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Related to the confession to CPR/Kiss: Maybe kiss is not best term for what Emma did, but is really an act of love

i think so too. i think if it was her mom, dad, henry she’d have done it as well… that hook isn’t the only one she’d do it for, but that there were feelings involved in that act as well when it came to him. i think she was scared to lose him, and scared of what life without him would be like and she knew touching his lips would take her magic but she did it anyway. she pressed her lips to his not as a kiss, but to save his life, which is why it wasn’t a “failed TLK” in any aspect be it from a cs'er or an anti cser’s pov. it wasn’t a kiss… it was cpr… which is why her magic was taken away…TLK works when its a KISS, not when you’re trying to blow air in someone’s lungs.

i agree there were feelings on emma’s end at the time. feelings of not wanting him to leave her, the one pillar of strength she relies on in times like that where he backs her up not only physically in a fight but emotionally as well—-there was emotion behind it, but yeah it wasn’t a kiss… so ppl spouting about how ’the cpr took her magic away and didn’t break the curse it isn’t TL" are HALF right because CPR =/= kissing… hence why magic was taken….

we all know hook loves emma. we all know emma has feelings for hook. they have both done things to sacrifice being with eachother/saving each other (magic, ship) now we all just have to be a little more patient and wait for the big pay off that will be season 4…

Another Baraou no Souretsu Drama CD as additional for Vol. 7!

Richard - Saiga Mitsuki
Henry - Daisuke Namikawa
Edward of Lancaster - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Catesby - Hosoya Yoshimasa
Edward of York - Takuya Sato
Warwick - Takehito Koyasu

The drama CD is just for special edition and limited. The reservation is only until November 9.

Hosoya is acting as Catesby lol I knew it! He’s my true love! Ok I demand a cover illustration featuring Catesby! I need it! My fan girl heart need it! But I still want to hear how Daddy Richard sounds like too… OTL

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Hello there! Just wanted to pass by and say: thank you so much for all your contributions and analysis and things about Alain and the mega evos arc and the current pokeani arc like wow so amazing, you're awesome! these kids are giving me so many feels I love them I just want them to be happy ;w; </3

Thank you very much, I’m glad that you appreciated them! ;; I LOVE THESE CHILDREN, I wasn’t expecting it when Act I aired and look at me now…

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How does one find love?

They discover it in their heart and continue to act upon it.

True love is an action, not a feeling.

Any two (or more) people in the world could be put into a relationship, and if they were to honor and respect one and other then they could choose to be “in love” through their actions.

These people would find their actions of love create harmony and joy in their lives. Their kindness betters their partner, and their partner’s kindness betters them and they become capable of great things together.

So one doesn’t find love. They find someone who they have great respect for, and whose dreams and ambitions would work well with their own. Then they chose to approach this person with love.