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A blurb where Harry and his gf/fiancée are visiting her parents’ home and they sit in living room whispering about when is the right time to tell everyone she’s pregnant and he keeps caressing her stomach and telling her how he’s so happy, and later she watches him playing with her 3 year old niece on the blankets on the floor while she’s holding her 6 months nephew, and she joins them. Then her mom says it’s time to make one of your own so his girl says they might did and he’s extremely happy.

I changed the age of the kids a bit, but same idea overall. :)


“You’re sure you’re feeling okay?”

“I’m fine, Harry. I promise.”

“You were throwing up this morning though.”

“I throw up every morning.”

“I know, but I’m just – “

“I’m fine! It’s been like, four hours since I was sick; I feel okay.”

You gave Harry a knowing look and he finally let out a breath and relaxed. He had been like this since the moment you told him you were pregnant about five weeks ago. Your morning sickness hadn’t been the greatest but, thankfully for you, it did only happen in the mornings. By lunch time, you always felt as if nothing had happened and were able to go about your day. It didn’t stop Harry from worrying, however, especially when you were going out to do something potentially active or overly straining.

Today though, you weren’t doing anything active or overly straining; you were simply going to visit your parents and spend some time with your family.

“D’you think they’ll be able to tell?” Harry asked, as he pulled into your parents’ driveway.

“That I’m pregnant? I doubt it; I’m not really showing yet.”

Harry grinned at that, reaching over to caress your stomach as you tried to unbuckle your seatbelt.

“I can tell.”

You brought his hand to your lips and inched yourself away from his touch.

“That’s because you literally spend an hour every night with your hand on my belly,” you smirked, “I’d be surprised if you didn’t have a count of every single freckle on my body at this point.”

“Who says I don’t?”

“Come on, Harry, let’s go,” you said, shaking your head but not being able to hide your smile, “Mom’s waiting for us.”

Before you could even get yourself completely out of the car, Harry was out of his seat and around the other side of the vehicle to help you out.

“Harry, I’m fine!” you repeated.

“M’just tryin’ to be a gentleman,” he insisted, extending his hand and giving you a wink.

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