an' shit

My dad and I were discussing DMing and potential city names

Me: I don’t think I’ll do northern-Europe-type names. I can’t pronounce them.

Dad: Yeah, with all the umlauts and everything.

Me: The only one I can think of that I’d be able to pronounce is… *thinking of one on the spot* …“Fjordford.”

My dad burst into laughter before he replied.

Dad: Fjordford? I’m definitely going to use that one! And the shopkeeper is going to be that “#1” guy from Spongebob. The one with the hat. …Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen.

Me (laughing): I thought you were going to say that “Big Summer Blowout” guy from Frozen!

my heart goes out to everyone affected by the manchester arena incident tonight ❤️

music should be a safe space for all, and if this isn’t an accident, it is a horrific undermining of that. if you’re in the area, please stay safe, and let your families know you are too!! my love to all those affected, once again. #prayformanchester

so… u know what’s good??? butches wearing obnoxious straight dude fashions and making them amazing. like, frat boy stuff, the shit the dude who had to do it to ems wearing, fucking fedoras, all that shit. it’s so obnoxious on dudes but it is the BEST on butches. rb if u agree.

(this includes trans + nb girls and doesn’t include terfs)

This is the beginning of a strained partnership.

Quick info on the scenario we had; it was a very small game(D&D 3.5) of three people. A Human Fighter, a Satyr Wizard(joined later and will not appear in the scene), and an Avoral Rouge. The Fighter had started the campaign capturing the Rouge for their impressive bounty and the Rouge convinced them to split the bounty to make it easier. The Rouge would later escape and get their cut, payment to avoid a promised butt-whooping should he cheat. They arrive in a small town with a very heplful guard.

Fighter: “I’m here to collect her bounty!” Points to Rouge, in cuffs on wrists and ankles*

Guard:*Recognizes Rouge from posters* “Oh I’m sorry our treasury doesn’t have enough money to pay you! Would you accept a third of the price?”

Fighter: *looks to Rouge, who gives him dirty look and quietly mutters ‘no way’* “I’m sorry no. Is there a larger town within traveling distance?

Guard: *nods and proceeds to give him directions*

Fighter: “Thank you” *Turns to leave*

Guard: “Wait! I noticed that she’s a flier and a notorious escape artist, don’t you want to make sure she can’t get away?”

Fighter: *Rolls to convince the Guard and fails* “I can handle her.”

Guard: “I doubt it. Look I’m very good at pinioning, it’ll be quick…” *pulls out large scissors from somewhere*

Rouge: *gets pissed* “You are NOT touching me with those scissors! *is ignored by the guard*

Fighter: *rolls to convince the Guard again, and succeeds minorly* "Look, maybe we can do something less drastic?”

The rouge ends up covered from head to shoulders in chains and tossed in the back of the wagon, unable to move. Much farther down the road…

Rouge: “……you can let me out now, he’s not following us…”

Fighter: “What if he sent a messenger ahead and they expect you in chains?”

rouge: “I hate you so much right now.”