Question: How does Mon-el have time to manage two jobs (DEO agent and bartender), watch six seasons of Game of Thrones, have date nights with his girlfriend, take said girlfriend to a parallel universe when she’s under a spell, have game night with his friends, read Shakespeare, learn to cook, do laundry, binge watch Star Wars, and sleep in the span of a week?

What if...
  • Kara: *takes Mon-El to the Fortress of Solitude to give him the Legion Flight Ring*
  • Mon-El: So I'll be able to fly like you with this ring?
  • Kara: According to my cousin, yes.
  • Mon-El: Well then... *stretches out his hand to her*
  • Kara: *blinks* Do you want me to put the ring on your finger?
  • Mon-El: If you like me then you should put a ring on it. *wiggles eyebrows* That's what they say, isn't it?
  • Kara: *snorts* This is not a courtship ring, Mon-El.
  • Mon-El: I know. But a boy can dream, right?
  • Kara: *stares at him, speechless*
  • Mon-El: ...
  • Kara: ...
  • Mon-El: *heart sinks a little bit* Okaaaay... Just... Never mind, I'll do it...
  • Kara: Wait, no...
  • Mon-El: *blinks, confused*
  • Kara: Let me do it. *a little smile forms on her lips*
  • Mon-El: Okay. *smiles hopefully*
  • Kara: *slides the ring on Mon-El's finger*
  • Mon-El: *still smiling* I like that.
  • Kara: It looks good on you.
  • Mon-El: Someday I'll put a ring on your finger too.
  • Kara: *laughs nervously* Soooo, how about we see if this thing really works?
  • Mon-El: *sighs* Okay...
  • Kara: Hey, Mon-El.
  • Mon-El: Hmm?
  • Kara: *smiles* Someday.
  • Mon-El: *puppy dog face turns into a grin* Someday.