an unknown quality

Phone battery headcanons

no one asked for this yet I felt I should deliver

Jumin: 95% or higher all the time. Makes Jaehee carry 12 portable chargers for him

Yoosung: literally always on 3% but he has quite an old phone so it holds out for him💪

Zen: lets it get to 1% before he gives a damn. He can’t be bothered charging his phone before that because ?? He’s takin selfies ??? Why would he take out of his selfie time just to find his charger ??

707: purposefully keeps it at 69% 24/7

Jaehee: Jumin never lets her use his portable chargers so her phone’s always struggling at abt 23%

V: he never uses his phone really, so it’s normally at about 80%

Unknown: always either 1% or 100% there’s no in between. No one ever sees it charging tho.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Can you do RFA+ V + Unknown headcannons were they are just walking down the street and the reader sees Rika (ITS A THEORY BUT I DONT THINK SHES DEAD) and runs off after her and just a little story/ reaction/ response please?? THANK YOU!! LOTS O LOVE

Oh man, be careful for spoilers on this blog!! I’d hate to confirm/deny anything for you. I’ll write this as spoiler-free as possible, okay~? Thank you for the request. <3<3


  • The both of you are eating fish cakes at a street festival when you see just a glimpse of her blonde hair as she turns the corner. You stop dead, barely sure what you saw - it couldn’t be her, right? How would you even recognize her? All you’ve seen are a few photos on the messenger and in the photo albums at Yoosung’s apartment.
  • You’re running anyway before you really realize it, weaving through the crowd and reaching desperately for her. Yoosung’s here, she’d want to see him, right? Maybe she’s looking for him? He’d be so happy if he could see her! You just need to catch her! 
  • You lose her in the crowd, and get lost yourself, among a huge throng of people and clutching onto this stupid fish-stick as the anxiety builds in your throat. Oh no, where is she? Where is she?
  • Where’s Yoosung? God, he’s going to be so disappointed.
  • You try looking for a little more - uselessly, aimlessly  - and then you heard Yoosung shouting from somewhere. You call in reply, and he’s pushing through two people a moment later, reaching out desperately for your hand.
  • He takes it, and you stare at him in confusion. Why’d you run off like that? he says, tearing up a bit because even though he hated it, even though he wanted to be cool and mature, sometimes he still got so scared that he cried a little. What were you thinking?
  • The truth comes out before you can think about it. I thought I saw Rika. If I caught her, you could see her finally. You weren’t Rika, after all. You could never fill the Rika shaped hole in his life.
  • He looks down at you, not sure to react at first, but then - shockingly - he smiles. 
  • Rika must be an angel now, he says to you, patting your head. And she came down to heaven to see if I was happy. I’m so glad she could see me like this, even if it was just for a moment…
  • You throw your arms around him, because sometimes Yoosung is so cool.

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Let’s talk about Silver.

This post is partly a response to this brilliant post by @squid-inspiration and to this equally brilliant one by @twilight-sparx, but also summarizes some of my personal thoughts upon the subject of John Silver. 

Here is the thing: Silver has never really changed as a person, he has grown some, he’s discovered unknown qualities in himself, but ultimately, he is still the exact man we see in season one. The interesting thing is that he has everyone - including Flint, Madi, and probably even himself - convinced that he is a good man when in truth, he absolutely isn’t. 

Silver starts the show as a drifter, committed to one selfish goal - his independence and financial security.  He’s a liar, a thief, and operates under no illusion of grandeur. He’s not necessarily cruel or interested in getting his hands dirty, but he’s unscrupulous. He has no moral principles, he actively refrains from passing moral judgment, he avoids attachment. 

When he allies with Flint, he does so knowing what Flint is capable of. He doesn’t blink an eye when he finds Flint cradling Gates’ dead body. Where Du Fresne has trouble grasping the extent of Flint’s amibition, Silver admires him for it - not because he thinks Flint has a noble goal, simply because he recognizes Flint’s singular dedication. 

Mid-season two, Silver’s priorities start to change. He’s been accepted into the ranks of the crew, he realizes that he has found a grateful audience for his antics, he realizes that he can gain influence, he makes the addictive experience of what it feels like to belong. That’s when his goal changes, and instead of being focused only on his own prosperity, his goal becomes belonging - because he has seen the appeal of it. His loyalty toward the crew - his unability to abandon them - comes as a surprise to himself. 

However, this newfound sense of belonging does not change who he is. It doesn’t change his moral ompass. He remains with the crew not because he’s committed to the cause or lifestlye of the pirates, he remains because he has formed an attachment which is strongly tied to what the crew means to him - what the crew can do for him. Silver is blinded by the new sense of importance he finds in being a quartermaster. He likes the power, the admiration. Acknowledgment and validation. The men like him. The men take his orders. The men listen to him.

Then season three wraps up, and Silver finds something even more alluring. True power. We see him get closer to Flint and grow more confident. Things are going well for him: Long John Silver is born, he finds Madi, he’s starting to be perceived as a leader in his own right. But what he still doesn’t have is any kind of principle that goes beyond what is good for him and his loved ones. His conversation with Flint at the end of season three - it states quite clearly that the most important thing to Silver is his own survival, and the best possible outcome that ensures his continued wellbeing. 

The war has never been Silver’s war. Flint is sorely mistaken if he believes, only for a second, that Silver is doing more than tagging along because it’s the most beneficial life for him at that particular moment. Silver’s personality has not changed, it’s only that he’s found a part to play which holds a different allure - the shiny, new pirate persona is a reward all on its own.

Silver loves Madi. Absolutely. He loves her a lot more than he loves his crew, and the inherent selfishnesss of a love that prioritizes a beloved’s life over those of everyone else becomes most obvious now, in season four. 

That is not to say that Flint, in his own way, is any less selfish than Silver. His selfishness, however, is less centered around his personal needs - emotional fulfillment, other people’s esteem and admiration - it’s focused more on abstract principles that he sacrifices everyone and everything to, even his own happiness.

Whereas Silver sacrifices everyone and everything for the things that bring him joy and gratification. 

For Silver, the question of whether it’s the right thing to exchange the cache for Madi is never even worthy of consideration. The cause has never been important to him, the cause, for Silver, is completely random. The crew no longer matters, loyalty toward Flint or their allies no longer matters. All that is left is Madi and what she means to him

His priorities may change, but Silver is still first and foremost an opportunist. Flint, on the other hand, is an idealist, or at least someone who is willing to deny himself when it means fighting for a goal that he forces himself to believe in. No less selfish, but certainly not more so, and as opposed to Silver, Flint actually has a working moral compass. That’s why Flint hates himself so much. 

All of that doesn’t mean that Silver isn’t capable of being compassionate, surprisingly brave, even loyal as long as there’s nothing at stake. Silver is not a good man, but he’s certainly no worse than any of the other characters in the show. Ultimately, Silver is playing a role, just as Flint does, but I think he’s a litle too convinced that he actually is Long John Silver, feared and respected pirate captain. I think he’s in denial about a lot of things, first and foremost his own responsibility. Just as he’s trying to blame Flint in 4.08 for the things he has done willingly and for his own, personal gain, he has been trying to re-frame his conflict with Billy as something that Billy presumaby made him do. 

For some reason, everyone else (apart from Billy) is buying into this narrative as well. Especially Flint, who has become so attached to Silver that he falsely attributes some of the virtues of James McGraw and Thomas Hamilton to him. 

I really think that Flint is in love with Silver - not necessarily in a romantic or sexual way, there’s very little for me to indicate that kind of attraction. But Flint’s assessment of Silver in 4.08? It’s his infatuation speaking. He’s been conned, same way as everyone else, into believing that Silver is a good person. If Flint has burrowed himself in Silver’s head, as Hands says, the opposite is also true: Silver has wormed his way into Flint’s heart, and he’s what Flint, who has pretty much given up on his own happiness, sees as his legacy. Flint, who wanted Thomas and Miranda as Nassau’s governors, now wants Silver and Madi as Nassau’s pirate king and queen. And while he may be right about Madi, I think he’s sorely mistaken about Silver. 

If we assume that both Flint and Silver survive the show, and end up as they do in Treasure Island, I think that ultimately, Silver will suffer the greater loss. His own sense of self-worth and purpose is now tied so strongly to how other people perceive him, to his new, shiny, position of power, the glory, that I think it will be difficult for him to accept that that he no longer has it. Silver will give up the war, but he will always mourn his own loss of relevance. He will become the Long John Silver of Treasure Island, the old man who was a part of something exciting and important, who can’t get over the loss of something that was bigger than him. A veteran in peace, talking about the good old times. Exaggerating his own importance, his own greatness, and incapable of letting go of the treasure and everything it stands for. 

the sound of silence

summary: everyone deals with things they can’t control in different ways: some by playing music, and some by cursing a blue streak at the boy they couldn’t help. Melody does her best to help where she can.

notes: first of a few shorts based around adults dealing with Gon in the hospital during the fallout of the Chimera Ant arc, as seen through Melody’s eyes. not sure if I’ll continue but we’ll see. gen, angst, 1000 words, Melody and Biscuit Krueger

A woman appearing to be a girl, smaller and more fragile-looking than Melody but with eyes like quartz and an expression hard as fire-forged steel, has been cursing a blue streak for most of the last hour. Her voice sounds angry, furious even, but it’s impossible to tell who she’s more angry with: the boy on the other side of the window, or herself.

Melody would bet the horrible sour guilt is entirely directed at the woman herself.

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My Boyfriend SUCKS (Vampire AU! Baro) pt1

Originally posted by posprout

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hi! I really liked the baro drabble when he’s a vampire and stuff and was wondering if you could add onto it and make it a scenario?

it’s based off of this: Here

You tapped your pencil against your notebook, you had been taking notes from the chapters assigned before free time. “Gosh you’re such a nerd” Chansik spoke as you looked up “I don’t have homework later this way” you inform as he rolls his eyes. “You know you and that kid over there are perfect for each other. Head always buried into a book” he continued teasing as you looked up at the boy who sat in the far corner away from the windows Cha Sunwoo a student who had recently transferred to the school. You don’t believe you’ve heard a word from him since his first day when he introduced himself. He was a real mystery.

You closed your book “can’t you just go?” you asked Chansik sighed “whatever” he mumbled as he got up from his spot. You sat in the room for a solid minute before turning around to see that Sunwoo was looking up at you. “Did you hear him?” you asked softly as he nodded. You groaned lightly as you laid your head down. By the time you picked it back up you were greeted by Sunwoo sitting down beside you. “So English is your strong suit correct?” he asked as you nodded “I’m rather confused with some of this stuff. Would you be willing to help me?” he asked as you nodded. 


Sunwoo became a rather good friend of yours, his breath smelt of light metal and heavy mint often you were never knew why. You found out that he was rather funny, he had a dirty mind, and he was rather protective of you especially when he was walking you home. He nearly broke a kid’s arm when they attempted to give you an unwanted touch. He seemed like a boyfriend-like qualities. Unknown to you he had feelings for you. You didn’t know what he was on the inside, his lust for blood and the sweet scent your body and blood gave off to him drove him crazy but he refused to do anything about the needs he was having. 

You spotted Sunwoo one night when he was talking to someone. You had no idea he socialized until you decided to sneak up on him, almost instantly your back slammed into the wall of the building they were near. His friend had a large smirk on his face “it’s never smart to sneak up on a v-” “Dongwoo” Sunwoo cut him off making Dongwoo let go of you. “She doesn’t know does she?” Dongwoo asked him as Sunwoo grabbed your arm “you shouldn’t wonder around at night. Your scent is so teasing” Dongwoo calls as Sunwoo tugged you along. “How did you know where I was?” Sunwoo asked “ no I was picking up dinner for my brother Junghwan and I” you say as he nods. 

“There’s a lot of things that go bump in the night” he tells you. “You seem to be able to keep those things calm” you tell him as he chuckled. “I know what it’s like to be different” he says as he stopped you two “ where are you needing to go?” he asked “the restaurant we walked passed a block ago” you inform “you could have said something” he laughed lightly. “Come on” he mumbled as he pulled you back “we’ll get you food and I’ll get you home” he says “Sunwoo I can do it myself” you comment. 

“I’d rather do it together” you were told by him as he slid his hand into yours “I’ll feel better if you come out okay” he says. “You’re making this town sound like it’s super bad” you joke. He looked down at the ground and smiled ‘you don’t have to worry about it’ he says in his head. It was a interesting moment for him. His need to protect a human from what he was, a vampire. Someone who would use you as food. And he wasn’t one to play with his food but he actually feared biting something so sweet. He was sure he would be able to stop himself once he sunk his teeth in. “Sunwoo?” you say as you wave your hand in his face “you’re spacing out” you tell him “sorry sorry” he apologizes as he opened the door to the building for you.


“You won’t stalk me right?” you joke “I knew where you lived in the first place” he says as he had visited last week. You two stared at one another for a moment before you cleared your throat “I should head in” you tell him as he nods. He leaned over and you froze as he placed a light kiss onto your cheek “good night Y/N” he hummed “oh um good night” you respond shyly as you opened the door to your apartment and your brother’s voice boomed out asking what took so long. Sunwoo sighed before smiling and took off into the night.

Do You Know What That’s Worth - A WidowTracer Fan Fiction

She awoke from the darkness.

Soft sand caressed her lower body. Tiny toes dug into the sand as water washed over them. The warmth of a etherial sun was the next thing she sensed. Eyes closed she turned her face upwards, absorbing what the sun offered her while her lower legs combined the sun’s warmth with the soft waves of water. She held no sense of who she was. How she came to suddenly exist in this location was unknown to her.

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Arrow’s journey for me

Arrow is a show that when it came on the scene a lot of people expected it to fail. It was hot on the heels of Smallville, and many assumed they would just cast Justin Hartley, because he’s Justin Hartley. Why would you take a 10 year established set of characters and relationships, and start all over with unknown qualities? Why would someone want that risk? But they took that risk, and it was the best choice they could have made.

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hunger - chapter 13

Hunger master post.

The wolf is blind without the moon. He has no way of knowing how much time has passed. He is in a place that is made of concrete and metal and cold, cracked tiles that his blood has turned the color of rust. There are rivets in the walls that stare at him like eyes in the darkness. There are metal rings and loops of chains that hang like open mouths.

The wolf knows pain.

Death cards her cold fingers through his hair and he whimpers at her. She looks at him with Laura’s eyes and echoes back the sounds he makes.

The heels of Kate’s boots make clicking sounds across the floor.

“Derek,” she says to the wolf. “Derek.”

He whines when she presses the probes of the taser into his soft unprotected belly.

The electricity arcs through him. It is a sharper pain than the wolf can understand. His body cannot take this pain and process it. It is too fast, too much. It doesn’t escalate. It hits at a level that is already so far past the wolf’s threshold for pain that he can barely even whine. The pain is too much for the wolf’s body to contain. It snaps his bones into different shapes, retracts his claws into blunt, grasping fingers, and forces a human scream from his reformed larynx.

“Derek,” Kate sing-songs. “I see you.”

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1. Lab Partners - Dave/Jade College AU

First finished work for my self-imposed AU list challenge! Based on the prompt “Wait, I actually have a competent lab partner?” from this college AU post

Introductory physics.

It was every Biology major’s worst nightmare - a hard as hell science class (with an equally difficult lab component) that was a requirement in order to major in any science class, no matter how tangentially related. Dave knew there was a purpose for it - the pre-meds would need to know this stuff for their MCAT, which they’d need to get into a good medical school.

But Dave just wanted to be a paleontologist. He wanted to find cool dead things. He sincerely doubted that knowing the equations for the laws of motion would help him discover and name his very own dinosaur species.

(He had a name ready and picked out and everything. Hella jeffinius would be the next T. rex.)

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Attn: parTy people. Please read.

PSA time.

Sorry in advance for the long post.

Any of y'all out there who recreationally use, especially if you use gear from unknown sources, unknown quality, or otherwise questionable in nature. Lately there has been some odd incidents/strange behavior amongst the community. Specifically I’m talking about the Colorado front range/eastern plains area. But this could be going on anywhere. Lately I’ve experienced, and observed strange thoughts and feelings that are alarming in nature, (eg. Extreme paranoia, auditory hallucinations, and dilusional thoughts​) Obviously the use, and especially the abuse of street drugs can bring on this kind of behavior, moreso with extended periods of use, lack of sleep, and so on. These types of behavior and symptoms are always a concern amongst those of us who might use, or know anyone who uses. The “parTy” scene is quite common among gay men, which is why I’m using this platform to voice my concern. The rash of odd behavior as of late, seeming to affect users regardless of how long used, extent of use, or route administered. If anybody has experienced, or if you know anyone who has experienced this type of behavior, especially if you/they have expressed the wish to harm themselves or others, please DON’T. There may be times where you might feel alone, singled out, hear voices. Please try and stay calm. Remember that there is people who care about you. No matter how alone or scared you may feel, things will get better. Please reach out for help. I’m not trying to alarm anyone, these things are always a concern, and red flag behavior like this should always be taken seriously, but please be careful and watch out for any odd behavior that you may feel or see someone going through, especially if said feelings are extreme or out of nature. Remember to take care of yourselves, and please remember that help is always there for you, you just need to ask. Getting help from Friends, family, counseling, etc. Is okay. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, even if you don’t feel/aren’t ready to admit there is a problem, you can always find help.

Tldr: possible sketchy products out there, causing strange(® than usual) thoughts/behavior. Don’t listen to the voices. Stay calm, Get help.