I have a plan for where this story goes, trying to decide if I should actually bother drawing it all.

I had the idea of Fiddleford encountering Stanley while his mind was still intact enough to figure out who he was. (Stanford surely mentioned he had a twin, after all.) Fiddleford wondered why Stanley was living under his brother’s name and in the course of trying to suss each other out, each of them learned the others’ story.

When Stanley realized that this guy helped Stanford build the portal, he got very excited and tried to mine him for information on how to operate it. …Information that had probably already been memory-wiped away.

Not that it mattered, as Fiddleford had no intention of helping someone reactivate that terrible machine. …Quite the opposite, in fact.

Pro tip, Fidds. If you find yourself walking slow circles around someone and saying things like “I’m sorry it had to come to this” you might be on a bad path. You know what another bad sign is? Matching robes and chanting. Just saying.


Good habits to consider:

  • Don’t spend too much time on the first try.

            - Do a very quick rough then clean it up later.

  • Don’t look at one side the entire time.

            - Compare back and fourth as you draw to help keep it symmetrical.  

  • Take a step back or zoom out.  

           - Flipping it horizontally can help see your errors more clearly.

Happy drawings~


“Espresso On The Go//Tequila at the bar” – Graphite, Photoshop, Watercolour,

For Day 3 of the Wardrobe meme: Work Clothes. I’m sure some international meetings end with these two old men wishing they could solve problems with axes and swords like the Good Old Days.

Have some icons for you and your world-weary friend: