analog creative

This is not a cry for help
‘cause I’m not losing myself
in your stardust-filled eyes, baby.

But I am.

I’m not falling through
a damned black hole
every time you look my way, hun.

But I am.

I’m not knocked-out cold
by those dazzling thoughts
falling from your mouth, like stars, darling.

But I am.

I’m not sucked into the beautiful chaos
you are holding in your soul
- a Galaxy in miniature, I’m sure.

But I am.

You are not some mystery
drawing me in like a moon in orbit,
leaving me gravitating by your side.

But you are. You are.
You are the blasted sun,
scorching me alive.

And I’m sorry to be
helplessly cliché
but I think I like, like, like you.

Some-night, maybe, we can be
the newest constellation
adorning the sky?

—  @celtic-poetry / FnyM, Constellations in the sky
Born out of water,
Waves pushed her outward;
Of the sea she’s the daughter
And not one of a coward.
Child of the ocean,
Wild and free;
The tide set her in motion,
The wind whispers her decree
To erase mankind’s sins
And wipe them clean off their skins.
—  denmysterywoman

Trapped from the day you
Were born
Within the cage;
To docile, too used to it
To be enraged.

Eeny. Meeny. Meiny. Moe.
You didn’t know
Which way to go anymore,
Until the day they opened
The door.

Freedom took a long time,
For they’d broken you down
And ripped you apart.
Saving the best for last,
Your heart.

Eeny. Meeny. Meiny. Moe.
They’d broken all
Your fingers and toes
Then set you free.
It’s amazing still,
How cruel the “humane”
Can really be.

You created a monster;
A monster that you loved;
You loved her for who she was
And for who she was for.
You kept her to yourself
And wouldn’t want anyone
To touch her
To feel her
Or harm her.
You kept her hidden from
The world
Like a treasured piece
Of artwork
That you could only admire.
She wanted to get out
And your jealousy broke her down
Until she snapped and put a dagger through your heart.
You didn’t create a monster, Frankenstein;
You were the monster
Whose plan backfired.
—  denmysterywoman