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3k words of platonic vmin
(with jimin with a crush on yoongi and taehyung with a crush on jeongguk)
req for staceyisblury

You know that I’m the one who set the teachers ringtone to boys moaning and called them during class now you’re using this against me.
prompt taken from this prompt list.

taehyung never liked professor bang.

he looked something similar to a pig. he was large, round, with tiny eyes and a disgusting habit of snorting at his own pathetic jokes in the middle of class.

taehyung always liked slight, pretty things. professor bang was certainly not slight or pretty.

also, he hated taehyung. (for no apparent reason. taehyung was a great student, as far as he cared. his scores were stellar and he was pretty and a lot of girls and boys were after him for some reason or the other.)

in any case, taehyung was never fond of professor bang.

and, like taehyung said, taehyung was smart. smart enough to know to be observant of exactly when professor bang entered and exited his classroom during and after hours, and how he left his (ugly analog) phone on his desk, unprotected, during lunch period. smart enough to know that the surveillance cameras set in the corner of the classrooms were only for show and that they were never on. smart enough to know how to pick a lock and transfer an mp3 file to an oldass phone and set it as the ringtone. smart enough to know to do this all in five minutes after the lunch bell rang, when the hallways were clear, right before his period with professor bang.

taehyung was smart.

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