an' hide yo' husbands

I hope people aren’t taking Pudding serious.

She’s playing Sanji.

She claimed that Sanji already talked to her about marriage and that she already met him before. But this chapter she says that they’ve never talked about marriage and that it’s the first time they’re meeting.

Plus she hasn’t given Sanji any way out. Rather, she’s the one pushing for the marriage. She’s the carrot to Big Mom’s stick. Her deception is to make Sanji feel that marriage to her is acceptable, but she’s not actually giving him peace of mind here, or a solution to his problems. If anything, marriage makes it worse.

It’s all a pack of lies. Calling it: she’s a traitor.

Besides, I’m sure that Nami’s epithet isn’t just there for show.

Beware the Cat Burglar. Hide yo husband.


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