Have we told the aliens about capitalism yet? Because I think we need to.

“What do you mean you do not provide your young with sustenance at your institutions of learning?” Captain Caxalonix pressed. He had just seen the strangest story being broadcast by one of the human “news networks” as they called them. Now he was determined to get answers out of his two captives.

“Well, I mean, it hasn’t been proven that it is beneficial,” the blonde woman chirped. She seemed very pompous, much like the supporters of the fallen emperor LadDorm-Punt that Caxalonix and his men had recently disposed off on the planet of Xixatal. Not only that, there was something about her features. They seemed almost fixed in place. Artificial.

The other captive, meanwhile, was a younger woman and she looked about ready to strangle the blonde captive. The human species’ need to kill one another was such a strange facet of their people.

“So, your young can survive without sustenance?” Caxalonix pondered. “How strange. I cannot think of another species in any galaxy that shares such a trait.”

“Oh no no, they do need food,” the blonde hostage corrected.

“But…you said you do not provide it,” Caxalonix frowned, trying to puzzle out what strange human logic was at play here.

“Nope,” the blonde said cheerily. The younger hostage looked even more exasperatedly murderous at this point, and Caxalonix heard two of his soldiers muttering bets which of the two hostages would win in a fight.

“Well, your education must not be mandatory then, so that your young can stay home and get the sustenance they need,” Caxalonix surmised, proud of himself for figuring out what the human was talking about.

“Nope. Education is mandatory,” the blonde said serenely.

Caxalonix did not have the faintest idea what was going on anymore.

“So…your young are required to attend institutions that do not provide for their needs…?” Caxalonix said slowly, not believing this could be the case.

“It hasn’t been proven it is a need,” the blonde smiled.

“Wait, did we not already establish that it IS a need?” Caxalonix said.

“Stop asking her,” the younger woman said. “She doesn’t know what she’s saying, and listening to her is painful. No, providing food isn’t a requirement in schools, no the food isn’t free when we do provide it, yes kids need food, yes people think not providing them with it is okay. Welcome to the fucking United States on the planet Earth.”

I’ve been drawing some ghost ‘mons recently so here is one of my many children. His name is Lloyd and he has a Bashful nature. 

Top Ten Appropriate Anagrams For “Leonard Horatio McCoy”

Very appropriate anagrams indeed

Anagrams in Lost

Ethan Room, the member of The Others who infiltrated the camp, is an anagram for “Other Man”.

“Mittelos”, the bioscience company The Others used to recruit Juliet, is an anagram for “lost time”.

The airline company that appears in the episode One of Us is called “Herarat Aviation”. Herarat is an anagram for Earhart as a reference to Amelia Earhart the famous aviator who disappeared in the Pacific Ocean in 1937. I guess she crashed into The Island too

The funeral home in Through the Looking Glass (the first episode to use flash forward instead of flashback) is called “Hoffs-Drawlar”, this is an anagram for flash forward.

Locke’s coffin goes from said funeral home to Ben’s “Canton-Rainier” van, an anagram for reincarnation.



I found these while continuing the long, tedious process of cleaning out my hard drives. This was when Neopets was moving out of the Viacom offices after the company was purchased.

I want to make it clear that I had no involvement in this tomfoolery. I just stood by to document the scene… and laugh hysterically… and cheer them on… and possibly yell out word suggestions… but no direct involvement whatsoever.

Undertale is filled with hidden anagrams.
Undertale= Delta Rune
Dreemurr= murderer
Asriel Dreemurr= serial murderer
Toriel= loiter
Ebott= “Toby” backwards

That’s not all, look at these clever word plays,
Dreemurr= dreamer (duh)
Asriel= Azrael (name for the angel of death, the angel of death depicted in the Delta Rune, which resembles his final form)
Toriel= tutorial
Asriel= Asgore+Toriel
Chara= Character
Frisk= the act of ensuring someone doesn’t have any concealed bad things, like weapons…or Chara inside them.
“But it refused”= Soul re-fuses together

Top 15 Anagrams for S’chn T’gai Spock
  • 15. Got Snack Chips (for when you get high on spores)
  • 14. Snag Chopstick (when Jim steals your vegetarian sushi)
  • 13. Chap Stocks Gin (Bones probably does, even though nobody on the Enterprise actually drinks it)
  • 12. Can Pick Ghosts (saying very bad poetry)
  • 11. Hangs Cockpits (right into amoebas)
  • 10. Psst, Conga Hick (Vulcans do not dance)
  • 9. Goth Snack Pics (Spock’s high school dark plomeek blog)
  • 8. Cats Chop Kings (and sometimes turn out to be women in disguise)
  • 7. Chaps Nick Togs (from laundry lines in 1930s New York)
  • 6. Chapstick Song (how else can he keep his lips so pink)
  • 5. Gnash Cock Tips (no comment)
  • 4. Nightcap Socks (what you wear to McCoy’s quarters)
  • 3. Go Pinch Stacks (of people who need to be nerve pinched)
  • 2. Cap’s Sick Thong (I imagine Jim has several)
  • 1. Shocking Pacts (literally, the plot of Amok Time)