Dear Feminists,

I’m going to preface this with a trigger warning, it does have to deal with sexual harassment in minor way.

My sister is a feminist, I am an anti-feminist. As you can imagine we’ve had a few rather heated arguments, however the most recent one was probably the worst. My dad, my sister, and I were all in the car when my sister started on an unintelligible rant about how feminism is necessary in a culture where men get payed more than women.

 This made me rather angry so I sighed and said, “The wage gap is a myth. It’s just a statistic read and misinterpreted by idiots who LOOK for reasons to justify their hatred of men.” She started yelling, “I KNOW THE WAGE GAP IS REAL, I’VE LIVED IT, YOU’RE ONLY FIVE-TEEN YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!” (An argument she pulls out anytime we have any sort of debate) 

Now, my father is a very logical man, he and I have spoken numerous times about feminism and it’s ideologies; my sisters response to me kind of made him upset, so he started explaining very calmly that the wage cap In Corporate America is a symptom, not of gender inequality, but of women, working women, nationally spending less time in the work place than men. It’s not bad that they do, it’s just a fact. 

My sister didn’t have a rebuttal for this, but instead started talking about sexual harassment in the work place. She told us about this guy who “touched her”. My father and I were horrified, we thought someone has genuinely molested her. We started asking why she didn’t go tell someone; the boy would have been fired immediately. 

Well, what she passed off as sexual assault turned out to be a guy, whom she hadn’t seen in a few month, coming up to her, and trying to hug her. What? Are you kidding me? He tried to hug you and you use it as a reason for needed feminism? She is so trapped in her own mind she can’t even distinguish between a harmless gesture and sexual assault. She claims to be a, “non-man hating feminist” but then I asked her, “If it was a girl who tried to hug you, would you define it as harassment?”

She got very quiet.

Personally, I think it would have been better to have just ignored these chucklefucks, let them have their dumb little No Girls Allowed Club meeting (they were going to use a code phrase to identity each other! That’s adorable!), and go on with our lives. Stone cold silence speaks to the utter irrelevance of their views more than anger ever could, because anger is still an acknowledgment that their opinions are, on some level, worthy of engagement. It’s the difference between ignoring a child’s demand for “all the world’s candy” and explaining the economic impossibility of the request. You’re suggesting there’s a debate to be had, and that if they try hard enough they can make you see the light.

On the other hand, I make the same argument for silence over confrontation when the pizza guy delivers the wrong order, because I’m shy and don’t want to antagonize the Bringer of Pepperoni. And the last thing I want to do is mansplain the appropriate reaction to a hate group that targets women. You might argue that it’s better to rattle the heavens themselves with criticism, to broadcast their countless flaws from every outlet so impressionable young men aren’t misled by Roosh’s douche call. I can get behind that. But let’s look at how we do it.

What We’re All Getting Wrong About Pickup Artists

Girl: Let’s play “What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done”! You first!

Guy: (deep sigh) 5 years ago I got depressed and the doctors refused to treat me; I had no motivation even to commit suicide so I tried to hire a hitman on myself for all the cash I had on hands…

Girl: *runs away screaming and leaving the guy totally smashed by such violation of trust after he revealed his darkest vulnerability to her*

Next day, in Gender Studies class:

Same Girl: Guys just need to express their emotions!

And we’ve hit a new milestone with the Quantum Blade Saga: someone just mansplained on the post that I displayed “ingroup/outgroup mentality” which is, because I couldn’t figure this out for myself, us vs them. Thank you rational man thank you for making this clear. I’m so glad that the MRA/Return of Kings coalition has arrived to explain things to me, I, the hideous bloated hivemind occupying what used to be MIT campus


To every Canadian concerned about the upcoming RooshV pro-rape, homophobic and misogynistic gatherings. This is essentially what’s gone down.

Roosh: I bet Canadians would love my pro-rape, homophobic, misogynistic ideas

What you see in the above photos is every mayor in a city where a meetup is planned saying #TurnAwayReturnOfKings

Spread the message that this MRA garbage isn’t welcome. Use the hashtag and get organized to counter protest if possible.
Pro-Rape Meet-Up Canceled After Women’s Boxing Club Threatens to Show Up
Don't mess with women, especially if they're wearing boxing gloves.

“After word of the Newsgirls’ plans spread, Roosh decided to cancel the meet-ups, writing that he can “no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend.”

Imagine feeling unsafe in a public space, or afraid to have your privacy violated. As a woman, I have no idea what that must be like.”

Pick up artists: scumbags that try to hack the pussy

Return of kings: shit gobs who hate movies for having female protags

MRAs: gentle, innocent dudes who mostly just don’t like conscription, federal rape definitions, and forced infant circumcision

Meninists: not actually real, a joke that is on you if you think they’re real