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HELLO I JUST WOKE UP AND WOULD LIKE TO SAY... Sorry about caps, but I think Fourth of July by Fall Out Boy is an awesome Emily/Shane song. So is Better Than That by Marina and the Diamonds, if you imagine Hana singing it.

disregarding the fact that the fourth of july holds no significance to them as british people – Y E S ABSOLUTELY BECAUSE I AM FALL OUT BOY AF

I wish I’d known how much you loved me
I wish I cared enough to know
I’m sorry every song’s about you

wake me up inside (i can’t wake up)

but “better than that” can get so nasty, like:

She’s the apple of everybody’s eye
With an angel voice, devil in disguise
Got a sour face like a poisoned fruit
That the boys can taste ‘til they’re out of use

i can’t imagine hana being so judgmental about someone she’s never met, especially because even shane has mostly good things to say about emily. from what i understand, at the end of the day, emily is ultimately a good person, but she just wasn’t good for shane

So some guy at an NA meeting commishied me to draw him the symbol and I went with a devil/angel theme to accompany it. The story is that they are two sides of the same coin and that no matter how far the devil may fall the angel is always there with open arms and compassion. Because it is better to handle ones demons with love and understanding than hate and fear.