analog fire

Part 30
  • Chekov, drugged in the medbay: Blowing on a dandelion is basically helping a weed ejaculate.
  • Bones: I was having a good day. We were all having a good day.
  • Sulu: I mean it’s kind of not, seeds aren’t analogous to sperm, hell, pollen isn’t analogous to sperm, plants don’t do dimorphic gametes like that. a better analogy would be firing a couple dozen fully-formed babies from a tshirt cannon.
  • Bones: Now we are having a good day again.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain more what some people mean when they say sx blinds just think of people in categories?

I’m gonna bring up ol’ reliable again here since it does touch a little on this at some point

Sx-blinds understand their social environment through the use of grouping people into a “type” (ex. high school categories of nerd, jock, theatre kid) or by observing people based on their friend groups (who may be more diverse in “type” but all have something in common that must tie them together). The so instinct is about community and without sx the sx-blind is less likely to see someone they haven’t talked to as “an individual” unless that person has never been seen interacting with other people consistently and enthusiastically. Soc by nature sees every person as part of a larger whole.

Grouping is helpful in understanding the power dynamics/social influence that each person has in a social environment that the sx-blind is new to. That way can probably see who’s the ‘leader’ of a group, who is the strongest ‘leader’ among all the groups in the vicinity, what groups are more interesting or balanced than others, etc. This makes it easier to find what group would most likely accept you and not step on (or purposefully step on) the wrong (or right) people’s toes, or see larger trends in the community of groups being observed.

However, a lot of sx-blinds make how they personally organize the social structure in their heads too rigid, and that makes it awkward to get closer to people even when the sx-blind has more information on them than they had before when they had first grouped the person. The lack of flexibility in structure is what causes sx-blinds to treat people as categories instead of individuals. They take that initial observation of the social environment and are not willing or do not understand how to accommodate to people individually as they get to know them better or don’t learn how to shift people and friend groups around based on the better information they get as they become more familiar with the community.

Which is why so-blinds get pissed off at sx-blinds since a lot of sx-blinds continue to treat the so-blind how they would typically treat a person they view as from a similar group even after they have gotten to know that so-blind for longer and/or better and probably need to take them out of that group and place them into what so-blinds would call their ‘sx-zone’ and view them as an individual

So tl;dr yes sx-blinds categorize people and it isn’t inherently bad but it is often a negative experience because those categories easily end up too rigid. Categorizing people into groups makes it easy to get an overview of the types of people in a new social environment and how you could effectively insert yourself into that environment but it makes it complicated when you are getting to know people on a personal level.