Lego Bionicle is an anagram of:

Be Logic Lie No

Bionicle is an anagram of:

Bile Icon

Tahu Master of Fire is an anagram of:

A Earmuff Theorist

A Feather Form Suit

A Faerie Froth Smut

A Steamier Ruff Hot

A Father Some Fruit

Gali Master of Water is:

A Warfare Gelt Moist

A Marriages Wet Loft

A Megawatts Rifle Or

A Teargas Towel Firm

A Material Wet Frogs

Lewa Master of Jungle is:

A Female Jungle Worst

A Farewell Gnome Just

A Steamer Jungle Wolf

A Wafers Nutmeg Jello

A Janglers Flute Meow

A Gunmetal Jeers Wolf

Slut Fear Mango Jewel

Onua Master of Earth is:

A Automaton Fresher

A Anteater Furs Homo

A Trauma Soften Hero

A Aroma Thereof Nuts

A Trauma Hereof Snot

A Astronaut Free Ohm

Kopaka Master of Ice is:

A Pacemaker Foot Ski

A Oatcake Spike Form

A Mafia Respect Kook

A Peace Format Kiosk

A Cafe Tramps Kookie

A Farce Peak Mistook

A Croakiest Fake Mop

Pohatu Master of Stone is:

A Fearsome Potshot Nut

A Fearsome Photo Stunt

A Feature Nosh Topmost

A Atmosphere Tofu Snot

A Peashooter Font Smut

A Menstruate Soft Pooh

A Amputees Foot Thorns

Lord of Skull Spiders is:

Disorder Flop Skulls

Floored Spuds Krills

Fiddle Lurks Loss Pro

Ekimu the Maskmaker is:

Meme Rake Khaki Smut

Remake Shake Kit Mum  

Make Maker Hike Smut 

Makuta the Maskmaker is:

Karma Take Ham Musket

Hake Mutate Mark Mask

The makers of Doctor Who have long used codenames and anagrams when they want to keep something from us. Most recently, Jenna-Louise Coleman revealed that she had to pretend she was auditioning for something called “Men on Waves”.

She told Radio Times: “When she was auditioning, Karen Gillan had been given a codename - Panic Moon, which is an anagram of Companion - so I worked out that Men on Waves is an anagram of Woman Seven, because this is the seventh series. Weirdly, seven is my lucky number and this is my seventh job.”

Back in 2005, the very biggest secret of them all was the show itself: everybody wanted to know what the revived Doctor Who would look like and the production team went so far as to relabel the very few videos that had to leave the office.

Instead of “Doctor Who”, they were labelled with an anagram: “Torchwood”.

In 1988’s Remembrance of the Daleks, the production team knew full well that listing a character as being played by Terry Molloy would tip off fans that Davros, creator of the Daleks, was back. So in the cast list they provided to Radio Times for that week, they billed the actor as Roy Tromelly.

When I was little, I didn’t understand that you could change a few sounds in a name or a phrase and have it mean something entirely different. When I told teachers my name was Benna and they said, ’Donna who?’ I would say, ‘Donna Gilbert.’ I thought close was good enough, that sloppiness was generally built into the language. I thought Bing Crosby and Bill Cosby were the same person. That Buddy Holly and Billie Holiday were the same person. That Leon Trotsky and Leo Tolstoy were the same person. It was a shock for me quite late in life to discover that Jean Cocteau and Jacques Cousteau were not even related. Meaning, if it existed at all, was unstable and could not survive the slightest reshuffling of letters. One gust of wind and Santa became Satan. A slip of the pen and pears turned into pearls. A little interior decorating and the world became her twold, an ungrammatical and unkind assessment of an aging aunt in a singles bar. Add a d to poor, you got droop. It was that way in biology, too. Add a chromosome, get a criminal. Subtract one, get an idiot or a chipmunk. That was the way with things. When you wanted someone to say 'I love you,’ approximate assemblages–igloo, eyelid glue, isle of ewe–however lovely, didn’t quite make it.
—  Lorrie Moore, Anagrams

Rauschenberg’s Early Bloomer [Anagram] (A Pun) (1998) was recently installed in the White House Old Family Dining Room, which is now part of the public tour! Works by Anni Albers, Josef Albers, and Alma Thomas were also added to the dining room by First Lady Michelle Obama, who believes “modern art and design is such an important part of the American tradition.”

Where does love go? When something you have taped on the wall falls off, what has happened to the stickum? It has relaxed. It has accumulated an assortment of hairs and fuzzies. It has said Fuck it and given up. It doesn’t go anywhere special, it’s just gone. Energy is created, and then it is destroyed. So much for the laws of physics. So much for chemistry. So much for not so much.
—  Anagrams by Lorrie Moore

At least as far back as ancient Roman times, anagrams have delighted would-be prophets by unlocking mystical hidden meanings in words and phrases.  The names of Tarot’s Major Arcana make for some intriguing rearrangements, to be sure.  For example, we learn of The Empress that “she tempers.”  The World appears to have “held wort” (plant medicine).  The Hanged Man, not surprisingly, “hated hangmen.”  The Fool seems to ask to be allowed to walk on: “let hoof.”  The Chariot apparently operates according to a “Torah ethic.”  See the graphic for all the anagrams we were able to decipher.  You might have noticed that there are no anagrams for Strength or Judgment, as those two left us stumped.   But grab some Scrabble tiles and try your own hand at anagramming the Tarot.  See for yourself whether the Ace of Swords represents a “coward’s foes,” whether the Six of Pentacles “expels factions,” and whether “few pagans do” the Page of Wands.

(via our guest blog for Thematic Tarot.)