri the tie-in element is the table.

For GD it’s the bed.

It’s the most obvious with TOP because of this screen transition. 

Daesung is clearly air drumming in the white room.

Now Taeyang does not have a shot in a white room but we first see him in that enclosed shower and we see him struggling and banging against the window as if he means to escape. Then we see him trying to escape again as he calls for a Taxi. I think the metaphor here is that maybe he is indulged but still feels too sober, so he is trying to escape further?

I think that the white rooms may be a metaphor for the entrapping, daunting and mundane sobriety, whilst the shots outside are the fantasy land they go into when they are not sober. So we see the themes of the ‘sober’ world being carried through into the ‘fantasy’ scenario because the substance is ‘improving’ on their life or rather their perception of it. That is why they seem much more happier and the surroundings are much more vibrant and stimulating, because they are idealising this ‘indulged’ reality. 

These shots of spinning rooms are most likely a visualisation of being tipsy and feeling like the room is spinning around you. 

Seungri runs around in a mist looking around for something he lost which is probably a visualisation of how lost he feels after the breakup, still searching for something he will never get back.

GD sings about a break up and perhaps he is able to indulge himself in the happy memories of the relationship through the use of alcohol.

In the last shots they are all wearing the same clothes as they wore in the white rooms so, they either a) found a way to have the same experience of happiness whilst staying sober or b) completely given themselves up to the ‘indulged’ reality so therefore there is no longer a separation between their sober selves and their indulged selves. Hmmm not so sure…

Anyway, that’s my take on it.

anonymous asked:

Do u think Heather would accept Dagur as her brother?

Ooooooo. *enormous cackle* 

The more intuitive answer most people would probably say is “No.” Heather tried to kill Dagur, after all! Even though Hiccup intervenes in “Have Dragons Will Travel Part 2,” telling Heather she is related to the Berserker, one wonders if Heather still wants to end Dagur’s life anyway. She is unstable and bloodthirsty enough at this current time she might still decide to attack him, regardless of his status.

Over the years, it is far more likely for Heather to accept Dagur as her brother. I do not mean accept him in a warm, chummy manner, but in the sort of sense that she has made psychological peace with the fact they are related. That I imagine will occur over time. People are pretty good at coming to grips with news once they are given a few years to chew over the information. The question is how soon that acceptance will happen.

It is possible for Heather that it will take a long amount of time for her to emotionally settle. Dagur murdered her foster family (and real family probably)! This will not set easy with her for good reason. Frankly, she might not fully accept it until after Race to the Edge time, though I would not be surprised if the writers wanted to close up her story arc and thus showed us Heather at mental peace.

It is also possible… though less probable… for Heather to do a ridiculous swing. This is the less intuitive answer to the question. Heather might swing and come around to join Dagur. The reason I say this is that Heather, when alone and rethinking life, might acknowledge she has been extremely bloodthirsty lately. That is something she will have to come to grips with, and she could come to grips with that in multiple ways. She might shrug it off and decide she will still try to kill Dagur anyway. She might feel uncomfortable and try to reform herself. Or she might say it is part of who she is, that it is akin to how Dagur is, and think that accepting her darkness might as well entail joining her brother. It is an extreme and incredibly stupid reaction, and hopefully when I say “less probable” I mean “she’s not dumb enough to do that,” but that could be one interesting twist which makes her “accept” Dagur. It is not entirely out of reach given the contorted logic she has already shown in Race to the Edge.

However it happens, I think Heather will accept Dagur as a brother. She will accept the fact. She might never accept him, though.