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we need to talk about rey and the fact that she doesn’t have a family 

talk about the fact that line “you see him as a father figure” is not just a cute “aww how sweet moment” but works on two levels because 1) kylo ren is so jealous and 2) rey has someone in her life who is proud of her.  can’t stop loving the fact that han offers her “a job”, as a second-mate no less.  no special treatment, no promotion that wasn’t warranted.  and this only came after han hears her say “I didn’t know there was so much green in the whole galaxy”.  wow, a girl so bright and so brilliant…and she’s never even left that junkyard of a planet before.  how tragic

talk about the fact that she truly must hate kylo ren because he did grow up in a loving, stable home with two parents who adored him and cared about him enough that his own father gave his life defending his son’s broken soul.  but at the same time, i’m sure she can sympathize with leia because she knows just how difficult it is to give up hope in someone’s family

talk about the fact that - in the screenplay - rey and leia hug in part because rey is sad for leia.  not even grieving han herself; but sad for leia.  because she knows what it’s like to lose someone you love that much.  she’s felt that way her whole life

talk about the fact that finn grew up without a family either, so their mutual concern for each other (”you looked at me like no one else had”) (”are you okay?” “yeah”) (”he said it was your idea”) is absolutely genuine because for the first time in their entire lives they have someone else they can depend on.
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It was only poetic that your first stop after your tour was over was with Ellen, considering this was the first interview you announced you were writing a new album. And as you stood backstage in your Salvatore Ferragamo black jumpsuit, paired with some pearly colored heels, you scrolled through your phone. 

It had been a long year with the tour and everything else going on in your life. New songs and ideas were pouring from your fingertips every second considering now you were finally opening the floodgates to the music you’d been wanting to write for ages. Plus, you had so much inspiration with a boyfriend and new experiences in the music world. 

Really, it just seemed like everything was coming together. 

It was unfortunate Harry couldn’t be here but things were picking back up with One Direction again - slowly but surely - and you knew he was just positively itching to get back at it. He’d enjoyed the break at first and it was nice always having him around as he explored some new hobbies and got to actually, like, sleep in for once. 

Plus, after a while you could easily find your own clothes once you knew enough about it and though there was no one else who was more of an expert on your body than Harry, you knew you had to let him go as your stylist so he could go and do other things like decide to start painting randomly and like, other weird stuff like decide to start a small photography business out of the blue one day.

Honestly, you didn’t know why he did half the things he did but he was always in bed by the end of the night and that was all that was important. 

Someone came to get you and you fiddled with your pearl earrings before fluffing your hair slightly and making your way to your mark, getting ready to walk out on stage. The crowd was pleasantly adorable as they clapped and cheered for you as you walked out, making your way over to your favorite interviewer and friend as Ellen smiled and hugged you before the two of you sat down.

“And as usual, you look amazing,” Ellen smiled, “So happy to have you back!”

“Oh stop you look amazing as well. And it’s so nice to be back!” you smiled, “It’s been so long!”

“Gosh yeah I was just thinking about it when we were going over the set today. You haven’t been here in almost two years.”

“Yeah,” you nodded, “Crazy how time flies huh?”

“Well you seem to be the same person to me,” Ellen said nodding, “Only you’re doing so much more now and you seem happier. Are you happy?”

“Oh I’m so happy,” you nodded, “Really I am. The tour was great,” you said as the audience started to cheer for you. 

You smiled and took in their applause before Ellen said, “Yes! Let’s talk about the tour. I saw your show here in LA when you were here just a couple weeks ago. Your last show for the tour.”

“Yes,” you nodded, “My final audience. And can I just say that LA is seriously the best?” The audience cheered as you clapped, “Really you guys rock. The atmosphere was amazing the entire time. And I saw you after the show.”

“You did see me. You did. And you know who I stood with for the show?”

You knew this was coming. Ellen had told you she’d be asking these questions but you still couldn’t help but roll your eyes. “Well my mum was there,” you said, “And some of my friends.”

“Yeah but I stood with your boyfriend,” Ellen said, “Remember that? Remember when I stood with your boyfriend.”

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