I created a tumblr running community on strava!

Every time I run, I think about you guys. You inspire me to try my best in all areas of my life. I wouldn’t have been motivated to work as hard if it weren’t for all of you.

I’ve recently discovered strava, which is like garmin connect- a running/workout log but more social. You can link any running watch to automatically sync with your profile, or you can manually add one yourself!

I thought it would be fun to include you guys on my running journey and create a community where we can all connect and motivate each other to work hard!

Feel free to join the group I just created called “Runblr”!

I also created my own profile as well! (I can’t get it to sync past data so I have to start fresh)

Please reblog to spread the word ^__^

Hot Black Fitness Girls - Sharam Diniz - Black Aerobics Girl

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OMG!! SEVENTEEN WILL BE ON ISAC (IDOL STAR ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP)? For real? That’s so cool, we can see them do some sports but I hope they’ll be careful. I don’t want to see them hurt like what happened to some idols before. ;u;

I wonder what will they do?! 

Hoshi please control yourself and don’t be too excited~ Please don’t even try to hurt yourself even if it’s just a finger. ;u;
'If a Tumblr Post Has No Notes, Is It Art?' - OPENING CEREMONY

Athletic Aesthetic - some reading material for anyone who is interested.

The link above is an interesting article on ‘The Jogging’ by Cecilia Salama for Opening Ceremony.

Salama writes: “The Jogging runs on what Troemel calls an “athletic aesthetic” system, where quantity is favored over quality. The artists submit mostly Photoshopped images, as they can be produced quickly and on a large scale. “The stakes are much different,” Andrew Norman Wilson, one of the main contributors, explained in an email. ‘I can post what one could call ‘b-sides’ that don’t seem to have a place in the world. Then they resonate with this strange, eager audience.’ “(x)

The ‘athletic aesthetic’ system is a term used by Brad Troemel and his work regarding this topic can be found here: 

Troemel states: “A new species of hyperproductive artist flooding the Internet with content invites audiences to complete their work by loving their brand, making the artists themselves the masterpiece.” 

Happy Monday art lovers!