Things about 12x07 “Rock Never Dies” #1

Oh, come on… I’m 5 minutes into the episode and I am enjoying Dean and Mary playing “Scrabble” and then we get this shot. I though I saw it in the beginning of the scene already, but wasn’t sure if I may have misread it, but I haven’t sigh. In case you need more direct Lucifer and Mary connections, you have it right there on Dean’s phone: Mary just filling in a “mega word” (like the “mega coven?” ;)) and her word lighting up and right below there’s an anagram of Lucifer…

I know I’m a broken record about it, so I will stop right here and just mention that this also does sort of bring in Dean as well to the whole Lucifer-Mary-arc thing, which kind of brings me back to some of my specs/metas of last season in which there were allusions to Lucifer!Dean…

Also, judging from these first five + minutes with “Ladyheart” reuniting and all, the meta/spec post I made a couple of days ago how the name and the logo feel like an obvious nod to the “Immaculate Heart of Mary” (see meta post here), which directly also aligns Lucifer with Mary and Dean.



I found these while continuing the long, tedious process of cleaning out my hard drives. This was when Neopets was moving out of the Viacom offices after the company was purchased.

I want to make it clear that I had no involvement in this tomfoolery. I just stood by to document the scene… and laugh hysterically… and cheer them on… and possibly yell out word suggestions… but no direct involvement whatsoever.

Undertale is filled with hidden anagrams.
Undertale= Delta Rune
Dreemurr= murderer
Asriel Dreemurr= serial murderer
Toriel= loiter
Ebott= “Toby” backwards

That’s not all, look at these clever word plays,
Dreemurr= dreamer (duh)
Asriel= Azrael (name for the angel of death, the angel of death depicted in the Delta Rune, which resembles his final form)
Toriel= tutorial
Asriel= Asgore+Toriel
Chara= Character
Frisk= the act of ensuring someone doesn’t have any concealed bad things, like weapons…or Chara inside them.
“But it refused”= Soul re-fuses together

It would take a true nerd doing some nerdy word-work a fair amount of time sitting in a denny’s booth figuring out anagrams for “dennys diner” to discover just how nerdy we are. And we sure are, so, you know, nerds welcome.

  • i dennys nerd
  • nerdy eds inn
  • ends in nerdy
  • sinned nerdy
  • denny is nerd
  • nerds in deny
  • y is denn nerd
Blindspot Episode Title Anagrams

If you have not noticed, Blindspot episode titles are solvable by anagrams. So far, we have 10 episode titles in season One. So far, this is what is solved:

1x01 Pilot  “Woe Has Joined" =  “Who Is Jane Doe”

1x02 “A Stray Howl” = “Taylor Shaw”

1x03 “Eight Slim Grims” = “The Missing Girl”

1x04 “Bone May Rot” = “Or Maybe Not”

1x05 “Split the Law” = “The Past Will”

1x06 “Cede Your Soul” = “Cloud Your Eyes”

1x07 “Sent On Tour” = “Trust No One”

1x08 “Persecute Envoys” = “Suspect Everyone”

1x09 “Authenticate Flirt” = “Lift the Curtain”

1x10 “Evil Handmade Instrument” = “and Unveil the Mastermind”

So if you write it as a paragraph, it becomes;

Who is Jane Doe? Taylor Shaw, the missing girl - Or maybe not? The past will cloud your eyes, so trust no one and suspect everyone. Lift the curtain and unveil the mastermind!

This show is just awesome!!!
Doctor Who's secret history of codenames revealed

The makers of Doctor Who have long used codenames and anagrams when they want to keep something from us. Most recently, Jenna-Louise Coleman revealed that she had to pretend she was auditioning for something called “Men on Waves”.

She told Radio Times: “When she was auditioning, Karen Gillan had been given a codename - Panic Moon, which is an anagram of Companion - so I worked out that Men on Waves is an anagram of Woman Seven, because this is the seventh series. Weirdly, seven is my lucky number and this is my seventh job.”

Back in 2005, the very biggest secret of them all was the show itself: everybody wanted to know what the revived Doctor Who would look like and the production team went so far as to relabel the very few videos that had to leave the office.

Instead of “Doctor Who”, they were labelled with an anagram: “Torchwood”.

In 1988’s Remembrance of the Daleks, the production team knew full well that listing a character as being played by Terry Molloy would tip off fans that Davros, creator of the Daleks, was back. So in the cast list they provided to Radio Times for that week, they billed the actor as Roy Tromelly.