An African City

Fashionable and flirtatious!

We had the opportunity to style the complete first season of this wonderful webseries and feature a few designers who really represent the creativity that is coming from the continent of Africa, Ghana more specifically. 

5 gorgeous women, 10 episodes and an adventure later, we have a fashionable show that stirs conversation and opens room for a different kind of representation of the African woman.

See it for yourself if you haven’t already… AN AFRICAN CITY 

Styled by Vintage Gh Now Gold Coast Art House

Designers & Brands

  • Christie Brown
  • Ameyo
  • Osei Duro
  • Chemphe’ Bea
  • Deborah Vanessa
  • Kikki Clothing
  • Afrodesiac Worldwide
  • Afro. Mod. Trends
  • HiTech Beads
  • Unknown Collection

ZOTI , la nouvelle collection de la marque Ajepomaa .

Ajepomaa Design Gallery, un de mes coups de coeur de l'année !

Découvert durant l'immersion Backstage Moonlook , il était temps que je fasse au moins un article là dessus !

C'est autour d'un univers bucolique que Maame Adjei alias Zeinab de la web-série ghanéenne An African City joue la nouvelle muse de  la nouvelle collection “Zoti” by Ajepomaa Design Gallery .

De jolies pièces en imprimés accessoirisés d'une couronne de fleurs donnent un goût très estival à cette collection !

Je vous laisse découvrir les photos de la collection .

Ajepomaa Design Gallery, one of my favorites from the year! 

Discovered during  MOONLOOK immersion backstage, it was time for me to do at least an article on it! 

It is around a bucolic universe that Adjei alias Maame Zeinab from the Ghanaian web series  An African City is the new muse of the new collection “Zoti” by Ajepomaa Design Gallery. 

Pretty printed clothes accessorized with a flowers crown give a very summery flavor to this collection! 

Let’s check the photos of the collection!

*News flash* Ladies (and you gentleman as well), is anyone else addicted to the show “ An African City?!” Well it’s your answer to Sex and the City for the modern African woman and deals with so many issues we face back home after being educated in the Western world such as finding employment, adapting to the climate, how people perceive natural hair and men, yes, lots of dating and men!!! Haha! I’m personally obsessed with the fashion!!!!! Wellll guess which character I just interviewed from the show?!? I’m so excited and can’t wait to put it up! 😄😄😃😀P.S. all episodes are on YouTube! #anafricancity #fashion #africans #style #beautiful #inspiration #bgki #love

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EPISODE 1 - An African City


After watching all the episodes of this show seems like I have to take this weave out this weekend. 
Super Cool show. Kinda like sex in the city lol 
I know how it feels to move back home after a while and face the changes lol




From “An African City”, check out Nana Yaa’s outfits and the amazing designers behind them on “The Nana Yaa Notes” ( from ) #AnAfricanCity #teamnanayaa #thenanayaanotes #sdg

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Happy New Year from my fav place in the world! Thank you guys for being so supportive last year! It was a bumpy one but we’re here. 2016 is off to a beautiful start and I have FOUR super exciting things to share with you guys over the next couple of days. #GirlGoingPlaces #AnAfricanCity #TheStyleHQ #MsAdjei (at Cape Three Points)

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