Marvey and romantic tropes

Inspired by these awesome posts: x, x, here’s a list of ten (of many tbh) romance tropes played with in Mike and Harvey’s narrative, starting with ones that actually are on TVTropes, followed by ones that are just general narrative things (All gif credits at bottom of post):

1. Meet Cute (+Rescue Introduction)

Do I even need to explain this one? A sick grandmother, running from the cops, mistaken identity…Literally the first 20 minutes of this series is about these two and how they’re going to meet thanks to some crazy circumstances, and how a malfunctioning briefcase full of pot is going to change their lives (and they don’t even know it yet):

2. Forgotten First Meeting (Or Connected All Along if you want to be finicky):

Harvey passed Mike and Trevor on the street ‘five years ago’ when Mike was working as a bike messenger and Mike said ‘If I ever look like that shoot me’ which is ironic because he will work so hard to look like that in five years but also not that ironic because Mike probably said that to deflect Trevor’s attention from the fact that he is 100% checking Harvey out and very interested in what he sees (And it is what he sees, since the camera is Mike’s gaze and it does a full elevator scan. Interesting choice there, editors):

3. Disposable Fiancé, and the Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario:

I’d have to post the entirety of 3x02 to illustrate it all tbh? From the ‘We’re done but I’m still going to be pissy about your new relationship nvm that the trigger for you falling into the relationship was that you were upset from our “break-up”’:

to the ‘I’m going to get right in your face for maximum UST and heartbreak for when I tell you we’re done’:

to poor Louis becoming the disposable fiancé who sees an opportunity:

and woos Mike:

while Harvey denies to himself how much he loves misses him (while looking that heartbroken jesus gabriel):

And of course it doesn’t work because right as Mike and Louis are about to ‘make it official’:

Along comes Harvey like everyone knew he would with these faces and ‘You’re not going back on your word [to Louis], you’re going back where you belong [with me]’:

And then you get the Big Damn…High Five:

(with Louis looking on which is bittersweet because unlike the usual disposable fiancé scenario he is sympathetic).

4. Race for your Love:

Okay, literally, this is even more romantic here than in its usual use?? “Most commonly found in Romantic Comedies, Race For Your Love usually occurs five minutes or so before the credits roll.” “Someone is about to leave the city/state/country forever, but their lover runs to the train station/airport to convince them to stay.” 

Except Mike is not about to leave the city he’s about to turn himself in to make sure Harvey doesn’t do the same, to protect Harvey, and Harvey’s running to stop him?? And we get shots of Harvey running this long fucking run in slow mo (and it continues into the next episode lmao):

5. Odd couple:

“A friendly (sometimes romantic) relationship between completely different people, usually the main characters.”

Good lawyer, bad lawyer. Winning vs caring, etc., their contrasts would need a whole separate post:

6. [Saving the] Damsel in Distress:

Mike is literally Harvey’s damsel in distress lmao?? It’s always because of something happening with Mike that Harvey ends up doing his angry “I’m going to save my bb” power walk:

7. Act of True Love [Fight]:

“An act of sacrifice or high risk, motivated by love, which proves beyond a doubt that you put your loved one’s needs before your own.”

Not only do they both pull these, they fight about who gets to put the other’s safety above his own, multiple times:

This happens again for a whole half fucking season I’m not going to post gifs of all of it because it would be too many but it culminates in a downright physical fight because Harvey’s pissed Mike’s pulling the Act of True Love and has locked him out of doing it and so he throws a fucking glass and then goads him into hitting him because he’s in that much pain over what Mike’s doing for him what the fuck:

And then Mike goes to prison and Harvey gets him out because of course, and you’d think it’d be over now right? But nope.

Narrative things that aren’t really on tvtropes:

8. Protectiveness/Possessiveness:

They’re just very, very protective and territorial of each other. Not hard to interpret as a romance trope at all. Again, to illustrate, I’d have to post gifs from the whole show so just have two at random:

9. “Staring at the empty space you should fill”:

I mean, I guess there’s a platonic interpretation for standing outside someone’s empty office with your morning coffee, broodingly staring at the chair they used to sit in. I usually only see behavior like this in romantic contexts in other media though:

10. “At Your Door” parallels

Doorstep parallels are just an otp staple and they have the most in the show. Like, someone still has to make an updated version with the most recent examples lmao, so here’s another two at random:

Gif credits: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x

What went down in Moana
  • Gramma Tala: imma terrify the s**t out of some little kids
  • Chief Tui: you're a very bad example for my daughter
  • Gramma Tala: ikr
  • Moana: *is cute and helpless, wanders to the ocean*
  • Sea turtle: *is cute and helpless, fails to wander to ocean*
  • Moana: holy s**t birds, don't eat the turtle
  • Birds: fine, whatevs
  • Ocean: thanks for the turtle Moana
  • Moana: no prob
  • Ocean: I am the last waterbender from the southern water tribe, and I—
  • Moana: skip the exposition please
  • Ocean: ok yeah, anyway you helped the turtle and so you're definitely worthy of this incredibly important and dangerous magical artifact
  • Moana: kk cool, imma drop it on the beach
  • Ocean: no come back you little s**t!
  • Gramma Tala: ooh, shiny!
  • Tamatoa: did somebody say shiny?
  • Gramma Tala: not yet Tamatoa, go away
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, wanna hear a song?
  • Moana: sure, as long as it's during a montage
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, come and see this big stack of rocks that every chief put here
  • Moana: wait, so every chief we've ever had has placed a rock here?
  • Chief Tui: yeah
  • Moana: and what happens if a future plot point suggests that not every chief lived on this island?
  • Chief Tui: ok, go away now
  • Heihei: *eats an entire f**king rock*
  • Villagers: yo some serious s**t is happening to everything
  • Moana: this is definitely related to the one obscure legend my grandmother told me ten years ago
  • Chief Tui: Moana don't you f**king dare
  • Moana: *f**king dares and also wrecks her boat*
  • Gramma Tala: whatever just happened, blame it on the pig
  • Ocean: no, defs blame it on Moana
  • Moana: what are you doing, Gramma Tala?
  • Gramma Tala: I'm crazy, so go into this cave
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: hey Moana, we were voyagers
  • Moana: thanks Lin-Manuel Miranda!
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: no prob!
  • Moana: hey Gramma Tala, we were voyagers!
  • Gramma Tala: yeah, no s**t
  • Moana: hey Dad, we were voyagers!
  • Chief Tui: f**k you Moana
  • Moana: so how do you explain that stack of rocks
  • Chief Tui: I don't?
  • Gramma Tala: *conveniently dies*
  • Moana: welp, bye
  • Ocean: oh no, not you little s**t again
  • Moana: f**k you ocean
  • Ocean: here have a big f**king thunderstorm
  • Moana: *wrecks her boat, again*
  • Moana: fish pee in you, all day
  • Ocean: bacteria s**t in your mouth, all day
  • Maui: A boat!
  • Moana: holy s**t who are you?
  • Maui: I'm glad you asked because I wrote a song about that
  • Moana: I don't f**king care
  • Maui: well, I'm stealing your boat
  • Moana: does that boat even work? I wrecked it
  • Maui: idk, bye now
  • Ocean: *puts Moana on the boat*
  • Moana: you wanna come on my quest
  • Maui: no
  • Moana: please
  • Maui: ok fine
  • Kakamora: *attack*
  • Ocean: *smashes Kakamora boats together*
  • Moana: that was convenient
  • Ocean: ikr
  • Maui: you wanna get my fishhook
  • Moana: oh hell yes
  • Maui: here's a cliff, don't climb it
  • Moana: *climbs it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a thousand foot drop to the realm of monsters, don't jump off it
  • Moana: *jumps off it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a giant carnivorous plant, don't jump in its mouth
  • Moana: *jumps in its mouth, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a terrifying sloth monster, don't antagonize it
  • Moana: *antagonizes it, doesn't die*
  • Tamatoa: HEY GUYS
  • Moana: do you wanna talk about yourself?
  • Tamatoa: ok let's begin with the fact that I'm a fabulous shiny shimmering cinnamon roll
  • Maui: you're really not all that great
  • Tamatoa: m*********er I sparkle with the light of a million stars
  • Maui: my bragging song is better than yours
  • Tamatoa: I don't care because I'm f**kin beautiful
  • Maui: Tamatoa x Reader fanfiction exists and it's terrifying
  • Tamatoa: HOLY S**T WHAT?!
  • Maui: ok he's distracted, imma stealin my hook
  • Moana: ok, we got out of there
  • Maui: you should have died at least twenty times in there
  • Moana: ikr
  • Maui: my hook's not working btw
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair a broken hook
  • Maui: nope, got it!
  • Moana: ok nevermind, wrong movie
  • Maui: so here's a lava monster, let's fight it
  • Te Kā: *throws fire, breaks Maui's hook*
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair—
  • Maui: forget it, bye now
  • Gramma Tala: hey Moana, here's some important advice for you
  • Moana: thanks, I'm going to fight the lava monster now
  • Gramma Tala: wait, what? that's just stupid
  • Moana: and you shouldn't be giving me advice on how to stay alive if you can't even manage that yourself
  • Gramma Tala: bye now
  • Moana: *goes to fight Te Kā*
  • Maui: hey I'm still here
  • Moana: good 'cause imma die out here
  • Maui: go find Te Fiti
  • Moana: Te Fiti isn't here
  • Te Kā: YES I AM
  • Moana: oh hey that's convenient
  • Ocean: *moseses*
  • Moana: *does an epic walk*
  • Te Kā: *does a frantic monster crawl*
  • Moana: *keeps walking*
  • Te Kā: *doesn't kill Moana for some reason*
  • Moana: here's your heart back
  • *everything is magically fixed*
  • Maui: hey Te Fiti, sorry for f**king up all the s**t
  • Te Fiti: I could smite the ever-loving s**t out of you rn
  • Maui: please don't
  • Te Fiti: fine
  • Moana: imma go home now
  • Maui: so we're getting a sequel, right?
  • Moana: nope, they're making a second Frozen

So cut through the heart, cold and clear
Strike for love and strike for fear
See the beauty, sharp and sheer
Split the ice apart!
And break the frozen heart!

Bloom (2/?)

The story of Captain Swan’s pregnancy, told in many parts. Affectionately nicknamed “The Happiest Pregnancy Ever.”

In this chapter, Henry and Hook discuss brotherhood. Many, many thanks to @unfolded73 for the beta!

[Chapter 1] 

You can also read on AO3!

Chapter 2: Brotherhood

There were few things that made Killian happier than spending the afternoon on the open seas, the wind whipping through his hair, and the smell of salt in the air. He was grateful Storybrooke was a seaside town, allowing him to set out whenever he pleased. Though the pirate in him bristled at having to keep permits and licenses on him at all times, he worked with the law now – Deputy Sheriff Jones, what a title! – and reminded him that he couldn’t enforce the law if he was also breaking it. Killian supposed it was a small price to pay for the happiness he was feeling now. He had a home, a family, and a child on the way. It was everything he thought he would never have.

He wished Liam could see him now.

He was comforted by knowing that his older brother was in a better place now, unburdened by his own unfinished business. However, he wished that he could show Liam how his life had turned out, that he had finally done something right and had carried out the hero’s journey that they both so wanted many years ago.

I hope you’re proud, brother, he thought wistfully.

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anonymous asked:

person a hears a legend of person b, a monster, living in the woods behind their house. this horrifies a because it's the middle of a nasty winter and some poor cryptid is freezing out in the cold. a leaves blankets and extra food out in their yard for b, who arrives at a's doorstep fully human a few days later to thank them. b reveals to a that they had been cursed for months and a's kindness was the act of true love needed to make them human again.

(Thanks for the prompt!)

📖💜Happy World book day for all the readers around the world!!!📚❤️
Here I share you my little collection of “Frozen” books. ❄️

Trap- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Trap
Request: Can you do any imagine where Hook and his pirates kidnap the reader and torture her to get to Peter Pan
Pairing: Hook x Reader x Peter Pan

“Y/N?” Peter asked, looking into her tent.
She wasn’t in there.
He called out into the camp, “Y/N!?”
Still, no answer.
He walked over to Felix, concerned for his girlfriend, “Where’s Y/N at?”
“They took her.” Felix responded.
“Who took her?” Peter asked.
Felix sighed, “The pirates.”
“They’re going to get it.” Peter snarled.
“She’s on their ship.” Felix said.
“I’m going to get her, alone. Stay here and watch the camp.” Peter instructed.
“You know it’s a trap right?” Felix asked.
“Of course it is.” Peter responded.

Peter went over to the Jolly Roger by himself, and saw Y/N tied to one of the ship’s masts.
She looked tired and had cuts all on her face.
The pirates, captained by Captain Hook, had taken Y/N and were hurting her to try to get to Peter.
“Love, are you going to take us to Peter now?” Hook asked her, a devilish smile on his face.
“No.” Y/N responded, “Never.”
Hook nodded to one of his men, and the pirate smacked Y/N in the face.
She tried to stay strong, but a single tear ran down her bloodied face.
“I thought you were going to be easier than this.” Hook said, kneeling down in front of her, “And you’re so pretty too, I didn’t want to hurt you.”
“Get away from me.” Y/N spat out.
Hook stood up, “Hit her again.”
Another pirate hit her on the shoulder, this time making Y/N cry out in pain.
Peter had enough by that time, and ran up to the ship.
“Stop hurting her!” Peter exclaimed, “She did nothing to you!”
“Ah, Peter Pan.” Hook laughed, “Nice of you to join us.”
“Peter get out of here!” Y/N exclaimed.
“I’m not leaving you here like this.” Peter responded, “Let her go Hook.”
“Not until you give us a magic bean so that we can get out of here.” Hook responded, “And not until we get to hurt you a little bit.”
Two pirates grabbed Peter’s arms, restraining him.
“Now where’s the bean?” Hook asked.
“If you let Y/N go you can have one.” Peter responded.
“Let the girl go.” Hook said.
Y/N was untied from the mast, and helped up.
“Get off the ship.” Hook told her, “Now.”
“But Peter!” she exclaimed, “Don’t hurt him.”
“Get off this ship before we tie you back up!” Hook exclaimed.
Y/N rushed off the ship and into the woods.
Yet she didn’t go too far, she was worried about Peter.
“The bean?” Hook asked Peter.
“I need a hand.” Peter said, looking to the pirate holding his arms back.
The pirate released one of his hands, and Peter used his magic to get a bean in his hand.
He threw it to Hook, “There.”
Hook picked up the bean, “One more thing.”
He pulled his sword out his belt, lightly touching Peter’s chest with the sharp point.
Y/N’s heart was pounding as she watched from the woods.
“You’re no longer needed.” Hook smirked.
He slide the sword into Peter’s chest, Peter screaming from the pain.
Pulling the sword out, Hook laughed.
Peter fell to the ground, and two pirates threw his dying body off the ship.
Y/N ran to him, “No!”
“Bye, love.” Hook said from his ship.

After Hook and his crew had left Neverland, Y/N was sitting on the sand holding Peter’s body.
“Don’t leave me, you can use your magic to heal yourself.” Y/N said.
“I’m too far gone to use magic.” Peter smiled weakly, “Y/N…”
“Yes?” Y/N asked.
“I love you…” Peter said, as his eyes closed.
“I love you too.” Y/N said, “But don’t leave me!”
Peter didn’t responded, he had taken his last breath.
Tears started to fall from Y/N’s face, “No.”
The tears fell off her face and onto Peter’s body.
Those tears had a magical effect on him, and he awoke again.
“Y/N…” he said weakly.
Y/N looked up, “You’re alive?! You’re alive!!”
Peter sat up and hugged Y/N tightly, and she added, “I knew you weren’t leaving me! I wouldn’t let it happen!”
“It was your tears that did that.” Peter smiled, “An act of true love.”
“True love?” Y/N smiled.
Peter nodded, “Yea.”
Y/N leaned forward and kissed him passionately, Peter kissing back.
“True love. Damn.” Y/N smiled, grabbing Peter’s face to kiss him again.



Taiyama week 2017  day 2. Favorite moments   TOP 10 FAVORITE MOMENTS

Because why not? 

10. I wouldn´t  let you go 

Is Digimon adventure episode 9, the kids had been separate, and of course Taichi and Yamato ended up together, and they fought and they fall over a cliff and Yamato is crying and Taichi wouln´t never let him go. 

So beaUtiful 

I love this moment because i think this is the moment when Taichi stars to get Yamato, he wasn´t just an annoyed kid, he was sensitive and he seems really sorprise of see him crying, and (i think) kind of remains him how worried he would be if kari were lost too, or if he can´t defend her.  They conect for very first time. 

9. The hands in the ultimate evolution 

Episode 38, VenomMyotismos emerge and they found out about the prophecy, Taichi and Yamato agree to get their little brothers stab them in favor of save the world.

Taichi is shaking and an act of true love  frienship Yamato hold his hand 

i mean… come on¡ you don´t make those eyes for your friends¡¡ 

Also i adore that is Yamato who hold Taichi, and both of them confess that they are afraid, Taichi didn´t even open his hand he just let Yamato hold him, like sajksdhkfjjls, is so intense and is than confident and trust what make them digivolves (also the arrows of freaking LOVE but who cares) i just… i cant.. 

8. Stalker Yamato

this is not romantic, seriusly Matt, you couln´t just stalk your friends and yell at them and push them literally over a wall just because you have strong feelings, is not a healthy way to deal with it.  And that´s the point, Yamato didn´t know how to exprese the intense feelings, his emotion and the anger and the frustation, is so in caracther, this the same Yamato who decide to killing attack Taichi because no reason was a good idea, the one who yell at sora in panick, the one who crying in a cave alone because he think nobody needs him.  And there is Taichi, always Taichi in the voragine. 

7. Un lider admirado como Tai que siempre hace lo correcto 

So Yamato is alone in the cave form of his bad toughs in episode 51,  and he is super confused and depresed and he speak about Taichi, i didn´t know if he said the same in the english dub than in the latin america dub. In spanish he said something like “ i know i would never be an admirable lider like Tai that always do the right thing” so, that is what Yamato tought of Tai, that is his perception of him, for him Taichi is literally perfection, and that make him insane.

And that is canon 

6.The date after the reboot 

Because they both lost their partners and they don´t need words, just quality time together

yes i know is not the right image but is late and i work in the morning i have no time to screenshots 

4. The hug in OVA 1

The end of reunion could win a contest of more  non resolve sexual tension betwen to male leads… because… 

Just… and of course they remember the moment that star everything 

just kiss alredy 

3. The lake 

Not only one of my favorites Taiyama moments but my favorite episode of my favorite series… when Cherrymon convice Yamato that challenge Tai would resolve his doubs,and tell him his reflexion in the lake would show him his rival, and who he saw in the reflexion? 

We know latter that what the lake do is show you the person who is most dominant in your mind, the one about you think the most. 

So, 11 years old Yamato Ishida, the person who is most dominand in his mind is this boy that he just met this summer, not his little brother, or his digimon partner or the future canon mother of his children, no his neglet mother or his father, nop, that boy… 

Is love, i know it, you know it, even cherrymon know it. 

2. What would yamato do?

After Yamato left the group because the hole metalgarurumon vs. Wargreymon thing Taichi confront a new situation: He run witout competition, he is now the complete autority, he is in charge, no one argue with him (not for like one episode but still). And he get this really cool attitude of thinking before acting, he even have this moment of “waith a second, what would Yamato do? what if i make some mistake? what if something happend to Yamato little brother and is my fault? what i´m gonna tell him?” 

Is really interesting because until this moment you could argue that Yamato has this big one side crush with Taichi, but he tought about Yamato so much in the last part of the dark masters arc, he trust him in a hole new level and you cant denied that taichi miss him. 

look at that face, the “i would rater die that admid that meaby Yamato abandond us forever, he would come, he would help us, he would help me” 

1. The Knigh in the  shinning armor 

And he get back, yelling Taichi´s name in the middle of the battle, in his white horse blue wolf , curing all his injuries with his magic love frienship. 

This is so cliche and corny but just so pretty. 

And as long as I am actually writing down my rampant speculation let’s talk about how the sleeping curse gets broken. I have seen lots of theories on who helps save the Charmings (Killian, Regina, Emma, Gideon even) but I think in the end they save themselves. Whatever timey-wimey magic they use (I like @j-philly-b‘s thought that they will use the sands of morpheus somehow) is going to give them a decision about Emma. That decision is going to be an act of true love for their daughter and that’s how the sleeping curse will get broken on both of them simultaneously. 

I am sure some people will cry foul as far as “that’s now how you break a sleeping curse” but then we literally had Belle woken up by her unborn baby. The magic in this show is about what feels right and what will have the most emotional pay-off. Their parental true love for Emma conquering the curse is what, I think, will have the most pay-off. So however they do it that’s going to be the solution.