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Who Wore It Better: Star Trek Crew Members or These Cats

Captain’s log: We have entered a galaxy where beloved illustrator Jenny Parks has conjured an astonishingly vivid homage to the original Star Trek series with an unexpected twist: a cast of cats. Star Trek Cats is a new take on the iconic characters and scenes, from Kirk in the Captain’s chair to Spock offering his Vulcan wisdom.

The cat-filled scenes leave us with just one question: who wore it better? Set phasers to stun-ning.

Captain James T. Kirk OR this Orange Tabby?

TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. ARR.

“Captain’s Log. Our position, orbiting Psi 2000.”

Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott OR this Scottish Fold?

TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. ARR.

Science Officer and First Officer Spock OR this Oriental Shorthair?

TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. ARR.

“Live long and prosper.”

See the rest on our blog, and in the book Star Trek Cats.

Your hobbit cast crush by sign

Aries - Luke Evans Taurus - Aidan Turner Gemini - Adam Brown Cancer - Manu Bennett Leo - Martin Freeman Virgo - Ian McKellen Libra - Orlando Bloom Scorpio - Benedict Cumberbatch Sagittarius - Richard Armitage Capricorn - Hugo Weaving Aquarius - Dean O'Gorman Pisces - Lee Pace

One of the more important aspects of Jewish tradition and practice is that time is seen as a spiral.
Not as a circle, spinning endlessly in the same groove and returning always to the same sacred place in the past, as some traditional societies see time.
Not as a straight line, marching always forward to triumph or oblivion, making yesterday outdated and tomorrow crucial, as modernity sees time.
But as a spiral, in which we are always drawing on the past in order to move into the future.
In the world of thought, this spiral approach is encoded into the process and practice of midrash, through which an ancient text is turned in unexpected directions to cast new light upon the present and the future.
—  Arthur Waskow
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Sentence Meme
  • “All persons convicted of piracy, or adding a person convicted of piracy, or associating with a person convicted of piracy, shall be sentenced to hang by the neck until dead.”
  • “A dangerous song to be singing, for anyone ignorant of its meaning.”
  • “What makes you think I need protecting?”
  • “An unexpected death would cast a slight pall on our meeting.”
  • “He’s much like myself, but absent my merciful nature and sense of fair play.”
  • “You think because she’s a woman we would not suspect her of treachery?”
  • “This is the thief. Is his face familiar to you?”
  • “As one of the nine pirate lords, you must honor the call.”
  • “There’s more to you than meets the eye, isn’t there? And the eye does not go wanting.”
  • “Kill him, he’s not our man.”
  • “There is an evil on these seas that even the most staunch and bloodthirsty pirates have come to fear.”
  • “There must be a good reason for our suffering.”
  • “It signals when a soul comes back to this world from the dead.”
  • “It’s not getting to the land of the dead that’s the problem. It’s getting back.”
  • “We need prisoners to interrogate, which tends to work best when they’re alive.”
  • “How long do we continue not talking?”
  • “For what we want most, there is a cost must be paid at the end.”
  • “Don’t be so unkind! You may not survive to pass this way again and those be the last friendly words you’ll hear.”
  • “Dead men tell no tales.”
  • “It is neither proper nor suitable, or, it is neither acceptable nor adequate. It is in obvious fact an abomination.”
  • “This truly is a Godforsaken place.”
  • “You lend an agreeable sense of the macabre to any delirium.”
  • “Leave you people alone for a minute and look what’s happened, everything’s gone to pot.”
  • “The world needs you back something fierce.”
  • “I just thought with the captain issue being in doubt, I’d throw my name in for consideration.”
  • “The man has become a monster.”
  • “Forever seems to be arriving a mite too soon.”
  • “I prefer rum. Rum’s good.”
  • “Ten years is a long time, but eternity is longer still.”
  • “If we don’t stand together, they’ll hunt us down one by one ‘til there be none left but you.”
  • “The world’s still the same. There’s just less in it.”
  • “You paid me a great insult once.”
  • “I’m not certain I can survive any more visits from old friends.”
  • “Despair leads to betrayal.”
  • “You and I are no strangers to betrayal, are we?”
  • “Close your eyes and pretend it’s all a bad dream. That’s how I get by.”
  • “The goddess herself, bound in human form.”
  • “I’ve had more than enough experiences dealing with pirates!”
  • “You may kill me but you may never insult me.”
  • “Do you think he plants it all out or makes it up as he goes along?”
  • “You should never be anything less than what you are.”
  • “Words whispered through prison bars lose their charm.”
  • “I offer simply my desire.”
  • “You are not my captain.”
  • “If he saves me, he loses you.”
  • “He won’t pick me. I wouldn’t pick me.”
  • “If you choose to lock your heart away, you’ll lose it for certain.”
  • “Death has a curious way of reshuffling one’s priorities.”
  • “You have to ferry souls to the next world.”
  • “Immortal has to count for something, okay?”
  • “It’s too late to earn my forgiveness.”
  • “Our destinies have been entwined, but never joined.”
  • “No one leaves the ship.”
  • “For all that pirates are clever cobs, we are an unimaginative lot when it comes to naming things.”
  • “I don’t reneg on a bargain once struck.”
  • “Do not forget it was by my power you return from the dead, or what it means should you fail me.”
  • “I cannot be summoned like some mongrel pup.”
  • “She pretended to love me! She betrayed me!”
  • “Better were the days when mastery of seas came not from bargains struck with eldritch creatures, but from the sweat of a man’s brow and the strength of his back alone.”
  • “It has been torture, trapped in this single form.”
  • “Would you love me if I was anything but which I am?”
  • “Many things you were, but never cruel.”
  • “You have corrupted your purpose and so yourself…and hid away what should have been mine.”
  • “I will be free and when I am, I will give you my heart and we will be together always.”
  • “My heart will always belong to you.”
  • “Pen ‘em up together and they’ll devour each other without a second though. Human nature, isn’t it?”
  • “Can we in fact pretend that she is anything other than a woman scorned, in which fury hell hath no?”
  • “I have only ever embraced the oldest and noblest of pirate traditions.”
  • “That’s the trick isn’t it? To survive.”
  • “He was merely the tool of your betrayal.”
  • “No course is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it.”
  • “Too long me fate has not been in me own hands- no longer.”
  • “Dying is a day worth living for.”
  • “Cruel is a matter of perspective.”