ok apparently if a duckling imprints on a human and doesn’t meet other ducklings he ends up believing he’s a human too. that’s unbelievable. what if im just a duckling with an overactive imagination. what if im just a sleeping duckling and this is all a dream

For me, the trauma isn’t the “trauma”. It’s not what people did to me behind closed doors and in dark rooms.

The trauma is what happened in between. It was family members telling little me that I just had an overactive imagination. It was seeing abusers being loved and adored by people who were supposed to love me. It was caregivers telling me that I was scared for no reason and I was being rude for not giving hugs and kisses to the people who hurt me. It was everyone who made me doubt my perception of reality by telling me that my emotions and experiences weren’t valid.

My trauma isn’t the act that made me scream. My trauma is watching those screams land on deaf ears over and over and over.

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*pokes head in* I know your soulmate words AU is mostly for baku/kiri/kami but do you have any tododeku ideas for it, too?

Actually yeah, I do, because I have an overactive imagination and no sense of measure at all

Their words are “Is everything okay” (Izuku to Todo, Todo used to have them making a semicirle around his left eye, from forehead to cheekbone) and “you don’t need to worry” (Todo in answer to Izuku, on Izuku’s right arm, you can kinda see them in the drawing)

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Morning Wood

                                  ‘Jung Hoseok loves your mouth’ 

Featuring: Jhope/Hoseok (bts)
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 1.1k


| 2 |

A/N: Sorry it took so long, I tried to finish this before my vacation but that obviously didn’t happen lol. Please enjoy!

Jung Hoseok loves your mouth.

 A proven fact.

 He loves when your mouth opens wide as you try desperately to contain your laughter.

 He loves when your mouth connects with his in an intimate kiss. A kiss that steals his breath away and has him becoming light headed. Just a swipe of your tongue along his bottom lip has him singing hymns of your name.

 He loves how your mouth releases a string of profanities, whether it be from you screaming in his face or because his head is nestled between your legs.

 He loves your mouth covered in powdered sugar, lips upturned with a giddy smile as he wipes the residue from your lips with the pad of his thumb.

 He loves when your mouth juts out into a pout, whining his name when he isn’t compliant with your wishes. Or when you are lying in bed, breasts pressed up against his sturdy back, and lips just barely grazing the skin of his neck. Your steady breaths causing the tiny hairs on his neck to stand up.

 But the place he loves your mouth the most, is around his rigid cock.

 Hoseok is no stranger to the wonders of what an overactive imagination and a high libido can do. He’s found himself sporting a boner in the early mornings more times than he’d like to admit. It was never a problem when he was alone though, no. He’d gently rub himself through his boxers teasingly, just the way he liked. Not giving himself anymore friction until precum leaked through.

 With you in the bed, was a whole other issue. He always woke up before you and found it easiest to stealthily slip from your hold and into the bathroom. Hoseok took every precaution, leaving the sink running and making sure all of his emission made it into the toilet. He knows you’d have no problem helping him out, but he can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt whenever he entertains the idea of disturbing your slumber. So he’ll settle for his hand instead of your wet warm-

 Hoseok’s eyes flutter open at the dull heat bubbling up in his lower stomach. The first thing he sees is your small hand wrapped around his shaft, tongue generously licking around his swollen tip. The light filtering through the drapes hits you at an angle that makes you look celestial, causing him to groan at the sight.

 “Oh! You’re up.” You say, looking at him through your thick lashes. Like you didn’t have a handful of his cock in your hand. This made him growl lowly.

 You dip your tongue into his slit, garnering a positive reaction as he sucks in a breath, gripping the sheets. You love how easy it is to get Hoseok riled up. Just a mere swipe of the tongue had his breath becoming ragged. His hips were bucking up into your fist needily, loving the cat and mouse game that ensued between the tips of his dick and your tongue.

 “P-please baby, use your mouth more.” He cooed out to you, running an encouraging hand through your hair.

 He didn’t have to tell you twice before your mouth was engulfing his whole length. The stretch, made your jaw ache, but all that was ignored in favor of tuning in on his muffled cries, thighs shaking on either side of you.

 You look up to him, eyes lidded with lust and keep his gaze locked with yours as you fully slide him into your mouth, until his tip is but a hair’s breadth away from tickling your uvula. You let out a muffled purr at the feel of his heat pulsating onto your tongue before sliding him the rest of the way.

 You move to take him out for some air but Hoseok has other plans. He holds your head down, cautiously thrusting into your mouth. Your gagging accompanied by the sloppy noises your mouth makes on his slick cock is like music to his ears and pre-cum dribbles from his tip, some of it spilling out of your mouth and onto his balls.

 Once he loses the strength to hold your head down, you take over, bobbing your head up and down quickly in hopes of pushing him to release. It went on like this for a little, with you deep throating him and taking little breaks for air before jumping back on his dick.

 The sight of you, with drool dripping down your chin, eyes nearly rolled back, and the erotic angle of you on your knees, butt poked out behind you was just too much for poor Hoseok to handle. He deemed it too early for such a view, but that didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it.

 You moaned around him, sending tantalizing vibrations through the nerve endings lining his spine and toes, sending his back arching into your touch, but you weren’t done just yet. Your hands moved down to cup him warm balls, gently moving them around in your hand, all while swallowing around him. The feel of your throat constricting around him has his shaft pulsing inside of you. 

He was so close, you knew it.

 He pushes at your shoulder to get you up, and you comply, moving to sit on your haunches.

 “O-on your tongue baby, okay?” Hoseok stands so his crotch is level with your face, violently jerking at his length in front of your face.

 “Okay, Hobi.” You stick your tongue out, giving him encouraging little flicks while he works himself to orgasm. You don’t wait long because with a guttural moan, his seed is spurting out onto your tongue in ivory ribbons. You make sure to take all of it, not letting a single drop go to waste.

 Hoseok rides out the last little aftershocks of his orgasm rubbing his length along your cum coated tongue as he slowly retracts back into his skin once more. “Can you swallow all of that for me baby?”

 You eagerly waited for this command and in one gulp you swallowed his essence. The feeling of the sticky substance steadily trickling down your throat. Once you were sure it was all gone you opened your mouth to show him that there was in fact, no more traces of his passion in your mouth.

 He leans down to press a solid kiss to your mouth, licking your lips in the process.

 “Damn baby, with a mouth like that how am I not supposed to brag to the guys about how talented my girlfriend is.” He pats your head in approval and you can’t help but show him a brilliant smile that looked like you drowned in sunshine.

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If you like so much to read (watch movies) with strong woman protagonist, I recommend to read a webcomic (not based on true story, of course, but it has a great female protagonist and is all over cool -and not only one woman, but a lot of female characters there are pretty strong and well written), a steampunk fantasy webcomic (if you like this genre) called Girl Genius, written by Phil and Katja Foglio. Its free to read and you can find it on its website. Great stuff.


It’s like my favorite thing. I hooked my ex-roommate on it just so I could fansqueal with him. I would come up with fan theories and stuff - I was convinced for the longest time that the invisibility device they use to escape from Castle Wulfenbach in volume two was actually the time machine, but that appears to not be the case. My last two phones have been named Otilia and Castle Heterodyne. I reread “opera week” (Wulfenbach vs the circus) on like a weekly basis. I’ve been fiendishly devouring thrice-weekly updates for well over 10 years.

So yeah. Girl Genius is the business.

(weirdly enough, I believe my parents knew the Foglios in passing - my folks were fairly well-established Kentucky SCA/con folk in the 80s, and I remember them mentioning the Foglios once or twice, back when they were doing Myth Adventures, What’s New, and Buck Godot. I also recall my dad mentioning that my brother and I made some sort of cameo appearance in one of Richard and Wendy Pini’s works, but I’ve never been able to figure out which one. This may have been my overactive childhood imagination misinterpreting his words though.)

(this may have been the hardest I’ve ever publicly nerded out.)

Imagine Chris making you feel safe.

A/N: Inspired by the terrifying IT trailer I watched earlier today, that’s still seared in my brain actually. If you don’t like scary movies or clowns, don’t watch it. Learn from my mistake, we don’t all have Chris to make us feel safe. 😂

Chris walked out from the bathroom and raised an eyebrow at you; you were watching something on your iPad that you were holding at arms length and on mute. He chuckled which made you flinch as you looked up at him. “What are you doing?” He laughed when you did, walking over to join you on the bed.

“I’m watching the new IT trailer,” you told him and you heard him heave a sigh. “What?” You giggled when he shook his head at you, chuckling. “It’s on my Facebook wall and it started playing as I scrolled past it, and you know me- I’m a very curious person.”

“You’re also a very timid person when it comes to scary movies, so don’t watch it.” He instructed as he picked his book off the bedside table to read a little more before bed. “Aren’t you needy tonight?” He teased as you forced your way into his arms, resting your head against his chest; his arm wrapped around you and rested lazily against your thigh.

“I’m always needy,” you lifted your head to kiss his jawline and he smiled, pulling you closer to him as he returned his attention to his book. Truth be told, you just wanted to be closer to him while you finished watching that terrifying trailer. “That looks like a very good book, babe,” you glanced back at him, testing the waters to see how immerse he was in his reading before you continued watching the trailer.

“Mm hm,” he hummed in response and said nothing more.

You smiled as you turned back to your iPad and pressed play, you held it a distance away from you and watched the horror continue to unfold. Even on mute, you were absolutely terrified because Chris was right; you were timid when it came to scary movies which was why the two of you never watched them during movie nights. You tried hard not to flinch or react too harshly because you knew Chris would scold you, but you couldn’t help yourself when the clown pounced at the camera. You yelped and jerked away from the iPad, tearing Chris’ attention from the book and onto you.

“I told you not to watch it,” he recited almost monotonously because he’d already expected you to. “Now what?” He quizzed, an amused smirk on his lips as he watched you pull away from him to put your iPad aside. “Are you going to spend the whole night asking me to check out every creak and thud?” You rolled your eyes as you took off your glasses, tucking yourself into bed; beside you, Chris tried hard not to laugh as he continued to tease you. “‘Cause I will not be doing that, especially not when I have an early morning meeting tomorrow.”

“I’m perfectly fine, Captain,” you retorted, turning your back towards him as you tried to go to sleep. “It wasn’t even that scary.” It was terrifying and you could still feel your heart pounding. “And it’s unrealistic anyway, clowns are- they’re dumb.”

“Mm hm,” Chris tried not to laugh; he knew you were terrified. “Well, since you’re not scared and you’re going to bed- I hope you don’t mind me finishing the book downstairs.” You felt the weight on the bed shift and you quickly sat up; your head snapped in his direction so quickly that it nearly gave you whiplash.

“Why can’t you just finish your book here?”

“Because you’re going to sleep and I don’t want to disturb you.” He was trying hard not to laugh as he leaned forward and kissed your forehead. “Goodnight, baby.” You huffed and laid back down, pulling the covers up to your chin. “Don’t let the clown demons get you,” he sang song as he walked out of the bedroom, turning off the lights as he left.

“Hilarious!” You called and heard his laughter follow him downstairs. “It’s just a trailer, Y/N.” You mumbled to yourself and closed your eyes. “It’s fiction. Stephen King writes fiction, it’s not real.” You heard a thud on the roof and your eyes shot open. “It’s probably just a rat, or a bird. Relax, Y/N.” You heard scuttling against the hardwood floor and you buried your head under the covers. “But you’re a writer and writers write from experience which means-” A blood curling scream escaped your throat when you felt something jump onto you; it was only Dodger, but you were too deep in your own imagination to realize that.

“Y/N?!” Chris scrambled upstairs; his rational side told him he had nothing to worry about, but like you- he caught a glimpse of the trailer and had a vivid imagination. “Fucking hell,” he cussed when he turned on the lights and saw you hugging Dodger with a sheepish look on your face. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“If you didn’t leave my side, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“If you didn’t watch the trailer, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“Can you just stay here?” You asked with an adorable pout and he chuckled softly, holding out a hand. “What?” You quizzed as he walked over, taking your hand and pulling you out of bed. “Where are we going, Chris?” You asked when he tucked your arm under his, leading you out of the bedroom.

“I thought you’d like to join me while I make a round of the house and check all entry points,” he told you and you chuckled, hugging his arm tightly. “That way you’ll believe me when I say everything’s locked.” Your grip tightened around his arm when thunder crashed outside; Chris chuckled and kissed your head. “Scaredy-cat,” he mumbled into your hair.

“I am not,” you yanked your arm out of his and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Okay,” Chris held up his arms in mock surrender and walked ahead, padding down the staircase with you following behind him. Your whole body flinched when another roll of thunder roared, but it wasn’t until you heard a thud come from behind you that you rushed back to Chris side and slipped your hand in his. “Yeah,” he chuckled softly, entwining his fingers with yours. “You’re very brave.”

“Why did you let me watch that trailer?” You frowned at him then scanned your vicinity warily, flinching at another stroke of thunder. “You know how bad I am with scary movies,” you scolded and he scoffed with an amused smirk, “especially when there are clowns involved. I hate clowns, Chris. They’re so- Oh God!” You yelped, making Chris jump too. “It’s just our reflections,” you chuckled sheepishly when he frowned at you.

“I told you not to watch it, but you’re so God damn stubborn that you watched it anyway.” He pulled you along as he checked the front door. “And of course I know how much you hate clowns, you practically had an anxiety attack when that clown tried to approach you in the lobby of that hotel we stayed at in Malaysia.”

“What kind of hotel has clowns as entertainment?” You argued as you shuddered at the memory. “Nobody likes clowns, they’re creepy and they’re not even that funny.” Chris chuckled as he moved on to check the sliding doors that led out to the backyard. “There’s a reason people use clowns as serial killers and possessed demons, Chris.”

“Relax, baby,” he chuckled and squeezed your hand. “It’s just a trailer, okay? It’s fiction, you have nothing to worry about. Look, we’re checking all the entry points- there is nothing and no one that can get in here tonight.” You huffed and he chuckled again, “if you don’t trust grade-A locks, at least trust your grade-A boyfriend. I’m not going to let anyone get to you, I’m Captain America for a reason. Hm?” He poked you in the cheek and waited for you to crack a smile; it didn’t take long. “There we go,” he smiled. “You’re okay, I’ve got you.”

“Let’s check the back door and go to bed,” you said and he nodded, taking lead with you slightly behind him. You bit back your smile as you watched him check the lock. It never once ceased to amaze you that he would do whatever he needed to make you feel safe, even if the reason you felt unsafe was irrational and stupid. Any other guy would’ve just told you to stop being an idiot, but not him; Chris always accommodated you and your overactive imagination, and that was one of the many reasons you loved him.

“We good?” He quizzed and you nodded, smiling. “Okay,” he lifted your hand to his lips and kissed it. “Let’s go to bed.” He said, pulling you alongside him as the two of you made your way back upstairs. “Hopefully you can sleep soundly now that you know you’re safe, and now that it’s raining.” He looked to the ceiling, smiling at the soothing sounds of the rain falling against the roof. “I know how much you like sleeping to the sound of rain.”

“I do,” you smiled, hugging his arm. “And I always know I’m safe around you,” you told him and he smiled. “Like you said,” you poked his side, “you’re Captain America for a reason, right?” He chuckled and scooped you into his arms, bridal style. “Chris!” You laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Gotta keep you close to keep you safe, right?” He winked.

“Right,” you chuckled and tenderly pressed your lips against his.

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Heat of the Moment

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Preview: Jensen’s girlfriend has broken up with him. Jared feels his buddy needs rebound sex, so Jared brings Y/N (Jared’s little sister) and Jensen to the bar. But how will Jared feel about Jensen’s choice of woman?

A/N: I blame @ellen-reincarnated1967 for this one (cause it is easier than to blame my overactive imagination. It was supposed to be a one shot that I quickly turned into a two parter and now thanks to something @arryn-nyxx said it will be a three parter!

Status: Completed

Cover made by the awesomely talented @arryn-nyxx

Part 1: Rebound

Part 2: Awakening 

Part 3: In the Light of Day 


She was so damn pretty, everything she did, it was just….pretty.

Jughead leaned back against the lockers, rolling the word around in his mouth, he was fairly certain that term had never passed his lips before. When you thought of Jughead you didn’t think of flowery words like “pretty”, you thought of darker words like “morbid” or “obtuse” neither of which described the blonde beauty currently digging through her locker, loose, light blue, floral skirt flowing softly behind her.

Something was different about her today though, he couldn’t place it, he really had only caught a glimpse of her face as she headed through the doors but just a look was enough to tell him something was off, not in a bad way no, but it was different.

Sure her hair was out of it’s usually tight and slicked back ponytail, but that wasn’t all. Almost as if sensing his stare Betty closed her locker and turned to face him, her eyes looking past him at something in the distance.

Oh, that was it.

Betty’s face was devoid of all makeup, her normally pale conplexion was a bit tanner and her cheeks had a natural pink blush to them. Her eyes seemed younger underneath long light lashes, free of the heavy black mascara, her gorgeous wavy blonde hair fell in her face and he watched as she blew a strand from her light pink lips. He liked that color more than her usual “perfectly pink” shade.

Suddenly dark green eyes connected with his own stormy blues and those soft pink lips quirked up into a smile, she was walking towards him, her backpack hanging off her bare shoulders.

“Morning Juggie.” She smiled softly, gently nudging him with her shoulder and leaning on him for a moment.

“Morning Bets, you look..different.” He said slowly, careful not to offend her, he knew how sensitive his mother had been about not wearing makeup.

Betty laughed heartily, resting a hand on his arm
“It was way too hot today Juggie, all of my makeup would’ve melted off, and I get horrible headaches in the heat, that ponytail was just not happening. I know I’m a mess.” She shrugged delicately as they began their walk to class.

Jughead shook his head quickly, he couldn’t stop staring at her, it was like she wasn’t real, some kind of angelic figment of his overactive imagination.

“You look good, I like this better.” He coughed awkwardly, rubbing his neck and shifting on his feet.

Betty looked up at him and beamed
“Really? I don’t look… I don’t know. Sick?”

Jughead shook his head again, putting a hand to her cheek and brushing away a stray, honey blonde curl
“No. you look good. Perfect.” He mumbled.

Betty blushed again, placing her hand on her cheek to cover his own.

They hadn’t established what this “relationship” they had begun was, after only a few stolen kisses in bedrooms or on street corners, Jughead had pulled back, he didn’t know where he stood with her and he didn’t want to over step his boundaries, but god did he ache to touch her. All the time actually. And moments like this, just staring at her. He realized just how lucky he was to have her. In any way.


The sudden noise caused them to break out of their personal bubble. They both broke apart, flinging away from each other like they had been burnt. Veronica and Kevin stood, their hands on their hips and smiles on their faces.

“Sorry lovebirds but some of us need to get into the classroom.” Veronica giggled, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Sorry! We were just.. I had um.” Betty trailed off, her eyes turning to Jughead, pleading him to come up with an excuse

“You don’t need an excuse to stare lovingly at your boyfriend B. It’s totally normal, I mean if I were him I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of you.” Veronica winked as Betty physically relaxed, leaning her back against Jugheads chest.

Kevin was nodding, his smile bright
“Next time let me know though, I’m head of the yearbook committee and I would love to get some shots for “class couple.” He winked and shoved Veronica softly into the classroom.

Jughead dropped his hands to Betty’s shoulder and turned her around gently

“So..” he started.

Betty was quick to interrupt

“I’m sorry, they can be… a lot. Veronica doesn’t know what she’s talking about, I don’t want you to feel pressured to put a label on this.. it’s not…” she rambled before Jughead cut her off with a swift kiss

Pulling away he smiled at her dazed expression
“Man, my girlfriend talks a lot.” He smirked.

Betty’s eyes instantly brightened and she smiled up at him.

“Well deal with it mister, you’re in it for the long haul… right?” She asked, a shy, questioning, smile on her face.

“You bet I am.” He wrapped his fingers around hers and pulled her into the classroom, he couldn’t wait for the long haul.


A/N: I know this took forever, y’all, but thanks for sticking it out! I wanted the smut in this chapter to be like, nearly perfect, so I hope that’s what I’ve done for y'all. Enjoy! (read chapter 1 HERE). 

You think you might be dissociating. It’s just, suddenly, none of this seems real, because how could it be? Did you really crash some party at famous musician’s fancy downtown condo, just to spend the whole night talking to said musician and end up pinned beneath him on his fluffy king sized bed? No, that doesn’t seem realistic to you at all.

But it feels real. His lips are there, on your neck, needy and insistent as he sucks and licks at your skin in a way that pulls breathy mewls from your throat, and it feels so fucking real. If it’s a dream, it’s the best, most vivid sex dream you’ve ever had and you pray your alarm never goes off.

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You wrote something set after paper clip which was one of my fave ever msr cuddle fics. Could you please write them cuddling in another scenario? I love them platonically sleeping together and you tap into the emotions so well ❤️

Sorry it took me so long to answer this one. Here’s a cuddle fic set in season 2. Hope you enjoy.

Her first thought is that she’s crazy, paranoid like her partner. Lack of sleep Dana, she assures herself nipping at the glass of water she just poured herself. Cars park in front of your building all the time, she continues her internal monologue. This only bothers you because it’s 2 am and you can’t sleep. She nods to herself, but the feeling gnaws at her steadily. Her lights are off so she moves to the window, peeks outside. The car across the street is still there, unmoving but slightly askew as if ready to flee at any given moment. There’s a shadow inside, moving slowly, and Scully’s heartbeat picks up. This is not real, she tells herself taking a deep breath. That’s what her therapist keeps telling her: breathe in deeply, breathe out, repeat. Scully reiterates these words, mouths them silently, breathes in between. She wills herself to relax and thinks of Mulder. Her partner, who’s been nothing but forthcoming since she’s come back from… from whatever she’s come back from. Her mother refers to it as the time Dana went missing. As if it were a cute story you tell your children and grandchildren. Mulder calls it an abduction, his voice harsh when he says it, breaking guiltily on the last syllable. Unless he is looking at her. Scully doesn’t want him to see her like that, like a vulnerable bird out in the cold that needs to be taken inside, needs to be taken care of. But right now, she wants to call him anyway, tell him all about the car outside. Most of all she wants him to reassure her that she’s safe, that this is a figment of her overactive imagination. Not real. Her hand reaches out to grab the phone. But she can’t call him. He’ll come over and then he’ll glance at her, maybe not even say a word, and he’ll feel like he needs to protect her. No. She takes the phone with her, her gun too, and puts them on the nightstand. Just in case, she tells herself, before she tries, and fails, to fall asleep.

The next night, after she’s rubbed off the make-up she used to hide her exhaustion, Scully switches off all the lights and checks that the door is locked. Twice. Only then does she allow herself to peek outside. No car. She sighs in relief, laughs. She shuffles off to bed, praying she’ll get some decent sleep tonight.

As so often these days, luck is not on her side. Two hours later, she can no longer stay in bed, feels the desperate need to move. Without turning on the lights, Scully walks into the kitchen to boil tea water. A while ago her mother brought her this herbal tea claiming it would relax her. Tonight, she is willing to try. Everyone keeps telling her to relax, to enjoy life. As if her disappearance is nothing to worry herself with now that she’s back. The water gurgles softly in its kettle and Scully is too restless, too curious to stay there. She tiptoes to the window in her living room. She rolls her eyes at herself; there’s no reason to be quiet. But as soon as she looks outside, she sees it. The car. It is the same one, the shadow clearly visible inside. Her heart beats faster as sweat breaks out on her forehead. When is this going to end? In the kitchen, the kettle whistles angrily, startling her. Scully’s hand trembles as she pours the boiling water over the prepared tea bag, but the soft lavender scent is unable to calm her nerves. Safe for leaving her apartment, there is only thing she can do. Her hands curled around the hot mug, her eyes flicker to the cell phone on her kitchen table. She may not see it in the darkness, but she knows it’s there. She takes a sip from the scalding hot beverage before she puts it down, knowing it won’t help. There’s only one thing that will.

“Mulder, it’s me. I hope I didn’t wake you.” Her voice sounds robotic in her own ears. How often have they done this? Nighttime calls hoping the other one wouldn’t be angry. Usually it’s Mulder who calls her and she has to assure him that she doesn’t mind.  

“Scully, are you all right?” Unlike her, Mulder sounds alert. And, just like she suspected, terrified.

“I’m fine, Mulder. I just- I’m probably overreacting but…,” she takes a deep breath and hears Mulder hold his, “there’s a car in front of my building. It’s the second time I see it and I’m sure I’m overreacting, but…”

“I’ll be right there, Scully.”

“You don’t have to come over, Mulder. I just needed to… talk to someone, I guess.”

“Scully? I’ll be right there. I’m uhm, in the neighborhood anyway. See you soon. Just stay put.” He hangs up without a goodbye or explanation. That’s nothing out of the ordinary. In her neighborhood at this time of the night? That certainly is.

Not ten minutes later there is a knock at her door. She knows it’s Mulder, but she stares through the peephole, asks anyway. Just in case. These days she can’t be careful enough. Her furiously beating heart agrees.

“Hi.” It’s pure relief when Scully ushers Mulder inside. He lets himself be dragged to the window, trusting her to navigate through her pitch-dark apartment. “Look.” She tells him. He’s standing behind her, his chest gently pressing against her back. His head is over her shoulder, staring outside. Puffs of gentle breath brush her cheek and this, she realizes, is so much better than any herbal tea. She hasn’t felt this relaxed in days, weeks maybe. Thank you Mulder, she thinks, wishing the words were easier to say.

“Tonight is the second time I saw it, but who knows how long it’s been there and why.”

“A week.”


“That car has been there a week.” Mulder, still close to her, tells her evenly. Her blood runs cold with a sudden, inexplicable sense of betrayal. Goose bumps cover her arms as the feeling disappears and makes room for something else, something new.  

“How do you know that, Mulder? Why didn’t you tell me?” Scully barely registers the squeaky quality of her voice. She turns around, pushes Mulder away. She misses his warmth immediately and it makes her angry; with him, the situation and worst of all herself.

“Because it’s me, Scully. It’s me.”

“You…” She tears at the drapes, stares at the car. It’s a black Sedan. Mulder likes to rent a Ford or a Taurus. In her mind his words don’t add up, don’t make sense. Where did he get that car? Her mind screams, unable to look at the bigger picture. Why is he watching her from a car in the middle of the night? The question, though, never comes.

“I uhm, I didn’t tell you because well, you keep telling me you’re fine. But Scully, I’m not.” Slowly, she turns to him. “I’m not fine. Most of the time when I’m not with you I stare at my phone. Waiting for it to ring and someone to tell me that… one night last week, I couldn’t sleep. So I drove here. I just wanted to make sure everything was in order. I didn’t want to wake you so I stayed in my car. I figured if anything were to happen, I’d be here. This time I’d be here.”

“Oh Mulder.” Scully doesn’t fight her tears, no longer fights the need to hold him close. His arms open and she falls into them. The anger she felt moments ago dissipates into nothingness.

“I’m sorry, Scully. I wasn’t thinking, I was just…”

“I’m not angry, Mulder.” She mumbles against his shirt. It’s warm, it smells fresh, and so much like him; she feels safe. When he huffs against her hair, she smiles. “Fine, I might be a bit angry. I wish you’d just said something but… I didn’t tell you either.” Communication 101, and they both flunked it. She wants to promise him, and have him promise her, that next time they’ll talk. Say what is real, speak their feelings. She knows it would be a lie. An empty promise made in the comfort of the darkness and each other’s arms. So she stays quiet, just hold him tighter.

“I should probably leave. Go home.”

“Did you sleep in your car, Mulder? That last week.”

“I… you know I don’t sleep much.”

“You need sleep, Mulder. It’s not healthy.”

“Thank you, Dr. Scully. It’s 2 am and look who else is awake.”

“You’re not leaving,” Scully decides, glancing up at him. Her eyes have gotten used to the darkness and she sees the exhaustion on his face, unmasked. “I want to make sure you sleep.”

“That sounds like a proposition.” His grin is so much more beautiful than the deep sorrow, the fearful lines all around his eyes and lips.

“I haven’t been sleeping well,” Scully admits, ignoring his remark, “and you haven’t been sleeping at all. So, come on.” She takes his hand and drags him towards her bedroom. He stops, glances at her.


“Just to sleep, Mulder,” she whispers, glad that he can’t see her blush, “Just to sleep.” Mulder undresses slowly once they’re in the bedroom. Scully considers switching on a light, but she needs the darkness; pretend this is a dream, she tells herself. Dana Scully doesn’t indulge in moments like this. Just for one night, she repeats mentally, just tonight. She hears the rustle of Mulder’s jeans then footsteps. He stands there, a big, large shadow, but she is not afraid.

They don’t speak once he’s settled. There are no questions, no fears. Mulder is on his back, warm next to her. Scully moves closer, needs to be as close as possible. This is what is real, she thinks. I’m Dana Scully, I’m his partner and he is mine. She takes his hand in hers, touches each finger as if examining them one by one. She laces them with hers before she carefully turns on her side. Mulder has no choice but to follow her until he is behind her again, the big spoon to her little one. She holds his hand, puts it under her chin. Mulder buries his face in her hair, her neck, breathing softly. This is the first, the only thing, that feels right.

“Thank you, Mulder.” This time the words come easily, fill the room. Her eyelids begin to droop as her heartbeat slows down. She doesn’t know if there will be nightmares. Mulder is not a miracle worker. Though he would do everything in his power to convince her otherwise, she is certain of that. The thought puts a smile on her face and it remains there as sleep captures her, catches her as she falls.

“All you have to do is ask, Scully,” dream Mulder tells her, or maybe he is the real one holding her; it does not matter, “and I’ll hold you every night for the rest of our lives.” What a wonderful dream, she marvels, before all other thoughts leave her be.

Writing is basically a giant circle of half-finished writing and ideas that you want to write, but have to wait until you finish that other idea first. And while you’re writing that, your brain is throwing at least like 3-5 new ideas at you.

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RFA + V + Saeran Kinks

Anonymous said:

RFA + V + Saeran kinks plS ^q^ <3

Here you go! Also I’m sorry that some are longer than others. I elaborated more on the people that had more kinks because I really feel like Yoosung,V and Jaehee are generally very vanilla. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!

I also got carried away with saeran please forgive me but you're welcome saeran stans

NSFW below!!


 I honestly don’t see him as much of a kinky person. He’s pretty vanilla in terms of everyday sex. Occasionally spicing it up with a bit of role play. Even though yoosung isn’t the type, he’d be open to trying new things as long as it’s not tooooo crazy. He’d be open to things like extended foreplay is that even a kink i don’t even know


 bODY WORSHIPING IS HIS THING! He will never stop telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves every inch of your gorgeous body. especially if you wore lingerie. He is also into consent (obviously they would all need consent, but he like to verbally hear it many times) he would love to ask you vulgar questions just to hear your response. the way you would answer as he’s thrust into you just makes him nghhhhhhh- the beast™ 


rough sex. enough said He’d love the ddlg stuff. i don’t think he’s much of a sadist though. he’d just want to control you make you feel like he owns you. he’d like some minor bdsm play such as handcuffs blindfolds and silk ties you guys saw that coming he loves seeing you squirm in the binds as he continues to pleasure you, things getting more and more heated as he hears your whimpers. He’d also want to mark you but he’s gotta do it in places that aren’t visible to the general public out of respect to you and to spare you the embarrassment even though he’d really want to do it anyway (he’d probably just leave one on your collarbone bc he couldn’t resist) 


 I also really don’t think she is kinky. there isn’t much to say about her honestly. i think she might be an exhibitionist. the feeling of being caught gives her that rush that she can’t get anywhere else. She tends to follow all the rules so she gets really excited when there is a possibility to be caught doing something “bad" 


is a low key daddy honestly. He is a confirmed sadist so i don’t doubt he will drag out foreplay to tease you in every way he sees fit. He also has a roleplay kink. He’ll bring out costumes that he bought for you to get your opinion. I also feel like he’d be an experimentalist. He’s always down to try something new with the consent of both people. He also has a thing for sound. Hear me out on this. anytime in mysme when things got heated saeyoung never has his glasses on. i’m telling you right now his vision is sHIT. he just stares at a screen all day so it’s a given. since he doesn’t wear his glasses during sex, he’d probably close his eyes. which heightens his other senses. it's a reach I know I have an overactive imagination 


okay he is not kinky whatsoever. He is super vanilla. but i do see him being into body worshiping. he’d want to make you feel like the goddess he says you are. he also has a thing for taking pictures and videos of the intimate moments. 

 jihyun i swear to god if that click sound was your camera 


 like i mentioned before this dude is kINKY OH GOD PLEASE I KNOW IM GONNA GET CARRIED AWAY WITH THIS okay so first of all he has a major dominance thing. he always wants to be the one to dominate you but imagine him being bottom oh shit that’s going to the spank bank (i also may write a fic about this in the near future) he will dabble into light bdsm like blindfolds and handcuffs or rope. also he’s definitely a sadist, but he will only give you pleasurable pain because he’s afraid to hurt you although he’d never admit it. Overstimulation is his favorite thing. I even touched on this in my dirty talking headcanon shameless plug seeing your body writhe underneath him as you beg him to stop in between moans oH GOD I NEED TO STOP NOW

The Calling of the Sea - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (coming soon!)

Hiccup’s father was chief of their little island, but he was a fisherman by trade. And so it was only natural that Hiccup be brought out and trained, on their little buoy at first, not far from the shore, and later, in their fishing vessel. On one cloudy day, early in Hiccup’s life, he discovered something–or someone–rather incredible. A little mermaid, about his age.

Though he claimed to have seen her on a few trips, his father never believed him–nor the rest of his village. As he grew up, like most grown-ups are unfortunately wont to do, he chopped up the experience to an overactive childhood imagination.  

That is, until one day, an old friend decided to pay him a visit…

AKA I got a hankering for merstrid and!!! baby hiccstrid??

Anyway, might flesh out this au some more… cause it fun :]

Of Books and Dirty Cash

Librarian!Yoongi Au

Inspired by this and this

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. All the librarians you had ever encountered had been very nice and friendly, if a bit old. But Min Yoongi, the librarian at your university…

People talked about him.

You had never heard of a librarian that people gossiped about either. But this one, people had a lot to say about. They said he was young, handsome, and very strict, mostly. One boy in your class, Dylan, claimed that the librarian had punched him in the face for forgetting to put his phone on silent, but you highly doubted that. Dylan had an overactive imagination and was a chronic liar. The concerning thing was that the librarian did have the authority to ban people from the library if he deemed it appropriate, and he deemed it appropriate quite often.

It wasn’t until midterms that you actually had to confront the problem. As they approached, you realized that there was a whole list of books that you needed. “It’s fine,” You thought to yourself. “I follow the rules. He won’t mind me. I’ll just get my books and go.”

You had seen the building every day since you arrived, but had only ever been in the library once, during school orientation. It was four stories high, the first level only computers and a mini coffee shop. The second floor was where all the book were. And the evil librarian.

To your relief, there wasn’t anyone at the desk when you stepped off the elevator to the second floor. This was fine, you could just find the books you needed, and take pictures of any important pages for later.

You had always loved books. The smell, the feel of them. There was something about being surrounded by books for the first time in months that made you feel at home, and at peace. Finding the books you needed was easy, you had spent so much time in libraries as a child you knew where to look for things. You found a desk in the back to put all of your stuff, and noticed how quiet the place was. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the constant noise of your dorm room.

Once you were finished writing down everything you needed from the books and taking pictures of the really important bits, you set about putting them all back. Technically, you were supposed to leave them on the cart for the librarian to put back, but you figured you’d save him the trouble.

You had just placed the first book back on the shelf when you heard someone clear their throat. You turned slowly, making eye contact with a young man with circular glasses.

“…Can I help you?” You said, utterly confused at the glare he was directing at you.

“That.” He pointed to the book you had just put on the shelf. “It doesn’t go there.”

You looked at it, and then back at him. “Yes it does.”

He rolled his eyes before stepping past you, snatching the book from the shelf. “It does not. It goes here.” He put it about two feet from where you had placed it.

“Same thing.” You shrugged, not seeing the importance. It was only two feet after all.

“No, it is not—you know what? You’re not even supposed to be putting books back on the shelf. They’re supposed to be placed right there-“ He pointed to the book cart. “So that someone who knows what they’re doing can put them back.” His voice had been getting louder as he spoke, his anger at the misplaced book evident on his face.

“Hey, sorry, I was just trying to save the librarian some trouble. No need to get so upset. Or so loud. It is a library.”

He narrowed his eyes at you, before taking the book back off of the shelf. “Why are you putting it back, anyway? Don’t you want to borrow it?”

You blinked at him, the change of subject catching you off guard. “No.”

“Are you putting those back, too?” He pointed at the other five books you were holding.


“Give them to me.” He held out his hand impatiently for you to hand them over. You did, figuring he was going to put them back since you apparently did such a bad job.

He glanced at each one before frowning at you. “These are all on biology.”

“Yeah, I’m writing a paper…” You didn’t see why he was so interested, you were putting them back anyway.

“Then why aren’t you going to borrow them? Don’t you need them for referencing? And you can’t have read everything in them in such a short amount of time.”

You shrugged, not wanting to admit that it was because you had heard the librarian was mean. What a silly reason that would sound like.

“Come on.” He gestured for you to follow him to toward the front desk that was still empty.

“Wait, why?”

“Don’t you want to do well on your paper?” He asked, stepping behind the desk. “Hand me your ID card, you can check them out with that.”

“Can you do that, though?” You asked, bewildered.

“What?” He asked as he scanned the bar codes on the books.

“Let me borrow the books.” You clarified.

“Well, I am the librarian.” He glanced up at you. “It’s kind of my job.”

A/N lol I had so much fun writing this… Yoongi the librarian ended up a lot scarier and angrier than I first planned, but I like it like this. Thank you for reading, I know this isn’t what I normally post. I hope everyone has a great weekend! <3