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I was wondering if you could share your brush settings if you don't mind? I'm kinda new to paint tool sai and some tips would be useful ^.^

Of course I don’t mind, though these settings aren’t really permanent cause I tend to change them once a while.

For Inking: 

For Sketching/Inking v.2: (This is makanidotdot’s sketch brush and it’s my favorite :D)

For coloring: (I tend to change this one the most)

For Sky/Cloud/Smoke/etc: (This is megatruh’s cloud brush) 

Galaxy brush: 

Water color brush for blending: (I don’t use it much to be honest)

【FanArt/Satou in Ajin】 per Chinese traditional calendar, today is the Lunar New Year’s Eve! Happy the Year of Rooster and wish fellow Ajin/Satou fans all the fortune and wellness in the world!! (which is what the draw says~) 春节快乐,鸡年大吉!(´▽`ʃƪ)

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Stiles in s4(episodes 1-5)

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Update: Matt from TVLine was on set and saw two WA scenes. He said one of them is a real doozy and GG made him teary-eyed. He got the questions he needed.

I saw! Matt is a gem for answering multiple questions. He just confirmed one of the scenes was a reshoot for the musical crossover, and I’m hype. And I’m actually crying. 😭


   Happy birthday to you,Jung TaekWoon, who owns the most important place in my bias list (what bias list? there is none! thanks for VIXX they’ve owned me totally) heart. I just want to say that I’m happy I was able to actually know the you who exists without pretenses;the you who may have a few words and smiles but is able to convey how thankul and sincere and caring you are towards us;the you who is always humble;the you who isn’t afraid to say what we did wrong;the you who encourages us when we’re having a bad day;the you who gives a lot;the you who shares his music and talent to Starlights and the you that always is sorry because you think you’re not giving enough (you give so much tbh).You always say that you do not deserve all the gifts you’ve been receiving but I think that you deserve every bit of it.You’ve been trying your hardest and you’ve been working so hard to show us new and improved stages and performances and we can’t thank you enough because with all of these,you have put us in mind.Thank you because you make us happy.

   Starlights exists because you (and VIXX) exists!I wish that you stay healthy and happy and blessed always.Changing is a part of life but I know that if you’re gonna go through it,it’ll be for the better.Thank you for sharing more smiles and laughs and happiness,take your time,Starlights will definitely wait for that time that you are able to shine much more brighter and become much more confident.

   Thank you for being born TaekWoon! Happy birthday!


ServiceNow Question:-

What is an update set?
Update set is a group of customization.It captures the customization or configuration changes made by a user and then these update sets can be moved from one instance to another. For example if we made some configuration changes in our development environment and want same changes in our test environment then we can capture all the changes in an update set and can move this update set to the test environment instead of doing changes manually in test environment.



Some of you have requested updates because some of the files from the set are not working for you . 

specifically some of you are having problems with the chalkboard bar and seeing a  question mark . Im not sure why the issue is occurring and i’m not 100% i fixed the problem as it only happens to some of you not all … 

either way i recreated the bar as a standalone recolour so if the old bar works just fine then you can just have two different Starbucks bars in your game like me :-)

also some of you were having issues with the Light Coffee packet ,  couldn’t find the original DDS file so i created  new coffee packets to make up for it  in PNGs so hopefully these will work without issues. 

I also recreated the Outdoor Starbucks chalkboard sign ( not shown in image)  it has s different chalkboard on it but its the same sign . It’s also a standalone recolor so you can have both in your game if the other one worked fine. 

Al the old files are still available in the full set here {x}

Download the New Chalkboard bar {x}

Download the new coffee packets {x}

Download The outdoor chalkboard sign here (x)

More updates soon!

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Price per keychain: $15 plus shipping


Bold = confirmed

Italics = tentative


Hajime Hinata:

Izuru Kamakura: @trenchgun

Mukuro Ikusaba:

Junko Enoshima:

Chiaki Nanami: @ramza–beoulve


Feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions/want to reserve a spot.

I will not take any money till all 5 of the keychains are taken!

I will make pricing deals for anyone who purchases more than one character from the set!

UPDATE: Trading is now available. Please contact seller for details.