Snake vs. Caiman Lizard

#19 The Giant Anaconda

A cryptid native to the Amazon of South America. Sightings of particularly massive anacondas go back as far as the early conquistadors, when men would claim to see the enormous reptiles slithering through the rainforest undergrowth.

Reports are clear that the size of these snakes is much much more than the common green anacondas. The largest of these anacondas ever described was a whopping 36 foot long specimen from Colombia, but it pales to the size of a giant anaconda, which can reportedly be 50-60 feet long. Normal green anacondas usually only reach a length of about 17 feet.

The giant anaconda DOES have a possible explanation: the recently unearthed prehistoric serpent Titanoboa in Colombia, would have been closer to the size of the fabled giants.

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You re blogged a post yesterday showing Harry's tiger tattoo. The third pic down on the left, literally shows his extremely long anaconda falling with a heavy clunk to the crotch of his tiny red shorts. I'm going to hell.

I……I need a minute…..or twenty

God bless you, Anon.