how to write a story that will infuriate MRAs

*male villian(s)
*female protagonist OR male protagonist whose leader is female
*most/all other females are good or neutral
*females are not sexualized
*good or neutral males are fine with, or prefer female leadership

… And that is pretty much it. That is why MRAs hate Mad Max, it is why they hate The Last of Us. It’s how the real world works most of the time.

edited to add: the last bullet point is pretty crucial. I think that most MRAs could take these types of stories if the male protagonists had uttered “bitch” under their breath every so often about the women they served under.

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The Unholy Trinity of Tumblr Feminism : Ask-an-mra-anything Misandry-mermaid Misandryandgeeks

I have not heard of the first one, and I’m only familiar with the last one in passing. But I"m very aware of Misandry-Mermaid. I would swear that one was a parody or troll account but if it is, it’s a dedicated one….
Female Intern Awarded $18 Million Because Her Boss Asked For Sex And Wrote Mean Things On The Internet

By David Garrett Hanna Bouveng, a mere former intern of Wall Street CEO Benjamin Wey, has been awarded $18 million in compensatory and punitive damages for both defamation and sexual harassment. One of the key findings of the court in relation to the claimed sexual harassment is that Wey “panted over” Bouveng and …read more

Source:: Return Of Kings

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I feel really miserable and isolated sometimes b/c no one is actually fighting tribalism. It's like no one is really egalitarian, there's just toxic crap like modern feminism and anti-feminists/MRA who go past their reasonable criticisms about feminist sexism towards men, chronic victimhood, and intellectual dishonesty only to end up back at misogyny again. Why can't we all just stop making sweeping generalisations about the opposite sex and treat each other like we're all human beings.

Definition Discrepancy
  • Feminist:If you believe in equality, by definition you're a feminist. It's that simple.
  • Egalitarian:I believe in Equality. I don't use the label Feminist though.
  • Feminist:But you are a feminist whether you like it or not, you fit the definition.
  • Egalitarian:No I'm an egalitarian because I care about men and women.
  • Feminist:That's what feminism does, it helps both!
  • Egalitarian:Ok, What has feminism done to directly solve any of the number of men's issues?
  • Feminist:LOL, you're an MRA!!!! Men don't have issues!
  • Egalitarian:But you said feminism is to help both?
  • Feminist:Yeah I said that, but I don't actually believe men have issues.
  • Egalitarian:Isn't that the definition of sexist?
  • Feminist:No, you can't be sexist towards men, they have all the power.
  • Egalitarian:That's not the definition of...
  • Feminist:You can't use the dictionary definition of sexism, it was written by men!!!
  • Egalitarian:But I have to be a feminists because of the definition?
  • Feminist:It's not my job to educate you. *Block*
  • Feminist:What a stupid asshole.

We need men’s rights activism because when a man is abusive towards a woman, rather than attempting the futile endeavor of talking him out of being abusive, we shower the women with resources to empower her to get out of the unhealthy situation; but when a woman is abusive towards a man we call the man weak and whiny and say he probably deserved it and praise the woman for asserting so much power.