Devilman 1972 decided not to include Ryo Asuka in it. Eventho Go Nagai pitched real hard, they still didnt include him and it kinda makes sense in the long haul.

In Devilman 1972 Ryo never shows up -> Akira dies -> Amon takes over -> fights demons but the apocalypse never happens. Why? Because Ryo wasnt there to begin with. Ryo is the beginning and end of the infinite loop that is Devilman. The devilman concept has always been a human heart within the body of a devil. (Devilman 72 does the opposite.) Devilman is born thanks to Ryo being Akira’s chaperone (the beginning) and the apocalypse, which is caused by Ryo, being the reset trigger (the end).

I know this was not an intended move from the creators of Devilman 72 but in the end it bizarrely makes sense. In Cb chara go nagai world, there is alot of canon trivia that the original content doesnt contain. When Akira dies at the end Ryo says something along the lines ‘I dont want to be in a world/timeline/universe that doesnt have Akira in it’. So Ryo not being in Devilman 72 is kinda valid?

Devilman 72 is the only timeline that doesnt have the apocalypse, which makes that timeline (and devilmanlady) the only timeline(s) that exists outside the loop.

there are a lot of instances in tbv where it’s obvious that there’s a thorn in the side of tewfiq and dinah’s growing appreciation of each other, and that thorn is the character of sammy. from dinah’s muttered “ben zona” in the cafeteria to the awkward exchange tableside to the pinnacle of their conflict at the park, we see that sammy and dinah are pretty much not on good terms. “tell me,” sammy shouts in hebrew to dinah in the park (tewfiq uncomprehending, confused and, i daresay, more than slightly agitated), “are you normal?…what do i care how you feel? you’re the embarrassing one here!”

oof. to say the least.

so it is apparent to the audience, even without the translation, that sammy is an antagonist in this story. but why, then, would this antagonist sing, “in my dreams, my beloved lies beside me / when the sun lights the room, i find it’s only me” in answer me?

it is confusing to take this line literally from this character in the context that we as the audience have. does he still harbor feelings for dinah? not likely, considering how willing he was to blow up in her face in front of her and her companion, in a language said companion would not understand. 

but here’s an idea - how about we abandon taking this line literally?

it’s a pretty big given that one of the themes in tbv is that of loneliness and the subsequent desire for connection. “in my dreams, my beloved lies beside me,” sammy sings. perhaps “my beloved” is not a person. perhaps “my beloved” is an idea of one. so many times, outside of this narrative, we hear of people lamenting their broken relationships with others, with an assertion that “i fell in love with the idea of them, not so much with them.” maybe “my beloved” is the idea of someone who can fill the gap that loneliness leaves within a person, can fill the need and desire for connection.

maybe for sammy, the idea of “my beloved” was, at one point, dinah.

but then what happened?

“when the sun lights the room, i find it’s only me.” the sun lit the room. something changed. (dare i say, something different came about?)

and now, the relationship between sammy and dinah is what we see in the musical.

however, sammy is not the only character singing this bridge. he takes the first half as a solo, but another voice joins for the second half - zelger.

now this is interesting for some reasons, and not necessarily good ones.

it has been put forth by, i believe, sharone (i don’t have the exact quote on me so i can’t link a source but i know i reblogged something about it awhile ago) that anna, her character, is a representation of dinah as a young woman. if that is true (and i have interpreted it correctly), perhaps zelger is a younger version of sammy. we see zelger and anna interacting quite passionately during the rink scene, and we can assume that this is zelger’s idea of an attempt to drain the moonlight, to end the dark, to do away with loneliness for a night, for a life.

perhaps, since he is joining sammy in this line, he is likely to become like sammy.

well, as dinah so put it, “you can see for miles, but it all stays the same.”

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I know that Jandi is well hated on tumblr, for pretty fair reasons: the two characters are bratty together, don't communicate, etc. But realistically speaking, if we were to see any other ship become canon before the series finale, do you think the show would let it be drama free? I can't help but think that any ship given screen time would be just as dramatic and unsatisfying as Jandi?

Dear reader: I’m prefacing this post by saying that I’m going to speak pretty generally about some rules of storytelling. I’m aware that there are obviously exceptions to the things I’ll be talking about. You don’t need to fill my inbox or the comments with the exceptions. Ok? Ok.

Anon, you are absolutely correct about not letting any ship be drama-free. That’s just the nature of television and dramatic storytelling. Stagnation is death. You really can’t have a happy couple just going on dates and holding hands and smiling all the time and never having anything go wrong. Well, you can maybe do that for a short amount of time, but you’d better be setting them up for something awful afterwards. And you can’t do a whole season of that. As much as we might want these characters to be happy, there’s no drama in committing prolonged happiness to film. It’s boring.

This is why it’s so common for ships live in that will they/won’t they stage for several seasons. Because more often than not, the thrill is in the chase. And you can do more stories in the pursuit of a relationship: characters can drift apart, they can have other relationships, they can have false-starts and issues with timing, they can have disagreements, and on and on.

If you jump too quick into a relationship, you risk Shipping Bed Death, which is basically the idea: your ship connected, now what? There are still episodes to be filled.

So now you write a lot of relationship drama, and that can be a difficult line to toe, because you want it to be interesting, but it can’t be so dramatic that a relationship would have trouble surviving it. Or maybe the relationship doesn’t survive it, and you break the couple up, then reunite them later. You can do that once or twice if the show goes on for a while. But if you keep doing it over and over and over, the audience starts to get frustrated, like, “Oh great, this again.”

Or you write them as a happy couple. Happy couples are hard to pull off in episodic television shows – think of your case-of-the-week crime shows, or your monster-of-the-week action shows – where the conflict comes from guest stars and plots that exist outside the characters’ relationships. Character relationships on shows like that get maybe two minutes at the beginning and/or end of each episode for progress. And even then, they often run into trouble. There’s very little smooth sailing.

But on serialized shows, like Andi Mack, where the conflict comes almost always from character relationships and the story carries over from episode to episode and season to season (ie. things are very rarely wrapped up nice and neat at the end of 30 minutes)? Writing a happy couple on a show like that basically sucks the drama out of a chunk of every episode.

That’s not to say it’s impossible. These options could work if a show is written well. But Shipping Bed Death exists as a trope because that quality of writing isn’t common. Generally, either option you choose becomes unsatisfying to the audience.

Let’s look at the specific example on this show. As it appears now, Jonah and Andi are together and doing well, even with Jonah missing for two months. They’ll be some fallout from the time away, but I don’t know if that would be enough to break them up or anything, so I’m sort of feeling like we might see the writers try to make it through season 3 with them intact. And that makes me a little bit worried from a writing standpoint: there are a lot of episodes to cover from “Andi’s Choice” until the end of season 3. (That’s assuming season 3 is the final season, and, if so, we’re looking at about a 30 episode span.)

You definitely can’t have them as a happy couple that entire time. Can you keep them together then, and come up with strong relationship road bumps along the way? You could certainly try, but my confidence in it being done well isn’t very high. Especially seeing as thus far it’s been mostly communication issues as the root cause of much of their drama. I’d hope the producers would know better than to think they can just have Andi and Jonah not speak clearly to one another for a season and a half and call it a day. I hope there’s a few more interesting tricks up their sleeves.

Anyway, I think this speaks to your last point about how if any other ship was confirmed and then given as much screentime on this show it would be equally as unsatisfying. I’d sort of agree. It’s hard to say because we’re just speculating how things in an alternate universe would be going, but I imagine if the problems weren’t nearly similar – childish behavior, communication problems, etc. – they wouldn’t be that significantly different. (Part of that is because this is a rated TV-G kid’s show, so there are limits on their storyline possibilities. There’s only so far you can go on Disney Channel – no one’s going to prison or dealing with substance abuse or anything.)

Ultimately, I don’t hate the idea of a Jonah and Andi relationship. I think it has potential to work well if done right. But you gotta do it right. Find that sweet spot to give them drama and keep them interesting for these next ~26 episodes without going too far. And be careful with potentially breaking them up again only to reunite them a third time later. You’re going to really test the audience’s patience. (Yes, yes, a big chunk of the audience’s patience for them is already gone. But there are still quite a few Jandi shippers watching.)

I guess the point is, if you’re rooting for a ship in particular, hope for it to be delayed a little. Enjoy the build-up. If it happens too quick, you might find yourself disappointed with the results.


by Anime Philosopher

A Perfect Day for Banana Fish
Really nice analysis of Salinger’s short story and quite good ideas of how this will play out in the anime/manga.

I guess I’m not surprised? Voltron thoughts and spoilers.

Review for season 7: Eh?

Honestly, I don’t understand how Voltron can be so well-written one season and so poorly written the next. I think season 7 was worse than season 4. I haven’t yet watched a season where I was concocting my review before I was finished watching, but I was honestly waiting for it to end by the time I was halfway through. 

I didn’t know I could be bored through an entire season. 

Like, I was literally just waiting for the end, hoping for something amazing to happen. I was literally like “wow, maybe all the paladins will die and then they won’t have to be subjected to poor writing like this anymore.” 

I just… I don’t get it. Season’s 5 and 6 were great. So what is this pile of shit? 

The first half is basically filler episodes full of stupid idiotic antics and literal fun-poking at Lance that is never addressed. I mean, he was literally called dumb over and over and over again and it was never addressed again. I mean, he was hardly in the season, frankly. 

Keith was… Keith was an asshole. I mean, Lance is generally annoying, but this hit whole new levels of annoying, and Keith was an asshole to him the whole time even when Lance was being nice to him and trying his best. 

Hunk’s arc… wasn’t an arc at all. They gave us a snippet of character recognition in the beginning and then a start to some kind of arc that was eventually not realized for Hunk on a personal level because it was taken over by these overly elaborate battles that I couldn’t even tell you about despite the fact that I just watched it. 

Pidge was… there. Though her father got the most airtime out of everyone. 

Allura was also around, but her character got nothing aside from some shoehorned in crush she now has on Lance? Despite the fact that he’s been basically useless the entire season and done nothing to change her opinion of him? Despite the fact that Allura is just as exasperated as Keith is with Lance most of the time? 

I mean, I love Lance. I love how he started and I love what he could be, but he’s annoying as fuck due to lack of development and it makes no sense that Allura would have feelings for him now. I’m down for some Allurance if it’s written well, but this was exactly what I was afraid of–Allurance being poorly written, Allura magically developing feelings for Lance, and Lance being the “nice guy” who somehow gets the girl despite that making no logical sense. 

And I am still baffled over why Keith was such an asshole to Lance the whole time. That bullshit about how Lance better not miss his shots, as if Keith and Lance didn’t fight back to back through season three. It’s bullshit and an insult to both their characters. 

And don’t even get me started on the Adam and Shiro thing. We didn’t even get to meet Adam before he fucking died, so thank you Voltron for doing as all media does and killing off your LGBT rep, and in record time too, btw. Instead of getting, at the very least, half an episode dedicated to their story, we got a whole bunch of Shallura stuff that doesn’t even make any sense because Allura likes Lance now? For some reason? 

The only moment that stands out to me was when Hunk and Keith had their little heart to heart, but even that seemed forced because it was like the writers were just “oh, Hunk needs a moment because we don’t know how to write his character so we’ll just shove this stuff in here about his parents despite the fact that it’ll never go anywhere.” 

Oh yeah, and the other moment I remember–when the Atlas somehow magically turned into a giant fucking robot. Because I literally said, out loud, “well that’s fucking stupid.” The hell? Humans aren’t alteans. The Atlas was inspired by altean tech, but it was not made using alchemy. It was created by humans, who have no magical inklings. Are you telling me the power of Shiro and the castle-ship crystal just… transformed it? Because, again, that’s fucking stupid. Also, the Atlas’ design is… not good. And it looks really, really dumb as a robot. 

But moving on. What the hell was up with Acxa? So she… changed sides, alright, and has a crush on Keith? I still don’t think that’s the case since she showed up at his Dad’s grave at the end, but it’s still poorly put together. 

A lot of which just comes down to how poorly written this season was. I mean… the writers literally did… just about everything you’re NOT supposed to do. 

There was no emotional weight because none of the characters interacted in a personal manner, aside from Keith and Hunk for two seconds and then Keith being an asshole, again, when they were stranded in space. We see Lance’s family, but we don’t meet them. The only one we do meet is Veronica and since we didn’t learn anything about her and Lance’s relationship or history, I literally couldn’t care less about her. Keith’s mom fucking leaves, which she said she would never do, which undos that nice little character bit. Hunk never actually rescues his family, they’re just… free as a result of… fighting? Pidge is just there, whatever, we hardly see her interact with her mom. Allura and Coran do basically nothing. There’s no one there to welcome Shiro back. Shiro, who got to fight Sendak and, yet again, take spotlight from what could have been an epic moment for another character before, again, being rescued by Keith. 

And then, we get half a season introducing us to characters we don’t know, doing stuff we don’t care about, making plots and battle plans far more complicated than they have to be just to show off these character that I don’t care about. The only new character I cared about seeing–because he had a personal connection to one of the main characters–died two minutes after being introduced in a fight that meant nothing. RIP Adam. 

I literally don’t care about any of the new pilots and they took up, like, a third of the season. They were cool at first until their pointless airtime quickly came to overlap that which could have been used to develop the characters we already love. 

The entire season was plot driven instead if character driven, because the main characters hardly felt like they were in it. Much like when the paladins were piloting the lions while being held prisoner, their minds and bodies felt like they were separated. We watched their bodies, but we didn’t get a whole lot else. 

AND THEN the end was filled with fucking mcguffins that were downright laughable. Sendak is killed by Keith, because apparently Keith and Shiro get to do everything cool, and then some random-ass robot with no ties to the season shows up. Oh, it’a Haggar? Okay. But we don’t know anything about it? Alright. More powerful than anything yet faced despite the fact that the battle against Lotor’s giant robot was way more intense? Sure thing. So now we’ve got two giant robots, again. Only for some stupid-ass third one to show up that is so huge you can’t take it seriously. It comes in and basically does nothing, before our paladins make a sacrifice that, really, doesn’t even matter because there’s no emotional investment in what they’re doing. They might die? Well maybe that would be more exciting than the last bore-fest I just spent 6 hours watching. 

It’s like they don’t know how to develop their characters, so they’ve just decided to stop and instead shove as many giant robots into our faces as possible. And try and distract us with love stories that have no weight because they have no development, rhyme, or reason. 

It’s the worst season I’ve watched yet. I was ready to go back to bed halfway through. I kept waiting for something, anything, character-wise to happen and instead all we got were a bunch of dumb robot fights that didn’t mean anything. 

The reason the fight with Lotor was so weighted was because of his and Allura’s background and his past. The reason the fight between Shiro and Keith was so weighted was because of their history. 

We got none of that. Veronica almost died, like, twice and I was like “whatever” because I know nothing about her and I’ve barely seen Lance around anyway. 

And I still do not understand why Keith was such a fucking asshole? It’s so out of character! I don’t… Ugh!

And all the queerbaiting from all the different sources from creators to Netflix, only to leave us high and dry on everything. If someone were watching this show without the assistance of things the creators have said, no one would realize Adam and Shiro were an item. It wasn’t explicit. They could have been best friends or brothers or literally anything. 

I just… I don’t understand how it could be so poorly executed. No wonder they want to finish Voltron this year–get it over with if this is what we have to look forward to. Lance and Allura can get married despite having little to nothing in common and having no development within their relationship. Throw Keith and Acxa together because that’s even better than Lance and Allura. The most they have in common is a knack for saving one another, let alone any personal interests. 

And don’t even bother with Lance’s family. We don’t know them, so they might as well not exist. Let’s make Commander Holt and Pidge’s family the main characters–they’re clearly the most important family unit aside from Keith and Shiro. Keith and Shiro, who do the same thing every single season. If I was a Sheith shipper, I’d be pretty bored at this point, personally. They have as little development as everyone else. 

Literally everything about it was either underdeveloped, boring, filler, mcguffin, or other characters that literally no one cares about. The high ranked lady dies? I don’t care, she was annoying the whole time, why are we dedicating so much time to her death? 

And why the hell was the entire season based around defending Earth? The paladins defend planets all the fucking time. I get that it’s Earth and we’re supposed to feel personally connected, but I didn’t see settings that would illicit an emotional response. We hardly saw any of the humans that were captured. It might as well have been another planet. Yeah, I wanted Earth to be attacked, but I didn’t want the entire season to be focused on defending it. That’s just… 

It’s everything I’ve said above, that’s what it is. 

They said a lot of people would be leaving the show after this season, as if something huge would happen that would make the fandom angry and cause people to leave. 

But that’s not why people will leave the show. They’ll leave it because it was poorly written, made promises it couldn’t keep, and kept the characters going in circles or even going out of character for no defensible reason.   

And that’s not something to be toting around as though to be proud of it. As if you made some hard decision that was going to anger your fans. You think ships are going to break up your fanbase? If you wrote them well, that wouldn’t happen. If you wrote a good story, people would stick around for that no matter the ships. Ships aren’t the problem here and they’re definitely not what’s going to have people leaving the show. 

What’s going to have people leaving the show is that this whole season was horrible on every level, ships aside.     

What a waste.

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White Diamond not using first person pronouns

I know White’s only had a few lines so far, but there’s a detail that feels kind of unsettling.

“You certainly gave everyone a scare. They’re all thrilled to see you safe and sound.”
(Not “You certainly gave us a scare. We’re all thrilled to see you safe and sound.”)

Thank the stars it’s over.” (Not I’m glad it’s over.”)

Everyone is so relieved.” (Not I’m so relieved” or We’re so relieved.”)

She expresses personal feelings and opinions as if they’re not even connected to her in any way, but are simply the collective sentiment and will of “everyone.” It’s like some weird form of royal “we” that completely refuses to acknowledge herself as a discrete entity, even as part of the collective.

I think the “I don’t like sand” line was supposed to be a thematic and aesthetic link between Anakin’s past on the sandy planet of Tatooine, where he came from, and Anakin’s destiny of starting the Clone Wars on the sandy planet of Geonosis at the end of the movie.

But it was delivered so awkwardly and so out of nowhere in the context of that scene that it became a meme instead.

Analysis: Killing Stalking chapter 37

First of all, sorry if I make any mistake typing this but I need to be quick and English isn’t my first language.

I re-read all KS chapters yesterday, so I could refresh my memory a little bit and maybe think about the plot more easily. And with this chapter I’ve gotten some conclusions.

Since the end of season 1, we have seen how Sangwoo has been getting more and more attached to Bum.

He prepared the murder for him, so they could be “together forever”, as he said when he though Bum scaped. 

Some shit happened, but we started seeing Woo making more plans with him (taking him to the shopping centre) until the suicide attempt happened.

We all realized how Sangwoo went fucking crazy when he though Bum was going to die. I think thats an important part that shows us how fond Woo is of Bummi now. Even tho, as always, he lost his fucking self control and tried to drown him. 

We should remember this event is probably no more than a week ago from the current chapter.

After all, Sangwoo started controlling Bum, taking him to work just in case he would try to kill himself again. He doesn’t want to lose him, although i can’t say that he “loves” him. Probably its just that he can’t love him because he doesn’t feel things as a normal person would, so love isn’t applicable for him neither Bum.

Then the police stuff happened, and Sagwoo got fucking mad again, raping Bum. He lost his self-control again. (Its funny how Bum always starts a new season with his fucking ass broken, lmao)

But, I think I can say that since chapter 36 we have gotten some character development. Yeah, I do think that Woo is trying to avoid getting caught again without knowing anything about Bummi, but I do also think that theres some genuine stuff on his behavior.

At this point I think Sangwoo is aware that Bum is someone important to him, and that he does really mean something. And in this pannel, we can actually see how he even doubts about YoonBum adoring him even when all this shit has happened. He may be scared of him leaving after all.

Probably the theme park adventure it’s just all about people seeing them together, that’s why he says Bum is so easygoing, but I do think he also realizes how Bum is still very “pure” and “weak” even tho he has tried to make him stronger with his advices. He needs to protect him, because YoonBum even dissociated in the haunted house.

Woo is more aware of his behavior as chapters go by, and thats why he has realized that he will keep losing self control over and over again.

He has finally found someone who will accept him after all, but he can’t change, he’s afraid of becoming like his father. 

He has already lived on a situation like that, an maybe he doesn’t want it to happen again. Maybe he doesn’t want to be the bad boy in their story.

He can’t protect him. His laugh doesn’t even look like his normal one on this panel.

When he’s about to drop the picture, he seems ready to let Bum go, but as he sees him he realizes he isn’t able to feel that calm as when he’s with him.

I could be adventurous and say that the thing Bum feels on the park isn’t rain, but Woo’s tear, but maybe its just rain. With the big fall probably Koogi want to represent how things are about to go down, and I thing its very curious how Woo tried to let Bum go when they started to fall. The calm before the storm, they say. 

In the last panel, Sangwoo looks comforted by Bummi’s words, so he doesn’t let him go. Maybe this is the time to finally learn about his past. Maybe this is the time to struggle, but not in the way we’re all used to.

Yes, I think Seungbae is going to get things more difficult for them, but this could be the perfect momento for Koogi to turn the tables and obligate Bum to be stronger, and Woo to show his weak points. Maybe this is the perfect time for deeper character development.

Bum being the big spoon may confirm that he’s gonna have to take the lead. Koogi bases a big part of the plot in symbolism, after all.

Hope you enjoyed my gay ass talk for a while, and see you next week. Feel free to add your own theory down there.

random, but this panel caught my eye the other day

“Without the advent of the extraordinary, humanity would be enjoying intersteller travel right now.”

i always kind of wondered why the MHA world still looks very modern instead of futeristic, even tho it’s supposed to be set in a version of our world where people gained superpowers. i knew that there were issues people of the early days had with superpowers, ala the X-men, but i still kind of wondered why it’s been around…. 200-300 years, and yet society still hasn’t advanced all that much, technologically speaking?

and this panel kind of explains that. it’s because of the introduction of superpowers that it hasn’t advanced. it’s like a reverse Library of Alexandria, it’s the introduction of new information that caused chaos in the world that halted advancement, instead of the burning of knowledge. people often say that if the Library had survived, we’d have spacetravel by now, after all.

i mean… sure. the MHA world is still far more advanced than our world… but not by much. it still feels like modern day. and it seems like quirks are why; its because of quirks that the world has halted technologically for the past few centuries.

it’s because people had to get used to powers, and re-write laws to include them, and integrate them into society. that took up so much time, and it still does–laws about quirks are constantly being re-written, and even at the beginning of the series, Izuku mentioned how UA recently took away their “quirless students aren’t allowed” rule.

the world spends so much time trying to regulate quirks and control the chaos that they create, that society and technology are barely advancing. just look at All for One and Overhaul. AFO caused so much trouble because of the powers he stole, and Overhaul wanted to get rid of quirks entirely. 

that’s why All Might had to become the Symbol of Peace, to put the chaos that superpowered villains caused to an end… for a time, at least.

idk i just thought that was interesting and wanted to make a post about it LOL

We should really talk more about how, in the purest moment of Reylo balance in TLJ, Ben Solo told a wayward Rey that she wasn’t alone. 

Kylo  f u c k i n g  Ren just sat there and quietly listened to Rey’s account of her cave ordeal. He didn’t tell her she was silly for going there. He didn’t shame her or tell her she shouldn’t have expected to find so much in the first place. He didn’t gloat that he was the first person she wanted to talk too.

He sat quiet and unassuming on his little perch.

He actively listened to her experience.

And then at the end of it all, when she was finished describing why she felt alone, he assured her that she wasn’t.

Because despite being stars and lightyears across the galaxy, Ben was there with Rey when she needed him. To listen to her, talk to her, and touch her. For that brief moment, everything was perfect. And the Force thought so too.

Chapter 36 Dream Theory

In the first panels of Chapter 36 we see what appears to be a flashback, or at the very least, a manifestation of emotions or events from Sangwoo’s past. A young Sangwoo is shown kicking a soccer ball, before briefly pausing and turning to his mother. The demeanor of his mother is unquestionably odd. Throughout the panels she maintains a consistent posture, slumped downward and in some form of distress.

As Sangwoo witnesses this however, he does not stop to comfort her or come to her aid, instead he continues playing with the soccer ball. This can tell us one of two things. First off, it can show that Sangwoo’s famous apathy (or general uncaring) towards others has been an aspect of his personality since a very young age. Even towards his mother, whom we are shown is very important to him.

Secondly, it can show that his mother being in this state was not uncommon, and that as a child, this distance was his way of coping with it. Learning to turn a blind eye to misery could be one of the aspects responsible for his current attitude towards others and especially Bum.

In his dream, he revisits the sight of his distressed mother as a young adult (or teen?), and this time does the expected thing: he comforts her. He is even shown kissing her hand as he lays in her lap. Now in his later years he yearns for his mother’s presence. This scene could be referencing his possible regret for not doing more to comfort her. It is almost as if, he is expressing his love (or yearning) for what he has lost, and not turning away from it this time.

While comforting his mother, he turns to see her face. To us, it is completely obscured by black. But based on Sangwoo’s reaction, it struck quite a bit of unease as he is shown to be dripping sweat shortly after.

Suddenly an alley forms, trapping Sangwoo and his mother inside of it. It gives off the impression that Sangwoo feels trapped. His mother is blocking the only opening to the alley, so it is assumed that he is trapped by memories of his mother. He will be forced to face them, or else he will never get out.

Upon looking down, Sangwoo finds a knife at his feet, and clenches it in his hand. He then turns to find his mother has morphed into Bum, wearing his original “country whore” clothing, that initially reminded Sangwoo of his mother.

Oddly, Bum is seemingly aroused, stroking Sangwoo and panting. Sangwoo looks saddened, uncomfortable, and uncharacteristically submissive throughout the ordeal. Finally, Bum, who is holding Sangwoo to his abdomen asks, “Sangwoo, is mom disgusting?”

This hints strongly of some sort of possible sexual encounter that happened between Sangwoo and his mother. The fact that Bum, his current sexual partner, morphed into his mother, acting as a clear parallel between the two, asked a question that still hinted he was in his mother’s persona, says a lot. It suggests that an encounter did happen, and the mother knew it was wrong, Hence asking, “Is mom disgusting?”

Furthermore, Sangwoo lowering the knife as he sees Bum juxtaposed with his mother can speak to the idea of Sangwoo’s resistance to kill Bum because of their similarities. He feels not only trapped by his mother, but also by Bum alike. They are almost one in the same in this sense. Although his relationship with Bum is new completely territory, it is frighteningly familiar to him and his past.

fuckmouth-yv  asked:

who exactly is Gang Orca?????

SO, GANG ORCA….. the short answer is that he’s a hero that first shows up in the Kamino/Rescue Bakugou arc. 


Gang Orca, aka Sakamata, originated from Horikoshi’s first published work Oumagadoki Zoo. however, he was not a hero in this setting.

for context, in this series, there are people who have hurt animals for whatever reason and are cursed by an animal god to look like different creatures. this includes Shiina, one of the main characters who was transformed into a bunny-man. (also of note, Aoi Hana is a human girl who loves animals who works at the Zoo with Shiina)

in addition, they also have the power to turn animals into human-like creatures. the god told them that the only way to break the curse is to make their Zoo/Aquarium/etc popular, but at the heart of it all… what you really need to do is become friends with animals; to share your love with animals and have them love you back. that’s why they’re given the power to transform them, so they can bond and make friends. 

in Oumagadoki Zoo, Sakamata came to the titular Zoo so the nearby Aquarium could take it over, under orders by the Aquarium director Isana, another cursed human.

Isana, however, is incredibly heartless. he kills anyone at the Aquarium who fails or doesn’t follow orders correctly. he doesn’t care about the circumstances, if you’re useless to him, he’ll kill you. that’s it. 

Isana was cursed to be a whale-man because he carelessly shot at whales in the ocean, and then bragged about it. he didn’t care that they were living things. and he still doesn’t, to him, animals are still dumb, stupid things that humans are superior to. 

Isana managed to make his Aquarium incredibly popular. but even tho most of the curse has been broken on him, he can’t get rid of the final piece of it, because he doesn’t love the animals like he should have. it drives him crazy.

that’s why Sakamata follows him. because, to Sakamata, Isana is the strongest creature around, and at the top of the foodchain. he doesn’t want to be killed.

however, since the Zoo invaded their Aquarium and Sakamata was powerless to stop it, Isana viewed him as useless and attacks him. Isana doesn’t care for anyone but himself. it doesn’t matter if the animals he hired were loyal or not, he’ll kill them all the second they stop being useful to him.


for Shiina, the most important thing to him are his friends. 

and this goes for the rest of the Zoo, they all love each other and care for each other, and are full of compassion and heart.

its because of the Zoo’s compassion, their love for each other, their strong friendships and unwavering desire to help each other that inspires Sakamata to finally fight back against Isana.

and this is why, for just a moment, Shiina was able to become FULL human, even tho his Zoo is falling apart at best and the furthest thing from popular. it’s because of his love for his friends, and his friend’s love for him.

and Isana doesn’t understand that.

Aoi Hana’s words finally make it through to Sakamata however. the Zoo showed him that there are more powerful things than Isana, and they reminded him of his own compassion and honor. 

that gave him the strenght he needed, and he fought back and rebelled against Isana, who was beaten by Shiina. his heartless, overwhelming power was beaten by Shiina, who’s strength came from his friends.

and in the end, when Isana is finally defeated, Sakamata takes responsibility for what happened. he realizes that what he and Isana were doing was wrong and takes him away from the Aquarium; he takes him to the ocean so he can die there with the animals he so hated.

however, in the final chapter of the series, we find out that Isana hasn’t died. but Sakamata is still watching over him, to make sure he doesn’t do any of the horrible things he did before. he’s keeping Isana his responsibility and keeping him in line. Isana will never do what he did again under his watch.


Sakamata went from a character who followed the arc’s main villain out of fear, before realizing the error of his ways due to the Zoo’s love and compassion, and fought back against the horrible man he used to follow. he went from someone who was an anti-villain to more of an anti-hero, with a strong sense of honor and strength.

this is where his character originated from. 

when he shows up in MHA tho, he’s a hero. which, honestly, makes me really, really happy??? 

in MHA, he helps in the effort to rescue Bakugou, and later on he helps with the License Exam, and even later, he helps to teach Bakugou, Todoroki, and Inasa that they need to reach the hearts of the people they save (in their case, children).

he’s really one of my favorite characters in MHA, because of his history in OZ. he started off as a villain, causing pain and doing nothing to stop it because that’s how he believed the world worked. but then he rediscovered compassion and love and recognized the error of what was happening, and took responsibility for it, and is making up for his mistakes. and now, in MHA, he’s a well-respected hero with a lot of wisdom to offer to the characters who have to re-take the License Exam. 

it’s just….. he started out as a villain, but now he’s a hero. AND HIS STORY IN OUMAGADOKI WAS JUST SO HEARTWARMING…???? and i just… that gets me really emotional?? i’m so proud of him???? Horikoshi did him so good…. he brought Sakamata back and made him a hero….. thank you Horikoshi….

(THO….. the fact that he gets upset bc children find him scary makes me emotional hdsl;a ghkla )


Analysis on Venom’s lines

When I saw the new Venom Trailer, I loved it. Venom was my favorite villain in Spiderman when I was young when I used to watch the animated series. Spiderman overall is my number one favorite guy and Venom, was my favorite villain. 

So when I saw the trailer, I love the portrayal of the Eddie Brock’s Venom, but something about the lines in the end kinda made me tilt my head. I couldn’t tell if I should be laughing or afraid when Venom began to threaten the thief in the store, you know, when he said that he will eat him? Let’s break it down. 

The “We” pronoun is very profound when it comes to Venom, since the symbiotic has a relationship with Eddie. But what made is unnerving is how he said it with an emphasis towards the robber (Im assuming since Eddie said they will hurt only bad people). The list he gives out is very interesting to hear and see in the caption. “Both your arms, both your legs and we will eat your face right off your head”. My first reaction to hearing this being said to a criminal is laughter but Venom…keeps going. He kept going and going and the laughter slowly died down until my face looked like this. 

The laughter slowly dies down and it becomes uncomfortable. 

If you notice, Venom is getting bigger or appearing to get larger and more intimidating as he towers over this guy. Never losing his beat as he continued threatening him by making him imagine his own torso rolling down the street, which is a pretty scary thing to imagine.  Not only that but look at the words, the way it is spread out and organized. It is in the exact same order on what he plans on doing to the criminal, who will soon become an armless, legless, faceless thing. In writing, this is very good. When making a list, it has to be in order to have an effect and it did. 

This line, I felt was suppose to be a moment of “dark humor”. I didn’t laugh, but it made me nervous on how Venom actually sees people, people he can “eat” or kill. He could do anything to them and make them feel worthless. As a viewer, its not suppose to make you laugh out loud. Its a funny phrase. But not in the moment because your still hearing Venom speak. He is not joking. He is dead serious. That’s why this scene, is not suppose to make you laugh, it suppose to make you sit there in suspense. Because Venom is describing what he will do, in the future, to this guy. He doesn’t know when its coming. We know its coming but we don’t know “when.” Which makes you sit there in dread as you watch this black, demon looking mass staring you down. 

Just look at this guy’s face! The whole time, when Venom is speaking, he is physically shaking. Because Venom is scary but what he is saying, is also scary.  And Venom is holding him there and making him listen. Forcing him to look at him. 

And this scene. Eddie is smiling. He knows Venom is about to straight up kill this guy and he is smiling. From everything Venom said before, it feels like Eddie is accepting it. Another scary thought as he is almost becoming blood thirsty (which makes sense in comics and animation and so on.) We are beginning to see Eddie cross over to the Venom side. 

I feel that the movie is going have dark humor which is great to see because this is about an antihero. We are seeing jokes cracked by an Antihero which stays in their character. These lines will make you laugh but then the laughter dies….and you sit there….listening, watching how this will end until you see him eat the guy. Then its not so funny. This is a great example dark humor played in effect. 

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There’s something about Shiro and Keith’s fight that’s been bothering me since I first watched it and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else explain it so I’m gonna try to puzzle it out for myself. Maybe I’m just slow and everyone else got it right away, but here goes. Let me know your thoughts on this at the end!

So we get to this point in the fight, where Keith says “I’m not leaving here without you” and Shiro responds “Actually, neither of us are leaving”

Then this weapon (?) thing starts charging up

Then the next thing that happens (possibly as a result/reaction to the super weapon charging up?) is this:

Shiro’s arm reacts, lights up all the way to the shoulder, and transforms. At the same time Shiro falls to the ground and cries out in obvious pain

Then the arm seems to go into overdrive and in the process, destroys the massive weapon which had been charging up 

I never really got what was happening in this sequence, so here’s my explanation/headcanon:

The plan likely was for this massive weapon to unload and completely vaporize both Keith and Shiro (as well as the entire facility), as evidenced by Shiro saying “Actually, neither of us are leaving”

Shiro’s arm went into overdrive as a response to the super weapon, possibly as a simple reaction to the massive amounts of energy being gathered up to operate the thing, possibly because the weapon would be controlled using the arm, possibly some other explanation. The exact reason why isn’t all that important here

However, the overcharged arm caused Shiro untold amounts of pain because his body isn’t meant to wield that much power. The pain momentarily cleared his mind, just long enough for Shiro to regain control and aim it at the super weapon and neutralize it, because he knew that one hit from that thing, even a glancing blow, would completely annihilate Keith (and him)

This is the only time (aside from directly following “I love you”) where “Shiro” momentarily falters, and I really do think it’s because he threw off Haggar’s control for a split second. I think he always kept fighting inside his head and this moment here, where Keith is in mortal danger from the super weapon, spurred him to claw back control long enough to prevent the worst

It’s a funeral for the Paladins

Hmmm… I wonder if this is a funeral. Yeah, must be. There’s a large picture on the right that looks like a funeral pic with flowers, and based on the pixilation, looks like short, black hair, so probably an old pic of Shiro. And to the left I would bet it’s either chairs for the five paladins OR it’s pictures of the other five paladins because it’s also a funeral for them.

Though it would seem odd that the two in front were smaller, but maybe it has something to do with rank? I assume they’re on Earth because there are humans in the audience and the Garrison in the background. Or… it’s something totally different.

And these are probably flags of some kind.

With someone speaking at the podium on the right. Maybe Commander Holt?

Either way, this is definitely a funeral and that bigger picture on the stand on the right if definitely Shiro. I’m kinda thinking the other pictures are the other paladins, but again, that’s more uncertain.

At first I thought it was a funeral because everyone in the coalition thinks they’re dead, but that wouldn’t make any sense because the lions are all there so clearly they made it back to Earth and the coalition makes its way to Earth since there are aliens in the audience. Which means this happens later and the team somehow gets separated from their lions and are either dead or thought to be dead. There were those hints about Keith and Lance spending time in the Astral Plane and other rumors about the paladins being asleep for a long time.

So yeah, a funeral. Time to die, I guess.

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EDIT: People keep saying the number of photos doesn’t make sense, but like I said, the big one would be Shiro, and the other five the other paladins: Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Keith, and Allura. Just because it’s at the Garrison doesn’t mean they wouldn’t hold a funeral for paladins not in the garrison, as in Keith and Allura. 

the way lance was acting in the clips all adds up to what will happen later in the season,, he’s definitely not over allura yet and still gets flustered over her.

the recent clip gave me odd vibes because normally lance would’ve wanted to play a game and take a break from the “universe defending” but instead he was sitting there with his arms crossed, indifferent. i would crack a joke about how this is very “keith-like” behavior, but it’s not that funny anymore. it’s kind of sad.

this is definitely foreshadowing for later because, as many people have suspected, lance is going to get his heart broken. while lotor and allura’s relationship keeps getting more intimate, lance is going to be more withdrawn.

he’s going to accept that allura really doesn’t see him that way, and as said in the comics before, he will be rejected. lance has said it himself, he’s had his heart broken many times. honestly that’s really sad, especially from lance’s current position in the series.

lance’s relationship with keith was cut off short when he left, leaving a “void” in him, shiro has yelled at him multiple times, hunk and pidge hang out with each other more often, and now allura and lotor are definitely in a growing romantic relationship. on top of all of that, he really misses his family.

it’s not hard to tell that lance is lonely.

lance has been mentally isolated from the team, and is trying to get a connection with somebody because both he and keith were labeled as the outsiders. lance as the “goofball,” and keith as “the loner.” he’s played video games on his own, he’s trained by himself, and he isn’t talking to many people about his issues. whether the teammates intend it or not, the conversation usually goes back to their problems and not his. this is not to bash the other characters, since it’s just in lance’s nature to want to reach out to others.

allura came to lance when he was training, and their exchange began with shiro, and lance being upset. they keep talking and lance then reassures allura.

when shiro comes to lance, even though he doesn’t know what exactly to say, he tries to comfort him as much as he can.

at some point this season he is going to start moving on from allura, maybe not completely but at least a beginning. i want lance to be happy, but i want allura to be happy too. i doubt allura and lance are going to be together. after all of the heartache allura has been through, she deserves to fall in love.

and if it’s not allura for lance, then it is keith. he’s one of the only characters that fits with lance’s slowburn development. but that’s a post for another time.

i’m worried though, because from the reviews i’ve read, this season is going to make us cry. specifically lance.

this is definitely about being isolated and heartbroken, this is what is going to make us cry. lance might walk in on allura and lotor being intimate/kissing. it might be more gradual, and lance is going to slowly become more and more withdrawn.

either way, i’m not ready.