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The TMNT Post-Apocalyptic Raphael Story

I didn’t much care for TMNT 2017′s post apocalyptic tale for several reasons. 

One of which is turtle hair. The others include Donnie being basically himself in a robot body (A next-gen Metalhead with an AI based on his “father” that Raph treats as Donnie would have been more, well, post-apocalyptic), and Mikey/Leo’s roles being too obvious (would have been more interesting for Leo to find peace in the goofy, hippy-dippy lifestyle of his brother once his whole world vanished and for Mikey to thrive in the new environment as he does in Dimension-X), the fact that the oasis map is clearly a subway map and no one, not even Mikey, brings this up, and.. well, because it doesn’t really compare very favorably to what probably didn’t inspire it, but ought to have. 

In the original release of Road Hogs, a TMNT: After the Bomb supplement for the Palladium TMNT and Other Strangeness RPG, we get a nine page minicomic, where the titular Road Hogs decide to raid a mutant settlement. As you can see above, it features a wizened Raphael and his young pupils, and here we see what could have been the root of a really good mini-series. Bonuses:

  • While obviously a different mutant breed than Raphael, the Turtle boys (and girl, maybe?) and their sensei all lack hair (not letting that go).
  • Raphael’s age means the apocalypse could have happened at any point along the way, meaning the canon fate of all the characters you know from the show doesn’t have to be dying or being corrupted in a mutagenic apocalypse. The war could have happened when they were older, they could have had many adventures after the big boom before time caught up with them, etc.
  • Raphael becoming a teacher like Splinter is character development, him still being an angry loner is stasis. 

So here, for your approval, is a different take on Raphael beyond the world’s end.