Marvey and romantic tropes

Inspired by these awesome posts: x, x, here’s a list of ten (of many tbh) romance tropes played with in Mike and Harvey’s narrative, starting with ones that actually are on TVTropes, followed by ones that are just general narrative things (All gif credits at bottom of post):

1. Meet Cute (+Rescue Introduction)

Do I even need to explain this one? A sick grandmother, running from the cops, mistaken identity…Literally the first 20 minutes of this series is about these two and how they’re going to meet thanks to some crazy circumstances, and how a malfunctioning briefcase full of pot is going to change their lives (and they don’t even know it yet):

2. Forgotten First Meeting (Or Connected All Along if you want to be finicky):

Harvey passed Mike and Trevor on the street ‘five years ago’ when Mike was working as a bike messenger and Mike said ‘If I ever look like that shoot me’ which is ironic because he will work so hard to look like that in five years but also not that ironic because Mike probably said that to deflect Trevor’s attention from the fact that he is 100% checking Harvey out and very interested in what he sees (And it is what he sees, since the camera is Mike’s gaze and it does a full elevator scan. Interesting choice there, editors):

3. Disposable Fiancé, and the Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario:

I’d have to post the entirety of 3x02 to illustrate it all tbh? From the ‘We’re done but I’m still going to be pissy about your new relationship nvm that the trigger for you falling into the relationship was that you were upset from our “break-up”’:

to the ‘I’m going to get right in your face for maximum UST and heartbreak for when I tell you we’re done’:

to poor Louis becoming the disposable fiancé who sees an opportunity:

and woos Mike:

while Harvey denies to himself how much he loves misses him (while looking that heartbroken jesus gabriel):

And of course it doesn’t work because right as Mike and Louis are about to ‘make it official’:

Along comes Harvey like everyone knew he would with these faces and ‘You’re not going back on your word [to Louis], you’re going back where you belong [with me]’:

And then you get the Big Damn…High Five:

(with Louis looking on which is bittersweet because unlike the usual disposable fiancé scenario he is sympathetic).

4. Race for your Love:

Okay, literally, this is even more romantic here than in its usual use?? “Most commonly found in Romantic Comedies, Race For Your Love usually occurs five minutes or so before the credits roll.” “Someone is about to leave the city/state/country forever, but their lover runs to the train station/airport to convince them to stay.” 

Except Mike is not about to leave the city he’s about to turn himself in to make sure Harvey doesn’t do the same, to protect Harvey, and Harvey’s running to stop him?? And we get shots of Harvey running this long fucking run in slow mo (and it continues into the next episode lmao):

5. Odd couple:

“A friendly (sometimes romantic) relationship between completely different people, usually the main characters.”

Good lawyer, bad lawyer. Winning vs caring, etc., their contrasts would need a whole separate post:

6. [Saving the] Damsel in Distress:

Mike is literally Harvey’s damsel in distress lmao?? It’s always because of something happening with Mike that Harvey ends up doing his angry “I’m going to save my bb” power walk:

7. Act of True Love [Fight]:

“An act of sacrifice or high risk, motivated by love, which proves beyond a doubt that you put your loved one’s needs before your own.”

Not only do they both pull these, they fight about who gets to put the other’s safety above his own, multiple times:

This happens again for a whole half fucking season I’m not going to post gifs of all of it because it would be too many but it culminates in a downright physical fight because Harvey’s pissed Mike’s pulling the Act of True Love and has locked him out of doing it and so he throws a fucking glass and then goads him into hitting him because he’s in that much pain over what Mike’s doing for him what the fuck:

And then Mike goes to prison and Harvey gets him out because of course, and you’d think it’d be over now right? But nope.

Narrative things that aren’t really on tvtropes:

8. Protectiveness/Possessiveness:

They’re just very, very protective and territorial of each other. Not hard to interpret as a romance trope at all. Again, to illustrate, I’d have to post gifs from the whole show so just have two at random:

9. “Staring at the empty space you should fill”:

I mean, I guess there’s a platonic interpretation for standing outside someone’s empty office with your morning coffee, broodingly staring at the chair they used to sit in. I usually only see behavior like this in romantic contexts in other media though:

10. “At Your Door” parallels

Doorstep parallels are just an otp staple and they have the most in the show. Like, someone still has to make an updated version with the most recent examples lmao, so here’s another two at random:

Gif credits: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x

The Masterlist (Mobile Friendly Version)

The Masterlist Guide
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What went down in Moana
  • Gramma Tala: imma terrify the s**t out of some little kids
  • Chief Tui: you're a very bad example for my daughter
  • Gramma Tala: ikr
  • Moana: *is cute and helpless, wanders to the ocean*
  • Sea turtle: *is cute and helpless, fails to wander to ocean*
  • Moana: holy s**t birds, don't eat the turtle
  • Birds: fine, whatevs
  • Ocean: thanks for the turtle Moana
  • Moana: no prob
  • Ocean: I am the last waterbender from the southern water tribe, and I—
  • Moana: skip the exposition please
  • Ocean: ok yeah, anyway you helped the turtle and so you're definitely worthy of this incredibly important and dangerous magical artifact
  • Moana: kk cool, imma drop it on the beach
  • Ocean: no come back you little s**t!
  • Gramma Tala: ooh, shiny!
  • Tamatoa: did somebody say shiny?
  • Gramma Tala: not yet Tamatoa, go away
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, wanna hear a song?
  • Moana: sure, as long as it's during a montage
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, come and see this big stack of rocks that every chief put here
  • Moana: wait, so every chief we've ever had has placed a rock here?
  • Chief Tui: yeah
  • Moana: and what happens if a future plot point suggests that not every chief lived on this island?
  • Chief Tui: ok, go away now
  • Heihei: *eats an entire f**king rock*
  • Villagers: yo some serious s**t is happening to everything
  • Moana: this is definitely related to the one obscure legend my grandmother told me ten years ago
  • Chief Tui: Moana don't you f**king dare
  • Moana: *f**king dares and also wrecks her boat*
  • Gramma Tala: whatever just happened, blame it on the pig
  • Ocean: no, defs blame it on Moana
  • Moana: what are you doing, Gramma Tala?
  • Gramma Tala: I'm crazy, so go into this cave
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: hey Moana, we were voyagers
  • Moana: thanks Lin-Manuel Miranda!
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: no prob!
  • Moana: hey Gramma Tala, we were voyagers!
  • Gramma Tala: yeah, no s**t
  • Moana: hey Dad, we were voyagers!
  • Chief Tui: f**k you Moana
  • Moana: so how do you explain that stack of rocks
  • Chief Tui: I don't?
  • Gramma Tala: *conveniently dies*
  • Moana: welp, bye
  • Ocean: oh no, not you little s**t again
  • Moana: f**k you ocean
  • Ocean: here have a big f**king thunderstorm
  • Moana: *wrecks her boat, again*
  • Moana: fish pee in you, all day
  • Ocean: bacteria s**t in your mouth, all day
  • Maui: A boat!
  • Moana: holy s**t who are you?
  • Maui: I'm glad you asked because I wrote a song about that
  • Moana: I don't f**king care
  • Maui: well, I'm stealing your boat
  • Moana: does that boat even work? I wrecked it
  • Maui: idk, bye now
  • Ocean: *puts Moana on the boat*
  • Moana: you wanna come on my quest
  • Maui: no
  • Moana: please
  • Maui: ok fine
  • Kakamora: *attack*
  • Ocean: *smashes Kakamora boats together*
  • Moana: that was convenient
  • Ocean: ikr
  • Maui: you wanna get my fishhook
  • Moana: oh hell yes
  • Maui: here's a cliff, don't climb it
  • Moana: *climbs it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a thousand foot drop to the realm of monsters, don't jump off it
  • Moana: *jumps off it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a giant carnivorous plant, don't jump in its mouth
  • Moana: *jumps in its mouth, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a terrifying sloth monster, don't antagonize it
  • Moana: *antagonizes it, doesn't die*
  • Tamatoa: HEY GUYS
  • Moana: do you wanna talk about yourself?
  • Tamatoa: ok let's begin with the fact that I'm a fabulous shiny shimmering cinnamon roll
  • Maui: you're really not all that great
  • Tamatoa: m*********er I sparkle with the light of a million stars
  • Maui: my bragging song is better than yours
  • Tamatoa: I don't care because I'm f**kin beautiful
  • Maui: Tamatoa x Reader fanfiction exists and it's terrifying
  • Tamatoa: HOLY S**T WHAT?!
  • Maui: ok he's distracted, imma stealin my hook
  • Moana: ok, we got out of there
  • Maui: you should have died at least twenty times in there
  • Moana: ikr
  • Maui: my hook's not working btw
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair a broken hook
  • Maui: nope, got it!
  • Moana: ok nevermind, wrong movie
  • Maui: so here's a lava monster, let's fight it
  • Te Kā: *throws fire, breaks Maui's hook*
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair—
  • Maui: forget it, bye now
  • Gramma Tala: hey Moana, here's some important advice for you
  • Moana: thanks, I'm going to fight the lava monster now
  • Gramma Tala: wait, what? that's just stupid
  • Moana: and you shouldn't be giving me advice on how to stay alive if you can't even manage that yourself
  • Gramma Tala: bye now
  • Moana: *goes to fight Te Kā*
  • Maui: hey I'm still here
  • Moana: good 'cause imma die out here
  • Maui: go find Te Fiti
  • Moana: Te Fiti isn't here
  • Te Kā: YES I AM
  • Moana: oh hey that's convenient
  • Ocean: *moseses*
  • Moana: *does an epic walk*
  • Te Kā: *does a frantic monster crawl*
  • Moana: *keeps walking*
  • Te Kā: *doesn't kill Moana for some reason*
  • Moana: here's your heart back
  • *everything is magically fixed*
  • Maui: hey Te Fiti, sorry for f**king up all the s**t
  • Te Fiti: I could smite the ever-loving s**t out of you rn
  • Maui: please don't
  • Te Fiti: fine
  • Moana: imma go home now
  • Maui: so we're getting a sequel, right?
  • Moana: nope, they're making a second Frozen

anonymous asked:

Hey guys! I had this crazy idea I can't get out of my head: RFA+V & Saeran in some disney scenario lmao. But! They're the 'princess' and MC is the 'prince' :D Just a random example to illustrate my point: Jumin is a rich and bored prince and only his tigress Elly is bringing him joy, but then this sneaky plebeian girl rolls up singing 'I can show you the world' lol

This is a really creative prompt! Hope you like these~



  • Zen thought he was just a lowly boy in a household with his brother and mother 
  • His mother wasn’t the kindest of people
  • She made him clean a lot and she rarely let him leave the house
  • She never praised him for his actions, and always put him down for his looks
  • It grew to the climax when you, royalty, invites him to a ball
  • His mother locked him up in his room and refused to let him out, attending the party herself
  • Then one day, a fairy–er–godmother named Seven visited him and freed him from his room
  • Using magic, Seven dressed him in the finest suit and placed two glass roses in his suit pocket and sent him on his way
  • His beauty caught your eye, but there was something else about this man that intrigued you
  • You asked him to dance, and afterwards you both retreated into the nearby garden
  • You saw his kind heart and knew there was something about him
  • But then the clock struck midnight, and he rushed away from you in a fluster
  • A glass rose had fallen, miraculously intact on the stairs
  • You determined to find this kind heart someway or another
  • Meanwhile, Zen returned to his life unsatisfied with everything, but managing nonetheless
  • When he finds out you’re searching for someone with a glass rose, he’s ecstatic 
  • With the help of Seven, he manages to bypass his mother’s schemes and show you the matching rose
  • You two live happily ever after in a castle


(Sleeping Beauty) 

  • A prince with brown hair born to a kingdom and his name was Yoosung
  • His three fairy caretakers gave him gifts at his birth
  • Zen gave him beauty, which changed his hair to a bright blond
  • Jumin gave him wealth and wellbeing
  • Before the last gift could be given, an evil witch named Rika Morgana intruded and put a curse on him
  • So, as the last gift, the fairy V bestowed on Yoosung a blessing that made him go into a deep slumber instead of death
  • The king and queen still worried for their son, so they sent him with the three fairies to grow up away from troubles
  • Years later, Yoosung had a tendency to wander away from the small cottage
  • It was on one of these outings he met you, a princess from another land
  • He feels like he’s met you before, and instantly falls you *Cue Once Upon A Dream playing*
  • When he returns to the cottage and the fairies find out, they instantly separate you two to his chagrin
  • In his fit of anger, he runs away from the cottage and stumbles upon a castle
  • Morgana tricks him into pricking his finger and Yoosung falls into a deep sleep
  • But Morgana also pulled you in, luring you into the castle and becoming a dragon
  • She tried to kill you off but you persevered and slayed the dragon, suddenly motivated by saving Yoosung from his sleep
  • You rescue him by giving him true love’s kiss
  • You two return to the castle, reunite with Yoosung’s parents, and live happily ever after



  • Jaehee was in charge of a kingdom after your parents died
  • But she had these special powers that she was unsure of and didn’t know what to do with
  • So she did her best to suppress her power and hide…even from you
  • But finally the day came where she was coronated, and you two would finally bond…you hoped
  • You met a man there…he seemed amazing
  • He was a prince and you two just seemed to click, and his name was Jumin
  • But Jaehee disagreed when you said you wanted to marry him
  • The argument caused her powers to slip out and the whole kingdom fell in fear
  • So she fled, and you couldn’t catch up though you tried
  • On your way to find her, you met a tall, really handsome man who somehow joined you on your search
  • This man, Zen, seemed to give you advice about marrying a man you just met and how it was ridiculous and how men were beasts
  • He also had this quirky reindeer named Sveven
  • On the way, you also met this happy little ball of snow named Yoosung
  • With their help, you found Jaehee’s castle of ice and approached her
  • Things didn’t go well and you got shot in the heart with ice
  • Zen hurried you out of there to the magical trolls while Jaehee continued to detiorate in her fear
  • When he hears about the act of true love, he takes you home to Jumin
  • Only, Jumin betrays you for the sake of a kingdom and takes over for awhile
  • Finally, Jaehee embraces her power and before she can be annihilated by Jumin, you intervene
  • This act of love melts your heart of ice
  • You and Jaehee  bond again and everyone lives happily ever after



  • He was a prince who was locked up in an extravagant castle
  • His father wanted him to marry, but Jumin wasn’t thrilled with the idea
  • One night, he kissed his tiger Elizabeth the Third before sliding over the wall in disguise to see the city
  • Not knowing much of commoner ways, he soon got lost, but thankfully a peasant girl intervened and helped him through
  • He had never felt a connection with anyone before you and he found the night flew by
  • Unfortunately, you were caught by his palace guards thanks to his father’s evil advisor Sarah Choi
  • Meanwhile, Sarah convinced his father, by nefarious means, to betroth Jumin to herself
  • You escaped prison, in the meantime, and followed a Sarah in disguise to find a genie lamp
  • You entered a cave with your monkey Saeran and passed a few obstacles
  • You befriended a magic carpet named Yoosung and found the genie lamp
  • The genie named Seven offered you three wishes, so you started your transformation to be worthy of Prince Jumin
  • With Seven’s help, you appear as a princess and go to Jumin
  • Your first meeting is rough, but you take him on a magic carpet ride and somewhere along the way he founds out you’re the peasant girl from the market place
  • Unfortunately, so does Sarah Choi
  • She plans your downfall but ultimately fails
  • You and Jumin end up together after all, despite your varying classes, and live happily ever after



  • Saeyoung was a prince with magical red hair
  • As a result, he couldn’t cut it or the hair would turn normal
  • Because of this, he was kidnapped by a cruel woman and locked in a tower while she claimed to be his mother
  • He was never allowed to leave and didn’t have any friends but his chameleon Vanderwood
  • Still he had this longing to see the stars near the castle
  • One day, while his evil mother was out on “errands”, he made up his mind to finally leave the castle
  • But his plans were thwarted when a thief broke into his house while on the run from the castle guards and their dedicated royal horse Saeran
  • “What brought you here? Fate? Destiny?”
  • Your brother A horse.”
  • He makes an agreement with you that he would return your stolen crown if you took him to see the stars
  • You agree, though you try to get rid of him somehow
  • He has a bunch of mood swings, feeling happy at his freedom but also guilty for leaving
  • Unfortunately, you drag him into your own problems as you try to run away from your old partners in crime
  • Finally, you make it to the city where you reunite with your enemy…Saeran…who happens to be protective of Saeyoung
  • Still, since it’s his birthday you two get along and spend a day in the city
  • During this time, you realize you had fallen for him and you want to quit your old life
  • Your magical boat ride underneath the stars goes awry when Saeyoung’s mother intervenes
  • You get wounded, you cut his hair, but in the end everything ends up okay
  • You get free from your life, Saeyoung ends up with his happy family, and you live happily ever after



  • You never really fit in anywhere because you had magical powers that made you super strong
  • After seeing you struggle, your parents revealed that you were actually the daughter of a god
  • But Hades intervened and drained you of your divinity, but your powers still remained
  • With this information, you went to training with the best of the best…Zen
  • With his help, you got even stronger and better
  • On your very first mission, you came across a damoiseua in distress
  • Only…the boy could handle himself
  • You found out the boy’s name was Saeran, and you were completely infatuated with him despite Zen’s warnings
  • Hades finds out Saeran met you and suddenly traps him into another agreement
  • Saeran is forced to lure you into a trap where Hades can get rid of you forever
  • But he finds himself falling in love with you on the way
  • When you and Hades face off, Saeran sacrifices himself, getting himself sent to the underworld
  • Desperate to get him back, you venture there and pull out his soul from the pool 
  • In the process, you showed you were truly the daughter of a god and regained your divinity
  • With your newfound power, you sent Hades back into the underworld and are reunited with your divine parents
  • But…you wanted to stay with Saeran
  • So you gave up your immortality to stay with Saeran and live the rest of your lives happily


Winnie the Pooh

  • V is Winnie the Pooh
  • MC is Christopher Robin
  • Jumin is piglet
  • Seven is Tigger
  • Yoosung is Roo
  • Jaehee is Eeyore
  • Saeran is Rabbit
  • They all live happily…no drama happens…everyone has a happy ending

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I love the idea of Henry finding out that he’s the product of True Love. Thinking that it’s because of Neal and Emma until someone, possibly a villain, reveals that it isn’t because of them. Even though she didn’t know it by choosing to raise him even though she knew it would lead to her downfall Regina committed an Act of True Love. Henry is everything that he is because she raised him and that makes him the product of True Love.

anonymous asked:

person a hears a legend of person b, a monster, living in the woods behind their house. this horrifies a because it's the middle of a nasty winter and some poor cryptid is freezing out in the cold. a leaves blankets and extra food out in their yard for b, who arrives at a's doorstep fully human a few days later to thank them. b reveals to a that they had been cursed for months and a's kindness was the act of true love needed to make them human again.

(Thanks for the prompt!)