oh and completely off topic but since i mentioned beauty and the beast! 

I’m so freakin happy that Luke Evans is getting attention now! Getting on the Ellen show and Kimmel like he’s been around for a while people! get yer’ head outta the gutter, he’s amazingly talented and he can bloody well sing! I’m so happy for Luke, i thought after ‘The hobbit’ and the fast movies people would be all, “look at that star’ but it didn’t really happen very well. I’m just glad the world finally sees the talent and the good looks cause that doesn’t hurt either!

Side note: He’s been mine since ‘Clash of titans!’ 

i mean just look at him!

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and i’m still waiting for “Dracula Untold 2″ by the way. 

Fun idea for a LOTR surprise party:

Wait until the lucky person is eating dinner on the special day

Show up at their house unannounced and greet them with “[your name], at your service” and just walk up in there and join them for dinner.

Have your friends show up one by one or in pairs and do the same (works best with at least 13 people, obviously).

Once seemingly everyone’s there and your friend is appropriately overjoyed yet horrified because they weren’t prepared to host guests, there’ll be a knock at the door and all of you will fall silent while one of you ominously says “he is here”, opening the door to reveal the final guest who should arrive with pizzas and/or cake.

Congratulations, you now have an actual Unexpected Party.

(P.S. Cosplay is not mandatory but highly recommended)

(P.P.S. At some point, you should all break out into song without warning, preferably to “That’s What Bilbo Baggins Hates”)

Ignis/Aranea (ignea) featuring some grade A+ wine. Ending references this fic

With the younger men finally asleep in the tent, Ignis stood up from his chair to pour some wine for him and his party’s unexpected guest. He had several different wines he relegated only for cooking, but he brought several bottles straight from the Citadel’s wine rack that he sometimes enjoyed with Gladiolus when Nocis and Prompto had fallen asleep. He supposed she could do as the man’s substitute for today.

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quick thranduil make up test ~
gonna wear the costume for MCC Leipzig next week!
any of my german followers going to be there? :)

BuckyxReader insert thing for fun (Part 4/?)

Part 4 of what keeps running through my head.  clutter-buck got me started with the whole Bucky thing and theoneandonlyowengrady and twinklynoises have encouraged its continuation.  Here’s parts 1-3 if you wanna read the first piles of crap-ola that accompany this shiny turd haha

Taking stock of the guests in your backyard would have given any sane person a headache.  Two superhumans, one who had been frozen for over 70 years and another with a metal arm and memory loss, a man who wore mechanical wings regularly, a highly-trained assassin with auburn hair and a sharp tongue, and a Norse god.  You just hoped you’d had enough lemonade and cookies made up.

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Seen here is the Unexpected Party, painted by the Brothers Hildebrandt.

J.R.R. Tolkien was my earliest inspiration with regards to exploring genealogies and how far they may be traced back. He also had a large influence with regards to my interest in European mythology and lore. 

In my book “Noah’s Ark: The Anthropology of Genesis” I provide conclusive evidence of the great flood and the cultures descended from Noah and his sons. Please support my research at: