a goofy movie: a touching commentary on the strained relationship between a young boy and a father who, having lost his beloved wife more than 10 years ago, struggles to accept that his son is growing up. the more he desperately tries to keep max close, the more max pulls away as he yearns for independence - yet he secretly takes comfort in knowing that his loving father will always be there the moment he wants to go home.

an extremely goofy movie: max does some sick kickflips and finds out he’s gay

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What do YOU think about goofys son

i’ve had like 2 shots of smirnoff but like okay have you. have you SEEN this screenshot. do you see this?? he’s wearing a fucknig/ singlet and jeans?? why is he so hot?? he’s got twink physique?? its a butch look?????????? I’m so attracted to him why did they make him Like That™?